What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 247


Chapter 247 Qiuqiu, the demon concubine who disturbs the king’s heart

In fact, sometimes Chu Ge doubts his own judgment, because there are so many points here logical question.

Taking Wang Ming as an example, if the more people in the world know, the more they feel that “there really is a Wang Ming”, then Wang Ming in people’s hearts should be an irritable and mindless belligerent, that is to say, instead of The set character will become more solid, which is the so-called “penetration into the hearts of the people”.

Just as people think that Guan Yu’s red-faced green hat uses Azure Dragon Falling Moon Blade, he solidified into this image, as for what he really looks like, that doesn’t matter.

From this perspective, people’s cognition will not make the world more real, on the contrary, it will become more solid and more face.

But Wang Ming did not become so solid at the beginning, and he would become a monk… What is the logic of this?

Does it mean that it is not important for people to know what he is like, what is important is to have knowledge first?

Everyone has the existence of this person in their hearts, so he is more and more real. Does it matter what kind of person he is in the hearts of others?

It’s also true…what a person actually is, it doesn’t depend on other people’s cognition.

Everyone says that Chu Ge is short, but it doesn’t affect the fact that it is thick and long!

On this special stage where the world comes true, he must first have a sense of existence, and then talk about other things.

It happens that Wang Ming is an Early-Stage minor character and will never appear again. “Heavenly Dao” no longer looks down, and he has his own life.

Chu Ge suddenly thought, if he thinks of writing about him twice later, but he is no longer in Cloudridge Sect, how does that count? Did he write it along with himself, and he felt unsuitable to be a monk, so he came back from secular life…

Of course, it is impossible to write him again, meaningless hydrology. But this kind of life is really tragic, so Qiu Wuji wants to break free.

Since the “serious consequences” that caused Xiao Huo Miao to run out of the forced ascension, Qiu Wuji has never talked about breaking free from Heavenly Dao, but Chu Ge understands that this must be her biggest goal. .

It’s also my own.

I want a real person, not a paperman manipulated by me, even if she looks a lot like a real person now…that’s just “like”, her life is still controlled by her own pen, still In a situation where she would die if she tried to stab her.

I want to open an inside story, writing about her having sex with Heavenly Dao disciple Chu Ge, she probably really wants to…

She never got out of this situation, just because she fell in love, Don’t try to emphasize it anymore.

“Wang Ming has changed himself, this is the proof that we are on the right path.” Chu Ge said with a smile: “And we have tried it before, this kind of progress will greatly improve me. The world strength control of the GM, especially the details that are not written in the pen, such as when the sun rises, it can start to affect, this GM authority is more sufficient, as long as it continues, it will be completed sooner or later.”

Qiu Wuji glanced left and right: “Try to talk about ‘Heavenly Secret’ as little as possible. If you are used to saying it behind people, you will inevitably miss out in front of people, so be careful.”


“Our path is indeed on the right track, and now the naked eye can see changes.” Qiu Wuji said: “But your strength must match it, otherwise it’s like giving you permission to modify the script but not leveling it. It’s no use.”

“It’s a good metaphor, haha…”

“There is a precedent, you correct my ascension, you look pale and almost hurt yourself, if the accident is more serious , you can’t control it.”

“Well…but you seem to be talking about the secret.”

Qiu Wuji stared.

Chu Ge tilts his head.

“Don’t say yes.” Qiu Wuji gritted his teeth and slapped his face: “Don’t say it, we will do it.”

Chu Ge Yixi: “Is it right here? Will it be a bit cold?”

Qiu Wuji sneered: “That’s right, right here, this Eminence is the stone platform of cultivation just now, you can experience the sword intent. This Eminence also left a message Here’s how to set advanced Flying Sword, how much you can realize depends on how long you can endure.”

Chu Ge: “?”

Do what you say… do this?

Qiu Wuji put his hands behind his back, gazed towards the sky: “What are you going to face here, don’t you have any points in your heart?”

Yes, this is the cold-faced evil woman Qiu Wuji , not the cute Qiuqiu wu wu wu…

Chu Ge sniffed: “Can we tell the difference between the two numbers so clearly?”

“No.” Qiu Wuji waved the sleeve.

Chu Ge screamed and fell into the high platform like soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

“whiz whiz whiz!” all around sword qi congealed, forming a sword prison, unable to get out…

Soul Spirit, Chu Ge shiver coldly He hugged his body on the ground: “Qiu Wuji, what are you…”

Qiu Wuji turned and left with a blank expression.


In this world.

Qiu Wuji carefully brewed a cup of Spiritual Qi tea for Chu Ge in writing.

Chu Ge’s eyes were dull, and he tap-tap writing with his hands and fingers like a typewriter, seemingly unaware that she was around.

It’s just a pure instinctive body, and the only thing Soul Spirit is used in writing.

Too bad.

Qiu Wuji breathed a sigh of relief, but it was okay, I was afraid that he would be bullied over there, and then he rushed over here. At that time, should the poor assistant Qiuqiu resist…

The body suddenly moved, reached out and took a sip of the tea cup: “It’s so cold… Qiu Wuji, why are you…”

Put down the teacup and continue writing.

Qiu Wuji: “…”

She whispered in her ear: “Write a small story that doesn’t go out, write Qiu Wuji to use her arms to ward off the cold, Father God How can I be bullied by the stinky woman I wrote? Stupid.”

I don’t know if Chu Ge’s broken body heard it, Qiu Wuji himself blushed, didn’t dare to wait for his reaction, and shrank back. Head, tiptoe and quietly retreated.

Qiu Wuji Ah Qiu Wuji, how can you be so depraved.

It’s fine to give it for nothing, but he still offers slander, and the tuba is in dire straits.

Isn’t this the demon concubine who disturbs your heart?

Go and write a journal and criticize yourself…


world in the book.

Chu Ge still didn’t expect to be so direct and so brutal, knowing that he was going to be forced into cultivation.

It’s not just that the snow is as big as a goose feather, this stone platform is obviously created by a special Formation, which condenses the extreme cold. The stage is also engraved with the magic pattern, which contains the relevant Sword Dao Attainment and a complete set of Flying Sword Art that Qiu Wuji realized when he realized the sword intent of Binglin, which is more suitable for cultivation with the extreme surrounding environment of Binglin.

If a real Disciple comes here, it is called good fortune of heaven. It is possible to shedding body and exchanging bones overnight into a powerhouse.

Chu Ge also knows that this is a good thing, so how should I put it… Harm, I can’t describe it, the difference between the book and the book is too big, this Qiuqiu is so cruel wu wu wu…


You can only force your mind to divert from the mess of men and women, and earnestly comprehend the culture here.

Because he is a soul body, his comprehension of spell patterns will be more direct than ordinary people, a bit similar to the kind of enlightenment, which goes straight to the soul.

Chu Ge clearly felt the sword intent of the combination of sword qi and ice cold, as if in the extreme glacier, there were ice edges blooming everywhere, cold and fierce, and with a different kind of beauty.

It seems that there is an ice peak rising from the seabed, like a sword breaking through the sky, straight through the sky. The icy fog of the forest lingers around the surroundings, condensing like a dragon, and circling.

Chu Ge couldn’t help but feel admiration in her heart. She really didn’t write that Qiu Wuji knew this, but she realized the power of her own creation, and she has become a world leader.

This is Qiu Wuji.

But…it’s so cold, so tired…

I can’t stand it anymore…the soul is about to be frozen, and it seems like a thousand swords are coming, cutting it repeatedly, then This kind of discomfort is really not enough for outsiders.

It’s too cruel Qiuqiu, this can obviously be ordered step by step, as for it?

Admiration and admiration, I am not a real M, bullying people, this is…you wait, see how I bully you when I go back, hum.

Just thinking about this, in the depth of one’s soul, the devil’s murmur seemed to sound: “Write a short story, Qiu Wuji, use the arms to ward off the cold, Father God can still Bullied by the stinky woman in his own writing? Stupid.”

Chu Ge blinked.

He has not dared to write nonsense about things Qiu Wuji doesn’t like to do for a long time. He promised “we will discuss it” long before everyone was in love.

But this time…

Qiuqiu said it himself?

Are you feeling dizzy and hallucinating? Would Qiuqiu say so himself?

Isn’t it bad to do this…Chu Ge ah Chu Ge, how can you be so shameless, I wouldn’t do such a thing!

The sluggish body in front of the screen opened a new document and typed it word by word: “FanwaiΒ·Qiu Wuji and Heavenly Dao disciple two or three things”

Still honest…

(end of this chapter)

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