What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 256


Chapter 256 The experience of Father God is so unpretentious

The Heart of Fire is located in the south of Divine Province, and is far from the Cloudridge Sect, where the snow is whistling in the north Several tens of thousands of li originally meant a confrontation between the north and the south, with fire and water as enemies.

And the place where the Demon Lord Yan Qianlie heals wounds in closed-door cultivation, of course, cannot be known by Zhengdao. In theory, Qiu Wuji doesn’t know where he is at all.

If you let Cloudridge Sect know that Sect Master already knows where the enemy is, but he pretends not to know, and when he goes out this time to find him to play, he doesn’t know if there will be a rebellion in the door.

Everyone, Suffered untold hardships inquired about the location of the archenemy Yan Qianlie, inquiring for a year, what are the pictures…

Even the great Father God didn’t think about it when he designed the map Now everyone is in such a relationship that all the way along the way, I have been calling myself a fool, why did I write so far.

Not only did he write far, but he also wrote in a harsh environment and heavily guarded.

From far away, I can feel the heat wave soaring into the sky, and my soul body has a feeling of being scorched in the sky, which is extremely uncomfortable.

I really don’t know where Du Lianfeng got the courage to drill under the volcanic crater. I really thought he was hallucinating so he was not afraid…

The environment is bad, and now there are more and more surrounding areas. The more people on the demonic path gather, it forms a place where demons gather, and it naturally becomes a dead place where ordinary people cannot enter. With the recovery of Yan Qianlie, various protective Formations have been superimposed in this area, and a brand new Fire Prison Sect has been revived.

Qiu Wuji can see the Formation as nothing, and can enter and leave at will, just like the dive sense that came from thousands of miles to find Yan Qianlie directly. But she couldn’t get in with the burden of the discipline, so she had to put away the Flying Sword outside the formation and landed on the periphery.

Soon, a group of followers, Yan Qianlie, in flame robes, gathered around and grinned: “Where is the Sword Immortal?”

Qiu Wuji gazed towards the sky is silent.

Chu Ge said ill-humoredly: “I have something to call your Sect Leader Yan, please let me know.”

Mommy used to have nothing to do when Xiao Huo Miao was weak , Sure enough, people will become farther when they are prosperous, right? ying ying ying…

“The righteous Sword Immortal is looking for our Sect Master? Do you think we will believe it?” A group of people in flaming robes were laughing: “I really know where our Sect Master is, I’m afraid that Qiu Wuji has already called the door. Where did you guys come from to pretend like this?”

Chu Ge: “…”


Qiu Wuji: “…”

“Yo, this woman is not bad…” Someone chuckled: “I suspect you are Cloudridge Sect spies, come to test the truth of this place, give I’ll take it!”

With a “peng” sound, Chu Ge leg raised kicked him in the face: “The mud can’t stick to the wall, and Yan Qianlie’s seat is so good…you don’t bring me Let’s go, I’ll go in by myself!”

Qiu Wuji rolled his eyes and watched Chu Ge fight a group one by one, chasing a group of Demon Sect Disciple all the way into the volcano.

It’s not bad, it’s a kind of experience, accumulating and accumulating combat experience and seeing the demon path in this world.

Although there is a bit of a gap with the imagined experience in the rivers and lakes…who told him to be different from ordinary people…

Well, if you want to find a man, you should look for the Father God of Creation. Unlike people! The experience of Father God is so unpretentious.

“Where is the younger generation here!” A demonic path powerhouse descended from the sky, and the raging flames slammed into it.

Golden Core!

Chu Ge kicked open the demonic sect Disciple beside him, slapped the scabbard, and the sky was full of loneliness and frost.

A magnificent sword qi with a deadly murderous intention.

“clang!” The flames and the frost collided, annihilating each other, the bone-piercing sword qi continued to move forward, and the magic treasure that the other party brought out was matched, and the Flying Sword circled back, accompanied by the other party. Surprised voice: “This Flying Sword Art…why is there a shadow of the Cloudridge Sect?”

The surrounding silhouettes are heavy, more and more demon sect Disciples are surrounding, and the distant lights are everywhere, and countless powerhouses are disturbed. .

โ€œCloudridge Sect Flying Sword?โ€

โ€œBut Iโ€™ve never seen this Flying Swordโ€ฆโ€

โ€œIt does mean Cloudridge Sectโ€ฆ …the old man has fought with them for thousands of years, and they are too familiar. But Cloudridge Sect does not have this swordsmanship, nor does it repair the ice, it’s strange…”

“Anyway, it’s not my turn. The two trifling are playing wild here, let the old man take it!”

Between the exchanges and spectators, the “Pa” sounded, the Golden Core powerhouse who stopped Chu Ge was slapped in the face with his sword. , blood spout from mouth back down.

Chu Ge is very cool, the Flying Sword Art he just learned is fucking awesome: “Is this skipping grades to challenge? Who else!”

“whiz whiz whiz!” The brilliance of countless magic treasures lit up, and all kinds of power fell like rain.

โ€žFuck!โ€ Chu Ge is stupid.

Anyway, these people are saying, “Younger, don’t be mad, just watch me capture you”, how come they are directly besieging, not moral!

Chu Ge ran away: “Old…Master help!”

Qiu Wuji gently stretched out a jade palm.

The air seemed to be torn apart, thousands of sword glows rose from the ground, and received every power accurately. Chu Ge in the field was in the meteor shower, but he found himself as safe as Mount Tai. .

Chu Ge blinked.

The soft rice is really fragrant.

Several Nascent Soul Elders were furious and were about to shoot, but found themselves unable to move.

Where Qiu Wuji’s eyes can see, the sword becomes a prison, imprisoning all the demonic path cultivators that surpassed Chu Ge cultivation.

“Transforming, transforming into a god?” People can’t imagine Qiu Wuji coming here in person, but they can only think of a terrifying powerhouse from the Divine Transformation Late Stage.

There is a demonic path Elder who said sharply: “Go and report to Venerable Lord!”

“It sounds like you are going to invite the Buddha.” Chu Ge complained and split with a sword. The rushing Fire Dragon, with a light footstep, flashed past the gushing Fire Lotus on the ground, and the “single sword” raged among a group of demon sects, beating a group of demon sect Disciples below the Golden Core to cry.

The dignified devil’s cave was ravaged by the pair of men and women and hit the volcanic crater directly.

When Yan Qianlie divine sense came out, his face turned black.

You cheating couple, what do you think of me here, Secret Realm for practice?

Look at your stinky grin.

You might as well write a Secret Realm for yourself to practice! You know bullying me! Demonic path has no dignity!

Yan Qianlie was so angry that he vomited blood, Cang Yan spewed out from the volcano, and the magic sound carried through Heaven and Earth: “impudent! Die for this Eminence!”

“bang!” Sword glow and Cang Yan collided, and the entire area lost its color.

Even the Nascent Soul Elders were stabbed with tears by the violent rays of light, and they covered their eyes one after another.

The smoke dissipated from the sky, and the raging man and woman could no longer be seen in the field.

“What about… Venerable Lord, are you all right?”

Yan Qianlie’s muffled voice came from the ground: “It’s all right, a couple not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth It’s just a little hairy head. You wait to guard your surroundings, and don’t let this incident happen again.”

Everyone bowed their heads in awe: “Venerable Lord divine might, sooner or later, will rule over the earth, break the Cloudridge Sect, and spread flames all over the place. The world…”

The Venerable Lord really regained its prime, such a powerful pair of men and women couldn’t even survive the Venerable Lord’s move. Deservingly, it must be the Sword Immortal who thinks that the cultivation has succeeded beheading monsters and exterminating demons, but he doesn’t know that the Venerable Lord is actually here, and he came to die recklessly.

“Okay, what should I do?” Venerable Lord, who was originally fond of listening to flattery, seemed a little embarrassed: “Say less about this kind of goosebumps in the future, and leave it. .”

Everyone didn’t know why, so they had to retreat.

The Venerable Lord Yan Qianlie, who people imagined to be powerful in the world, turned into a small flame at this time, and was carried in the hands of the righteous male swordsman who “skeleton doesn’t exist” in people’s eyes. It’s very moisturizing, Qianqian, I don’t have so many people kneeling and worshiping.”

“Don’t call me Qianqian.” Xiao Huo Miao struggled: “You want people to kneel, right? Heavenly Dao, you are shameless anyway.”

Chu Ge said: “I feel like you have a great opinion of me.”

“Bullshit.” Xiao Huo Miao said angrily: “This is It’s my old nest, you brought my enemy all the way in, don’t I want to lose face?”

“Isn’t this saving face for you, we were captured by you, not you by our subdue monsters and defeat demons. How high is your prestige now, right?”

Xiao Huo Miao was stunned and touched his chin: “That’s true. Can you please change the place?”

“The meaning of experience is a bit. I’m just learning Flying Sword, and I always have to find someone to practice it. This place is good.”


“I’m here mainly to ask you old things… Has anyone contacted you recently, resisting Heavenly Dao or something?”

Little Huo Miao grinned: “It’s not a coincidence Is it? He wants me to capture Qiu Wuji Disciple, and I’m still thinking about how to play it with you, so you brought it here…”

(end of this chapter)

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