What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 264


Chapter 264 How the Demon Lord is made

Yan Qianlie sat alone in the sea of clouds, holding a wine jar and pouring it.

Sky City’s Tianqiongyun Brewing is a good wine, with a distant artistic conception, like the sky hanging over the clouds. It’s a pity it’s not strong enough, half the jar is poured, and I don’t feel at all, sissy wine.

I miss the strong Fire and Ice Purgatory of Lao Tzu’s Fire Prison Sect, and the cheating couple ruined my sect, so I’m hiding now without drinking.

And flirting over there, annoying.

While irritated, Chu Ge sat beside him with a jar of wine.

Yan Qianlie glanced sideways and moved three feet away with her wine in disgust.

Chu Ge leaned over three feet.

“Go away.” Yan Qianlie said: “I’m just a small flame… I want a lot of women in Sky City, thanks to Nine Heavens, his wife and daughter are good looking, and I don’t think he dares to disobey you now… …”

Chu Ge: “?”

Qiu Wuji, who was watching from a distance, tightened his scabbard.

“What nonsense?” Chu Ge said ill-humoredly: “Men, drinking alone is the most lonely, as your father, come to accompany you for a few drinks, what are you thinking?”

“Yo?” Yan Qianlie sneered: “You’re also a man, the kind that gets your ears tugged?”

Chu Ge grinds his teeth: “That’s love, your kind What do you know about elemental creatures?”

“I’m not an elemental creature, but now I’m a soul fire, don’t mess up!” Yan Qianlie said: “When I had a woman, women would dare Chatting with me, the boss slap in the flace just slaps over it! Women only need to serve good men, it’s not their turn to talk nonsense!”

Chu Ge’s face turned green.

“Crack…” The sound of the scabbard rubbing came, and it was chilly.

“If you don’t listen, then roll the ball and let you listen?” Yan Qianlie has never been afraid of Qiu Wuji, so he glared at him: “What’s wrong with a woman when a man talks? I’m afraid you won’t succeed in a fight?”

Qiu Wuji took a deep breath and endured it.

Fighting with this bastard will only do bad things. If you don’t listen, go to Xie Nine Heavens and talk.

Having said that, Yan Qianlie’s “look down on women” setting has always been there. It is the original setting that Chu Ge wrote a long time ago, so this guy also has this idea in his heart, so he wrote it. come out?

A tablespoon of Qiu Wuji, who was feeding in this world, was inserted into the mouth of Chu Ge, a child with dementia.

Chu Ge: “Grass… I see that you are bored and come to accompany you, so you just trick me?”

Yan Qianlie said: “You were bullied, right? Don’t you dare to find someone who bullies you, give me the pot?”

Chu Ge: “…”

It’s so reasonable that I’m speechless.

“Forget it, you can still come and accompany me to drink, Interesting.” Yan Qianlie raised the altar and touched him: “I never thought that our Heavenly Dao is like this, and now it is like this. Look, it’s really okay, it makes me feel as if I followed a big boss in my early years, and it’s not ashamed.”

“Cough.” Chu Ge drank a sip of wine with him, and asked tentatively: “Qianqian, what are you unhappy about? Tell us and let us solve it?”

Yan Qianlie was silent for a moment, then suddenly asked: “Besides going out to help you pill concocting, I also I took a peek at our book, and there is also Qiu Wuji’s autobiography, right, which means that Qiu Wuji’s 10,000-year history was not written by you, you just gave a basic setting and derived it from yourself?”

“Yes, what do you want to ask yourself?” Chu Ge said: “I didn’t even write that much about Qiuqiu, let alone yours. From the moment your name appeared, it was Fire Prison Sect Venerable Lord, domineering and rampant. , a bloodthirsty, violent, aggressive generation of demon lords, no other past events have been written, what you have experienced is the real experience.”

Yan Qianlie fell silent again.

Chu Ge strangely said: “What are you doing, just say something straight, you are not like you.”

Yan Qianlie whispered: “I was thinking, I have regretted some things, if I ask you to change it…will it be another regret?”

Chu Ge was startled: “Why do you regret it after changing it?”

“I have to beg you, bow down, and never say that I want to provoke your confidence again. If the matter is perfection, it is worth it, but if it turns out that the meeting is not the same? Is it regrettable? Green.”

“emmmm…there is a story, Qianqian, have you loved it?”

“I don’t know what love is.” Yan Qianlie suddenly laughed: “Domineering. Rampant, bloodthirsty, aggressive…a setting of yours is not innate…or perhaps it’s part of it, I’ve become this kind of temperament, it’s really a story.”

Chu Ge became interested: “Let’s hear it.”

“The reason why I say that nature is a part of it is that I have been brave and hard-working since I was a child, and I also worked hard and contemptuously. I was in the town when I was young. There was oil and gas in the oil, and then the horse bandits looted, I simply joined the horse bandits and followed them to kill and set fire. There is no story of wanting a simple and black boy.” Yan Qianlie said with a smile nonchalantly: “You know me When I joined the caravan, what was the first secret I was taught by others? I’m afraid the person who wrote the book couldn’t think of it.”

Chu Ge really can’t think of it: “What?”

” The big brothers taught me, first of all, speak loudly, scold people in a bad way, and look fierce, practice for me, practice in front of the mirror and the river, don’t dare to speak loudly and be your mother’s bandit?”

Chu Ge: “…very energetic.”

“Later, the demon sect incorporated the gang, and I joined the gang. Go on the cultivation path… tsk, either you backstabbed me, or I snatch you, disorderly, whoever is ruthless is the boss, the more ruthless, the more you can get the upper hand. I was one of the more ruthless ones, and was finally picked up by an elder in the Fire Prison Sect and accepted as a cauldron.”

“W-wait a moment. Why?”

“It’s called Disciple, but it’s actually a cauldron.” Yan Qianlie said nonchalantly: “Female Elder, it’s nothing. Fire Prison Sect’s cultivation technique It was already violent, and all the hostility in her body always had to be distributed somewhere. She felt that she sucked me, so why was it that I was taking her to vent, merely this. “

“Grass.” Then why are you still alive? “

Yan Qianlie suddenly laughed: “In a sense, I am Heaven’s Child, right?” The Lord of Fire Prison Sect destined by Father God. “

Chu Ge thought for a while: “Yes. One of the protagonists of the previous generation, so to speak. “

“It didn’t take long for my Master to discover my talent potential, which is the kind of excellent seed that is truly expected to be advanced into a god. Naturally, he stopped picking up supplements, and instead found other people for me.” The cauldron is warmed to make up for previous losses. “

Chu Ge said: “She began to have high hopes for you at this time, hoping that you will inherit Legacy? “

Yan Qianlie smiled and said, “I thought so too at the time, but later I found out that she actually wanted me to practice Nascent Soul, and then pill concocting to help her break through.” “

Chu Ge: “? “

Yan Qianlie faintly said: “After a battle of wits and bravery, she was killed by me, and Yuan Ying practiced Soul Raising Bead, which is the bead I am depositing now. He provided a lot of help in the process of becoming a god after that. “

Chu Ge patted the wine jar: “You may have killed by mistake!” “

Yan Qianlie said: “How do you know? “

“Because the chaos of the demon path is always limited, it must be within a basic framework. If it is pure chaos, master and disciple cannibalize each other, and the same sect cannibalize each other, then impossible There is a rookie rising, and it has collapsed long ago, and there is no need for the right way to suppress it! This is my basic logic as the creator of the world. I can conclude that there must be a misunderstanding in this matter! “

Yan Qianlie was silent for a while before slowly saying, “It’s a pity that Heavenly Dao didn’t tell me that. “

Chu Ge: “…”

“Actually, her life essence was exhausted at that time. It is very likely that practicing me to become a pill will help her break through. She is even really prepared.” I started, and the auxiliary materials for pill concocting are ready…” Yan Qianlie whispered: “And I was not her opponent at that time, the cultivation was not as good as her, and the cultivation techniques were all taught by her, she knew too much… …I don’t know why, but in the end she hesitated and revealed a deadly weak spot, but I took the opportunity and killed her in one hit. “

Chu Ge opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Your Master is in love with you… crap.

At least “Chu Tian Wuji” The original design of this book is a text with a larger proportion of emotional drama. Your character design was born based on this. It is right to think in this direction…

Yan Qianlie said: “After this incident, I didn’t think about it too much, in short, all her resources belong to me, from then on advanced by leaps and bounds, all the way to the throne of the Lord of Fire Prison Sect. And I’ve become more ruthless, Master can kill, what else can’t kill? I don’t even know how many people I killed on my way to the top, that’s how Demon Monarch Matchless came to be. “

Chu Ge sighed.

“But times have changed, maybe it’s old, but I always start to recall in a trance, why… her last hesitation. Yan Qianlie said here, let out a long breath: “After I succeeded in my cultivation, I stopped being close to women. There was both the psychological shadow of being a cauldron in my early years and a feeling of being unpleasant. I was upset when I saw a woman. Affect Lao Tzu’s cultivation speed. “

Chu Ge said directly: “You are running away. You know the correct answer. “

Yan Qianlie was silent, picked up the jar and poured the jar upside down fiercely, and smashed it to pieces: “You…you helped to resurrect her, I asked her, is it true? It’s also a matter of mind. If she really made a mistake of her own brain, I will kill her again, if not…”

“If not, she not only has the grace of teaching you, but also the love, and finally because of love Soft hands, but willing to die in your hands…emmmm I’m afraid when the time comes you will shrink your eggs when you see her, and rake your ears more than me. “

“…” Yan Qianlie’s voice became quieter, gradually becoming inaudible: “I am fine, she is fine, she is bloody, commiting any imaginable misdeed, she deserves it.” And after so many years of death… If you don’t want to be resurrected… I have no opinion. “

Chu Ge laughed heartily: “You are contradictory and hesitant, escaping cowardice, but leaving the decision to me, throwing the blame on ‘Destiny’? Yan Qianlie, I don’t care if you are the devil, just give me one sentence, do you want her to be resurrected or not, I want to hear your own answer! ”

Yan Qianlie was holding the wine jar fragments, his soul body was bloodless, but he squeezed the wine jar with scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

It took a long time before I heard his hoarse voice. Voice: “Father God help me…to bring her back to life. I…must ask her this, otherwise I will not be reconciled for the rest of my life. ”

(end of this chapter)

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