What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 27


Chapter 27 Arrives

Qiu Wuji doesn’t know if even his poem number belongs to incomprehensible Heaven’s Will.

If Chu Ge’s original ingenuity, water is her, heaven possibly refers to Chu Tiange, then Water Flows to Heaven.

But looking at heaven in another angle, why not Chu Ge himself?

He is that world’s heaven.

So Water Flows to Heaven?

So much so that my mind is blank when I want to change my nickname, and this sentence is still subconsciously.

Looking up at Chu Ge, he laughed like a flower, and he didn’t know if he thought of something deeper, probably not, just pure glad she still used what he gave.

Forget it, I’m Qiu Wuji anyway, so what if I change it? She didn’t say anything, she closed the phone and said in a low voice, “Let’s go grocery shopping.”

Seeing that she seemed a little out of her mind, Chu Ge asked strangely, “What’s wrong?”

“Well it’s nothing, I’m wondering if I should buy a recipe.”

“Oh, I don’t need to buy this stuff. Now that I have a mobile phone and a computer, you can directly check which dishes you want to make. There are many food-related livestreams and videos, etc., learn it directly.”

β€œThen…what is it?”

Chu Ge laughed: β€œIt should be said that these two are now Things are the most important magic treasure in this world, when you are familiar with it, you are a modern person.”


After returning home, Qiu Wuji carried the new The food he bought went into the kitchen, Chu Ge continued to write, and now he feels that his writing has entered a very wonderful state.

In the past, I used to rush to read the comment water group every time I posted a chapter.

I don’t want to be upset by the controversy, but I also feel as if my mind is not there.

The most important soul of a book is already alive and fragrant by his side, the smell of cooking vegetables is coming from the kitchen, Qiu Wuji seems to be in the heart while reading the book and cooking with immortal art, so true.

Does it matter how well the book is written?

The biggest value seems to be to complete the world and make her existence more practical. The meaning of the work is only there. What does it matter if others praise or scold? Pounced? at worst go to work, is it possible that starve to death?

The Buddhist mentality makes him more relaxed and at ease, and even with writing, he writes faster and faster. He added it yesterday, and at the end he can save half a chapter for the manuscript.

I spent so much time exercising and shopping this morning, but it seems that I can update it before lunch. If I don’t disturb it, I might be able to update the 4D update today, which is a record.

The most important story behind Qiu Wuji revolves around the collection of Four Forms Grand Array materials and other items that are helpful to the Ascension Transcending Tribulation. This is the main line related to her, and there will be a The plot of all kinds of is partly related to Chu Tiange, and partly unrelated. After all, Chu Tiange is of a lower level and cannot be involved in too many high-end battles.

If it is written according to the original, it is the story related to Chu Tiange described in colorful language and heavy detail, Qiu Wuji’s own story is a little introduced, which belongs to “the characters do it by themselves outside the role” thing”. Now Chu Ge will subconsciously focus on describing Qiu Wuji’s personal scene, making it a bit like a “dual protagonist”.

In order not to make this feeling too prominent, Chu Ge also wondered if he should write more independent scenes of others. Such a tossing is similar to the group portrait writing method.

It’s hard to handle, it’s starting to overshoot his ability, but whatever, just write.

A new chapter was released, Chu Ge was about to run to the kitchen to talk to Qiu Wuji when the voice of “dΔ« dΔ« dΔ«” came, and QQ rang.

Take a closer look, edit…

Chu Ge’s heart skipped a beat, wouldn’t it be the same thing that happened to Zhang Qiren?

“What’s the editor’s instruction?”

“Your word count is almost the same. I applied for a ban on you, and the editor-in-chief approved it. Save more manuscripts these days and write a testimonial. “

“Thank you so much!” Chu Ge was both surprised and puzzled. Surprisingly, he has written a few books and has not been on the big screen, although the current traffic status of this thing has been opened. Push beyond, but once placed as the greatest recommendation of historical significance and honor, that is the affirmation of the work, once belonged to the Great Gods will write testimonials for it.

It seems that I’ve been reading this lately, but it’s still my turn to be such a good thing?

I wonder if the recommended routine is not notified by SMS on the site. Almost all editors’ QQ signatures have “Don’t ask for recommendation”. Why would they take the initiative to say this? It doesn’t make sense.

The next sentence of the editor is: “Recently written well, the editorial team is very optimistic, continue to maintain.”

Chu Ge: “?”

The editorial team It’s exaggerated enough to follow the new chapter of this recently-boutique work, and it’s clearly written a little bit of self-relaxation recently, but it’s very optimistic?

As a veteran Chu Ge, he didn’t dare to ask more about the famous and cold editor, thanked him again, and closed the chat box with a forehead.

Another private chat avatar flashed and flashed, Chu Ge recognized Zhang Qiren’s saucy head at a glance, but his mood calmed down a bit, and asked with a smile: “How’s your work?”

Zhang Shi Qiren: “I’m so busy, it hurts, I still feel comfortable writing. Although I’m poor, I’m comfortable, and I don’t need to be controlled.”

Chu Ge said: “Actually, it’s almost the same, we There are also editors above… but the form of management is not the same, after all, it depends on people’s appreciation.”

“Indeed, Pujie didn’t say a few words to the editor, and he was taken off the shelf hahaha. Zhang Qiren casually said haha, and he asked after a change in the conversation, “You’ve been very strange recently, Brother Chu. I haven’t seen you pouring water in the author group for a few days, and I haven’t seen you reply to the book review chapter. It’s like updating a robot.”

Chu Ge vaguely said: “It’s not that you didn’t bubble up…”

“I’m busy.”

“I’m busy too…”

“Busy in a relationship, right?” Zhang Qiren sent a funny emoji and finally said the meaning: “I saw you shopping with a beautiful woman.”

“Hey… I go shopping during normal working hours, right? Are you leaving? By the way, what position are you in now? Is the company in the vicinity?”

Chu Ge was clearly changing the subject , Zhang Qiren didn’t chase after him, he just said: “Bring it out another day for brother to meet.”

“…Ask about your work.”

“Forget it. Security, let’s say it’s not far or near or not. In the morning, I chased a thief to the neighborhood. There are so many people in the business district that I can’t find it. I saw you by accident. Brother Chu, you should pay attention, our community There is no security, you don’t even need to swipe your card to enter or leave the community, be careful of being thieves.”

Chu Ge was shocked: “You can catch thieves with your body!”

Zhang Qiren made an akimbo expression: “What thieves are afraid of is your skin, not how much flesh you have.”

Chu Ge pointed out: “Can you run? That’s why someone runs away. Come on.”

Zhang Shi Qiren scolded and withdrew from the chat.

Chu Ge scratched his head, feeling a little weird. Although he didn’t answer Qiu Wuji’s question, Zhang Qiren didn’t say what company he was in for a long time.

Both of them are listening to your words, as if listening to your words.

“It’s time to eat.” Qiu Wuji’s voice came.

These three simple words shattered all my thoughts, like lightly scratched by the summer afternoon breeze, scratched in my heart, and swayed.

“What’s the matter? You’re smiling.” Qiu Wuji wanted to hit someone for some reason when he saw this expression, and sternly said: “Is your body sore?”

“No… …I got a good thing today, um, it can be roughly understood that I was also rewarded by sect to enter the Scripture Tower, and how much culture I can transform depends on myself.”

Chu Ge explained the metaphor to Qiu Wuji most intuitively and accurately, he I know so much about them… Qiu Wuji knew that this was indeed a good thing as soon as he heard it, he couldn’t help saying with a smile: “The treatment of the protagonist is going to be on you?”

Chu Ge blinked , watching her not speak.

Qiu Wuji was stunned for a moment, and her smile turned into a murderous auraβ€”did she treat him like the protagonist herself?

Chu Ge quickly lowered his head and grabbed the rice: “Maybe the appearance of the female lead brought luck to me.”

This is full of desire to survive…

It sounds really nice, but Qiu Wuji still feels that he wants to beat him more and more, which is different from beating him when he first passed through… I just want to beat him.

The two of them didn’t speak again during the meal, Qiu Wuji put away his things with a stern face after eating, turned around and entered the room: “I’ll take the afternoon yang qi cultivation for a while, don’t disturb me if I have nothing to do. ”

Chu Ge would like to say yang qi I have more here, Chunyang! But knowing that he was going to be beaten to death, he had to go back to his room obediently and honestly, and planned to take a nap.

This lively and fragrant is around, and I don’t know when I can go further?

On a summer afternoon, the sun is scorching outside, the air is dry and quiet, and occasionally there is a cries of chi, which makes people’s hearts always have something to germinate. Chu Ge wondered, is this summer or spring?

Just when everything was silent, a silhouette gradually appeared on the door.

The silhouette gradually became more and more solid, and actually “walked” directly from the door.

Wall Penetrating Art!

(end of this chapter)

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