What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 278


Chapter 278 Incomprehensible hints

Chu Ge feels that Qiu Wuji wants to kidnap himself into the book now …

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but there’s a kind of meaning like “if the two sides don’t get along, you can stay in that world with me”.

Although Qiu Wuji didn’t say it explicitly…it always feels like there is.

It doesn’t seem like it’s a big problem when I think about it, but at least I have to wait until I can give my parents a good retirement in the future, so of course Qiu Wuji said sorry.

But actually Chu Ge thinks it’s unlikely.

Because once it doesn’t work, I shouldn’t be able to project it, but it’s not that good.

No fluke, no slack.

The two left the old alley energetically and bustling, took the subway back to the rental house, Qiu Wuji took out Small Mirror to study, and Chu Ge got into the house and opened the famous book left by the father.

On the title page is written a strong pen: “Others also write yellow, and my son also writes yellow, but why is the gap so big?”

Chu Ge: ” ?”

Dad, we don’t like to compare with famous novels, we are Xiaobaiwen, are you asking too much…

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“It’s mainly because other people’s descriptions are so explicit, why doesn’t my son dare?”

Chu Ge: “Grass.”

This version is not deleted version, baby this is.

“As for the world, if it’s true, I don’t expect my son… If there is a day, then there will be a world in his pen, not only Qianzhong millet, not only golden house, not only Yan Ruyu! Blind date blind date, and more like a bird kiss?”

Chu Ge’s expression became serious, and he read this sentence for a long time.

Father has a hunch?

Or is it just a kind of expectation of the hope of becoming a dragon?

Want to see more, no more.

This is written on the title page, not like a note, not like an experience, but like it was left to Chu Ge to read.

You must also know that if you leave a copy of “Golden X Plum”, there is a 99% chance that Chu Ge will bring it home.

Chu Ge thought and wanted to shout again.

Open the first page of the preface, there is no note, but there is an underline, marking this paragraph in the preface: Yu friend Chu Xiaoxiu and a teenager went to the banquet of singing and dancing together, and the banquet of the overlord was coveted by the teenager. Said: “Why not a man like this!” Chu Xiaoxiu said, “I only set up this ear for this Wujiang River.” Hearing this, the same audience sighed as a wise statement.

Chu Ge scratched his head.

Actually, the exhortation and irony of this book are very clear. The first chapter of the opening chapter talks about the dangers of alcoholism, sex, wealth, and wealth, and then elicits “there is such a man named Ximen Qing, After doing all these things, you end up dying ugly.” This is the whole idea of the article. Most people who read this book have a good idea, and it is meaningless to emphasize it all the time.

As the prologue has also repeatedly emphasized, Dad did not draw any other lines, and only drew a paragraph of the Overlord’s Night Banquet alone, which seems not to mark this book, but to have another meaning.

It’s like an exhortation to “don’t float”. Not far from the Overlord Night Banquet, is the Wujiang River.

“I only set this up for the Wujiang River.”

I don’t know if it’s the father’s self-awareness, or it’s for the son to see.

No matter what kind, Chu Ge feels that he is indeed quite proud of one’s success at present. The inside and outside of the book go hand in hand, and even Qiuqiu is eaten. , Don’t you all run to the old house and plan to return home and pretend to be forced, how can you think of this before.

Time for a reminder?

But Chu Ge really doesn’t feel that he has any place where he will be stabbed. He really said that animation and film are going to hit the street, there is no way, it is not under his control, what’s the use of my vigilance… …

Scrolling down, a whole page of very important text opens with a warning about wine, sex and wealth. I thought there must be a line mark or a place where I feel after reading it, but none of it is underlined. Instead, it is in Ximen The couplet described by Qing Taoist at the banquet draws a line: “Cave Mansion has endless years, and Hutian has a different world.”

Chu Ge’s heart was stunned.

I feel more and more that this is for myself…

But what do you mean, other warnings are not underlined, do you think I can be lustful?

Continuing to scroll back, Wu Song appeared, but I had a feeling after reading: “Here until the sixth chapter jumps directly, this part is enough to watch Water Margin, this is purely a fan-fed version. The seventh chapter is out. Meng Jade Tower can be considered a fan-turned-original…”

Chu Ge became speechless the more he looked at it, I seemed to be here to find the secrets of supernatural powers, co-authored and really studied classical masterpieces?

I turned the page at a faster speed, and there were very few remarks after reading, most of which were underlined, and some underlined even more unfathomable mystery.

Just as he was having a headache, he suddenly felt a slight explosion sound next door. Chu Ge rushed over and saw Qiu Wuji pinching sword art with his hand, sealing it above the mirror, with a grim expression.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Ge asked hurriedly.

“It’s nothing…” Qiu Wuji was also a little helpless: “I tried to analyze it with dive sense, how did I achieve this effect, but the dive sense I explored, such as clay ox entering the sea, was directly rejected Devour and return to nothing. Try to intensify its strength, and it will counterattack itself, almost counter-invading my spiritual platform, I can only cut off the connection.”

Chu Ge: “…”

Both people’s research is caught in the bottleneck appearance.

“But I’m not that absolutely does not have gain.” Qiu Wuji added: “Roughly, what you see in the mirror can be regarded as a mirror world, although it does not exist, it is a mirror image world. A foundation that can be imagined and embodied. In other words, the manifestation of Ling Zun is likely to require the recognition of ‘there is such a thing’, which cannot be changed out of thin air.”

Chu Ge said: ” It’s like he changed a stone and threw it in the mining area. First, he knew what the stone was like before he could change, but he didn’t know the finer structure, so it seems right but actually isn’t. You found out that it changed. .”

“Yes, based on his cognition.”

Chu Ge looked thoughtful.

My own world is also based on my own cognition.

Go in and get to know everyone, not just for that.

Still have a lot in common.

It’s just starting to be idealistic. For a “very Marxist-Leninist” father, does it have a bit of a heartache?

“Besides…” Qiu Wuji said with a serious expression: “I can still feel that when you are there, the mirror is much more obedient, and when you are next door, the mirror is a bit irritable. This can be inferred, Ling Zun still has a setting, and when he perceives a familiar aura approaching, he is honest and obedient, not hurting his own baby, and if he goes in for a thief, he might die there.”

β€œβ€¦ …Can it be generalized, there may be other things in the house, because I didn’t show it because I went in, and if someone else went in, it would be a living haunted house?”

Qiu Wuji said strangely: ” Yes, if I go in by myself, I might beat the house down.”

A house that doesn’t recognize my daughter-in-law.

Qiu Wuji is very angry.

I said I like it here before, but I don’t like it all of a sudden! wu wu wu…the three-good student award certificate and the brat photos posted on the crotch are not fragrant all of a sudden…

She put away the mirror angrily: “Anyway, it will listen to you now, you Is there any gain?”

“I feel like I’m reading a famous book with my father, except to remind me not to drift away, I have nothing to gain for the time being. But I always feel that it is indeed a hint to me when I look at it. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be written like that…”

“How many items?”

“I want to read carefully, think about it, and even check back and forth to see what he has underlined. Are there any secret phrases or something like that, this is a long-term water mill…”

Qiu Wuji stared wide-eyed: “You would actually think about this kind of thing…isn’t that so? Exaggeration?”

“I can’t help it, now my father’s image in my heart is mysterious and tall, I’m afraid it’s almost the same as bibliophile’s speculation about Heavenly Dao, although maybe Heavenly Dao is actually a stinker I haven’t thought about anything about writing, but others don’t know.”

Qiu Wuji laughed: β€œI really know myself.”

β€œHey, I have an idea, that kind of water mill. Time can’t do it, I can write down where he draws the line, and then we go to the book to ponder slowly. This time the plot is at the end of the volume, Chu Tiange returns from the sea, and it is written ‘in a few months’, this time steals It’s been a long time, I can not only think about Dad’s scribing, I can even move it into a book to save the manuscript, and kill them…”

“To kill them, right? How long have you been thinking about this? It’s gone.” Qiu Wuji didn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while, but he didn’t object to his “good-for-nothing” pursuit, instead, there was some joy and a faint fascination in his eyes: “Then… …Let’s go home.”


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