What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 289


Chapter 289 wyvern is in the sky

Chu Tiange has been summoned by the Sect Master to speak at the main peak.

When stepping on the main peak, Chu Tiange was quite touched by looking at the green pines on the left and right, and the white heads.

This peak has been visited once, and it is valued by the Sect Master. He has personally pointed out some cultivation techniques, and those pointers are still very helpful to this day.

Qiu Wuji is the unparalleled master in his heart and one of the people he admires the most.

Nowadays, with a wealth of knowledge and culture, it is already a generation of Heaven’s Chosen capable of moving unhindered in the whole world. The original high mountain has also faded away, and the green pines by the road are no more than green pines. , Bai Xue is nothing but Bai Xue, and there is no longer the psychological illusion that I feel mysterious vastness when I look at everything.

The wood house is at the top of the mountain, blending in with Heaven and Earth nature, and now it can be done by myself.

Awe is gone, replaced by kindness.

Cloudridge Sect is his warmest home, the sect is very good to him up and down, the same sect supports him, stands up for him, supports him, even after so many years of wandering outside, back to Divine Province’s first reaction was to return to the province first.

Home is here.

No one knows that he is a “soul-wearing” soul – don’t get me wrong, Chu Ge’s setting is like this, the protagonist is the earth crossing to the fairy world, just to enhance the reader’s sense of substitution. But the actual performance is not much different from that of a native, and there is not much modern thinking reflected. The biggest convenience is that some modern words can be leaked. When writing, you don’t need to deliberately think about which words can be used or not.

Well, Xiao Yan is such a setting.

So does Chu Tiange.

This setting has no substantive meaning for most of the book, but it has a small purpose – Chu Tiange has read countless novels, and I don’t know how many Young Master corners are bullied and cheated in the sect Plot against each other, there is no cohesion, there is no friendship and unity, people are nothing more than passers-by in the sect, and it is not bad to leave without stepping back. In contrast, the contrast makes Cloudridge Sect more warm and nostalgic.

β€”These mentalities are clearly written in the book.

That is to say, in the definition of Heavenly Dao, Chu Tiange loves this sect very much.

In fact, he really loves it very much and doesn’t break away from Heavenly Dao.

This wanderer’s feelings for returning home can’t fool himself or the sky.

Before the wood house, Chu Tiange one-knee kneels fell, and his voice was loud: “Disciple Chu Tiange, see Sect Master.”

“Come in, transform into the powerhouse, don’t kneel others .” Qiu Wuji’s voice is the same as before.

“Heaven and Earth, your master, the Sect Master is also my teacher. Why not worship.” Chu Tiange stood up and pushed in the door.

Chu Ge hid in the room, Chu Tiange could see Qiu Wuji standing in the house painting, people in the painting were of different shapes, it seemed like they were fighting…

The picture seems to be… Sect Leader Qiu himself?

Chu Tiange didn’t take a closer look and lowered his eyes.

Sect Master cultivation has become more and more deep and unmeasurable. I thought I was here, and I was only one great realm away from Sect Master, but now I feel like a vast ocean… Strange, the cultivation of Sect Master has not yet ascension?

Well…not surprising.

Ascension is probably about… Providence.

The Sect Master is strong, but it’s just a cage.

Qiu Wuji stopped the brush, looked at Chu Tiange kindly for a moment, said with a smile: “I’m strong, and my face has matured a bit.”

This is the feeling of looking at his own child …Chu Tiange also saw the teacher’s admiration in his heart, and said in a low voice: “It will always grow…May the youth of Sect Master stay forever.”

In fact, Qiu Wuji felt that Chu Tiange doesn’t look like Chu Ge as he grows. When he was young, he still looks like a small Chu Ge. Now it can be seen that they are two people with similar features, but the overall difference is quite big.

Well, mainly because Chu Ge is not as handsome, this “ordinary appearance” will make a big difference in the end.

The child is disabled…

This feeling is not bad, so as not to have the feeling of Zhuangzi dreams of a butterfly.

I wasn’t born anyway, hum.

Qiu Wuji complained in his heart, and asked kindly on his face: “I couldn’t find you all these years… I didn’t expect to come back suddenly. Just now Xuanji reported that you went overseas?”

“Yes.” Chu Tiange reported respectfully: “Everyone knows that the sea and the sky are far away, and everyone’s cultivation is not enough. Flying to the far sea cannot last for a long time. It is also a mirage. It’s been a long time since we were separated from each other. However, Disciple was in a hurry at the beginning, but luck was good. When he got lost in the sea, he hit a hidden island and saw a group of people in the sea. p> Qiu Wuji thought this Eminence knew…be good.

She nodded lightly: “This is your fortune. No one can cross the endless sea in ten thousand years, but it was broken by you by mistake. It is the darling of the heaven.”


Chu Tiange was silent for a while, did not answer this, but found a huge tiger tooth from the ring: “This is what Disciple found overseas, and under investigation, I am afraid it is the White Tiger that Sect Master needs. Tooth.”

Qiu Wuji took the tiger tooth and stroked it, but what he thought in his mind was that what Chu Ge wrote was from the perspective of the world, which was different from the thinking of people in this world.

From Chu Ge’s point of view, the endless sea corresponds to the Pacific Ocean, and the eastward crossing is the American continent, which corresponds to the Eastern Sea in this world. But America is the West, White Tiger of the West, so the tiger tooth is there. If you follow the thinking of people in this world, you can’t imagine that the White Tiger of the West is looking for it from the east. This is a closed world in a round place. Who would have thought that the idea of world creating god is a ball and contradicts itself?

I wouldn’t know it in the original book, and it’s useless to search in Divine Province for a long time.

But Chu Tiange wanted to get it. As soon as he heard the rumors of the sacred tiger there, he immediately thought that this was the West, which was most likely the White Tiger of the West, so he participated in a series of events. , get this thing back, complete the link required for the ascension for Qiu Wuji.

Chu Ge’s designs are still fun and awesome.

But now I don’t actually need this stuff anymore, and I don’t know how I feel.

After all, he still whispered: “Tiange has a heart. This thing is extremely important to this Eminence…”

Chu Tiange said busy: “Sect Master needs it, Disciple also It’s a worthwhile trip.”

Qiu Wuji smiled slightly: “You have worked so hard, what reward do you want?”

Chu Tiange said with a smile: “What Sect Master needs is the door. The goal, why reward.”

He paused, with a bit of pride in his voice: “Disciple is now an advanced god, at home and abroad, for several years, and it is also a character, a magic treasure. You can find it, you don’t need a reward.”

Qiu Wuji tilted his head and looked at him for a long time, then suddenly said: β€œAs the White Tiger fangs arrive, this Eminence also needs to consider the ascension. After the ascension, sect Someone needs to take over the helm, if I make you the Cloudridge Sect Young Master, as a reward…how about it?”

Chu Tiange was stunned for a moment, then shook his head quickly: “No.”

Qiu Wuji “oh?” said: “Why? Cloudridge Sect is the world’s first-class powerful sect, controls the world, the world looks up, and says, Nine Provinces follow the law, isn’t it a man’s wish?”

Chu Tiange said: “Sect Master wants to go with the sky, Disciple heavenly ascension sings. Right is not what I want, and the future of Disciple is also in the sky.”

These words… Qiu Wuji narrowed his eyes: ” What is Heaven?”

“True.” Chu Tiange said slowly: “The truth of the universe is the Dao.”

Qiu Wuji glanced at the desk, where Chu Tiange was still on it. The ink marks that Ge wrote before, that is the beginning of the next volume Heaven Realm.

The frontispiece: “Dry, ninety-five, wyvern is in the sky.”

Qiu Wuji was speechless for a while.

Chu Tiange suddenly laughed: “It is said that the Sect Master has taken the name Disciple…Well, how should I call it according to my seniority…Sect’s inheritance has its own person, Disciple will not compete with him. I’m done.”

“Call Dad…” Qiu Wuji’s words were forcibly held back.

I endured very hard, very hard, and then swallowed the words back in my stomach, seemingly unintentionally: “Have you heard the rumors about him?”

“I heard it, when I come back I just heard people say… Some people say it’s Heavenly Dao Incarnation, mysterious.”

“What do you think?”

“If it’s true… a good thing.” Chu Tiange faintly said: “The future of Cloudridge Sect is not determined by the world, only in the heart of heaven.”

Qiu Wuji looked at his eyes seriously, Chu Tiange’s eyes were clear, but they were not visible at a glance when he was a teenager. light.

Quiet and deep, like deep water with an invisible bottom.

(end of this chapter)

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