What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 291


Chapter 291 What does it feel like to fall in love with the Principal at school

Qiu Wuji has a little regret in his heart.

Because of this “father and son” relationship, it could have been very filial to the father and son, and strictly speaking was complicated by himself.

It was he who “put the sword on his neck”, forced him to revise the draft, changed the whole setting, and even took the Heavenly Dao weak spot that Xie Nine Heavens and the others sensed. because of myself.

Of course it’s to fight for your own destiny, there’s nothing to say… that bit of sorry won’t show.

Chu Ge could never have imagined why Qiu Wuji would give him the trumpet after returning home from Sky City that time. He thought it was all related to the deletion of that sentence, and a few other reasons. Hidden here.

But at that time Qiu Wuji didn’t really want to understand that, but he felt a little guilty in his heart. After seeing Chu Tiange this time, this feeling is more obvious. Indeed, the root of everything can be said to be himself.

However, Chu Ge’s words… are so tolerant.

I wait for him, when he has the courage.

Really father.

Qiu Wuji suppressed the rippling thoughts in his heart and looked down at the painting on the table: “What are you going to do?”

“For now, there is no need to do anything. Chu Ge smiled: “The Heavenly Dao reunification pursued by the people on the other side of the book doesn’t refer to me, it refers to the concept in the book. The plot they came across the sea is the established plot in the book, and I don’t need to do anything.” Interfere, if you don’t come, you have to interfere.”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

Crap, if you don’t come, it’s against the sky, right? Qiu Wuji thinks that Chu Ge is incompetent Nor is it easy.

Chu Ge thinks it’s not easy for her to be fine: “Qiuqiu ~”

Qiu Wuji: β€žAh?”

“Don’t wear underwear Just walking around at home, and doing stretching exercises… The perception of the writing body is actually what I am experiencing, now it looks like you are not wearing it.”

Qiu Wuji: “!”

Chu Ge was beaten.

Heavenly Dao sees the protagonist’s artistic conception being completely destroyed.

“Why are you hitting me, I kindly remind you…” Chu Ge hugged his head.

“I was kindly reminding you to be serious, where are you looking!” Qiu Wuji’s regret was gone, and his cheeks were burned with anger.

“My main job is to observe Chu Tiange, the rest are normal plots!”

“Why is it normal, how do you want to arrange the little flame?”

“My Master, Yan Qianlie cooperated with them to fight your Righteous Alliance. It is also a plot. In the normal plot, Qian Qian and you are the enemy of life and death. What misunderstanding do you think he needs to do?”

Qiu Wuji’s mouth was half-open, and he was speechless for a long time.

It seems so.

I’m used to being picked on by Xiao Huo Miao, thinking it’s because of his bad temperament, this Eminence doesn’t care about him… Think about it seriously, he and I are mortal enemies, so his behavior is normal , on the contrary, I always kindly treat him as a little Huo Miao, is it wrong…

“But, but…” Qiu Wuji hesitated: “Does Xiao Huo Miao really dare to hit me now? “

Chu Ge gave her a peek.

Qiu Wuji finally jumped into a frenzy: “Okay, he just wants to hit me, right, you just want him to hit me! This Eminence is going to the Heart of Flame to kill him now! No, I’ll kill you first. !”

Chu Ge lay flat: “Fuck me, don’t pity this delicate flower.”

Qiu Wuji grabbed the scissors and aimed.

Chu Ge rolled over with a shivered and ran away.

Xuanji, who was sweeping the snow in the distance, watched Little Martial Uncle rushing out of the house and running around the house. Sect Master held a pair of scissors and chased after him, chasing and chasing to the back of the house. , came the screams of Little Martial Uncle.

It slowly subsided again.

Xuanji probed her head to see it, and a soft energy rolled out and sent her directly down the mountain. The cold voice of the Sect Master came: “Good cultivation, I’ll cut it with you again. “

Xuanji: “…”

I have nothing to cut.

Poor little Martial Ancestor.

The poor Chu Ge in little girl in mind was leaning on Sect Master who was incomparable in little girl’s heart, and the two of them were sitting at the back of the house watching the plum blossoms.

The couple, if they fight outside the book, they will turn into goblins and fight. It’s a pity that Qiuqiu in the book refused, so Chu Ge’s big mouth came close, and she was slapped with a slap, and his face was deformed and turned aside: “I really thought I wouldn’t dare to cut you!”

“I am the soul ah ha ha ha.”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

“Okay Qiuqiu.” Chu Ge sat side by side with her on the backyard stone Looking at the plum blossoms on the steps, he said softly: “Isn’t Chu Tiange’s performance very good, I love the sect, respect you, and have a heart, this can’t be fake.”

Qiu Wuji thought for a while, I also agree: “He is a good child.”

“As for being a bit rebellious, as it should be by rights, the father is mentally prepared haha.” Chu Ge is more open-minded than Qiu Wuji, maybe One after another was challenged to be numb: “What do you mean by letting him talk to Xie Yuner more at the end, is it a matchmaker in the words that you branded jade slip to Xie Nine Heavens?”

“I mentioned it vaguely, I don’t know what Xie Nine Heavens thinks.” Qiu Wuji shrank his head: “I think, um… it’s not a stepmother to take care of her son!”

“Okay, but I don’t think it makes sense.” Chu Ge embraced her shoulders and said, “Because his current dao path is a pink and pink skeleton, he is determined to practice asceticism, and only asks Heavenly Dao. Your red thread is doomed to be in vain.”

“Don’t hug me! “Qiu Wuji earned a bit.

Chu Ge whispered: “Xuanji was thrown by you, no one peeked…”

Qiu Wuji twitched his lips and stopped talking.

What is the reason for losing Xuanji? Isn’t it just for the possible intimacy… Sect Leader Qiu doesn’t say it, he understands in his heart.

The two were sitting behind the house like thieves, but unexpectedly they had a little experience of falling in love secretly in school.

It’s just that the object of love in the school is not the student and the student, but the student and the Principal?

“Hey, the BUFFs are stacked again.” Chu Ge said.

Qiu Wuji didn’t know what he was thinking about. Outside the house, Xiaoxue and Meixiang Qinghan sat next to him, and his mood naturally calmed down from his previous messy thoughts and became a little happy.

It’s romantic.

“Chu Tiange let’s do this first, just observe… but the others are really okay?”

“It’s okay, your handling is correct, let Xie Nine Heavens watch It’s okay to change things… oh no, this plot is being written by a dementia writing machine, Chu Tiange reports overseas matters, and Qiu Wuji sends envoys to prepare for the war.”

Qiu Wuji is increasingly confused about which things he did and which ones It was he who wrote it, thanks to him for distinguishing it clearly.

She’s too lazy to think about it, it’s fine if it’s okay, who likes to have something to do…

“You said that you stole a lot of time.”

“Yeah. , there is still a long time of calm, how can it happen all of a sudden.”

“Then…you are writing here?”

“There are a lot of things to do, writing, Practice, and…” Chu Ge took out a jade slip, which was “Golden Plum” directly branded as jade slip when he first came in, taking advantage of the hot memory, with the father’s underline and notes.

“I still think I should think about it slowly, maybe there are some hints in it. Anyway, there is enough time, so take it slow.”

Qiu Wuji glanced at the jade slip secretly. , knowing the content of the large space inside, the pretty face turned a little red again, and he spit in a low voice: “The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked.”

Chu Ge just laughed, didn’t argue with her about this, just softened Said: “I will be here with you for at least a month, please take care of Master.”

Qiu Wuji’s eyes became bright.

The qin and flute that had been amazing before, and the calligraphy and painting that were interrupted before they even started.

It turns out that it could really go on here, at least for a month.

It’s great, the book I read is a bit shady, what’s that?

“Then…then let’s see.” Qiu Wuji stared blankly at the plum blossom: “Look carefully at Ling Zun’s hints, don’t let those tricks make your mind crooked.”


With a flick of the palm of Chu Ge’s palm, the jade slip turned into a paper-bound book, leaning on Qiu Wuji and reading leisurely.

Qiu Wuji was a little surprised to see his change, so he didn’t say anything.

This hand change is not a spell, not even a mana fluctuation… If it belongs to the Father God, so is the world. He couldn’t do it before. This is a typical manifestation of his now clearer control over the world. Maybe what he can do now is still relatively small, but it is obvious that he is at ease. Going further, what about the future?

If it goes on like this, does he think that he has no clothes, no clothes…

(end of this chapter)

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