What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 295


Chapter 295 The Contradictory Fool

Mathematics is not good, even if there are ten teachers kissing you, will it still be Won’t.

But Chu Ge will.

As long as you don’t get distracted by going to “Golden Vase” and looking for underscores, don’t go to writing scrolls, and focus on cultivation, Chu Ge’s progress can make his own sons call his mother’s shit.

After all, he created the world, and made the best annotation for the words “tailor-made”.

He only lasted one night, and on the second day, he aggressively challenged the third floor again. This time was one hour longer than yesterday.

The sword test cave is not used to directly improve the cultivation, it is the left-handed training with senior swordsmanship, as well as the understanding of various residual sword intents, in order to increase the breadth of Sword Art’s knowledge and knowledge of various things. Knowledge of skills, and practical experience, this is the accumulation of Cloudridge Sect Disciple.

Even Qiu Wuji and all Elders will come in from time to time to realize various sword intents, in order to gain more insights.

In the world view written by Chu Ge, simply upgrading is meaningless and can only be the object of being skipped grades to challenge. In a cultivation setting, each accumulation must complement the cultivation.

From a certain point of view, he has pitted himself, resulting in the inability to quickly increase cultivation base. But on another level, this is actually the process of being a creator who fully and meticulously recognizes the world in his pen.

Every sword intent, every sword art, the meaning of Cloudridge Sect that runs through thousands of years, everyone’s different understanding of the same sword art…even, there is no sword mark, It’s all a story.

The deeper you go, the more so.

Chu Ge seems to be able to see the silhouettes of the predecessors, Floating Light Sweeping Shadow passing by.

Suddenly, he stroked his palms and smiled: “I know.”

The Abyss Dragon Sword rose from the grass hut and broke through the sky. Thousands of marks and thousands of blades fell in Nine Heavens, one of them was stored in the sword cave, and this thousand-year-old sword was engraved.

This special sword.

There are old people who live by the tombstone, sweeping sacrifices every day, caressing the stone, and the sadness in their eyes is like in front of them. One day, the wind was blowing, and there was a great atmosphere of magic. Someone came to report the news that a certain old enemy had come out of the mountain. The drunk old man looked back and stared, grabbing the rusty sword that had been abandoned for a hundred years by the tombstone.

At that moment, the sword light was bright, shaking thousands of miles, the world was blood-stained, and life and death came together. The sword is collected here under the Yunji Gate, in order to remember the ancestors.

This sword of hatred.

Someone is alone with a sword, singing and drinking wildly, fighting mountains and rivers hundreds of thousands of li, Chu Ge seems to hear the voice from before the eternity: “Cloudridge Sect sword mad leads the sword of heaven”, “Cloudridge Sect sword madness” “Experience the Divine Sword”, the sound of “pleasure” echoed in the ears, and the sword wounded thousands of times all over the body, condensed into the experience and classics of the Scripture Tower, and gradually filled the continuous pavilion and turned into a group The mountain is like a sword, guarding the gate of the mountain.

This mad sword.

Chu Ge saw Qiu Wuji himself.

It’s something that she didn’t write in too much detail in her autobiography. Every era has a theme of an era. When Qiu Wuji rose, the opposition between righteousness and demons was already one of the themes. So she made up her own stories and only knew how to write “a story about a female lead beheading monsters and exterminating demons”…

Conquering the world, beheading monsters and exterminating demons, is both culture and chivalry. She doesn’t know how many heretical path of the devils she has killed, how much justice she has helped in the world, and when she looks back, there are many tombstones, friends and enemies. Looking back suddenly, she was already standing on the top of the cloud, so the world was getting farther and farther away, outside the immortal mountain, holding a sword and asking the sky.

The sword of this righteousness.

Wen Zai sect, heroes come forth in large numbers, is the meaning of sword, is the heart of man.

A sword mark after another is the bone of sect and the soul of inheritance.

The thickness of a famous family in the world is far beyond what the plot can describe.

What about a world?

It’s far from enough…

Qiu Wuji has been familiar with the world for more than half a year.

world in the book Even if it is created by Chu Ge, how long does it take for him to really get familiar with it?

In short, it is not enough to go back and forth a few times.

It’s still the old saying, bit by bit, every grass and every tree, in the heart is more and more true.

In this sense, simply upgrading can be considered the least valuable thing for him, he does not need to upgrade.

After staying for a night, Chu Ge also felt the limit. If he stayed any longer, he had to be divided by the sword, so he slowly exited the third floor.

Guard Disciple as seen in Divine Immortal.

What a miracle this little Martial Ancestor, he only crawled out yesterday with all the bruises all over his body. Today, he stayed for a longer time, only a little bit injured, and he can walk out like no one…

It depends on your comprehension, understanding and mastery of Sword Art, so that you can deal with different sword intents calmly, not by cultivation, even if the Sect Master gives you cultivation, it is useless, how can it be possible to increase so many swords in one day dao comprehend?

“That…” Disciple asked with difficulty: “Can I ask little Martial Ancestor how he could get through three levels of sword intent and grow so much in one day?”

“This?” Chu Ge looked up at the moon and patted the Disciple’s shoulder: “Find a Master who will reward you.”

Guard Disciple: “?”

Our Master will also give rewards…

Chu Ge looked at the sky, Qiu Wuji didn’t come to pick him up, he shook his head and returned to the main peak by himself a little tired.

wu wu wu I don’t even come here to pick you up. Although it doesn’t hurt today, I’m also very tired to say…I will ride an electric scooter to pick you up when you go out for practice…

Flying near the main peak, you can hear the sound of the piano from the top of the mountain.

Chu Ge was startled, and slowly landed on the edge of the cliff.

In front of the pavilion, Qiu Wuji sits in the pavilion and plays the piano.

It’s not the daoist robe that she usually wears in the sect, nor is it a capable sword outfit for daily walking.

It’s still the graceful long dress she wore yesterday, woven with light white clouds, soft and fresh, like a beautiful elder sister.

The sound of the violin is not normally heard her love to play Qing Yue and passionate, straight into the sky, like a sword. It was replaced by a serene and resplendent, warm spring breeze.

Chu Ge felt that the wounds on his body didn’t hurt anymore. It seemed that the sound of the piano had a healing effect.

But in fact he didn’t know that, Qiu Wuji’s chess, calligraphy and painting are not Immortal Techniques, but skills.

It’s just the artistic conception brought by the piano art. The 10,000-year-old grandmother has reached the extreme in these skills, just like her comics are BUG, so that Chu Ge is only a little bit of flute art. Everyone can easily feel the meaning in her piano sound.

Tenderness, kindness, love, approval.

And… that touch of affection, hidden in various attitudes of being a teacher and a sister, is quietly expressed, just like the budding spring stamens on the edge of the cliff at this moment.

So the night became gentle.

Chu Ge stretched out his hand, and there was a jade flute in his palm, which was horizontal to his lips.

A flute sound quietly rubbed into the sound of the piano, just like a butterfly quietly flying around the stamens, occasionally dipped in a little pollen, try to explore, lingering.

Qiu Wuji’s cheeks slowly turned a little crimson, and he rolled his lower lip slightly and gave him a sideways glance.

In Chu Ge’s eyes, she is full of beauty.

“zheng! “The sound of the piano suddenly stopped.

Qiu Wuji reluctantly sighed: “You, you say that you are in harmony, but you are actually here to cause trouble. You have lost all the good mood.”

Chu Ge stepped forward with a smile. : “Flowers always bloom.”

“Don’t come.” Qiu Wuji said: “You performed well today, I noticed that you have already invested in the sword intent, and it is no longer a blunt response before. Sword move.”

“en.” Chu Ge whispered: “I suddenly feel a little bit intimidated.”


“A world’s The weight is beyond my grasp.”

Qiu Wuji pressed the strings, pondered then said: “If it is an ordinary world, maybe so, but this is your world, and everything cannot be separated from your heart, You have to have this confidence.”

Chu Ge said: “This practice is not a long-term solution, it will shorten the residence time, and you have to combine work and rest.”

Qiu Wuji rolled her eyes: “You’re trying to cheat and encourage you…”

Chu Ge smiled and didn’t answer.

Qiu Wuji stood up and pinned him on the pillar by the pavilion: “Does it look good when I wear it like this?”

“Good, good-looking.”

“I only wear it for you to see.” Qiu Wuji gently stroked his lips with his jade finger, and said softly: “Actually…you should have discovered that the process of your cultivation is also the process of mastering the world. “


“So have you thought about it… Once you taught me to understand the world, the essence is to help me get rid of you. Now I take you to cultivation, The essence is to help you control me.” Qiu Wuji said softly: “Chu Ge, are we…a pair of contradictory fools?”

“No.” Chu Ge held her finger , under the moonlight, his eyes gleaming: “I just think that there is no more moving love than this.”

Qiu Wuji pressed his lips together and whispered in his ear, lightly said : “Who loves you?”

Chu Ge was speechless.

Qiu Wuji’s lips slowly passed his cheek and kissed his lips: “Being able to talk…this is a reward.”

(End of this chapter)

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