What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 296


Chapter 296 From now on, the king will not kiss

this time, it’s been a long time.

Qiu Wuji recklessly pressed the disc on the pillar and kissed him comfortably.

In fact, Chu Ge is right, she also thinks this is the most touching love.

Chu Ge has been helping her break free from the world, and she is helping Chu Ge control the world. No matter how the two people’s demands are opposite, they both try their best to help each other.

This feeling is contradictory and beautiful.

It’s so beautiful that people’s hearts are fascinated, and people don’t want to think too much about what it will be like in the end.

I just want to enjoy this moment of love and release the lingering in my heart.

It wasn’t until she felt a little bit of kissing that she let go of Chu Ge contentedly, and lazily turned around and hugged the piano away: “You can rest today, don’t work too hard.”

Chu Ge stared blankly at her back, still accelerating his heartbeat. It is said that the current Qiu Wuji is much more seductive than the Qiu Wuji who was holding a stern face before…

She seemed to be enlightened and found the charm code.

The hidden charms are displayed unscrupulously in front of him, and the fragrance of the ripe roses is really intoxicating.

The worst thing is that she is getting more and more flirtatious, and the look back and chuckle before entering the house can make people’s bones smashed by three points.

wu wu wu feels that the dominance is gone, and she has pinched it.

Has Qiuqiu been thinking about turning over to be the master in the book, how to be the leader, how to manipulate people, and finally she understands it…

Qiu Wuji stands In the house, Chu Ge looked at the stupid Chu Ge from the window, smiling like Small Fox who only ate a successful meal.

Actually, it’s not a deliberate play to understand… It’s just that spring is here, and this kind of seclusion life with him has really satisfied the dream of a couple in my heart, and I want to make out with him. How to make out? is it possible that, like outside the book, being molested by him in various ways? It’s better to come by yourself.

It turns out that this behavior is the most natural. This should be the case, why do you need to force it?

It’s so easy to act like this now, and I’m very happy, little discipline Chuchu is so cute. And strictly speaking, his soul body doesn’t have that ability… Thinking of this Qiu Wuji makes me happier and thinks he is so cute.

Qiu Wuji thought for a while, then instructed the trumpet to open the book review area, and maliciously guided the sentence “Chuchu ~My Chuchu ~”

Looking at the following group of sick people reading, Qiu Wuji Inside and outside the book, they laughed and rolled their eyes.

Chu Ge walked in in a daze.

Qiu Wuji put away his smile, lightly spread out his pen and ink, and took a long time to draw a manuscript: “It’s late at night, you should go to meditate on cultivation.”

“I found today that cultivation is worse than trying swords. intent.”

“Combining work and rest, you should rest.”

“I can read books… Scripture Tower’s classics.”

Qiu Wuji was startled. Startled, nodding: “That’s right.”

I am more and more happy in my heart, even if it is just a discipline, which Master doesn’t like such a hard-working discipline?

“Do you have any books you want to read?” Qiu Wuji asked happily: “Which one do you want, I’ll bring it to you.”

Look at the “I very much” “Difficult to deal with anything you want, I can get it”, Chu Ge also thinks Qiuqiu is cute, as is his stern face: “I don’t know what to look at right now, just help me decide.”

“Well…” Qiu Wuji tilted his head and thought for a while: “Look at other Sword Art, and our experience in analyzing other people’s Sword Art in the past.”

“Ton!” Thousands of books were piled on Chu Ge, burying his entire being in it.

Chu Ge: “?”

Qiu Wuji smiled hehe: “After reading it, you can almost enter the Fourth Layer of the Sword Cave.”

Chu Ge pulled it out of the book with difficulty and got out of his head: “But Master Master, I can’t stay for a few more days. I can’t finish reading this much.”

Qiu Wuji was stunned for a moment, and he thought A strong feeling of remorse arose.

It was obvious that we were still together when we went out, but it felt like a separation.

It is indeed parting, because everyone outside the book gets along in another form.

She took a deep breath and cleaned up her mood, saying Faintly: “You can watch as much as you can, and it’s not that you won’t come in next time. In your spare time, you can also write books, play the flute, work and rest. Combine, don’t worry.”

In fact, this is implying that I want to write, draw, play the piano and flute with you, and I don’t know if Chu Ge understands it.

She rolled her eyes and added another sentence: “If you perform well in the past few days, you will be rewarded.”

Chu Ge of course understood it, but he could not understand it better.

Qiuqiu is a bit of a jerk, no matter what is inside or outside the book, do you still want to hide from the father?

In this world, it is “don’t patronize work”, “go shopping with me”, “play games with me”. There is no game here, the chess, calligraphy and painting are the game of the bookworm loser, with the same nature…


If the most tormented two days ago was the sword test cave Guard Disciples, then the person who suffers the most in the world in the next few days is Xuanji.

Hidden among the flowers and trimmed the flower branches, and looked out from the shadow of the flower branches, I could clearly see Sect Master and little Martial Ancestor sitting next to the pavilion to enjoy the flowers, yes, sitting next to each other, sitting very close. But it’s getting close, and the arms are sticking together…

She dared to swear that this is exactly the same as the senior brother and senior sister who peeked at the date in the section.

Looking at the little Martial Ancestor, who was playing the flute, the Sect Master moved his hand to adjust the posture of his fingers. The posture was so ambiguous… Except that he didn’t kiss her in front of her face, everything else was already there. I don’t see her Xuanji as an outsider at all…

Xuanji was horrified to see Sect Master snatching little Martial Ancestor’s flute, and put her lips to the hole to demonstrate how to play, you really don’t know what this is Did little Martial Ancestor just blow it?

Xuanji regretted applying for staying. Before the application, the cheating couple kept a secret. After the application, the cheating couple became more embarrassed. She even wondered if she would be silenced.

Well, the smart Xuanji knows that her mission is to be a little dumb and to help Sect Master look out for the wind.

“Hey, Elder Zhou, wait a moment, Sect Master is in closed-door cultivation, let Disciple go and report.”

“…Old man clearly heard the flute, how about In closed-door cultivation?”

“Oh, that’s what little Martial Ancestor blows, Sect Master isn’t there.”

“Then hurry up and report, Sky City message, the world Found a strange giant…”

After a while, Xuanji dashed back: “Sect Master said he knows, in the plot.”

Elder Zhou: “?”

Why is it a bit like the sense of sight that the king did not go to early?

He lowered his voice and asked Xuanji, “That… the heirloom, how’s the cultivation? The old man heard that he can stay on the third floor of the Sword Test Cave for most of the night?”

Xuanji shook her head Shaking like a rattle: “Disciple I don’t know, on the surface it looks like little Martial Ancestor is a Foundation Establishment, but yesterday I practiced against him, and it was even worse than before. I almost beat him before, yesterday He caught him with three moves…”

“Three moves to restrain you…” Elder Zhou looked at Xuanji with a look of surprise.

Xuanji is a well-known figure of the younger generation. Ah, is Heaven’s Child really so magical?

He lowered his voice again: “How do you practice this? Could it be that you have been drenched? It doesn’t make sense, this…”

Xuanji said: “I asked little Martial Ancestor how to practice. Yes, he said that it is 99% sweat and 1% innate talent.”

Elder Zhou laughed: “Fake words, sometimes the 1% is more important. , just like you.”

Xuanji said: “Disciple said the same to little Martial Ancestor.”

“Oh? Then how did he respond to you?”

“When he said this, he is still 0.001% more powerful, and 60,000 people can’t cut it… Disciple doesn’t understand.”

Elder Zhou also Did not understand.

The four eyes of one old and one young are circling, and a faint sound transmission from Qiu Wuji is heard in the distance: “Elder Zhou, is Chu Tiange back?”

Elder Zhou hurriedly said: “He and Xie Yun’er from Sky City went to find the giant first.”

Qiu Wuji’s voice smiled a little: “Got it.”

” Sect Master, this matter…”

“When there is a red dragon fire rising in purgatory, Nine Headed Snake roaring in the Southern Border, that is, when Dragon Snake rises, someone will come to the gauntlet It’s meaningless in the early stage, let’s shrink the Disciple outside and return, just to have a good cultivation and prepare for the war.”

Elder Zhou heard the more and more profound mystery: “What about Chu Tiange, let him come back?”

“He’s an exception, or jumping into the deep, so he can’t be restrained.”

Elder Zhou left with a blurry forehead. It’s really strange, in the past, Sect Master doesn’t cultivate divination, I don’t know when it started talking about it… Could this be the recent powerhouse in Heavenly Dao?

He never imagined that Sir Sect Master was leaning on Heavenly Dao’s shoulder, his fingertips swirls on the dewdrops of the petals in front of him, and he muttered: “I’m really going back…”


“There is another reason why I want to go back…”


“You keep raising me, I don’t go back, I’m afraid I’ll be killed alive Suffocated.”


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