What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 298


Chapter 298 changed Heaven and Earth

The couple didn’t stay in bed for too long afterward, and lay down a little bit again After a while, I got up and went downstairs to eat beef noodles.

Just came back from the book, Chu Ge, who had a bird in his mouth, ate strong wind scattering the last clouds, and ate a large bowl of noodles upside down in a few minutes.

Qiu Wuji watched him gobble with his cheeks, then put two chopsticks of beef into his bowl, and slowly picked noodles to eat.

Chu Ge looked at the extra beef in the bowl and looked up at her again.

Qiu Wuji held his cheeks and looked at each other.

The eyes of the two were full of soft waves, and they directly regarded the noodle shop as their living room.

“peng!” An angry Old Brother put down the bowl angrily: “Fuck, pay the bill!”

I couldn’t stand it anymore, the motherfucker came out to eat a bowl of noodles to provoke someone Who is it? If you are stuffed with a mouthful of dog food, you will be kicked.

“You’re so angry.” Qiu Wuji watched the irritable Old Brother scolded and left, and changed his direction to hold his cheeks, leisurely said.

Chu Ge said: “I forgot, I used to think it was Xuanji…”

Qiu Wuji said: “After you said that, I feel that Xuanji is so delicious, I ate one. Do you have to eat dog food to gain weight?”

“Listen to what people say? Disciples will rebel if they hear it.”

“hmph hum.” Qiu Wuji lowered his head to eat noodle.

“Speaking of which, did you miss something over there? Here I will show you all kinds of delicious food, and there you have nothing to do but drink some Xianjiu Xiancha. Treat me to something good.”

Qiu Wuji was stunned and scratched his head.

Looks like oh, I totally forgot about it over there.

But this is different, she never needs to eat there, how can she think of eating, including Chu Ge who doesn’t need to eat… The reason why she came here to become a foodie, It’s not because Chu Ge has a body and needs food…the needs of both bodies are different.

Chu Ge knew the reason, so he asked: “After our body Golden Core, should we stop eating it?”

Qiu Wuji hesitated: “Theoretically it is possible. Absorb the energy of Heaven and Earth for your own use, no need to eat. But the Spiritual Qi here is too thin, I don’t know if it is enough for us. But even if it is not enough, the effect of ordinary food is actually almost nothing, we still need medicine Pill supplement.”

Chu Ge patted his head: “Yes, I seem to have talked about a similar topic.”

“Well, at that time, the Foundation Establishment, ordinary food was bad for you. Although my significance is not too big, it still has some nutritional value, after Golden Core is basically useless, an utterly inadequate measure…” Qiu Wuji said that she was a little confused, she was a little reluctant to eat the food in the world.

Leaving aside the hygiene aspect, it is disgusting… the things in this world are indeed better than the ancients. Even fruits, the varieties cultivated in the present world are much more delicious than those in ancient times, except for fairy fruits.

Chu Ge knew what she was thinking, said with a smile: “Even if you don’t need to eat, you can eat it if you want. The biggest advantage of cultivation is not this, you can eat if you want, or not if you want. If you don’t eat it, it’s not enough if others want to eat it.”

Qiu Wuji laughed: “That’s just your cultivation setting, I read the Taoist scriptures in this world, and there are also sayings that the qi is dirty and chaotic, and you need to clear your qi. , to put it bluntly, it is vegetarian.”

Chu Ge wiped his mouth: “Is mine more comfortable, more like a fairy? Look at what they are doing, do you want to be free or put yourself in jail?”

“yes, yes, yes, you are all right. Especially if you tell me this, can I not agree, what I call to speculate on Heavenly Dao is not to study your settings, it is naturally correct for me, What’s the use of me showing off… Just don’t let other Taoists hear it, and I’m not finished with you, and the person who wrote the webnovel is still stunned…”

“Hey, so you know me just like that. Do you know about Heavenly Dao?”

“In a sense, yes.” Qiu Wuji said with a stern face: “So I think this Heavenly Dao is too inferior now, let’s slice and study him.”

Chu Ge stared.

Qiu Wuji looks at the ceiling.

Noodle eaters around: “…”

Although I can’t hear what these two are talking about, what should I do if I really want to hit them?

“peng!” Someone put down the bowl: “Pay the bill! I’m full!”

Is it not a good feeling…

The two ran out of the noodle shop in a hurry, and habitually walked by the roadside hand in hand, shaking and shaking.

“Okay.” Qiu Wuji leisurely said: “Next time I go in, I’ll find you something good to eat… Well, I’ll let Xuanji prepare it now.”

” And bullying Xuanji to be honest.”

“What do you know, there is something good to eat in the sect, I don’t know as well as their little girls.”

“Hey, that’s true.” Chu Ge was looking forward to it, said with a smile: “I haven’t written about the delicious food in the sect, but it’s a lack.”

“It’s also the completion of your cognition of the world.”

“en. ”

“Do you think that we are a little perverted, and that even a snack can lead to a world major event?”

Chu Ge burst out laughing: “Also It’s not very perverted, it’s just like group friends. Okay… let’s talk about normal, in the book it’s too accustomed to say that tall people are too used to it, turn it back.”

“It’s normal…” Qiu Wuji leisurely said: “That means at least I don’t need to cook for you in the future. Occasionally, if you are happy to do it, you have to beg me. Someone once tricked me into being a housewife, but it will gradually disappear.”

Chu Ge said with a smile: “You’re just for the sake of Weibo fans, so you have to cook a few times…”

“I haven’t posted food on Weibo for a long time, now The line drafts of the original paintings are all posted, and…”


Qiu Wuji tilted his head: “And the selfie, and the photos of your writing, our previous Take a group photo, everyone likes to watch this more.”

Chu Ge smiled hehe: “Of course, fans of early fall love… We haven’t made out on photos for a long time, do you want to make a face?”

“Whoever makes a face with you, go back and make a pig!”

Both of them were a little weird in their hearts. They avoided everyone in the book and bullied Xuanji to be honest. There is a blatant show here, and everyone is not happy if you don’t show it.

Actually… Including the two people’s gossip from the beginning to the end, from the tall to the daily, it is already double Heaven and Earth as in the book.

Divine Immortal

I’m still an old man wife.

The person is still the same person, just changed Heaven and Earth. It’s also interesting to think about.

Qiu Wuji thought about it for a while, then suddenly slapped his palms and said, “When it comes to taking pictures, the pixels of my mobile phone are not good, and everyone is urging me to change mobile phones or simply buy a camera. I think mobile phones are more convenient. Click…”

“Oh, that’s true, your phone was charged a long time ago and it should have been replaced.” Chu Ge secretly said that another girl would have quarreled with you a hundred times earlier It’s over, that is, Qiuqiu doesn’t care about these foreign objects at all, and wants to change the phone just to take pictures clearly, that’s for work.

Where can I find such a good girl…

The more this is the case, the more Chu Ge wants to get her a better one, and now he has a lot of money.

The two flew to the shopping mall not far away, and stopped at the milk tea shop outside the door very synchronously, and entered the mall with a cup of milk tea zΔ« liΕ« zΔ« liΕ«.

Qiu Wuji was sipping milk tea, looking around, looking around at the mall that he hadn’t been to for a long time, and muttering casually: “Moe Moe said her foldable phone is 20,000 yuan, I think she is a pig, obviously You can spend so much money without any money, just to take a photo…”

Chu Ge laughed: “It’s not for taking pictures, it has many functions, just talking about playing games, your broken machine can’t be Play.”

“I don’t play games. Sword saint’s game has been deleted by me…”

“Okay. In fact, it would be more terrifying if it was for taking pictures. , a good DSLR is much more expensive than a mobile phone…”

“I don’t understand.” Qiu Wuji zΔ« liΕ« sucked out a pearl and chewed it, and said vaguely: “Is their money so good? ?”

Chu Ge laughed.

Really, before the morning, she was still leading her to familiarize herself with the book, and as time went by, she was leading her to understand the world again.

There are indeed many details in Qiuqiu that cannot be substituted into modern people. I don’t usually think about it, but it always inadvertently manifests in unexpected places. It may take many years to completely smooth out these poor details.

Chu Ge doesn’t think it’s slow at all. He hopes that this kind of character conversion can last longer and won’t get tired.

“Huh? What is that?” Qiu Wuji looked up and saw the huge vertical poster hanging above the mall.

“Internationally renowned pianist Daniel Robin’s World Tour Concert at Nanjiang Station”

“A pure concert?” Qiu Wuji was a little interested: “Let’s go listen to ancient zither another day Is the national concert with Dizi good?”

Chu Ge said with a smile: “Okay, now the national style has flourished a lot, and there are often such national style concerts, I will pay attention, Let’s go see it another day.”

Qiu Wuji nodded, and the handsome white uncle who had beautiful eyes on the poster once again watched for a while and passed by the poster.


PS: Thank you for the silver alliance of the wolf boss who is guarding the lamb~

(end of this chapter)


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