What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 3


Chapter 3 is not a random adaptation

Chu Ge felt that he was hallucinating.

The female lead ran out of the book?

I also put a sword on the author’s neck, threatening not to write that she fell in love with a male lead…

Is it possible that too much masturbation has caused mental problems and started to develop hysteria?

But look at the door, it’s closed well, there was no sound of opening and closing the door just now, she just appeared behind me so suddenly…

How did this come about?

To say that a thief sneaked in would make no sense. Which thief would come in and ask him to change the book? You say that there is a big hacker who sees that you write too rubbish and hacks your computer to write for you. It is a bit more logical than this!

Besides, this woman is too beautiful…

Chu Ge thought Gu Ruoyan was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in reality, didn’t expect it In a few hours, this perception was shattered by the one in front of him. The appearance is not enough, the temperament is really difficult to describe, it is clearly stunned, but it is surprisingly ethereal and dreamy, there is an illusion that she is about to emerge at any time and fit into the clouds.

This is the temperament and image that modern people can have?

From the appearance to the temperament and even the costumes, it completely matches the description in the book. Where can I find such a woman to cosplay with you?

Did it really come out of the book?

But I am not immortal, how can I make the world in the book real?

As a writer who is used to wandering in all kinds of imaginations, he is relatively receptive to all kinds of strange events. Seriously, can you put the sword down first…”

Qiu Wuji stared at his neck, his expression flickering, not knowing what he was thinking, but the sword suddenly disappeared out of thin air: ” You don’t need a sword to kill you.”

Chu Ge: “…”

You don’t need a sword, if you are Qiu Wuji, then you are an ascension boss, you can kill with an imposing manner I’m…

But this one feels…oppression is not so exaggerated…

Or is it just because she doesn’t want to kill?

“Get up!” Qiu Wuji lifted Chu Ge out of the chair like a chicken, and sat down on the nest.

And then…

It got stuck.

Chu Ge then estimated to stand to the side, squinting at the perfect jade finger hanging on the keyboard, and after a long pause, he didn’t know how to type the desired word.

“You… do you want to write it yourself?” Chu Ge finally couldn’t help but ask.

If it’s really Qiu Wuji, the female lead will write what she does, which is a fun experience…Chu Ge wants to know what will happen.

True: pen to you, you write.

Qiu Wuji was silent for a moment, and his fingers tapped the keyboard.

“zi zi…” The USB interface made a strange current sound.

Qiu Wuji frowned and stopped.

Chu Ge: “…don’t tell me you are injecting spiritual power to parse this magic treasure composition…”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

Chu Ge really believes that this is Qiu Wuji now, is this a performance that a normal person can do?

After an embarrassing silence, Qiu Wuji finally said: “How do you use this magic treasure, why can’t this Eminence feel the flow of Spiritual Qi… The electricity here seems to have nothing to do with your words, you How is the text entered into this crystal screen?”

Chu Ge twitched cheeks.

I can’t explain this matter to you, I’m just a liberal arts dog…

He thought about it, and cautiously said: “What do you want to write, you say, I write .”

He also wanted to test what was going on… If the “female lead” weaves her future according to her own wishes, what will happen?

Qiu Wuji turned his head and glanced at Chu Ge, but he was a little surprised: “I saw you before and was confused and flustered, but calmed down quickly.”

Chu Ge smiled: “Who Even if you are put on your neck by a sword, I’m not a cultivator who has walked through a mountain of corpses – if you are really Qiu Wuji.”

Qiu Wuji said: “Why don’t you panic now? now?”

“Because it’s useless to panic… Now I want to figure out what’s going on more than you.” Chu Ge reached out and clicked on the keyboard to confirm that it still worked: “Tell me, Want me to write?”

Qiu Wuji gave him another look, unhesitatingly said: “writes this Eminence to receive a moment of enlightenment and ascend, break the limit of Heaven.”

“I think this is invalid, because it deviates from the fundamental setting of the world – for example, if I write a mortal who suddenly has an ascension, it must not be true.”

Qiu Wuji understood Chu Ge’s meaning, narrowed his eyes slightly: “In your settings, I can’t be ascension?”

Feeling Qiu Wuji’s murderous intention of anger, Chu Ge hurriedly explained: “It is that you suddenly Ascend at the moment, there are a lot of plots about you in this world, involving a lot of other characters. Suddenly the female lead is gone, and the whole story framework collapses. It should be said that the cornerstone of the novel world is built by the characters. , Chu Tiange Qiu Wuji first, then this world.”

Qiu Wuji was silent for a moment, but he stepped aside and insisted: “Write as I said.”

Chu Ge shook his head, sat down and typed on the keyboard: “…Qiu Wuji’s mood opened up, and suddenly he felt that the gate of heaven was opened, and the meaning of Xia Ju ascension gradually spread… The sky is rising, Major Heavenly Tribulation!”

Qiu Wuji felt silently for a while, then shook his head slightly: “It’s useless.”

Chu Ge sighed and said with a smile: “I knew it was useless, it must be in the world framework. logically consistent within. “

Qiu Wuji raised his head and thought for a while, then sighed to himself: “This Eminence didn’t expect, our ‘Father God of Creation’ is just a powerless chicken. The scholar, the truth of our world is actually just a book… All the joys, sorrows and joys are in the hands of people, and the future destiny is just a set trajectory… Even my emotions are always accompanied by A pen changes and changes. ”

Qiu Wuji’s tone was a little disappointed, but also a sense of unlocking everything, which is difficult to describe. Chu Ge stared at her expression, secretly thinking that if she is really bibliophile, then this kind of revealing the truth It’s really hard to think about it, right? It’s possible for the three views to collapse and go crazy.

Of course, Qiu Wuji would not collapse if it was written by herself. With her strong will, she will only try to fight against customers. , control her own destiny…

That’s right, isn’t she just doing it?

She is very excited about the fact that she suddenly thinks of a Disciple’s smiling face Alertness and repulsion, so I don’t know what potential it has triggered, breaking the realm…

Probably so.

Really confirming this, the kind of swords around the neck The sense of fear slowly subsided, but there is a sense of closeness and a little sympathy… How can I say this feeling? This is a character created by myself, just like a daughter?

For myself, this is just a It is a story that says that the good point is based on literary ideals, and that the low-end point is purely a money-making tool.

But for her, her whole life is being arranged.

Qiu Wuji frowned. Looking at him, he suddenly asked, “Are you sympathizing with me? “

Chu Ge pursed his lips, didn’t answer, and turned to say: “You say it’s all up to the human hand, but it’s not so…just like I can’t just write you directly ascension, because it needs to be done.” self-consistent logic. For a character, every action must be in line with what the character should do and what he should say. At most, it is just one of several possible choices, and it is also the choice of several choices that you will make yourself. First, impossible is a behavior that goes against the character. “

He paused and said with a smile: “Some people say that when a character is written, it is out of the author’s control. Your presence makes this statement the most powerful confirmation. “

Qiu Wuji looked at him quietly, beautiful eyes like deep water, silent and deep, his mind couldn’t see clearly at all.

It took a long time to coldly said: “You want to say , this Eminence may like that man, is my own choice? ”

Chu Ge’s face turned green.

Of course, impossible is her choice, Qiu Wuji is the world’s largest, so contemptuous of what vision, not to mention whether her heart is still water-even if she wants to I moved Fan Nian as I deliberately foreshadowed, and the object is also impossible to be a just entered Disciple, and the gap is too big.

However, we are harem style, and there is no condition to create conditions. The woman that Impossible can get is the cool point of harem style! Who will see if it doesn’t!

But it is indeed the woman that Impossible gets, which means that this is really not a choice Qiu Wuji will make by himself , this is the author’s mechanical seance.

So much so that she ran out of the book because she resisted it?

Qiu Wuji coldly said: “It is absolutely impossible that this Eminence should have The choice of … That is to say, you can at least affect the so-called self-consistency to a certain extent. According to the storyteller, even if it is missed, it can be rounded up. “

Chu Ge really regretted writing her too cleverly, so he wiped his cold sweat and said, “Indeed…you can make it a little…round.” “

Qiu Wuji was about to say something when his face suddenly changed slightly.

Chu Ge watched helplessly as her figure began to blur, like changing from a physical body to a The transparent Nether Soul.

And then faded, like an illusory shadow, and finally disappeared.

The air came with her final voice: “No matter what method you use, Do not continue to write that this Eminence has any emotional connection with that Chu Tiange. this Eminence will come out at any time, if you continue to write nonsense… then you will never have to write. ”

The voice was faint and the person was gone.

Chu Ge looked at the empty house and felt like a dream.

(End of this chapter)

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