What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 300


Chapter 300 Moving Forward

Speaking of the importance and efficiency of the animation side, Chu Ge was unexpected .

The comics are only twenty or thirty episodes long, and it takes less than a week to reach the top of the popularity list. The preliminary preparations for this animation have already begun. This made Chu Ge’s original concern that the animation might not be released after writing began to disappear. With this efficiency, it is likely to be released after a year.

In the past, animation productions have rarely been so radical, and most of them are shoddy. However, from the attitude of the producer to contact the international music giants, it is clear and very important, which is a bit contradictory.

Chu Ge didn’t know why Xie Wenyuan arranged so urgently, but it just happened to meet his own needs. He can’t wait for the work to be finished before slowly starting the promotion of film and television animation. The control of the world before the end of the book is definitely a crucial node. After the book is finished, the daylily will be cold.

Before the work is finished, it must be fully rolled out, even if the quality is reduced.

And this process is over…

Now the Human World Chapter is about to end, and the Heaven Realm Chapter belongs to the final world view of perfection, and it is not related to the upper and lower parts of the Human World Chapter. , not that long, only about one third of the Human World.

The Human World has 2.5 million words so far, and it will be finished in about 2.3 million. The Heaven Realm is about 1 million words, and the whole book is estimated to be about 3.78 million. look. This is a common word count for a long-length Xianxia fantasy webnovel, and it is also the overall composition planned by Chu Ge.

In other words, the number of remaining words will be around 1.3 million, at most 1.5 million, and the whole book cannot be more than 4 million.

At the speed of Chu Ge’s daily update, it will take no more than five months to complete the book – so it seems that the update is less? It takes a little more time, otherwise the movie really won’t come out.

Chu Ge silently said sorry to the readers in his heart. It is too important to be related to the world, and it is too important to be related to life.

Thinking about these questions, I still type on Long Sijia: “Let me know at any time about the progress of this music project.”

“No problem Brother Chu!” Long Sijia sent a saluting emoji.

“Well, if it’s convenient, help me collect the information of your boss? Not the encyclopedia, preferably the daily news.”

“Eh? Brother Chu, why do you want this? ”

β€œDamn, my anime music, fate, know what kind of person, what is the use of encyclopedia…”

β€œHaha, okay, I will collect some small rumors for Brother Chu.”

“Thank you.”

After finishing the call, Chu Ge felt that the girl became more cheerful and less introverted after she successfully joined the big company. Immediately, I remembered that the Blackroom gang hadn’t been seen for a long time. I don’t know how they are doing recently. Pan Da is still very cute.

Looking at the group, Pan Da Wan Zijun didn’t seem to have bubbled for a long time, so he shouted: “Qiuqiu, I recently asked Ms. Moe Moe, what is Blackroom doing?”

Qiu Wuji replied outside: “I mentioned it once, she said that she went to Beijing for intensive training.”

“Going to Beijing?” Chu Ge strangely said: “Could it be that Zhong Yi went to Beijing? Have you finally been recruited?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, it’s related to your family Gu… Forget it, it’s not your family’s, is it related to that Gu Ruoyan?”

Chu Ge simply ignored her Gu Ruoyan saying that she was okay, and asked, “Why do you train well and intensify? Do you think the Demon City performed too badly last time? But they didn’t have a chance to perform last time.”

“I think it’s precisely because they don’t have the chance to perform, everyone wants to be the protagonist… After training for so long, they said that they would go to the magic capital to help their brother Zhong, but Wan Zijun showed his face, and others just went As a background, I think at least Pan Da can’t stand this feeling.”

“…Speaking of which, Pan Da is still leading a group of RL, but he can’t stand it. Then why doesn’t Zhu Moe Moe train? She’s fooling around with you in the office after day, her potential is the best.”

“What is a fool!” Qiu Wuji said from Probe at the door: “Stop copying your phone!”

“This threat is too terrifying.”

“By the way, why do you think people like Moe Moe will have 3 training sessions? minutes heat? How long ago her power training was changed to yoga and SPA.”

“You are right.” Chu Ge was a little regretful: “It’s a pity, the most fucking awesome power is like this. Abandoned.”

Qiu Wuji helps his best friend: “Just like your 0.001% theory, maybe Moe Moe is the invincible innate talent?”

“Forget it, it’s just her…” Chu Ge sighed: “This Eminence has such a talent for innate, yet she has worked so hard to find it.”

Qiu Wuji couldn’t help laughing: “Yes No way, you’re actually the stupid one?”


Qiu Wuji took a half step back and made a defensive posture: “Isn’t the pig holding the wrong one? !”

Chu Ge Taking a step forward, he picked her up in his arms: “Two little pigs are about to post! “

With a “toot”, the two little pigs stick together.

Qiu Wuji smiled and struggled away, pushing him and said, “Okay, okay, you all know that.” I’m a little pig, and I don’t need to work hard. Have you figured out what to do today? Direct writing? “

“The content released today is there, of course, the breakthrough Golden Core first. “Chu Ge is righteous: “I have opened so many small stoves for Xiao Huo Miao, my wife has also allocated them, the keel has also been sent, and the injury has been healed ahead of time. Isn’t it time for Xiao Huo Miao to be loyal to the country?” “

Qiu Wuji: “…”

Chu Ge picked it up.

I didn’t pick it up, I picked it up again, but only picked up a bunch of azure fire seedlings .

Qiu Wuji leaned forward: “…Qingyan? Where’s your husband? “

“What is a husband? “Qing Yan is still confused, where is this…

“Oh, what about your good-natured discipline Yan Qianlie?” “

Chu Ge waved his hand: “I can’t carry Qianqian, so let her come out…”

Qiu Wuji strangely said: “Can’t carry it?” “

“Well…” Chu Ge looked a little dignified: “I brought him out before, because he is a wounded number, it can be roughly regarded as a ‘broken Primordial Spirit’, just like I took out a waste… …”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

Qing Yan: “…”

“But now he is a powerful Transcending Tribulation cultivator, Primordial Spirit Complete, powerful body… just like your real body, you can’t get out. “

Qiu Wuji is silent.

Yes, since he can’t come out, Yan Qianlie can’t come out either.

Actually, Yan Qianlie can’t come out to pill Concocting is not a big problem in itself, Qingyan is also a soul of the Nascent Soul, and it is enough to train the medicine pill they need at this time. But the topic naturally shifted from pill concocting to how to get people out. An important step in the world.

β€œYou can let him separate his soul first, just like me. “Qiu Wuji pondered then said: “I can perceive your presence, as if there is a line appearing directly beside you, I don’t know if he can. “

Chu Ge closed his eyes and didn’t speak, as if he was communicating with Yan Qianlie. After a while, he called the head: “No, this guy can’t perceive him, Father God, me.” “

Qing Yan: “…”

Qiu Wuji strangely said: “You have communicated with him across the border, but you still can’t feel it?” “

“It’s normal, just like when you and I first met, I was projecting across the border, and you didn’t know where I was. Chu Ge scratched his head: “Strange, how did you position me, because of love?” “

“Go away, who was in love with you at that time?” ”

The atmosphere was quickly silent and dazed.

It seems that the flowers are blooming, striding forward, making a lot of progress, but in fact the most fundamental problem seems to have never been solved Any breakthrough.

Qiu Wuji was silent for a long time, then suddenly said: “At that time, I had a very strong desire to find you, I had to find you, I must find you… Maybe it was this obsession that set me up to you. Yan Qianlie has no such persistence…”

He heard Chu Ge shout: “Qianqian, I’m going to sell Qingyan…”

“sou!” Scarlet flames instantly appeared beside him, his brows glared angrily: “You dare! “

The room was quiet for a moment, Chu Ge grabbed his hands: “You have eyebrows in a flame, how did you do it?” “

Yan Qianlie: “…”

Qiu Wuji opened a gratified smile.

Who said there is no breakthrough, it’s not obvious.


When the consciousness can communicate, it is the biggest breakthrough. When the two worlds can communicate, naturally they are no longer passive, and there are many ways to actively seek it.

In the long run…we can definitely do better. More.

(End of this chapter)

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