What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 303


Chapter 303 Fragmented Reality

Chu Ge, who accidentally used the magic sword, was also apprehensive, and suddenly felt as if he had become a What a villain, even with the communication with the publishing house, there is no anger.

“Hello, I’m Chu Ge.”

“Hello Chuteacher, this may be a bit of a misunderstanding…”

Chu Ge knows There was no misunderstanding, so I followed the steps: “Hmmm… Do you want to find a way to solve it now? In short, I don’t accept this kind of change. If it’s troublesome, simply stop the distribution.”

The other party hurriedly replied: “I can’t stop.”

Chu Ge: “Why? Is there any legal factor?”

“That’s not true.” The other party hesitated for a while, but continued: “There’s a business element.”

Chu Ge got it.

Dare not to be afraid of the rice circle, but to bow down for money.

Originally, publishing houses are for making money, not for promoting culture.

at first I felt reluctantly and wanted to change the literary style. It turned out that the appeal was so terrifying and the commercial value was much higher than I imagined. How could I stop it?

Chu Ge sighed, and didn’t want to say more, just said: “I don’t think your first issue is much. I only saw this set in a small bookstore here, maybe a few thousand in total? Withdrawn Is it not a big loss for the reprint?”

“Yes, the first issue is only 5,000 copies. The loss…is a little bit.” The other party still said: “It doesn’t matter, it’s our fault and we will bear it.”

“Then print it directly according to the original text. If you want to modify it, I only accept the combination of short sentences and long paragraphs. I know that our paragraphs may not be compliant, but this is caused by different reading carriers. APP Readers are tired of reading the last big chunk of text, so there are multiple sections. If you change the physical book, you should merge it. Don’t think that the author really doesn’t understand. As for other words, you can’t change another word, you think I’m illiterate and I can’t change it if I make a mistake. .”


“Having trouble?”

“…No, listen to the teacher.”

Since If you want to make money, of course, listen to the teacher. In fact, Chuteacher’s attitude was much better than they expected.

Chu Ge sighed again: “Send me a sample book before printing it out. I remember that there used to be this rule, but now I don’t even have this…”

The other party laughed : “Next time.”

It’s still one click three times…Chu Ge finally hooked the head: “I’ll post another Weibo explanation, it’s in this manner…”

The matter was resolved much faster than expected. I thought it would take a long time to wrangle or even have to go to court, but it ended in an instant after the magic sword was unsheathed. Chu Ge actually felt a little out of place. No wonder Qiuqiu said that this was a magic sword, and even his heart palpitated.

So I hurriedly posted a new Weibo: “I have communicated with the publisher, the work will be reprinted according to the original text, many thanks for everyone’s concern”.

Can I be soothed, my heart is full of hairs.

In any case, the crux of the matter has been resolved, but unfortunately the excitement of the original publication is no longer there, and the excitement is high.

The phone rang suddenly, but it was an unfamiliar call. Chu Ge picked it up, and the other party actually said: “Little Chu, I’m Chen Bozhong from the Writers Association.”

Chu Ge thought for a while before he remembered that this is the vice chairman of the Writers Association, a serious Writers Association, not a tennis association. I haven’t participated in the activities of the Writers Association for a long time, and I almost lost my impression. At first glance, I felt that the homophonic name of this name is quite connotative…

“Chairman Chen is polite, what instructions?”

” I heard that you and the publishing house are having a bad time? The other party asked me to talk about something.” Chen Bozhong said, “You have to change your works indiscriminately. Many of you have experienced it. Well, it’s always good to be able to publish… I’ll ask the publishing house to come out for a meal some other day, let’s talk about it?”

“Oh, I’ve just made peace, it’s all right. Thank you Chairman Chen for your concern. “

“So soon?” Chen Bozhong was a little surprised: “I heard there was a lot of trouble?”

“Cough…a little surprise, a little surprise, no major event.”

“That’s good, youngsters shouldn’t be too aggressive. Be kind to people and do things well.” Chen Bozhong sighed: “There are local writers who have works published, but no one has reported to us that their work is unqualified. .”

“ah ha ha, I don’t know it myself, it’s a bit sudden, I don’t blame anything else.”

“Well… Recently, a national key support project was reported. Little Chu, would you like to report it?”

Chu Ge still wanted to: “What is that? Do you have any requirements?”

“One, New Era Mountain The theme of the upheaval in the township, expressing the new atmosphere of rural revitalization, the new achievements of agricultural and rural modernization… Second, the national rejuvenation…”

Chu Ge was sweating, and the thought of wanting was instantly gone: “Chairman Chen, forget it, we really can’t do this, let’s tell some stories about wuxia, yes, like Jin Yong, do you want to write about the revitalization of Niu Family Village?”

Chen Bozhong said: “That doesn’t matter, this is If you can’t do it the next time, you can do it next time. With the writing and writing that can be published, and with such a broad mass base, you can write more stories about your hometown, just take it as propaganda for your hometown. Short stories are also fine.”

“Hometown? Nanjiang?”

“…Our city is not called Nanjiang.”

“But I can only write Nanjiang.”

Chen Bozhong: “? ??”

“Is this still hometown atmosphere, cultural revival?” Chu Ge smiled: “Okay, Junior is very grateful for Chairman Chen’s care for Junior and his enthusiasm for his hometown, and there will be opportunities in the future. Try your best.”

Chen Bozhong suddenly said: “Have you ever messed with the system?”

“No, state-owned enterprises have messed with it, it’s about the same.”

Chen Bozhong was silent for a moment: “Okay, I’ll talk about it later.”

I don’t know if this means that I want to train Chu Ge to take care of something in the Writers Association, and Chu Ge doesn’t want to care.

I used to think that publishing was like turning fiction into reality, but after the change of the publishing house and the call of the Writers Association, I still deeply felt that this is two worlds, or two eras.

Everyone does not understand each other, and there are deep ravines in the middle.

Chu Ge leaned on the back of the chair in a trance. Since Qiuqiu passed through, his life has gradually become a little fantasy, especially as he can wear the book, the breath of reality has become less and less, and there is only one left. Put down some firewood, rice, oil, salt, and leave no memory. Today, I suddenly come into contact with such a typical intersection of reality, and I still feel that I am not used to it.

The scenes of blind date, farewell, classmate reunion party, etc., seem to be very far away, and the earlier study and work are even more like a dream.

The things that I may come into contact with in the future are even more unrealistic… Thinking about it this way, today’s experience is not bad, and it can be regarded as one of the rare memories in my work and life.

Outside the door, Qiu Wuji poked his head.

Chu Ge soon noticed, said with a smile: “I don’t know when I went out.”

Qiu Wuji walked in with his hands behind his back: “On your QQ What do I do when I’m talking to someone?”

Chu Ge knew something was wrong when she saw her hand hidden behind her back, said with a smile: “What are you doing?”

Qiu Wuji asked expectantly, “Is your anger gone?”

“It’s gone. There is still a little melancholy.”

Qiu Wuji took his hand. It came out, but it was the “Chu Tian Wuji”: “Although you were very upset, I still bought it.”

Chu Ge strangely said: “We are going to reissue it soon, this is a single one. The book is equal to waste paper, did you buy a table foot?”

Qiu Wuji sighed: “You, you have been rushed by the incident, and you have forgotten what you want the physical book for…”


Chu Ge sighed and remembered that he was looking for the physical book to see if he could find the passage between the two realms through this “mirror”, at least as a research way.

As a result, I was overwhelmed by these things and forgot all about it.

Qiu Wuji shoved the book into his hand: “Then let’s take a look. Since the plot has not been changed, the mirror world corresponding to the book is still our world, try it.”

Chu Ge laughed: “Really, a good assistant who is responsible.”

“That’s right.” Qiu Wuji said: “The boss can be emotional, and the assistant must remember.”

“Have you heard of it, the assistant has something to do, it’s okay…”

The little foot kicked over.

Chu Ge whirled to dodge, and put his arms around Qiu Wuji’s waist: “Come on, let’s read a book together.”

Thanks to Bishui and Yanyan for being very quiet. A big guy joins the league~

(end of this chapter)

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