What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 307


Chapter 307 Encounters

The lights are on.

Chu Ge took a taxi to the opera house where Robin was performing.

Style is style, other stars perform in stadiums, this guy is in the opera house.

It means that there are not many seats, and it also means that it is extremely niche. The people who come to listen to this pure piano performance are originally a niche among the niche, and they are all “upper class people” or music bookworms.

Chu Ge is neither, since he has played a lot with Qiu Wuji on the flute and flute, it is barely the latter, but as Qiu Wuji said, if you want to listen, you should go to the Guofeng concert.

Listening to the piano playing a piece of Chopin Mozart, I really don’t feel much.

The sun is snowing in the spring…let’s take a break.

Sure enough, the ticket was checked and the number of people was not satisfied. It was only about 2/3/2022, which was already more than Chu Ge imagined.

No wonder Long Sijia got tickets so easily.

My position is not in front or behind, and it is relatively corner. When I walk past, there is no one in the seat next to me, but I am quite comfortable. Chu Ge sleeps comfortably back in his chair, reminiscing about peeking into time through a book.

Childhood Chu Tiange, swordsman Qiuqiu…

Can we see Cloudridge Sect Disciple Qiuqiu, fledgling young Qiuqiu, young girl Qiuqiu, runny nose Qiuqiu wearing open crotch pants ……

You still want to see me wearing open-crotch pants from the old photos, it seems that you want me to see you in open-crotch pants first hahaha ~

Just thinking about this, there is a fragrance from the tip of my nose . When Chu Ge subconsciously opened his eyes, he lost half of his soul.

Gu Ruoyan stood beside him and looked at him in surprise: “Why are you here?”

Chu Ge was even more speechless: “I just want to ask this question, okay, I Nanjiang Is it unusual for people to come to see Nanjiang’s performance? You are a Beijing official, why are you here?”

Gu Ruoyan looked around, shock the head didn’t answer, and sat down directly beside Chu Ge.

Chu Ge subconsciously ducked aside.

Gu Ruoyan laughed instead: “Yo, am I some kind of beast?”

Chu Ge almost cried: “My girlfriend is a jealous jar, and I didn’t even listen to her. The concert, I ended up listening to it with you, don’t trick me, people will die…”

Gu Ruoyan speechless saying: “I’m here for official business, or you go?”

Chu Ge: “…”

“With so many people listening to the concert here, can your girlfriend eat such a big pot of vinegar? I can’t see it, tall and strong are so cowardly.” Gu Ruoyan glared at him sideways and didn’t continue speaking, as if it was written on his face that there was a reason why he didn’t like you in the first place.

Chu Ge: “Grass.”

He reluctantly sat back in his chair: “Are you seated here?”

“Yeah.” Gu Ruoyan board With a face, he said, “Who wants to sit with you?”

“What a coincidence, who arranged it?”

“That’s not true, I bought the ticket myself. Yes.”

After a few conversations, the embarrassment between the two was lessened. Gu Ruoyan continued: “We are acquaintances, and we can chat even when we sit together. My daughter and I are not afraid of gossip. , you have a lot of troubles.”

this fist… Forget it, it seems to be the same, this is the truth, innocence, and deliberately avoiding it is called a ghost.

Chu Ge took out his phone and started sending WeChat.

Gu Ruoyan strangely said: “What?”

Chu Ge said: “My girlfriend and I will report to you and explain it later.”

Gu Ruoyan : “…”

Both of them were extremely grassy.

Wait for Chu Ge to finish the report, and the two of them stared at small eyes for a while before they got to the point. Chu Ge asked first: “You are here on official business, do you mean that there is something wrong with this Robin Master, or is it just collecting information about your abilities?”

“You forgot? It’s about the magic capital, It was you who told us that the other party might be a musician.”

Chu Ge almost forgot, but he brought it on himself.

Gu Ruoyan said: “Of course there are so many musicians, we can’t judge. This one is delivered to the door, it should be observed, I think you are also here for this?”

” en. “Chu Ge said: “I am an ordinary person and can only observe in secret, why are you so cowardly?”

“We can’t catch foreign guests and ask, we can only observe first. Other foreigners Some of our colleagues have also observed it. Robin is more important. I will come by myself. Nanjiang Station is his first stop in China, and I may follow him to observe several stops…”

“Really Excuse me, why did you ask us directly? Foreign guests are fucking awesome, eh?” Chu Ge mystifying.

“Let’s be reasonable, when did we directly catch yours and who asked?” Gu Ruoyan said, “If no one else said anything, just talk about your girlfriend, which is very weird, we asked. Do you? Ask those people in Blackroom, which one of us has investigated? We don’t even know about Zhu Moe Moe’s abilities before they manifest. On the contrary, we are more vigilant about these foreigners, and I will personally watch them.”

“Uh…” Chu Ge was right when he thought about it, as if he was not objective.

Thinking about this, I felt a little sense of civic responsibility, and said with a big chest: “Then I will help you. If you are a foreigner, fucking awesome…”

Gu Ruoyan looked at it with a faint smile Glancing at him, he said nothing.

Chu Ge said: “Are you alone? You should not be a combat type. What if there is a setback?”

Gu Ruoyan said: “Yue Ying is in the dark.”

Gu Ruoyan said: “Yue Ying is in the dark.”


Chu Ge: “…Yue Ying is your partner now? Is it your subordinate?”

“Actually, we are different departments, but Yue Ying was brought in by me, of course I I prefer to work with her.” Gu Ruoyan said: “Since you want to live a normal life, don’t get involved in these things too much…”

Chu Ge said: “Do you care or despise? “

Gu Ruoyan smiled: “I’m afraid you will be beaten by your girlfriend.”

Chu Ge: “…”

While speaking, the lights are dimmed .

The theater, which had been whispering all over the place, suddenly became quiet, and Chu Ge and Chu Ge also stopped talking and looked at the stage.

A beam of lights shone on the corner of the stage, and a piano appeared. A tall and handsome middle-aged white man sat on the edge of the piano and pressed the first note.

The fingertips bloom, and the song “To Alice” flows smoothly.

The theater fell silent and began to listen.

Chu Ge and Gu Ruoyan also stopped talking and both leaned back in their chairs and listened quietly.

No matter what position or purpose, music itself is a powerful weapon that makes people want to feel and listen.

Especially for a classic song like “To Alice”, under the performance of world-renowned pianists, it only takes a few seconds to make people directly immersed.

Chu Ge must admit that this guy plays really well, at least better than the poor flute he was scolded by Qiuqiu the other day.

But from Chu Ge’s appreciative eyes, this fellow is not necessarily comparable to Qiuqiu’s ancient zither… After all, the old lady of ten thousand years.

Of course, different instruments are not comparable, and Chu Ge is naturally biased and cannot be objective.

In short, his immersion will be much lighter than others. When others are indulging in music, he begins to look at Daniel Robin.

A typical white handsome uncle, who actually looks a bit like Tom Cruise, and I have to say that he is still very attractive. Chu Ge subconsciously matched Mi Xiaolin with him, wanting to see whether they were a good match or not, and then he laughed dumbly, what is there to say about whether it is a good match or not, even if it is him, he is not a couple.

As for the power fluctuations…

I didn’t sense it.

Chu Ge turned to look at Gu Ruoyan, who was frowning at the stage, looked thoughtful.

β€œHow is it?” Chu Ge asked in a low voice: β€œYou have been doing this job for a long time and have rich experience, do you see anything?”


“What about mind reading? Can you read anything? If he is an extremely powerful ability user, can he block your mind reading?”

“Yes.” Gu Ruoyan Glancing at him: “Just like your girlfriend.”

Chu Ge tilted his head.

Gu Ruoyan continued: “Whether he has powers or not, at least there is nothing blocked at the moment. I can read his heart immersed in music at this time, and his thoughts are full of flying notes.”

So this observation is equivalent to giving away ticket money for nothing? Oh no, I didn’t spend any money.

Chu Ge looked at the stage in a trance, secretly saying that Lao Tzu’s dignified pseudo-god is supposed to be stronger than Gu Ruoyan.

Not necessarily so…

From the Qiuqiu ensemble experience, Chu Ge knows very well that music doesn’t necessarily require any powers or special cultivation techniques, as long as you know about it The immersion of music is deep enough, music itself is a kind of ability, which can trigger people’s emotions, mobilize people’s emotions, and invest in various artistic conceptions.

So is there anyone who can just use the music itself to brainwash and hypnotize it?

Chu Ge looked all around, wondering if he was suspicious of stealing axe from his neighbor, he always felt that the people around him had a kind of fanaticism and obsession.

(end of this chapter)

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