What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 308


Chapter 308 Whose Charity

β€œDo you feel it?” Chu Ge asked Gu Ruoyan: β€œInspired by music Resonating emotions.”

Gu Ruoyan: “…”

Chu Ge strangely said: “What?”

“I don’t know music, nor do I know staff.” Gu Ruoyan said with a stern face: “So I can only feel that it sounds good.”

Chu Ge almost laughed.

Gu Ruoyan has a white-collar temperament and is also an editor. Gu Ruoyan, who has always been in the brain, is a fan of petty bourgeoisie literature and art. If you think about it, it’s not necessarily true, just like you are a serious student of literature, and you only know a little about music, the two are not much related. As for Gu Ruoyan’s system, maybe his heart is still relatively dirty…

The ideology of the publishing house and the writer’s association Chen Bozhong who were scolded a few days ago may be similar hahaha, such a contrast is cute. When I got up, the bright little elder sister was actually a local aunt.

“What’s your expression?” Gu Ruoyan gave him a sideways look: “I knew it was “To Alice” just now, what song do you know now?”

Chu Ge raised his chest: “I don’t know.”

Both of them laughed, and Gu Ruoyan said, “But I can feel the sadness contained in this song, and if I listen carefully, I feel low.”

Chu Ge nods: “This is the power of music, which evokes emotional resonance. You and I don’t know much about it, and I can only feel it superficially. Those who really understand music may be better able to appreciate the artistic conception. Drunk.”

Gu Ruoyan turned to look around, and was stunned to find that someone was already crying.

So exaggerated?

Watching TV shows, when singers sing, they often cut to the audience crying, Gu Ruoyan always thought it was a group of actors. But this time, there is no camera, and there is no need to act. Gu Ruoyan himself knows that he is really depressed and sad, so it can be seen that the feelings of others are real.

This is amazing, only two or three songs in the opening, it can already manipulate people’s hearts, and there is no supernatural fluctuation, just pure musical power.

On the contrary, they are two natives, because they don’t know much about music, so they don’t have much influence?

Gu Ruoyan thought this was a little funny, but he was also alert.

The power of pure music is already so, what if he really has the power to join it? What will be the result?

The arrangement of music is not only the artistic conception of the single, but the sequence of the whole concert is an art. Seabed, no sunlight, full of despair.

When the whole theater was full of tears, at the most oppressive and bottom-out moment, a ray of sunlight shone gently, as if an angel reached into the sea and lifted the drowning from the never seen the daylight. Pull up in the sea.

The warm hands and soft light save the despair in my heart.

Then the sun rose, the birds circled, the gospel was sung, and the whole human heart was baptism and redemption.

With Chu Ge’s musical literacy, it is easy to get such a feeling. When looking at others, the expression on his face is like seeing Jesus.

The sound of the piano fades away, and finally becomes silent.

The whole audience stood up to applause, and the applause lasted for a long time.

Chu Ge Gu Ruoyan also stood up and applauded with the crowd, but the expressions of both of them were rather solemn.

Gu Ruoyan whispered: “I haven’t seen such a terrifying concert before…”

Chu Ge said: “How many concerts have you been to?”

Chu Ge said in a low voice. p>

Gu Ruoyan: “…”

“I heard people say that many people who go to a star’s concert will become crazy fans, maybe it’s about the same.” Chu Ge whispered: “But This is indeed a bit outrageous, we are all very good ability users, but we can’t control our emotions, what should we do as an ordinary person?”

Gu Ruoyan said: “The more you know the music, the better you are. Fortunately, the ordinary person doesn’t understand so much, and at most forms a fan circle. As long as it’s not a matter of supernatural powers, it’s not up to me.”

“It’s very difficult to deal with to form a fan circle.” Chu Ge had just tried this magic sword himself, and he still had lingering fears. I don’t know what the effect of this kind of world fan group is if it can really be called.

But indeed Gu Ruoyan is right, ordinary ones are fine, as long as they don’t involve abilities.

On the stage, Daniel Robin finally stood up, took the microphone and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, good evening everyone!”

In Chinese , people cheered: “This Chinese is so good! Robin, I love you!”

Chu Ge sounded a “hey”.

Gu Ruoyan strangely said: “Why are you so dissatisfied, isn’t it a good thing that all the crooked nuts learn Chinese?”

Chu Ge said: “A good thing is a good thing, Is there anything particularly worthy of praise? Your English is good, will you be praised if you go to the UK and the US? Isn’t it right to speak Chinese when you come to China to make money? Can’t speak Chinese to hang yourself?”

Gu Ruoyan was silent.

“Still still at the climax when a foreigner praises Chinaverygood with a thumbs up?” Chu Ge said, “It’s time to improve your thinking.”

Gu Ruoyan stopped talking.

The two had a conversation, and Robin said a few more polite words on the stage, and finally said: “The theme of this concert is war and redemption, and I hope everyone will have eternal peace.”


There was another burst of cheers and applause below.

Gu Ruoyan squinted at Chu Ge: “What else is there?”

Chu Ge said: “Yes, both sleeping around whilst also wanting to get married.”

Gu Ruoyan squinted at Chu Ge. p>

Gu Ruoyan laughed out loud: “You…”

“Our concert is not long, and there is a charity reception after Rong, which is the theme of my visit to Nanjiang this time. Make friends with everyone.” Daniel Robin said with a smile: “This event is co-organized by Nanjiang City, thank the Secretary-General for his strong support…”

Someone in the VIP seat turned around He waved his hand, as if his comrades had worked hard.

Gu Ruoyan frowned.

This is definitely not an ordinary thing to support a cultural activity, maybe it involves things like overseas investment, local investment attraction.

The so-called charity reception should be a meeting of businessmen who make connections.

Sure enough, the secretary-general said with a smile: “Thank you Mr. Robin for his marine music theme park in Nanjiang.”

Marine Park.

Chu Ge’s first reaction was the mussel beads that seabed obtained, which has been sacrificed by Qiu Wuji into a Guanyin pendant, which is still hanging around his neck.

Gu Ruoyan remembered the drug lord cruise ship at sea.

The two looked at each other, and both had some strange premonitions in their hearts, but they knew that these things were not directly related.

“Continue to participate in the conference and observe more.” Gu Ruoyan whispered: “Don’t be too impulsive, it is very troublesome to involve foreign guests and investment promotion.”

Chu Ge said: “Don’t think I’m really impulsive when I’m a little angry, I’m an ordinary person who lives.”

Gu Ruoyan smiled brightly: “I hope so.”

Sure enough, he turned to the so-called “charity” Reception”, you will find that this reception has nothing to do with the theme of “charity”, or it has to be related. Robin took a few “collected works of art” and auctioned them at the reserve price at the reception, claiming that all the proceeds from the auction were donated.

However, there is no charity platform present, and no one knows whether to donate or not. However, Chu Ge believes that this may be a real donation. After all, Fang Zhi is not here, and it is still necessary to sell a reputation.

It can be seen that the theme is clearly about the upcoming marine park, which involves many supporting projects, including infrastructure and various supply channels. Robin is unfamiliar with such a scene. “Friends Meet and Greet”.

Chu Ge took a glass of red wine, leaned against the corner wall and watched indifferently. The charity auction has not yet started, and the feeling of the scene has made him very uncomfortable.

I have attended a similar high-end cocktail party in Modu before. It was a banquet for Xie Wenyuan’s project. Even the nature and meaning are very similar to this cocktail party. The essence is to communicate with all possible partners. . But that time they were all talking and laughing with each other very equally, but this time the scene was a little different.

Of course Robin didn’t come alone, he also brought a whole business team and art team, and looked around a group of white skins.

Maybe because of the Secretary-General’s platform, maybe because of the ability to “circle fans” in the concert just now, the scene is now like a crowd of stars admiring the moon, one after another surrounded by foreigners like chasing stars Licking, licking Robin’s assistant without licking, that kind of atmosphere made Chu Ge look very uncomfortable.

Of course, there is nothing to say about this, let alone Gu Ruoyan.

Gu Ruoyan also leaned against the wall with a glass of wine, and kept a few meters away from Chu Ge. The two of them watched the field silently.

“The two of you are a little shy?” A spirited old man walked up to the two with a glass of wine, looked left and right, and politely raised his glass to Chu Ge first: “What’s your name?”

Chu Ge was stunned and pointed to his nose: “Are you looking for me?”

“Yes.” The old man smiled: “The stars are over the moon, and someone is leaning on the side and stinking. It’s interesting to look at them, let’s get to know them.”

Chu Ge said: “I’m here to listen to music, not to see them bragging. If it’s a charity party, I’ll also cooperate with the charity party. Just look, but looking at this scene now, I don’t know who to give charity.”

The old man laughed heartily: “True charity is made, not opened at a drinking party. Compassion in the wine and meat of Zhumen Frozen bones on the side of the road is an irony, but if there is a reception in the name of charity, it is of course a charity for the organizer.”

(end of this chapter)

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