What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 31


Chapter 31 Searching up and down

It was completely dark, and Japan lights lit up the city.

Chu Ge lay all alone on the sofa, not moving for an hour.

Qiu Wuji disappeared.

She had been staying for a long time this time, and she was probably on the verge of going back. She even used mana to wash Chu Ge’s root bones. Naturally, she couldn’t keep it.

It was originally riding on him, but it disappeared suddenly. The underwear and stockings were scattered directly on his back, and the hood was directly covering the back of his head. The scene looked extremely grassy.

But Chu Ge wasn’t even in the mood.

The meridian that Qiu Wuji pointed out to him before he left was still running in his body. That ray of mana stayed in the body, like a fuse, slowly moving around in the meridian, so real.

It also symbolizes the beginning of Chu Ge’s cultivation.

He can actually cultivate the cultivation method that he made up by himself – just make up a name and effect, copy a few sentences of Taoism to fill in, and then the world self-derivation and perfection becomes the real method.

Qiu Wuji’s cultivation is slightly biased towards sword cultivator, supplemented by magic technique, which is more comprehensive than other sects specializing in certain types. In the original design of the book, the sect has stood for thousands of years, Qiu Wuji is able to move unhindered in the whole world, and the Scripture Tower has long collected the genius and innovation of the sect in the past dynasties and all kinds of other rocks. It is a sect basis set for the convenience of the protagonist.

It seems that I’m all cheap now.

Those abilities like wall penetrating are just a single special ability. To put it bluntly, it can be regarded as a magical technique of immortal dao… Specially practice a magical technique…

Maybe there is a single Divine Ability that is super strong. For example, if there is any ability to imagine and materialize, it is better than any immortal art.

But in general it’s like…if I have a cow, you have only one hair, at most a horn, that’s about it.

This is not an ordinary person touching the Transcendent World, as if it should be the other way around.

This is the only way.

You can imagine Qiu Wuji’s inner contempt, she doesn’t look down on other people’s individual abilities at all. Being able to kill directly to Wallpiercer’s lair really respected his wish that Chu Ge didn’t want to cause trouble.

I just don’t know how well these Spiritual Qi are enough to support their own cultivation. I don’t expect to practice Qiu Wuji’s level, but if the cultivation is high, will the impact on the world in the book be more controllable?

For example, forcing Qiu Wuji to stay here forever.

I have become more and more accustomed to having her Chu Ge by my side, and now I am more and more disgusted with this kind of separation, and I am even more afraid that she will never return.

Because this is very likely to happen.

What is the meaning of Qiu Wuji’s coming to this world? It is to know a whole new world, which is very tempting for a Peak cultivator.

But what about when she becomes more and more familiar with this world until she is completely indistinguishable from modern people?

Does she still need to stay here? This is just a thin world of Spiritual Qi, even if it is fascinating, it is definitely not as meaningful to her as a real cultivation place.

For the first time, Chu Ge began to regret whether he should have helped her to understand the world so selflessly. She should have been slower, slower…

He was dazed for a long time, He finally grabbed the hood on the back of his head and stood up.

That’s certainly not the case, and it’s because I treated her with kindness that I got the same response.

She knew.

Chu Ge let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t go to help her do the laundry this time, but put it away and put it in her room.

I didn’t eat today…I don’t want to eat, writing!

Write her more sassily!

Today’s update!


world in the book.

Qiu Wuji stood by the window looking at the moon.

This is her favorite form, the most beautiful scenery in Chu Ge’s pen.

But today she only stood for a few seconds, then suddenly turned around and left, sitting at the table and making a pot of fairy tea.

As if deliberately different from Qiu Wuji he wrote.

Chu Ge’s concerns are justified, her return this time is actually a bit deliberate.

No matter how many excuses you make for yourself, “the situation is urgent”, “it’s just healing”, and “it’s a bright moon”, it’s very wrong to voluntarily touch his skin.

As early as the morning, when I went out to buy something, I wondered if I was going to come back. It’s better to come back, the all-powerful a Sect’s Master, why go there to help him cook, and know that he wants to color things all day long and endure not to beat him.

Anyway, the money has been paid back to him, and he is relaxed.

But…after all, we still have to pass…then the world has just unfolded its true form, and just learned to surf the Internet, so you deserted like this?

Computers are fun.

I don’t know if that guy is in danger if he doesn’t have him by his side, and he gets involved in the ability user.

There is a beautiful girl right across the door, will he be surprised?

After thinking about it for a while, I was distracted and confused, but I can finally confirm one thing:

No matter is Chu Ge, or she is Qiu Wuji, I hope she can write without him influence and become a truly independent person.

That’s the way they both share, that’s for sure.

How to get out?

I am afraid that I cannot change my temperament by myself. Qiu Wuji knew that if he intentionally killed people everywhere and turned into a bloodthirsty madman, he would probably be considered a change, but he didn’t want to.

Changing the major event has been proven to be ineffective, and the world will correct itself. In addition, I am also a little cautious, and I don’t dare to really reverse the trend of the major event, otherwise, is it all over if Chu Tiange is shot to death? Don’t dare to try this, for fear of problems.

So what can I try?

Are you doing a special event that would never happen in his book, starting from a local area and gradually affecting the whole world?

Qiu Wuji pondered for a long time, and suddenly sound transmission side peak: “Elder Zhou, please come to main peak, this Eminence has something to discuss.”

After a while, her beard and hair were white Elder Zhou came to the living room, Qiu Wuji made tea with his hands and said with a slight smile: “As we have analyzed before, most of the Vermilion Bird fire feather is in the hands of the demonic sect Fire Prison Sect.”

Elder Zhou said: “Indeed In this case, the Sect Master is going to…”

“I originally wanted to fight Yan Qianlie, betting on my sect too much fire, and betting against his Vermillion Bird Feather. Yan Qianlie has a violent and arrogant temperament, and I still look down on it. Woman, we are drooling over the fire of Taixu again, this Eminence is very sure to challenge him.”

Elder Zhou pondered then said: “The Sect Master’s analysis is not unreasonable, But the demon sects have no credibility, even if they win the gamble, they may not get the fire feather. Besides…”

He hesitated for a while: “Yan Qianlie is famous, the Sect Master really has Winning?”

Qiu Wuji smiled: “How do you know if you can win if you don’t fight?”

Elder Zhou: “…”

This is The plot that Chu Ge is writing has just written the beginning, and Qiu Wuji has read the outline. She will resonate with the “Heavenly Dao Contract”, complete the contract with Yan Qianlie, and then win a very difficult battle, which also involves Yan Qianlie’s side of the plot, sect battle, the participation of other sects, news spreading in All directions, Chu Tiange also has a lot of performances in it, it is a big story of rising winds, scudding clouds, group portraits stand in great numbers, it is very exciting.

Maybe Chu Ge got the editor’s compliment because this episode looked a bit interesting at the beginning?

The related thing of the Four Forms Grand Array is Qiu Wuji’s own ambition – something related to her ascension. It used to be for the ascension, but now it may be related to the communication between the two worlds. Can the original body pass through? Maybe it’s here, which is more important than ever.

So she will definitely follow this direction in this plot, but can the mode be changed?

For example…

She lowered her voice and her expression became serious: “Fire Prison Sect’s branches and wings, layer upon layer, spread all over the world, Elder Zhou takes a little more time these days. Heart, find some important things in advance, and insert some nails to control them secretly. In addition, secretly contact Yin Corpse Mountain, Old Man Boneless and Yan Qianlie have a feud for murdering their sons…”

Elder Zhou’s eyelids were crazy. Jump.

How has the style of Sect Master changed? Is this really the proud Qiu Wuji?

Sect Master Are you it possible that you want to take the road of hegemony?

At the same time, Chu Ge was in front of the computer scrambling to write a book: “Qiu Wuji said lightly: ‘One power is always limited, and there are many constraints. Overlooking the world?'”

(end of this chapter)

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