What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 311


Chapter 311 mind reading

Either way, it’s just a guess, and it doesn’t make much sense.

What the other party wants to do is not something that can be seen in one night. They have to settle down in Nanjiang to do “investment”, and things will unfold in sequence, which is a long-term process.

Theoretically, I will go back and find each other’s mother at this time, and wait until the opening of the sea music theme park. silhouette.

This is not the result of ordinary fans chasing stars, and fanatical fans are not so exaggerated. In the public, while still in auction, they are all kinds of stickers and kisses, and that scene is recalled now, It doesn’t feel normal at all.

This is the influence of music.

Although Robin seems to be careful not to use abilities, everyone present is not an ability user, and his music is enough.

With this premise, I always feel that these girls may be finished tonight, and Chu Ge, who has read thousands of license plates, can make up a lot of indescribable scenes at this moment.

Not only those girls, but also many Nanjiang merchants were affected. If there is normally something that cannot be reached through formal negotiation, it is very possible at this time, and a strange organization may be born overnight.

As a writer, it is easy to make up for such a scene.

Although it may be an exaggeration… but the ability world, this is not an exaggeration.

“I always feel that if any park opens after ten days half a month, I’m afraid the day lily will be cold.” Chu Ge hesitantly said: “Why don’t we turn back and watch in secret? Can you do it? Ah? It’s best if you need your mind to read.”

Gu Ruoyan hummed: “Why should I watch in secret? I didn’t fall out with anyone, I just left the venue early, so I can go back just and honorable to watch it. , you can just hide in the dark.”

Chu Ge: “Grass. I said, is your mind reading useful? After reading it for so long, whose mind did you read?”

Gu Ruoyan said: “There is a very important problem with mind reading ability, which requires timing. Just like I just read the hearts of many Robin’s subordinates, and my mind is full of women and wine. What’s the use? At the time of the incident, the other person’s thoughts were the most important at that moment, but I just didn’t see it. When I read about the person who was beaten by you after the incident, all that was left was the hatred for you. .”

Chu Ge understands this, but it’s normal, people are not thinking about what you need to know all the time, reading useless information in your head is meaningless, but a waste of energy. If you change yourself, you will not use your abilities to look around, you need a clearer goal and a suitable time point.

Gu Ruoyan added: “It’s best not to read Robin’s books directly. His ability is obviously very strong. In case someone is noticed by him, he will beat the grass to scare the snake instead of reading it.”

Gu Ruoyan added:>

Chu Ge suddenly laughed: “Isn’t this very simple? I just broke the bridge of the nose of that idiot. He must be treated in the vicinity of the clinic at this time. I will beat him again and it will be over…”

Gu Ruoyan: “…”

There is indeed a small clinic nearby. A Robin’s bodyguard supported the beaten and sat in it for treatment.

“It’s really useless.” Tall and Strong’s bodyguard is laughing: “It’s a waste to be overturned by a fist, and will not even parry.”

The bridge of the assistant’s nose The bones were broken, and the simple treatment by the clinic doctor seemed to be useless, and he retorted in pain and anger: “He moves so fast, he can’t see clearly, you have the ability, why don’t you stop it? You are a bodyguard, I It’s just music.”

The bodyguard whistled: “How about touching women back then, who has the time to look at you? He has the ability to come at me and beat him up!”

The silhouette flashed past, and a hand knife slashed his neck.

The bodyguard’s eyes darkened and he fainted directly to the ground.

The assistant shrank back in horror, only to see Chu Ge leaning over his big face and showing a bright smile: “Hi!”

The doctors and nurses next to him were stunned, and the assistant snapped. Said: “How dare you continue to commit murder! I’m not afraid of going to jail!”

“Hey, why is your Chinese better than the other?” Chu Ge was a little puzzled, and then punched him again.

Doctor: “…”

Chu Ge turned his head and winked at the doctor: “This white-skinned girl was beaten by me just now, and I’m angry again.”

The doctor and nurse withdrew to the next door with a blank expression.

The assistant roared: “It really is a barbaric country! I want to file a complaint with the embassy! Just wait for a diplomatic dispute!”

“I want to complain first, you guys It’s a good way to make money by taking priceless low-quality musical instrument films for sky-high prices. Baipi can make money just like that?”

The assistant flashed sarcasm in his eyes, he seemed to be a pure angry youth, I don’t know anything but know how to make money and not make money.

We don’t make this money at all. In fact, part of the auction items are provided by the secretary general, and the auction proceeds belong to him. Instead, our auction items are actually donated. What do you grass-roots people understand?

He said, “Our auction has gone through the formalities, you can go and sue!”

Gu Ruoyan, who was hidden outside the door, finally read his mind clearly. . The seemingly meaningless auction is actually meaningful here.

It is still Chu Ge’s most direct and effective way of violence. He is limited by the rules of identity, and he is too much about procedures and discipline. Many things are indeed not so comfortable and refreshing.

But I saw Chu Ge chuckled saying: “It’s still normal, I took out a broken harmonica from my pocket and smashed it, and let the little girl pay for it. If it wasn’t for someone else, how would you set the price? How much do you pay? Didn’t you eat this yourself? How can you tell me about it?”

We didn’t plan to make her pay at all, but it was a test to see the effect of the music without the activation of the power. How many people can become crazy, and how many people can be silent. It is not our target audience who will stand up and speak for that girl. It is just a simple screening, and then we will know which targets to look for.

After all, Robin can’t stay for a long time, so he will leave immediately. If he wants to settle the matter overnight, he must use some direct means. It seems that the effect is very good at present. People like you and Cheng Guangyao are not screened. Did it fall. In fact, there were still a lot of people who left early just now. After screening, the rest is Interesting.

The assistant turned his thoughts in his mind, but still sneered: “We originally only asked her to compensate her at the original price, but you ran out of trouble yourself!”

“Oh, it’s me. Destroyed the evidence, right?” Chu Ge was amused: “Then what are you doing with a large group of men and a large group of girls hugging each other, is it the silver party after the prom?”

Not only girls, but there are also male children. These fanatics who are most easily controlled by their minds will be the hospitality of our water cruises in the future and the basis for building a sea paradise. Do you think we are just playing for ourselves? shallow.

But he said, “You love me, I want none of your business, but you should go to the police and see if anyone is watching us dance!”

Chu Ge became “furious” : “I can’t cure you, can I! You should go to the police too, let’s see how many days I can squat? I just rely on you to increase in fans!”

“peng”, another punch Hit him on the chin, and the chin dislocated directly.

A voice came from outside the door: “John, are you okay?”

Chu Ge ran away directly from the back door.

The assistant’s eyes flashed with resentment.

It turns out that this person did it on purpose, to increase in fans! The arrest of him by the police may be in the hands of such an internet celebrity. The writer is outraged and arrested for hitting a foreigner. It’s a hot topic.

It was for this!

Okay, I won’t deal with you now. After our Sea Paradise is fully implemented in the future, it will gradually penetrate and hook up the entire upper layer of Nanjiang. When the time comes as long as you are still in Nanjiang, let’s see how to round and flatten you!

Chu Ge snuck out of the clinic and into the side alley.

Gu Ruoyan stood there waiting for him with a grim expression, and when he saw him appear, he immediately said hurriedly: “The matter is basically clear… Now I can talk about other things later, I suspect that those teenagers will be arrested tonight. They take away the brainwashing, and this needs to be solved immediately.”

β€œThis is not simple? Just let the police mess it up and rush home.” Chu Ge took out his phone without saying a word, and gave it to Lin Wuyang directly. I made a phone call: “Hey, demon spirit, I’m reporting that there are people in XX Hotel for a crowd…”

Lin Wuyang, who woke up from his sleep, was furious: “I suspect that the person who would do such a thing is the You!”

(end of chapter)

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