What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 312


Police cars surrounded the hotel, interrupting the singing and dancing atmosphere inside.

Lin Wuyang looked a bit serious in the hall, and instinctively felt that something was wrong.

Although it hasn’t reached the point of gathering crowds and chaos, it seems quite easy to convert the overall sloppy situation into reality, especially some of them look crazy and frenzied, and they don’t feel normal.

But it’s hard to say after all, there is an official who is arrogant at everyone: “Which bureau do you belong to, interfere with the regular operation of the hotel and damage the foreign investment environment, do you know what this is? Nature!”

Lin Wuyang quietly signaled his subordinates to search for illegal drugs, and turned back with a smile on his face: “We received reports from the public that the police must be dispatched. , it’s already twelve o’clock, who wants to run out in the cold weather, everyone is also angry?”

Secretary Zhang choked for a while, secretly said in one’s heart Eight percent of the reports were that internet celebrity.

It seems that tonight’s dance can’t go on without being interrupted by the police.

It is human nature to be afraid of the police. When a group of police officers rush in to come for inspection, many people’s heart skips a beat, and their emotions that have been less affected have recovered. Can’t go down. Even Secretary-General Zhang himself felt that tonight was a little too high and not stable enough.

Lin Wuyang said with a smile: “Yes, we have locked the number.”

On the contrary, Secretary-General Zhang felt a little more comfortable, and secretly wanted to take a small revenge first. .

The subordinates quietly winked at Lin Wuyang to indicate that no drugs were found. Lin Wuyang calmly nodded: “Zhang Mi, you are watching so late, are some of the faces here students? In addition, although we in Nanjiang have not imported the epidemic recently, we do not advocate gatherings. Do you think it is…”

Secretary-General Zhang groaned in his heart, and immediately said: “It’s over, it’s over.”

A “foreign-invested charity dance” ended with tiger’s head, snake’s tail, the crowd was evacuated, Zhang The secretary-general and Robin left first, and Lin Wuyang let out a long sigh of relief as he watched the boys and girls get on the online taxis.

This fellow Chu Ge will not be aimless, he is right here tonight, if he doesn’t come, there may be a problem.

Lin Wuyang turned around the back door of the hotel and saw Chu Ge and Gu Ruoyan standing there side by side.

He was stunned for a moment: “President Gu?”

Gu Ruoyan gestured: “Section Chief Lin, oh, Director Lin, we meet again, we need you for the next thing. cooperation.”

Lin Wuyang reached out and shook it: “It should be. It’s the boss of another division, so I should.”

He turned to Chu Ge, a little helpless: “You report this. Was it a little earlier, nothing happened, if it wasn’t for Lao Tzu now Old Fox, I couldn’t handle this official a few years ago, and I would be taught a lesson for being a scumbag.”

Chu Ge He smiled: “You taught me that what we have to do is to prevent certain tragedies from happening, not to wait for something to happen and let people be locked up for a few more years.”

Lin Wuyang smiled, Hammered Chu Ge’s shoulder: “Like a person.”

Chu Ge deliberately said: “How to deal with the false police?”

Lin Wuyang said with a stern face: “Please You always have to eat.”

Both of them laughed, Chu Ge said, “Then let’s have supper now.”

“That’s not good, I have to close the line. When I go back, how can I eat supper by myself. Then I’m not in the mood to come out, I’m going to sleep.” Lin Wuyang said: “Why don’t you tell me a few words now, what’s going on. My people didn’t find any illegal drugs? , but why do I look at some people’s expressions as if they were knocked? Ability?”

“As expected of a veteran.” Chu Ge whispered: “Just the one who left with the secretary general. The foreigners have a way of using music to seduce people… They will invest in a marine music theme park in Nanjiang. To put it nicely, when the time comes, it will be a red building. I’m afraid you will be asked to help me in the future…”

Lin Wuyang laughed: “I have a clear goal to stare at, this is not to give me merit?”

“Hey, the other party has an official, when the time comes, he will say you again It’s not about politics.”

“Beijing officials, and Beijing officials specializing in foreign-related security affairs are here, I’m afraid they are idiots!” Lin Wuyang said angrily: “They invest in construction obediently and honestly. What kind of paradise is not bad, but if you make a fool of me, this group of white skins will come and go!”

Gu Ruoyan mused: “I’m thinking, Robin is only investing in Nanjiang. , or use the name of the so-called tour to blossom in many places. If it is in many places, it is probably a cheat section, if it is only in Nanjiang, what does he want to do?”

Chu Ge a shivered.

Several groups of people have set Nanjiang as some kind of goal, and they all think there is something wrong with Nanjiang. In fact, after careful calculation, they all belonged to Mi Xiaolin’s group, and there is a musician BOSS behind Mi Xiaolin.

Was it because of the previous failures that this BOSS personally came to Nanjiang?

The identity of Robin is ready to be revealed, don’t think about it, it’s him!

But we really have nothing in Nanjiang! This foreigner is also stubborn.

Thinking like this, Chu Ge’s heart was inevitably shaken. Will there really be something in Nanjiang? Otherwise, why would people be so persistent?

Chu Ge even wanted to go to the hotel where Robin was staying and arrested him, but he knew that this undocumented and undocumented person really couldn’t do it. Bringing a foreign guest attribute is fucking awesome .

I was also thinking in my heart, since they are so sure that there is a problem with Nanjiang, it means they have some kind of certainty, why don’t they really let them find a clue and talk about it?


Tonight’s affairs are temporarily over, it’s useless to stay here, everyone dispersed and went home to rest.

Although there are new things in mind, Chu Ge is still very excited.

Today, I saved not only a little girl, but actually saved a lot of people.

In the follow-up, Lin Wuyang was staring at him. Lin Wuyang himself has a strong sense of justice, and he was eager to make meritorious deeds. I am afraid that the other party will be very uncomfortable to be stared at by him, just like when he complained angrily” Your classmates are staring at me too tightly” Zhang Qiren, pure tragedy.

If you want to engage in brainwashing entertainment, it is absolutely impossible. Anyone who dares to do it will be kicked in by Lin Wuyang and arrested that day.

The merits are boundless!

The only regret is that the other party has never revealed his abilities, and he has no evidence.

But that’s okay, people are exposed, there’s always a chance.

Chu Ge took a comfortable bath and came out to turn on the computer to chat with his group friends, but he was stupid as soon as he opened the group chat.

The group is saying: “The heroine Chuchu, this setting is exciting, I declare that Chuchu is mine.”

“Go away, Chuchu is mine.”


“What are you fighting for, it’s everyone’s business, look up at the group name.”

“What does it have to do with the group name, we’re not fucking with lacking and petty Ge, but the heroine Chuchu. .”

Chu Ge sent a chicken-probe emoji with a question mark on his face.

“Chuchu, you’re hot!” The group of friends was amused: “I heard that today is hero rescuing the beauty, beat Baipi, valiant and formidable looking!”

Chu Ge: “Fuck you, did you open Heavenly Eye?”

“Isn’t the little girl’s essay on Weibo true? The silver that I posted just now is always true.”

“You’re going to be popular with Big Chu again. This kind of thing is very sensitive. Now that there are tens of thousands of retweets, a group of people are watching you.”

“I see you. Don’t write books, you are not as popular as you are with your exhausting writing.”

“Don’t encourage me, I still need to watch the update, I really fooled Big Chu into the internet. Celebrity, I’ll fight with you.”

Chu Ge: “No way.”

“Woooo Chuchu, my Chuchu…why is so talented and so beautiful? Be a heroine, when will a woman dress up and dance a sword to her brothers Kangkang~”

Chu Ge: “…”

Lulu kissed Chu Ge’s xx and pouted up the ass.

Half kissed Chu Ge’s xx and pouted his ass.

Lulu: “???”

Half: “???”

Chu Ge: “You’re welcome.”

“What kind of shit is this, what kind of author have we fancied, fuck it, lacking and petty Ge!”

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