What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 313


“But then again, I need to praise the content I wrote recently!”

Chu Ge was stunned for a moment. Do you want to come? Is there anything to praise? Could it be that Lenovo has joined the key political system again?

As a result, the group of friends said: “The story of Qiuqiu has increased recently! It’s time to write more about Qiuqiu. Chu Tiange who wrote a feather is overseas. Do you have to reflect on it if your grades don’t go up? They are all from Qiuqiu!”

Chu Ge: “…”

Fortunately, someone made a rescue: “What Qiuqiu people, we are all from the early autumn, do you have Qiuqiu without Chuchu?”

“You scolded lazy and petty Ge just now.”

“It’s all said, lazy and petty Ge is lazy and petty Ge, Chuchu is Chuchu…”

“I really don’t fit in with you because I’m not stupid enough.”

Chu Ge directly closed QQ, can’t chat with these sand sculptures, sleep!

The so-called little girl posts on the Internet, most of which are unfounded and unsubstantiated, are mostly small incidents that have passed by a gust of wind, and I don’t care much. I was very tired today. I was very tired from looking back on time before, but after experiencing so much, it is better to rest early.

Nowadays, he can also use meditation instead of sleep… In fact, before breaking through, he can, but he can sleep with Qiuqiu in his arms. Which idiot would meditate?

Qiuqiu passed away before meditating.

The effect of meditating is actually better than sleeping, of course not as good as Dual Cultivation…

wu wu wu why do you think about Qiuqiu again.

Forget it, I’m in meditation, I’m a little tired today, let’s take a rest.

This meditation is three hours, and it is already dawn when Chu Ge habitually goes to scrub, only to find that there is no oil or secretions on his face and eye corners.

It was not obvious before, but now I really feel that I am immortal, free of impurities and dust. .

Golden Core’s shedding body, exchanging bones…Theoretically, the face will not age at this moment, or it will age very slowly, and then the lifespan should have five hundred thousand? Oh, by the way, according to the strength of Divine Soul, it should be far more than a thousand?

I always feel a little unreal…

Chu Ge wondered, is this DNA still the original? Has it been reorganized?

If there is a paternity test, will the father and mother fight?

Cultivation is too unscientific…

Chu Ge looked at himself in the mirror with some trance, secretly thinking that Qiuqiu’s body, which was embodied by brain supplementation, was the most correct one. , that’s the breath of life. If you don’t need anything at first, don’t wash, don’t eat, and don’t sleep, what will your life with Qiuqiu be like? Is it still so warm? Certainly not.

What about the future?

Forget about the old man wife, there is no need to force this.

Chu Ge still rubbed his face habitually, touched a medicine pill for breakfast, and did not break away from the living habits of human beings.

The energy of the medicine pill fills up the body’s needs, so in great spirits, I sit back in front of the computer and prepare for writing.

Just after I wrote a title, the phone rang, I picked it up and took a look, Gu Ruoyan.

“Robin left Nanjiang early this morning and flew directly to Suzhou and Hangzhou for a tour. I will continue to follow up to see if he is doing anything else in other places.”

“Actually, it depends on how many people he took with him.”

“Yes, he only brought regular assistants and bodyguards for the concert. Many people stayed here before.” Gu Ruoyan Dao: “Only from this point of view, he should not be engaged in projects in other places at the same time, it should only be Nanjiang.”

Chu Ge had already predicted, and said: “Okay, Wuyang and I will keep an eye on it. Remember to notify me of any changes on Robin’s side.”

“Do you care about him?”

“My girlfriend misses him a lot. Next time we meet, my girlfriend She should be here, she will be very happy to meet her old friend.”

Gu Ruoyan was stunned for a while, then laughed: “Okay. But you take a look on Weibo and feel a little out of control, do you need us to help? You withdraw from the hot search and say it.”

“What? Hot search? That small essay without evidence can be hot searched?”

“The little essay without evidence and no evidence. There are a lot of popular searches for the composition, but fortunately you are positive.”

β€œβ€¦I’ll take a look.”

Chu Ge hung up the phone unfathomable mystery and opened Weibo, almost Didn’t throw away the phone.

It’s not without evidence, this time the popularity is triggered by real evidence.

Last night’s hotel Weibo reposted the little girl’s composition, and sent a surveillance video of more than ten seconds. On the video, Chu Ge strode forward and grabbed the tall white assistant. , the scene of punching the opponent’s nose.

The title of the video is exactly the words Chu Ge wrote before leaving the banquet hall: “This is China! 》

Although the surveillance video is not very clear, you can see Chu Ge’s face, and the composition is actually quite appropriate. Not far away, there is a girl standing sobbing, but no other sensitive people are in the picture.

“What the hell is this hotel doing, is this monitoring sent out casually?” Chu Ge was dumbfounded: “Aren’t you afraid that the Secretary-General will make trouble?”

Immediately reacted, the hotel This is rubbing the heat to advertise!

There is no Secretary-General or Robin in the surveillance, and even the one who was beaten can’t see clearly, which means that nothing happened, so what’s the trouble?

There is a foundation for the girl’s composition last night, and now the hotel surveillance video is evidence, plus the inflammatory title, Chu Ge bet ten people watched nine burning – foreigners bullying girls and Chinese people in China The man who was angry and beat people, who was neither too big nor too small, was a somewhat topical celebrity, and a writer who should have been “refined in manner” rushed to Guan, and again, this is China!

This chemical reaction is probably beyond the expectations of the hot hotel, didn’t expect to explode like this, all kinds of internet celebrities retweeted it crazily, and the eloquent compositions were written one after another, and it really is like this Rush to the hot search!

Chu Ge stared blankly at the comment red dots and the number of followers that he couldn’t even count. When it was the most popular before, it was a million miles apart from the hot search, but this is actually on the hot search…

The traffic era is so unreasonable.

Chu Ge’s head hurts a bit, and he feels that this kind of popularity is good for the world’s recognition of the work, but he doesn’t want to complicate his early fall love fans. What to do better.

What a pity, he used his internet celebrity career to threaten the secretary general, and used internet celebrity mentality to fool the assistant, but in fact he had no self-awareness of being an internet celebrity at all. Okay…

After thinking about it for a long time, I reluctantly added little girl’s Weibo.

I don’t know what little girl’s ID was called before, and everyone didn’t know her before. In short, it’s called Chuqiu Tangtang, and she has obviously become an iron fan.

Chu Ge sent a private message: “In?”

The other party responded quickly: “In! Chuchu ~”

“Can you stop calling this, I got goosebumps all over.”

“Oh…Big Chu.”

“You…” Chu Ge didn’t know what to say, and finally turned into this sentence: ” Why are you rewarding silver, you are a schoolgirl…”

“Repay your kindness.” Early Autumn Tangtang confidently said, “I can spend 8888 to go to the bastard concert, will I be out of money?”

“…rich really act wilfully.” Chu Ge suddenly realized one thing: “So you also have some energy at home?”

“It’s so-so.” He hated: “Although my family is not that powerful, we have relatives that are very difficult to deal with. My aunt loves me! They will regret it!” , the future troubles are not necessarily less, maybe it is more tragic than the revenge that Mi Xiaolin offended that Xia wanqian.

It really is not that the family does not enter the house, the style of doing things is really close, arrogant, believe oneself infallible.

This Robin seems to be very tolerant, but maybe he is ten times more arrogant than Mi Xiaolin in his heart.

He threw away these temporarily, and said in pain: “Your composition is making me very troublesome.”

Chuqiu Tangtang said: “Isn’t this a good thing? You need it very much. Popular, isn’t it?”

“If you want, but this is too messy, what I actually need is real readers, even the fans of early fall love are actually… um, anyway, it’s still a small fresh. Yes, it’s better, it’s too complicated now.”

Tangtang in early autumn thought for a while: “Big Chu, do you have nothing else but your own QQ and Weibo?”

Chu Ge: “Huh? I have a book review section.”

Early Autumn Tangtang: “…”

Chu Ge: “…”

Early Autumn Tangtang: “You’re going to run for millions of fans, and it’s so complicated. It’s impossible to have no one to help you with the rhythm. It’ll be messy.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chu Ge happily said: “I just wanted to talk to you about this, what should I do with this mess?”

“I’ll help you, I’m the best at it. My family early fall Love is the healthiest and sweetest, don’t do those disorderly! Make a super talk, then start a topic group, be the leader of the circle and guide an atmosphere. After the atmosphere is formed, those who are out of place will naturally have no voice, and slowly they will become a A very healthy and harmonious group. I have some little sisters who can help to do this together…”

Chu Ge burst into tears.

See what a profession is.

My TM actually has a pink head, does this count as a sheath for the magic sword?

Chu Ge suddenly remembered something, and cautiously opened his own novel APP’s bestsellers and glanced at it.

On December 11th, “Chu Tian Wuji” topped the best-selling list for the first time in about nine months since its release.


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