What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 315


Chu Ge will not write the next chapter, of course, as long as the general direction is good, you can write about the specific battle situation, and you can follow the “documentary” to see the picture and talk Neither is a problem.

Just win.

As for whether Chu Tiange fought hard, won easily, or won’t move because of his injuries, it’s all possible. Or you can just wait until Xie Nine Heavens returns to help, or even if the battle situation has alerted the distant Qiu Wuji, Qiu Wuji can go to the rescue thousands of miles.

Chu Ge wants to know what Chu Tiange can achieve by himself without writing the script.

“whiz whiz whiz!”

Chu Tiange’s sword turned into three points, three turned into nine, and the nine brilliance in no particular order went straight to the different heads of Nine Headed Snake.

His sword skills are also close to Tao, born out of Cloudridge Sect Sword Art, but he has comprehended and combined more in the long-term self-experience, and has formed Chu Tiange’s own unique sword skills , and everyone’s weather is hidden.

Under the blessing of the sword array of Sky City, its formidable power is far beyond the level achieved by the dive ability, but after all, it failed to break the Nine Headed Snake’s life gate.

The nine Shekou spewed out flames at the same time, resisting and melting the nine sword qi. .

The powers of the two sides collided, the Divine Soul invaded, and the ghost cry suddenly sounded in the Soul Sea of Chu Tiange, which stirred the Soul Sea like needles in pain and embarrassment.

Fortunately, the surrounding Sky City powerhouse magic treasure swarmed all around, all slammed into the Nine Headed Snake, Chu Tiange got this slow, quickly escaped, Human and Sword Unity, went straight to the Nine Headed Snake’s neck fork.

β€œpeng peng peng!” Nine-headed violent attack, the jade stone splashed on the Sky City, as if on the verge of collapse.

The a sword light rushed towards the snake’s neck at this moment, press forward.


Nine Headed Snake’s ridicule came, Chu Tiange only felt that he was caught in some kind of quagmire, his sword light was worn out, and he couldn’t make an inch.

And the shadow that was holding the castle around seemed to rewind and shrink, turning into wrapping him inside.

Nine Headed Snake laughed heartily: “There is no door to hell, you have to go inside yourself!”

Chu Tiange looked unemotional, but the person suddenly disappeared.

Nine Headed Snake was stunned for a moment, a snake’s eye had been pierced fiercely by the sword qi, blood gushing wildly.

“Dao of Space! How can you possibly master such a law?” Nine Headed Snake roared up to the sky, and another snake head slammed over.

Chu Tiange only had time to hold the sword in front of him to protect him, and his whole body was kicked away like a kite with its string cut, and the corners of his mouth also overflowed with blood.

On the contrary, Nine Headed Snake’s snake eyes regained their vigor, not blind…

Nine Headed Snake taunted again: “merely this, where is your Dao of Space? That’s all. Is it?”

Chu Tiange wiped the blood on the corner of his lips tiredly, his expression solemn. This kind of creature has such characteristics, let alone a snake eye, even if it is a head, it is probably fine to cut it off. Most novels are written like this, unless the level is crushed…

It’s a pity that it was crushed. But it’s me… Xie, before Nine Heavens arrives, Sky City can only hold on tight.

Thanks for Nine Heavens, can you come back in time?

Xie Nine Heavens and One-Eyed Giant over there are half-hearted and have gained the upper hand. He also has no intention of deciding who wins and loses, so he can get rid of the opponent’s entanglement and return to the city for rescue in time.

With a “peng”, Nine Heavens thanked Nine Heavens for repelling the giant and was about to flee.

There was an inaudible rumor in Soul Sea: “We intercepted you on the surface and actually attacked Sky City, but in fact it was the opposite.”

Thanks Nine Heavens: “?”

“It’s fake to attack Sky City, why don’t we know that we can’t attack it at all? But under the guise of fighting with you, let me tell you a few words.”

Xie Nine Heavens thoughts are revolving: “If you have a fart, let it go.”

“Unifying the Human World is ordered by the Heavenly Emperor, and you are the Heavenly Emperor’s Taoist line. It is the time to cooperate.”

Xie Nine Heavens narrowed her eyes slightly: “How to cooperate?”

One-Eyed Giant said: “We will pretend to be defeated, Sky City is still City Lord Xie’s… but it’s here. City Lord Xie knew what to do when we fought Cloudridge Sect.”

Xie Nine Heavens mused to himself.

After the ancient Jedi Tiantong, the two worlds of heaven and man were separated, and it has been a long time since everyone cut off the connection.

It is understandable that once the Heavenly Emperor finds the bridge between the two realms, the idea of bringing this world under control will inevitably arise.

I don’t know when the Heavenly Emperor started to be able to communicate with the ground… My “Heavenly Emperor Dao Lineage” can’t receive any news, and I want others from overseas to come and contact me?

In any case, if I had received this news before, Xie Nine Heavens would have listened to Heavenly Emperor’s orders without saying a word.

But now?

This City Lord has been attached to Heavenly Dao, Heavenly Emperor is bigger than Father God of Creation? Everyone who is not his son…

Xie Nine Heavens is keenly aware that “submission to the Heavenly Emperor” is definitely not the destiny that Heavenly Dao has set for himself. Just looking at the ugly appearance of Heavenly Dao and Qiu Wuji side by side, how could he arrange himself to serve the Heavenly Emperor and backstab Qiu Wuji? If you arrange it like this, you will definitely ventilate and let yourself do the same.

That’s right, this is not a plot written by Chu Ge, the other party is doing the opposite of what Nine Heavens once did.

But Xie Nine Heavens didn’t know that the essence of Heavenly Dao was to write a book. He couldn’t think of such details. He only knew that Father God would definitely not let him submit to Heavenly Emperor, so he refused.

Wait, if you don’t have to reject it, you might as well pretend to accept it and see what they will do in the future? A gentleman does not tell lies, and God cannot be deceived, but God will agree with me this time, right?

Thinking of this, Xie Nine Heavens showed a bright smile: “Sky City has worshipped the Heavenly Emperor lineage for thousands of years, always thinking about serving the Heavenly Emperor’s seat and listening to the avenue, since it is Heavenly Emperor The Emperor called, Xie of course obeyed. But how do you prove that you are ordered by the Heavenly Emperor?”

One-Eyed Giant said: “We feign defeat and retreat, it is a signal, otherwise we will not say whether we can break the Sky City, at least it is not difficult to cause casualties.”

Xie Nine Heavens shook his head: “Not enough.”

One-Eyed Giant said: “City Lord Xie is willing to take the order of Heavenly Emperor. , we will meet later, and we will discuss in detail at that time.”

After finishing speaking, he will turn into light and leave.

There was a scream of heaven shaking and earth shattering outside the Sky City in the distance. The two suddenly turned their heads and saw that the terrifying sword glow went straight through Heaven and Earth, breaking through the vast night. , also broke the body of Nine Headed Snake fuse together with the night.

The huge body that blocked Sky City heavily like a nether shadow was slashed by this sword and split into two pieces.

The Nine Headed Snake, which was cut in half, roared shrilly, quickly retreating, and disappeared.

One-Eyed Giant’s one-eyed straightened: “What, what’s going on…”

Xie Nine Heavens wrapped his sleeves, secretly thinking that if Heavenly Dao had planned to ration my family Yuner In the words of Chu Tiange, then this Chu Tiange might be the real Child of Destiny, a trifling snake also wants to beat me in Sky City under his guard, right?

That’s right, this is the protagonist’s explosion.

Under the premise that Chu Ge didn’t write this battle at all, Chu Tiange broke through on the spot, and with the combination of Power of Tribulation and Sky City’s home bonus, forcibly cut off Nine Headed Snake’s body.

Chu Ge in the bird’s-eye view was dumbfounded.


I arranged for you to break through Transcending Tribulation at this time…

I, am I going to correct the plot? The protagonist didn’t have a breakthrough Transcending Tribulation at this time. The plot collapsed. …

While in a daze, I saw Chu Tiange lying on the wall, dying, the meaning of Transcending Tribulation quickly subsided, and returned to the level of spiritual transformation.

Chu Ge was instead relaxed, it turned out to be only a temporary state, and there were still some repercussions, which was reasonable, otherwise it would be too scary.

It’s scary enough, even in this temporary BUFF state, I haven’t written it to him, worthy of being the protagonist.

A shadowy figure ran out of the castle: “Big Chu brother, Big Chu brother, how are you?”

Chu Tiange Zhujian stood up and took a breath: “It’s okay… Yun’er, can you… find me a quiet room?”

Xie Yun’er’s face was slightly red, and she whispered: “I’ll help you…”

“No need.” Chu Tiange stepped back slightly, bowed his head and said, “Point to a place, I’ll just go there by myself.”

Xie Yun’er paused: “You are so injured and so alone!”


“I…sorry, it’s not convenient.” Chu Tiange still lowered his eyes.

“Hold your sword for a lifetime!” Xie Yun’er angrily walked away and ordered left and right: “Take him to the quiet room and leave him alone!”

Chu Tiange Slowly followed the guards in the city to the quiet room, the door of the quiet room was closed, Chu Tiange took out a medicine pill and knocked it, adjusted his breath for a while, and suddenly raised his head towards the sky.

Chu Ge was stunned for a while, and then Chu Tiange whispered, “Let’s chat?”

Chu Ge was stunned there.

You said it’s not very convenient. I don’t want the beautiful scene where the beauties accompany me to heal my wounds.

You said before that it’s just a matter of a few days?

Because of the breakthrough just now, it gave you new ideas?


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