What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 32


Chapter 32 turned out to be really possible

After the 10,000 update, the Chu Ge chicken blood effect disappeared, only to find that I was too hungry.

Qiu Wuji didn’t cook tonight, he disappeared after pressing his massage, and then writing until now.

Thinking about what Qiu Wuji said before about the restlessness of the five internal organs, Chu Ge thinks that the work and rest should still be normal, and running and other exercises should still be insisted on, otherwise they will fall into what Qiu Wuji said “too easy to get. ”, and the splurge was returned not long after.

Next time she comes over, I want her to see a Chu Ge in great spirits.

While thinking about it, I opened the door and went out to eat, but the door opposite happened to open at this time. A black clothed girl stepped out, and when she saw Chu Ge who was also going out, the girl subconsciously wanted to step back.

Seeing that Chu Ge was alone, the girl hesitated for a moment, and finally came out.

Chu Ge didn’t look at her, pressed the elevator button, and waited quietly for the elevator. The girl also stood quietly and waited until the elevator went down, and the two stood silently in the elevator, not saying a word from start to finish.

“Ding!” The elevator reached the first floor.

When the door opened, the girl suddenly said, “I’m looking for a house…the past few days will move. Sorry.”

After speaking, she left in a hurry.

Chu Ge slowly got out of the elevator and left in the opposite direction.

It seems that this girl is very clear… She shouldn’t have been able to penetrate Qiu Wuji’s invisibility. I wonder if she guessed the whole story just because she saw herself there.

But it’s okay, a reasonable person.

Chu Ge found that he really did not have the fear of encountering “killing nature people with supernatural powers”, maybe because the neighbors have been acquaintances for so long? Maybe it’s because the mother Tyrant Dragon holds the sword around her neck, we haven’t seen anything…

Besides, we are also people of cultivation now…Chu Ge ate the beef noodles silently, as if I can feel the process of energy decomposing and dissolving into the body, overlooking the universe in my body as if it were pulled away.

Qi Refining stage.

Today’s Chu Ge still can’t use meditation to replace sleep, so he went back to take a bath after eating, sit cross-legged on the bed according to Qiu Wuji’s meridian luck turnover for 36 circulatory cycles, has the cultivation increased? I don’t know, but one advantage is that I am very concentrated and meditative, and my thoughts before going to bed are basically gone, and I fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow.

Not to mention, it is a good hand in treating insomnia…

I woke up very early the next day, and woke up at dawn. One night of deep sleep, very good energy, Chu Ge cultivated 36 circulatory cycles again, then run, push up, squat, rinse, eat breakfast. After a set of tossing, it was just early eight o’clock.

Sitting in front of the computer in high spirits and starting to write, Chu Ge felt a lot more flexible and clear, and Chu Ge burst into tears.

All of them are full of energy. I should have been promoted in the unit a few years ago.

Today is still a million updates!


In Chu Ge’s hard work, the seal came as scheduled.

Chu Ge hasn’t swiped the background data for a long time, and I couldn’t resist swiping and swiping today.

This collection has grown too terrifying… Every time I refresh my collection, it will add dozens, and it will break 1,000 in less than an hour. Is this the long-awaited big push?

It is still unknown how many collections can be converted into subscriptions. After all, new readers will decide whether to continue reading after reading the public chapter. It has only been an hour, and the feedback cannot be subscribed.

But even at the most common conversion rate, it’s definitely okay to see a big jump in performance.

By the way, I haven’t read this subscription data for a long time. Now that I look at it, it’s a little bit more than before it was lost. That is to say, many new readers have read the book before it was closed. It makes up for it. Loss – related to that strange wave of drainage a while ago?

In this way, it seems that the post written by Qiu Wuji did not fail because of Qiu Wuji’s change of life.

I thought this data that I hadn’t seen for a long time was horrible and waited for the ban to save my life. I didn’t expect that on the contrary, Chu Ge always felt that it was a bit of a run.

Because of the appearance of female lead, brought luck to me?

Chu Ge took a deep breath, turned off the background without watching, and continued to concentrate on writing.

The last part of today’s Wan Geng is a bit special. Chu Ge didn’t want to be too distracted by his grades, because he was writing about Qiu Wuji and Yan Qianlie trying to resonate with Heavenly Dao in order to make a bet.

This is described as “a sound like a muffled thunder coming from the sky, the gilded characters appear faintly, and the covenant has been made…” As for how Qiu Wuji communicated “Heavenly Dao”, the specific process is not Yes, this is the original setting of the author’s mechanical seance, and it is not really communicating with Heavenly Dao.

But what if “God’s Will” is Chu Ge, and Qiu Wuji knows it? What will this plot look like in Qiu Wuji’s eyes and in her “communication process”?

In a sense, does this put Chu Ge himself into the book?

Can he come?

Chu Ge nervously typed this line: “Qiu Wuji seems to feel the gaze of the sky, as if something resonates in the heart.”

Waited for a while , no movement.

Chu Ge gritted his teeth, and simply wrote a little more clearly: “For her, ‘Heavenly Dao’ is no longer an elusive ghost, but a real thing that can respond.”

As if there was an illusion of fragmentation, the screen in front of Chu Ge gradually blurred, transformed, stretched, blue sky and white clouds, and towering mountains, faintly appearing in front of him.

Qiu Wuji stood on the top of the mountain with her hands behind her gazed towards the sky. In front of her was a violent man, covered in fire, like a Demon God.

Incinerating Heaven and Exterminating Earth Yan Qianlie, one of the strongest demons in this world.

“Where did the Heavenly Dao resonate contract come from, Qiu Wuji, are you out of your mind?” Yan Qianlie laughed heartily: “What is my cultivation drawing? Unfettered! Breakthrough this world, travel Foreign Domain, break through the heavens! You actually told me that you want to connect to Heavenly Dao, and let it bind you and me! Hahahaha! You are a god of ass!”

Qiu Wuji faintly said: “In a There is a rule in the world, and that is Heavenly Dao. You and I have cultivated Heavenly Dao so far. Before stepping out, at least you must respect it. Any method you use is actually within Heavenly Dao. You think you are against the sky. And created it?”

“Haha, this is what you call walking towards the Tao, right? It’s a joke! If you have such thoughts, when will you be able to tear up this day?” Yan Qianlie said with a big smile: “this Eminence won’t talk to you, if you want Water Flows to Heaven, then go!”

Qiu Wuji coldly said: “I know that people who walk different paths cannot make plans together , then what are you talking about?”

Yan Qianlie said with a smile: “What this Eminence jokes is that the so-called Heavenly Dao contract is similar in nature to an oath, but you and I have been cultivating so far, and we have long been free from oaths. Limited, why Heavenly Dao can take care of Lao Tzu’s business? It’s useless for you to communicate a flower, understand? You see that you have communicated for a long time, have you responded?”

Qiu Wuji gazed towards the sky, Faintly said: “a summer insect cannot discuss ice, you can just wait.”

Chu Ge, what are you doing, don’t tell me I haven’t written this story yet, I started it early Calculate? I have to start early, you have written the outline!

You write it, bastard, I was laughed at!

Speaking of which Heavenly Dao resonates, how can it sound, this thing is not elusive, isn’t it you? Did you jump in yourself?

As she thought about it, she felt that the sky was watching her.

Looking back, there was nothing.

Yan Qianlie’s laughter stopped in front of him, his eyes were a little suspicious.

At the same time, both of them felt a vast coercion descending upon Soul Sea, mighty and peaceful, like the flow of time, clearly existing, but elusive and irreversible.

In the depth of one’s soul, there seems to be a resonance like this: “Qiu Wuji and Yan Qianlie’s gambling covenant is established.”

There seems to be a muffled sound from the sky, The gilded characters faintly emerged, and the contract has been made.

Yan Qianlie’s expression was extremely serious. He really felt a kind of restraint in his heart. If he broke the contract afterwards, I’m afraid there would be some problems…

Fuck is actually true?

Qiu Wuji didn’t take the opportunity to laugh at him.

Chu Ge’s smiling face clearly appeared in her Soul Sea, winking narrowly at her.

The corners of Qiu Wuji’s lips curled into a smile, and he silently responded: “So I can really… see you here.”

(End of this chapter)

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