What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 320


Chu Ge is not sure whether he will continue to look back and see her past life, and whether she has always been accompanied by her in her life.

But he thinks it should.

It’s romantic.

Even though Qiu Wuji didn’t know it for 10,000 years, she does now.

Every memory of a past is a romance.

“I will.” He replied in a low voice: “I will not only accompany you in your past life, grow up with Xiao Qiuqiu, but also in the future, there will always be me… You will not I will think this man is so annoying.”

Qiu Wuji’s mouth almost crooked when he laughed, and forcibly tensed his face: “Of course, it’s so annoying, why don’t you give people some space for themselves?”

Chu Ge reached out to scratch her itch: “What space? Is this here?”

Qiu Wuji giggled and huddled up: “No, no, there’s no space there.”

“That’s right here…” Chu Ge changed places. .

“Aiya, don’t make trouble.” Qiu Wuji held his hand and changed the subject clumsily: “Going out to eat?” I finally went in once and didn’t invite me to eat something delicious.”

“I already told Xuanji to ask her to find something delicious, because you ran away without staying for a few minutes. Faster than a rabbit, it deserves it.” Qiu Wuji stood up, blushing and tidying up the clothes he kneaded disorderly, thinking about it as if he didn’t want to tidy up.

β€œWhere are my clothes before I left?”

Chu Ge paused.

It’s over.

I threw it in the washing machine with the space transfer technique that day, and then…forgot to dry it?

It probably stinks now.

Seeing his expression, Qiu Wuji probably guessed it too. His tender face instantly changed and turned black. He clenched his fists and walked to the balcony to take a look. Sure enough, a pile of clothes was thrown into the washing machine, wrinkled up. The old altar sauerkraut that has been stepped on is the same.

Qiu Wuji had a dark face, gritted his teeth and said word by word: “Chu! Ge! Come here!”

Chu Ge flicked his fingers quietly , a cleansing technique fell on the clothes.

The clothes are clean or wrinkled.

Chu Ge turned and ran.

“Stop for me!” Qiu Wuji turned around and chased after him, Chu Ge covered head and sneaked away like a rat.

The sound of “clang bang bang” sounded quickly in the house, as if the whole building was jumping.

Chu Ge lay on the ground with circles around his eyes, Qiu Wuji took out his mobile phone and took a three-second video, accompanied by a stun sound, and uploaded it on Weibo.

Chu Ge: “…”

“Huh?” Qiu Wuji realized something was wrong after posting on Weibo: “How did our attention increase like this? What happened?”

Before Chu Ge had time to answer, he was happy on Weibo.

β€œIs Qiuqiu so violent? Big Chu is a hero who can punch even such a tall foreigner. He was beaten like Tom Cat.”

β€œ2333 I can beat a foreigner, but I can’t beat my wife.”

“Today’s clear flow is heartwarming.”

“Chuchu looks so cute when he’s fainted.”

“Poor Tom, being played between the palms.gif”

Qiu Wuji was dumbfounded: “You can be so sweet and sweet when you are beaten by me?”


“That’s right.” Chu Ge said sullenly: “Compared to some of the people who are seriously ill and the foreigners are bigger than the sky, I can beat the foreigners but make my family seem very positive. The scale is very simple, after all, they don’t know that I really can’t beat you…”

Qiu Wuji: “…No, what foreigner did you beat? It happened after I was gone for a few days. What…”

Chu Ge took the opportunity to turn over and stood up: “I found your opponent who was fighting in the sky.”

Qiu Wuji was shivered: “You defeated him. No, why do I think you may not be able to beat him, and even if you can, you will most likely be injured…”

Chu Ge strangely said: “He is really that good? At that time, you just used the Foundation Establishment Is he the one who won with his power?”

Qiu Wuji shook the head: “I used a stunt, almost taking time out of Soul Power, and you haven’t practiced a particularly powerful skill yet.”

“So fucking awesome? Fortunately, he didn’t shoot, I beat his assistant.” Chu Ge explained the matter roughly, and finally said: “I sent you WeChat to report it. , you can take a look…”

Qiu Wuji looked at WeChat, and there was indeed a report from Chu Ge: “I’m here to investigate Robin, encounter Gu Ruoyan, and cooperate with her, hereby report. .”

She read it two or three times and couldn’t help laughing: “You…”

Chu Ge looked at her pitifully.

Qiu Wuji was out of anger and thought he was so cute.

She became in a good mood, went to the balcony leisurely to adjust her clothes, performed surgery to smooth it out, and sighed: “You, how did you live without me before? You just lost your clothes. Is it moldy?”

“I’ve forgotten how I lived without you.” Chu Ge followed, hugging her waist: “I’ve been spoiled by you, even before I can do something, but now I forgot…”

“I’m not just a little assistant, I was bullied by you.” Qiu Wuji turned around and pushed him: “Okay, okay, I’m going out to eat. Do you want something? Tell me slowly what happened these days, how do you feel that nothing happens when we are together, and you can encounter something as soon as I leave.”

“Because the two of us Only when the time comes is complete! The combination of two swords, invincible in the whole world, all Heavenly God Buddhas must a strategic withdrawal, and the unfortunate things will not dare to come to the door!”

“You are poor. ”

The two held hands and walked out the door slowly. Qiu Wuji listened to Chu Ge telling the stories of these days in his ears, and there was always a smile on his lips.

Said he was poor, but in fact his words were quite good, which made people very happy to hear them.

We are only complete when we are two.

Without him, I feel like I’m missing something on Cloudridge Mountain.

When I have him, I feel very happy even walking down the road holding hands.

“Since Robin Bacheng was the one who fought at that time, then we don’t want him to do animation music.” Qiu Wuji leisurely said: “Why don’t I do it myself? As you said, I For the tune, find someone else to compose the music, did you make this request to the animation side at that time, did you reply?”

“No reply.” Chu Ge said: “Actually, I think let Luo It’s okay for Bin to do it, although we may feel a little nervous, but from another perspective, this is using his fame to promote our own animation, and he is the one who works for us.”

” hmph huh, what if he’s acting like a fool?”

“Go back and redo it, the animation company is the first party.”

“Then time is delayed.”

“Uh…” Chu Ge scratched his head: “That’s true, I don’t know if they have signed the contract, may I interfere?”

Qiu Wuji said with a smile: ” Are you sure that you have the face to interfere in the operation of the animation company?”

“Yes, because the animation company and our book station are actually a boss, so I can talk to him.”

During the discussion, the talk of passers-by nearby came into their ears one after another: “Hey, have you heard of it? A new marine music park has been opened. It sounds very high-end.”

“I heard that many high-class people stand on the platform, which is said to be a venue for internationally renowned musicians.”

“I also heard that the so-called park is not a real park, and the whole venue is a big yacht. , hanging on the sea, picking up people at a fixed time, floating on the sea concert.”

“This is too stylish, I don’t know if the tickets are expensive or not, just thinking about it, it will be very exciting. Petty bourgeoisie is very elegant.”

“It should be very expensive…”

“When will it open?”

“The day after tomorrow night.”

The young couple looked at each other.

Chu Ge thought it would be over if Lin Wuyang stared at this park, but after being told by these people, he was a little excited and wanted to see it.

I don’t know if I want to investigate the villain’s movements, or if I’m all interested in this petty bourgeoisie.

Sit on a cruise ship with Qiuqiu, the wind is blowing on the deck, playing the tune of you jump I jump, listening to the piano saxophone inside, it feels like tsk tsk…

Two They all said in unison, “Would you like to go take a look?”

After finishing speaking, they closed their mouths, tilted their heads, and said in unison again: “What I said is to check if they have any tricks.”

Then he was stunned for a while, then turned his head at the same time, and glared angrily: “Why are you saying the exact same thing as me!”

The passerby next to him couldn’t stand it any longer: “You two put on this rehearsal?


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