What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 333


Chu Ge got into the cabin, flew all the way up, and let go of Divine Consciousness to find Mi Xiaolin.

In theory, Mi Xiaolin should be meeting the needs of the Secretary-General at this time… I wonder if she still has the kind of leisure at this juncture.

Well, maybe it won’t take long, and it will be over after a few words? Chu Ge thought maliciously.

Just thinking about it, she “saw” Mi Xiaolin wiping the corners of her mouth, dodging out of a room on the top floor and closing the door.

Also said “Bah”: “Useless old bastard.”

Chu Ge: “…”

You can call me Chu Conan in the future!

I saw Mi Xiaolin go all the way down and enter a Conference Hall.

John and a group of white men were already waiting inside, the dead dealer lying on a stretcher, and a group of people gathered around to study.

Mi Xiaolin got into the door, and the first sentence was: “How? Are the symptoms correct?”

A doctor in a white coat opened the white cloth on the deceased’s body: “Look .”

Mi Xiaolin stepped forward and glanced at it, and it was clear that there were seven blood holes on the chest of the deceased, which was undoubtedly caused by the burst of blood.

The seven blood holes seem to be irregular, some are close to the shape of Big Dipper, but they are also a bit like a dragon.

Mi Xiaolin’s face was full of ecstasy: “Sure enough, Azure Dragon came out of the Eastern Sea, and Big Dipper symbolizes death. The owner’s judgment is correct! There is definitely a part of Azure Dragon under the sea, or It’s a skeleton, or a scale!”

Chu Ge’s heart trembled, and he almost couldn’t hide his figure.

What are you talking about?

Does this world really have Azure Dragon?

If there is Azure Dragon, do you tell me that there is also Azure Dragon scales here!

Chu Ge’s mind was a little dazed for a while, the book and reality were instantly intertwined, why, what was going on, disorderly thoughts flashed in his mind and became a mess.

Over there, John is saying to Mi Xiaolin: “Smith has judged the direction of his blood spray, and from the opposite direction of the force, you can roughly determine where the special power is coming from. I have just informed the helmsman. Now that we have adjusted the direction, what is not clear now is how we can judge a clearer position.”

Mi Xiaolin whispered: “It’s actually very simple, just die a few more people.”

A group of foreigners were awe-inspiring.

This woman is so fucking cruel.

John took a deep breath: “How much to die?”

“From the cause of his death just now, it can be seen that there is a certain resonance caused by emotional excitement.” Mi Xiaolin smiled slightly: “What makes people emotional is not just about winning or losing in the casino, but also simpler.”

Including Chu Ge, the first reaction was “disco” .

Speaking of what a “music park” should be like, this cruise ship is really interesting. Various regions, different music attributes, meet the music needs of various groups of people. Finally, if you are tired, you can rest upstairs for the night and return to the sea overnight, a wonderful holiday.

According to the original arrangement, there will be some large-scale musicals, as well as special folk music performances from various places, gypsy music and the like, and even those tribal dances. However, this hastily opened cruise ship still has a lot of things that have not been followed up. It is only a “trial operation”, and there are many blanks. These serious and good projects have not been properly matched, so they started a casino first.

Now it’s more direct, and directly encounter the “Azure Dragon” they are looking for. Gu ε›©

Actually, Chu Ge thinks that if you open a sea music park like this, it is still a pretty good project. ?

Mi Xiaolin and the others went out quickly and went straight to the disco.

Chu Ge quietly chased after him.

At this moment, the sea is quiet and peaceful, but this disco is full of demons dancing, deafening heavy metal music is noisy and frantic, the lights are flickering, and the wine smells. Men and women swayed inside, and between the lights flickered, the faces of the people were red and green, bright and dark, and there was no evil or madness.

Chu Ge has always been insensitive to such places, feeling that they are generally breeding grounds for poison and violence, at least alcohol and frantic music are very easy to stimulate emotions.

Apparently Mi Xiaolin and the others think so too.

The scene where the group of demons danced was already very exciting and violent. If a fuse was added at this time…

In the end, before they could make additional troubles, the scene had already started to happen. .

A wretched man rubbed here and there on the dance floor, touching a woman’s buttocks.

Her man was furious, and he punched him directly. As a result, the wretched man had a companion, and he swarmed up, instead hitting the man who defended his girlfriend.

In an instant, the dance floor became a mess, screams, cheers, mixed together, and people looked like ghosts under the flickering lights. I don’t know where the elegance of listening to music every day has gone, and it’s almost the same as the illegal boxing stadium.

Chu Ge saw this scene as soon as he arrived, shouted inwardly, and quickly stepped forward to stop it, but it was already half a beat late.

The beaten man found a wine bottle out of nowhere, knocked fiercely on the wretched man’s head, and directly knocked on the flower.

The wretched man was furious and instructed his accomplices to hold the man down. He also went to the wine table to get a wine bottle, grinned and walked in front of him, bloodshot in his eyes: “Fuck you… …”

Before he finished speaking, the bloodshot in his eyes really burst.

Chu Ge was able to dodge between them, trying to stop it, but watched as his eyeballs exploded, and blood sprayed a myriad directly at his invisible position.

Chu Ge rushed out of the way, and saw all the seven orifices on the face of the wretched man explode, the sound of the explosion spread all the way down, and blood light burst out from all over the body.

The scene was stunned, and the screams were deafening, overwhelming the din of heavy metal.

Chu Ge sighed, but I didn’t feel disappointed that it was too late to save people. It’s okay to be bullied, but the bully blows up, this feeling… Could it be that the “evil” here are good people?

Azure Dragon…

Mi Xiaolin, John and the others were ecstatic, they swarmed up to control the crowd, the doctor rushed forward to inspect it, happily said: “Look from the direction of the blood rushing. , we are heading in the right direction, it should be not far from the Sea Territory ahead!”

Mi Xiaolin whispered: “Divided into several people, provoked different men and women, and provoked their anger and fear. The more dead, the more certain we can be…”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly felt something, her figure suddenly disappeared, and she appeared beside a subordinate on the periphery, like a butterfly wearing flowers.

Chu Ge’s sneak attack came to an end, and before she could think about how she found out, she quickly left her position.

The violent sound wave exploded right under his feet, and the entire dance floor all split up and in pieces.

“It’s actually a stealth ability like space distortion…” Mi Xiaolin breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly smiled: “Come out, Chu Ge Little Handsome Brother, your actual ability is already We were guessed by our master.”


PS: I’m sorry for the delay. This chapter will be shorter, and there will be more in the evening.

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