What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 336


It is hard for foreigners to imagine how a delicate and beautiful woman can stand with her dragon horn in her hands. resist their attack.

She can’t even get her hands out.

But it’s very strange, in this brief moment, no one has the slightest hint of the dirty thoughts that will inevitably arise under the mentality of bullying a woman with certainty.

It seems that the person facing Heaven and Earth alone is not a woman, but the other way around, the ocean of boundless is encircling them, there is only one person on the opposite side, but the pressure in my heart is like facing thousands of horses and thousands of troops. .

Qiu Wuji looked back suddenly, with a Divine Light in his eyes.

The white-eyed old man in the cabin was a groan, with blood dripping from the corners of his eyes.

He even had the psychic ability to control the dragon, but he was horribly broken by this eye.

At the same time, Qiu Wuji’s long hair fluttered, and fierce rays of light bloomed around him. In the eyes of foreigners, it was like seeing a sea monster suddenly awakened by a seabed. .

The rays of light came rushing in, and people knew that the so-called light on the body was actually an absolute sword qi, and it was not until it exploded like a hedgehog that the fatal death was seen. come.

The sword qi is inexhaustible.

Why use hands and swords?

Sword qi passed by, dozens of blood hiding flowers splashed almost at the same time, and the entire Sea Territory turned bloody in an instant.

Qiu Wuji doesn’t bother to care what abilities these people have. Anyway, they are all…

Dead in a second.

“This Eminence is going to kill.” Qiu Wuji traveled back to the present world, the first time to kill.

Sword qi harvested all life like mowing grass, and it didn’t stop. A few strands of it merged together and mixed with the sound waves that fell from the sky.


The seabed rolled into a violent whirlpool, and a tsunami-like tide rushed to the surface.

While fully suppressing Azure Dragon, this blow was an evenly matched.

Qiu Wuji’s expression was slightly stern. This method seemed to be the target of the Demon Capital’s fight, but the formidable power was stronger.

Is it because this time the distance is closer? Or is it because Robin has improved too?

Didn’t you say Gu Ruoyan was staring? Where are you staring at?

She was a little stunned, and the enemy was even more shocked.

Fake, why is this woman stronger than last time?

She’s suppressing Azure Dragon! Suppress a dragon capable of overturning the entire Sea Territory!

Just so distracted and put a sword qi, he killed his subordinates cleanly, and he didn’t even have time to release his abilities, and corpses were floating all over the sea!

Then these few strands of sword qi clashed, and you blocked yourself?

Where does Huaxia come from such a female monster? SSS heard that it is a male!


“You all person’s abilities are garbage.” In the disco in the cabin, Chu Ge’s Guhongjian suddenly stabbed out.

John’s sound waves, which he learned from Robin, were torn apart by sword shadow.

The sound waves spread out strangely, turning into a messy noise, whistling and circling, sputtering towards the foreigners who were still reloading their guns.

John was shocked: “You also have sonic abilities? You…”

The voice was cut off in his throat, and he saw Chu Ge take out a flute like a ghost, Gently blow across the mouth.

The harsh sound wave suddenly dissipated, the sound wave pushed the sound wave, and the sound wave that seemed to have no lethality that had been scattered just now trembled violently, stirring up a terrifying decibel more than anyone could bear.

In an instant, everyone’s eardrums ruptured, and the seven orifices bleed. There was no room to react, and they were already shaken to death by the sound waves.

If anyone was looking down at the scene, Qiu Wuji’s killing and Chu Ge’s killing happened exactly at the same time.

Chu Ge put away the flute: “I’m not good at music, I can only use violence to stimulate such power, and it happens that I think you are similar. Die by your own tricks, isn’t it right? In the right place?”

John had no way of answering him. Gu Ba

The terrifying decibel deafened his ears and scattered his Soul Sea, and now John is just a complete idiot.

“Grass. It’s not dead.” Chu Ge scratched his head: “I’m still a little weaker, this wave is obviously unrewarding… The music is really hard to play.”

Mi Xiaolin looked dumbfounded at this scene, she was being held by Chu Ge, as if there was some power to protect her, she didn’t hear any sound at all, watching the death of someone else’s unfathomable mystery was like a horror movie.

She turned her head stiffly to look in the direction of the hostages, where the bell was flickering faintly, and she suddenly knew Chu Ge’s purpose for choosing this bell for protection – it was soundproof.

And Chu Ge is cautious.

At the moment just now, the bell became a physical cover, and no one could see what happened. When the bell shape disappeared, people had already seen dead bodies all over the place.

“Brother sisters.” Chu Ge retracted the bell: “You see, these foreigners have strange musical abilities… They tried to kill me with this, but they shocked themselves to death instead.”


Hostages: “…”

You have the final say.

Chu Ge kicked John, who had become an idiot: “This idiot foreigner is handed over to you, I’ll go down and see what conspiracy they have.”

Not even after finishing speaking When everyone asked questions, they picked up Mi Xiaolin and disappeared into the cabin.

People looked at the corpses and the demented John, like falling into a dream.

“You’re so strong, why are you so cautious?” Mi Xiaolin came back to his senses, feeling the retreating room around her, and found out that this man was abnormally strong: “You actually used sound waves to kill people. It’s all intentional, so people can’t figure out who killed it? Most of the murders in your situation will not be a problem, and you will even be recruited into a special team, what are you being cautious about?”

Chu Ge faintly said : “I just hate trouble, this can at least give future investigators a proper explanation.”

“Trouble? With your strength, you can go to a slightly chaotic country and be the leader of a party. Who can trouble you? Still stuck in trifling Nanjiang, reduced to writing novels for a living?”

“Hey, what does it mean to be reduced to writing novels for a living, did you admit the wrong author? , Lao Tzu is the top three on the monthly pass best-selling double list, and has even been on the list! You think I’m Ji Cha that flutters the street.”

Mi Xiaolin: “?”

” bang!” Not far away, the waves were like a tornado, rushing into the sky. It was the battle between Qiu Wuji and Robin that exploded from the seabed and charged straight up.

The waves swelled, and the entire cruise ship began to shake.

“Oops…” Chu Ge felt a bit of a pain in the ass for a while. He didn’t know what enemy Qiuqiu encountered. If he went on like this, the ship would capsize!

He immediately grabbed Mi Xiaolin: “Where is the rudder, let someone drive the boat away immediately and avoid this place!” People who are very sensitive have their own sensibilities. When they see that the momentum is not right, they are already scared and quickly sail away.

Chu Ge breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the boat move. After pondering for a while, I decided to understand the situation first, and then see how to help Qiuqiu: “Tell me about the specific situation, you know what I want to ask.” She had no strength in her body, she knew that she could not resist this terrifying man at all, so she could only honestly say:

“After many investigations, the master determined that the origin of Spiritual Qi may be four sacred relics, among which the Azure Dragon of The East is very likely to be on the east coast, and places such as Modu and Nanjiang are the places we focus on investigating. At first, we were more inclined to Modu, and later because of some things, we began to think that the Nanjiang coast was more probability.”

Chu Ge said: “I have a general idea so far, and then what?”

“The owner believes that if it exists, it is most likely hidden by the Huaxia ability user. We use the normal method to Impossible survey. He believes that if it is the remains of a powerful creature, there must be a certain spirituality. Music may be a good way to stimulate a response, and he is the most proficient in this.”

“It was because he was proficient in this that he thought of using this method.” Chu Ge said, “So he set up this sea paradise and let you guys find it here?”

“Yes, we I never thought that the first time we could meet at sea, I thought it would be a long-term process. If there is no proper reason, we cannot walk around at sea for a long time, and the marine park becomes a good excuse.”

Chu Ge thought of the cooperation battle between mother and Qiuqiu by the sea, and caught the drug dealer suspended at sea.

At the time, I didn’t understand why they stayed at sea, but now it seems to have a clue.

“So Robin left you here to find him, what about his own people?” Chu Ge thought of the Qiuqiu opponent.

Mi Xiaolin lightly sighed: “Robin is simply not my master, he is a guise to deceive Gu Ruoyan.”


PS: This is the present world, not the Xianxia world. Chu Ge and Qiuqiu both intend to live by the rules in the present world. They thought that capturing the king would solve the problem, but finding out that they couldn’t, they finally started the mental process of killing. This is the way to respect people. So in the beginning, they didn’t kill people at all, so how could they not be able to kill people in seconds?

It really is a dream back to the planet era. Xia Guixuan walks with his sister and talks with his heart. The battle strength collapses. The Immortal Emperor has no instantaneous movement. ?

Speaking of which, if you want to kill and do it decisively, I will try to write one. I haven’t written this kind of protagonist for a long time. I feel that many people like to watch this.

PS2: When explaining or replying to a paragraph, it is necessary to say that Ji Cha loves to explain or that Ji Cha is excited. There is no need for it. There is no author who does not explain at all. This kind of PTSD mentality is much more excited than me…

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