What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 36


Chapter 36 I shouldn’t have come

Qiu Wuji didn’t respond to such remarks, if Chu Ge didn’t write a book, of course Without her, what a good reaction.

However, until entering the door, Qiu Wuji slowly began to understand why Chu Ge said this.

This is a very classical ballroom, on the surface it is quite normal – for Chu Ge classical, it is roughly the type of ballroom ballroom that was popular in the 1990s, and it is rarely heard of now .

Men and women embraced and danced in the hall, soft and elegant music reverberated, lights flickered, flashing lights passed over the dancing people, Qiu Wuji clearly saw someone hug and dance while kissing.

There are other people’s hands touching and touching behind the dance partner.

It seems normal for others to turn a blind eye.

There are small wine tables around the dance floor, and it is normal for men and women in twos and threes to sit around drinking and chatting. In the corners of the tables and chairs, there are still men and women hugging and chewing, and their hands are sneaking up from the hem of the clothes…

The music is soothing and the decoration is elegant. It is extravagant.

“This mode.” Chu Ge touched his chin: “It’s normal, it’s a place for people to play fun.”

Qiu Wuji was dumbfounded: “This is called Is it normal?”

“Of course it’s normal, there’s nothing wrong with routine inspections, and if there’s anything, it’s impossible for us to come in and we don’t even have an interrogation. This is where the ordinary person plays. “

Qiu Wuji: “…”

What misunderstandings do you have about the ordinary person?

“How many gentlemen?” Only at this time did the waiter come to greet him.

“Two.” Chu Ge said, “This is the first time, is there any interesting introduction?”

The waiter rolled his eyes on Qiu Wuji. Circle, showing a weird smile.

You have already brought your own female companion, and it is not up to you to have fun. Or are you extraordinary natural talent, can you play other people in front of your female companion?

“Except for a special performance later, there are no other projects. Mr.’s female companion is so beautiful, isn’t it Mr.’s best project?”

“Hi… …” Really able to speak, much more agile than our mouths on keyboards.

Chu Ge didn’t ask any further questions, asked for a corner table, and sat down with Qiu Wuji.

Yes, crowded… The more corners the table is, the more the type of lovers’ seat, the lights are dim, and no one is disturbed. The configuration of one man and one woman is my favorite…

Qiu Wuji was squeezed inside against the wall, Chu Ge was sitting outside, Qiu Wuji, who had just tried to act independently and was slapped in the face by reality, was very honest this time, his face was twitching, but he still didn’t speak, let Chu Ge negotiate.

Chu Ge is next to Nuanyu Wenxiang, her arms are leaning against each other, and she can feel the tenderness of her arms. He suppressed the sway in his heart and looked at the menu seriously.

Then his face turned green.

Everything is shattered by a string of numbers on the menu.

A bottle of wine is more than 1,000 poor, and good is more than 10,000.

A plate of peanuts is ninety-nine, are you fucking stealing money?

Facing the waiter’s increasingly stiff smile, Chu Ge forced himself to remain calm: “A bottle of beer and a plate of peanuts.”

The waiter’s smile changed to faint smile : “Okay.”

It’s also good quality…

But Chu Ge thinks, you might as well make a mockery of my Qiuqiu’s excuse to beat someone and go out.

The waiter quickly served the hops and ignored the table. It wasn’t until then that Qiu Wuji opened his mouth and said the first sentence: “Sit a little further, what are you sticking so close to?”

Chu Ge helplessly said: “This chair is so long.”

Qiu Wuji twitched his lips and didn’t try to compete with him. Faintly said: “Why, can’t stand that kind of eyes from others?”

Chu Ge admits: “Well, it’s embarrassing.”


“If you want to cultivate, you have to keep your mind calm, otherwise it will be hard to make progress.”

“…you can’t stop the car and be seen as a fool, don’t you want to hit me like a fool? Is it? It hurts and hurts!”

It’s more than just beating, it’s all evolved to pinch meat, and your cultivation people also play this?

Qiu Wuji gnashed his teeth and said, “I’m serious with you!”

Chu Ge smiled and poured a drink: “Yes, Master.”

Qiu Wuji I was too lazy to pay attention to him, so I picked up a wine cup and took a sip, and immediately spit it out: “What kind of horse urine is this?”

Chu Ge: “Although this beer is the cheapest here… It also sprayed 10 dollars in one bite.”

“It’s weird.” Qiu Wuji looked all around: “It’s just a place where dancing is so popular, shouldn’t it be so expensive? It’s my common sense judgment. Is there a problem?”

The poor baby has fallen into self-doubt. Chu Ge didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “This time your common sense is fine, but here is the problem. Observe first… Oh, by the way, can you dive sense to see other places?”


Qiu Wuji has already opened up her diving sense to explore…she is not a Qi Refining stage cultivator who shows externally, but strictly speaking is a person with Transcending Tribulation Realm Divine Consciousness The soul-splitting body recognized with the magical technique can do things far beyond what ordinary Qi Refining stage cultivators can comprehend.

But her observations at first didn’t quite work out.

It’s not a good thing for divine sense to be too strong… For example, when divine sense crosses the wall against which it is leaning, it can “see” the man and woman next door hugging and kissing, and the clothes on the shoulders are about to fade When it reaches the elbow, a piece of white flowers is exposed, and then the man buried his head in the past…

Not only can he see, but he can hear it and die.

That extravagant sound really makes people blush heartbeat.

In the whole atmosphere, the two people sitting next to each other inevitably felt an illusion that the temperature was rising.

Chu Ge is also uncontrollable, lustful but not timid, dare not do anything else, only dare to rub carefully on the arm that has been touched, as if he can get a little bit of it like consolation.

Being grinding and grinding in this atmosphere, Qiu Wuji can also feel it… There seems to be something restless and longing in his heart, which is a feeling that he has never experienced in his life.

It’s all shameless for this “world creating god”. Originally, the setting of this kind of ten thousand years of cleanup is fundamentally impossible to have such a feeling, but the setting in his pen has it, it must be!

Qiu Wuji gritted his teeth and held back for a long time: “Chu Ge, you have a lot to do, you really want to force me to beat you?”

Chu Ge walked away a little like an electric shock, feeling a little ashamed.

This seems to be a bit wretched, people have nothing to do with you…

Qiu Wuji breathed a sigh of relief, but for some reason it was a bit empty, even with the mimi next to it. It’s not so dazzling anymore…

Her dive sense finally spreads farther and thinner.

It felt like there was something over there… Before I could see it clearly, the music on the dance floor ended, the dancing people began to end, and a host jumped on the stage and shouted: “The following is the The long-awaited special performance! Music!”

The music style changed from the previous soft and elegant to a passionate and unrestrained, and even the lights flickered faster.

A girl slowly rose from the ground holding a metal tube. When the platform was level with the ground, the girl undid her jacket and threw it.

The crowd cheered.

Qiu Wuji and Chu Ge stared blankly at the bunny girl decoration on the woman’s body, and their minds went blank for a while.

W-wait a moment…is this a pole dance or…is it a bit more explosive?

Qiu Wuji stammered out such a sentence: “It seems that I shouldn’t have come.”

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