What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 50


Chapter 50 Because You Care

Watching the sudden appearance of “female fan”, Chu Ge was so embarrassed that he used his toes to dig out two In the room and hall, I had to bite the bullet and sign a name for her crookedly.

The female fan seemed to run away contentedly, and people’s eyes turned into amazement, but Chu Ge felt that the second half of the party had become difficult, and there seemed to be needles under the buttocks, just wanted to be early Go back to Qiu Wuji at the end.

Fortunately, everyone is married and has a career. The wife, child glare like a tiger watching his prey, Lin Wuyang and the others are in official positions, and they can’t make a fuss about drinking. The party is over. It’s still early.

Everyone was chatting and breaking up. Old Hong, who paid the bill, ran back and stared at Chu Ge for a long time, sighing, “Great author.”

Chu Ge strangely said: “What’s the matter?”

“Someone in the bakery said they were your fans and bought the bill for you first.”

“Fuck…” It’s more turbulent than the “female fan” appeared just now.

After all, fans are just fans, and you may not be able to fuck the fans. Marrying fans is a matter of millions of miles apart.

But someone pays the bill for you, but it really happened right in front of you. Chu Ge’s style is completely famous, isn’t it? one place.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes are not only amazed, but respectful. As Qiu Wuji said before, if he is a famous artist, the society will respect him.

However, Chu Ge was not at all proud, because both were fake.

The female fan is Qiu Wuji pretending to be out of some strange psychology…and it’s only Zhang Qiren who paid the bill.

He subconsciously glanced at Lin Wuyang, Lin Wuyang was also looking at him, his eyes were somewhat meaningful: “Let’s chat?”

Chu Ge hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Okay.”

“great author, has a lot of time to get to know one another!” The party finally broke up amid the admiration for Chu Ge, who accompany them with a smiling face one after Another said goodbye, and finally left the hotel with two men, Lin Wuyang, and walked to the riverside not far away.

When passing the parking lot, Lin Wuyang pursed his lips: “Well, Big G, Zhang Qiren’s. It’s not a Rolls-Royce anyway.”

Chu Ge smacking his lips , silent.

Not long after the Tank 300 was launched, Zhang Qiren announced that it was his dreamcar. At that time, he even laughed at him for being Wenxiu wearing glasses and having a wild heart…

Well, wild is still wild, but the price difference is close to ten times.

Dead liar.

Lin Wuyang said: “How much do you know about this roommate…?”

Chu Ge felt a strange force affecting him, and he seemed to be unable to hold back and told the truth talk.

He moved slightly in his heart, allowing this alien force to invade, and then found himself sighed uncontrollably: “I used to think I knew it very well, but now it seems that I don’t know anything.”

Lin Wuyang nods, the ability is very effective, it is the truth.

His eyes softened, and he felt a little apology for his classmates’ ability, and whispered: “Well, you don’t know it’s normal.”

Chu Ge took advantage of the situation and said: ” What the hell is he doing?”

“On the surface, he is the legal person of a nightclub.” Lin Wuyang lit a cigarette: “Do you smoke?”

Chu Ge waved his hand. Don’t smoke, just ask: “What does the legal person of a nightclub mean? It’s not very clean?”

Lin Wuyang said: “People subconsciously think that the boss of a nightclub may not be so clean, which is also a stereotype, in fact Not at all. In addition, the legal person…sometimes it is just used to take the blame, it can also give us a step to closing the case, and that’s it.”

Chu Ge’s face was a little ugly.

Breaking the blame?

Lin Wuyang continued: “So it can only mean that he has the authority he should have on the surface, but it does not mean that he is the real boss. So you ask me what it means, I don’t know.”


Chu Ge said: “It is reasonable to say that he took over for a few days. Does that mean that he is not a problem?”

Lin Wuyang exhaled and shook his head: “I don’t know what he really is. Is there any problem, because our investigation has been suspended.”

He smiled again: “Otherwise I don’t have time to come to the party today, but I would like to thank them for giving me a holiday.”

Although Lin Wuyang keeps on saying “I don’t know”, even if there is a bit of excuse for Zhang Qiren in his words, Chu Ge can still see that he has obviously regarded Zhang Qiren as an important clue. . Contacting the performance of the two when they entered the door, it is also obvious that they have already matched.

Then these “excuses” of his are not true meanings, they are just the judgments in his heart that are impossible to say to himself, the ordinary person.

Sure enough, Lin Wuyang’s next sentence is: “I think you really didn’t know about him before…but now it seems that his relationship with you is quite good, not like a friend by chance, then There may be something exposed in front of you. If you know what happened to him in the future, I hope you can tell me.”

Chu Ge did not answer for a while.

Lin Wuyang said: “You should be clear about the distinction between public and private, and it won’t be for the sake of friendship… Harm, even if it is private, I am not your classmate?”

Chu Ge said with a smile: “I don’t think I was brought in for questioning, because my old classmates took care of me?”

Lin Wuyang waved his hand: “It’s not about you and me… I didn’t get that share in the first place. How could it be possible that I have contacted everyone and asked them? I have already said that, he may just be the one to blame, and I am not targeting him personally.”

“Well…if there is anything wrong Good things, I will tell you.” Chu Ge asked: “Which night will he always come?”

“It’s not a secret, it’s nothing to tell you.” Lin Wuyang said: “Miracle Nightclub, you probably haven’t heard of it… it’s better not to go.”

Chu Ge’s face became very ugly.

“Okay, not much more to say, my wife is waiting for me to go home.” Lin Wuyang patted Chu Ge’s shoulder: “I can’t believe that there is a great author among our classmates, and I look forward to your book being published. The day it was put on TV.”

Lin Wuyang left, Chu Ge has been standing quietly by the river and watching the river, as if thinking about something, and who are you waiting for .

Sure enough, until Lin Wuyang’s silhouette disappeared completely, Qiu Wuji appeared beside him, said with a smile: “This Constable has a very public heart. I’m thinking of checking it out myself.”

“Well…it’s because of people like them that the ordinary person can live a comfortable and peaceful life.” Chu Ge sighed a little: “At the meeting today, I really feel that those people didn’t make sense at the time. The little hairy heads have all grown up. Lin Wuyang is especially obvious. He used to be caught in the dormitory and almost reported to the whole school. He never thought that he is now the Guardian of our city.”

“What is a movie?”

“Oh, we call the northern neighbors Maozi, the movie they produced.”

Qiu Wuji squinted at him, obviously disbelieving.

Chu Ge said: “Look at what I’m doing, what are you doing here today to pretend to be a fan?”

Qiu Wuji snorted twice: “I’ll think about it before I go back. Since you are here once today, don’t you always think this party will make you lose face, so I will save you face.”

Chu Ge thought about it and she seemed to have asked the meeting time twice, and said Said to go back early, etc., when you dared to love, you planned to come and go out like this? But your acting skills are really… so cute, I can’t think of anything that Qiu Wuji did.

He really didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “How did you think of doing this kind of play, didn’t you say it’s common sense?”

Qiu Wuji indifferently said: “Because I see you care, I don’t want to disturb your cultivation mood because of this worldly distraction. This is the perspective of your Master. From another perspective, I am Qiu Wuji’s Father God, and no one can look down on it.”

Chu Ge turned to look at her profile, Qiu Wuji also looked back calmly.

The river flows slowly eastward, silent and quiet. The wind in the late summer evening blew gently, bringing a strand of Qiu Wuji’s tousled hair across his cheeks.

Chu Ge subconsciously wanted to reach out and brush, Qiu Wuji took a half step back and said with a stern face: “What do you want to do?”

Chu Ge retracted his hand and whispered: “I I don’t feel ashamed…but still…thank you.”

“Why don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Because you like it.”

The air is quiet again, only the sound of the river flowing gently, flowing past my body and in my heart.

“It’s good if you don’t think so, your mood has improved, and it’s not that vulgar anymore.” Qiu Wuji took a deep breath and changed the subject with a stern face: “Should we talk about another thing now? What happened?”

Chu Ge didn’t react for a while: “What?”

Qiu Wuji squeezed his hands together and made a “clack” sound: “Let this Eminence hit the wall Someone, how are you going to die?”

Chu Ge’s face turned green.

How come I forgot about this…this time is really dead…

I forgot to set the time, I’m stupid…

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