What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 54


Chapter 54 One day I will be me

Chu Ge looked at Zhang Qiren curled up, and his mood was very complicated. Mingming was very disgusted with what he did, but he couldn’t scold when he looked at him like this.

Knowing that Zhang Qiren likes Yue Ying, he didn’t expect to like it to this extent, and he said that he was just greedy.

The two of them didn’t speak, but a feeling came up spontaneously, and they liked it so much… I can only say that love doesn’t make sense.

Or Zhang Qiren is stubborn, and it is difficult to change what he believes.

But this injustice is still a sigh. Zhang Qiren, who did bad things for the first time, destroyed his love with his own hands. With Yue Ying’s hatred for Zhang Qiren now, he will die in the future, which is a rift that can never be repaired.

Can you only say that bad things cannot be done?

Chu Ge suddenly thought of his book.

Qiu Wuji are facing, incomprehensible Heaven’s Will.

After a long time, I heard Zhang Qiren’s inaudible voice: “Thank you Brother Chu, fortunately you saved her.”

Chu Ge shook his head: “It’s useless. It’s impossible for you guys. It’s useless to change your mind and go to hero rescuing the beauty in the future. When Yue Ying was desperate in the ring, you didn’t give her a chance.”

“Don’t scold… I know it’s useless…I just thank you for saving her life, as for me…” Zhang Qiren held on to the telephone pole and slowly stood up again: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to go back this way. I don’t want to go back here. Anyway…”

He suddenly smiled: “I don’t seem to have anything to lose anyway.”

That smile was not smiling, it was like crying of. Chu Ge couldn’t help but persuade: “You’re just starting, why can’t you go back? Because it’s hard to go from luxury to frugality? Drive a big G, with attendants crowding round, can’t let go?”

Zhang Qiren was fascinated After thinking for a while: “I don’t deny that I enjoy this… It should be said that I have a big purpose in doing things now to continue to enjoy these and enjoy more in the future, so I will not pretend to be simple, I should enjoy it, I enjoy it. But Brother Chu, it’s not all.”


“There’s still a breath.” Zhang Qiren faintly said: “Why?”


Brother Chu was silent.

Zhang Qiren suddenly said: “In a sense, the awakening of supernatural powers is a piece of pie that falls from the sky, and many people are trying to make profits from it. Many places are rising winds, scudding clouds, and the pattern of the world. It is also quietly changing. You have the ability, if you want to, you can live a more comfortable life than me, why write every day and be sprayed.”

Chu Ge interrupted the voice before he finished speaking. : “I don’t want this.”

Zhang Qiren replied unsurprisingly, but said: “I think you can’t hide it sooner or later, looking at the tranquil and hopeless, in fact, the desire to live is quite strong… Who dares to run illegal boxing to save people? What is this called? Chivalry? Loyalty? As long as you have these things, you can’t escape.”

Chu Ge: “…”

Zhang Qiren said: “Anyway, if you need to know about the things here, you can ask me later. You will need it.”

Chu Ge hesitated for a moment, or nodded: “en. “

Zhang Qiren smiled: “I know you don’t accept what I’m doing now. If you want to break up with me, I have no complaints… Anyway, I still treat you as a brother.”

Zhang Qiren smiled. p>

Chu Ge was about to say something when a warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart, as if there was some extremely dangerous energy rushing towards Zhang Qiren.

He dodged subconsciously, a faint golden light appeared on the surface of his body, and with a “clang” sound, Chu Ge groaned, clutching his shoulders, and slammed into Zhang Qiren.

Zhang Qiren quickly supported him: “Are you alright?”

Chu Ge shook his head slightly, but there was a hole in his clothes and a little bruise on his shoulders. The pain was not too painful. This Golden Bell Cover is really effective.

Zhang Qiren checked it and found that it was all right. He couldn’t help sighed: “Brother Chu, I really can’t see that it was this attribute.”

You know what my attribute is. ? Chu Ge said ill-humoredly: “You were assassinated, so you surrounded me and asked that? Are you sick?”

Zhang Qiren shook his head: “What does it matter, I even know that Who is it. But Brother Chu, now you know why I can’t get out? Go to this step, once I lose power, you can collect my body tomorrow.”

Chu Ge faintly said: “You don’t need to explain your own way to me.”

Zhang Qiren finally showed a smile: “No matter how you view my affairs, how indifferent your tone is… But I’m very happy that you subconsciously stopped me. In front of me.”

Chu Ge: “…”

Between the two sentences, the sound of clothes being ripped through the air, Qiu Wuji carried a skinny monkey man with a stinky face Suddenly, he threw the man in front of Zhang Qiren: “Take care of it, if it brings us any trouble, I don’t recognize you as a brother.”

Zhang Qiren looked at Qiu in surprise. Wuji laughed dumbly: “It turns out that the ability user who was very old at the time was the sister-in-law you…”

Qiu Wuji didn’t answer with a dark face.

Just don’t analyze who has the ability, you can’t even see that the analysis is bullshit.

“Don’t worry.” Zhang Qiren then kicked the man on the ground: “Brother Chu is living a good life, I shouldn’t have been involved in this, I will clean up.”

Chu Ge hesitated: “You…wouldn’t you want to kill again?”

Zhang Qiren smiled brightly: “How could it be, this is a good bargaining chip.”

Chu Ge was silent.

He felt that it was difficult for him to substitute into the underworld, and it was difficult for him to understand what was going on in Zhang Qiren’s mind now.

But the assassination happened in front of him, and he knew that he couldn’t persuade people to wash their hands.

It can only be said that this friendship is really difficult to be the same as usual, at least it is unlikely that everyone will be able to sit together in the future, not a world person, Chu Ge is also really difficult to kill and set fire to a person friends chatting and laughing.

Zhang Qiren looked more open, picked up the man on the ground, and slowly turned to leave: “Let’s go, Brother Chu, there may be no plans for the future. I just hope… you can continue to work hard. , and write it down together with my share.”

There are shadows in the distance, it seems that his subordinates are surrounded, the silhouette is far away, the chatter is fuzzy, Chu Ge is watching from a distance, it feels like a lifetime .

The shadow that was curled up under the street lamp before is no longer visible.

I just don’t know if it’s still hidden in his heart.

Qiu Wuji looked away from there and commented: “If you are in our world, with this person’s spirit and will, it should be considered very promising. It feels a bit difficult for you.”


Chu Ge said: “It’s not just a bit difficult, it always feels like a dead end. Especially the police are staring at him, Gu Ruoyan’s department seems to be more terrifying, he is simply glare like a tiger watching his prey. Come on, if you don’t go in now, it’s like fishing, no matter how you think about it, it feels like you’re only going to be dead end…”

“He probably knows better than you.” Qiu Wuji smiled: “If it is true If the name speaks for itself is a strange person, I’m looking forward to seeing how he can die and survive.”

Chu Ge couldn’t help but said: “He said that I have a desire to live, why do I It feels like you have this kind of desire…”

Qiu Wuji as it should be by rights: “What you wrote, I’m not a cultivator who doesn’t care about the world, and I have to talk to you next month. How about a duel.”

“Now you have said ‘you wrote’ as it should be by rights?” Chu Ge strangely said: “Don’t struggle?”

“You have to admit your influence before you can struggle. You made me hit a wall, and then I realized that your influence on our world is just like the law, even more than the sense of destiny before me. I was shocked. I was even thinking, you can really kill me at any time, if you want to write like that.”

Chu Ge almost jumped up: “Hey, what are you thinking? The bookworm is not brainless, the reality is that you can pinch me to death at any time, okay?”

Qiu Wuji said: “That’s just an example, of course I know you won’t. Chu Ge, I can’t even tell the difference now. I get along so naturally with you. In the end, there are several points of it because of the influence of your thinking, “If you want to find the Father God of Creation”, I can’t tell the difference, can you tell the difference?”

Chu Ge hesitated for a moment: “You know that I wrote it, so you don’t really think so?”

“I know you wrote my character, why is it still like this? Since the setting is in effect, you and I can’t tell how much it affects.”

“…” Chu Ge scratched his head: “There’s no need to distinguish it so clearly, it’s too headache.”

Qiu Wuji fai ntly said: “Yeah, life is the same, isn’t it? I explore my world, you solve your loneliness. But if you can’t even tell the difference, what about breaking free from Heavenly Dao and becoming yourself, wouldn’t you be deceiving yourself? Chu Ge, you and I are not even better than Zhang Qiren in terms of knowing yourself, so don’t sigh for others. “

“You are not tangled, but persuade me? “

“Why should I bother? Authenticating me is not a one-time thing, I just need to know what I’m doing. “Qiu Wuji smiled slightly: “Father God didn’t expect me to run out and pretend to be a fan this time, maybe even think that this move is not like your ‘personal design’, but this is really what I want to do, not much forcibly intentional, this is. That’s my result. One day I will be me, and Father God is busy with other things, but do you still remember what you want? ”

(end of this chapter)

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