What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 58


Chapter 58 Her cosplay Qiu Wuji doesn’t look like much

“I’m so stupid, really.” In the living room, Chu Ge sat on the sofa with the durians on his back, and muttered to himself, “I only knew they could drive, but I didn’t know they could drive my car…”

Qiu Wuji was standing aside Holding the arm, he looked at him up and down with disgusting eyes, mainly trying to see how big the sunflower was, but unfortunately he couldn’t see it while sitting.

“This Eminence has long known that you are a masochist, there is no need to explain.” Qiu Wuji finally sighed, and said in a very pitiful tone: “Open a group and let thousands of people spoil you, This courage is worthy of the level of the god of creation, ordinary people can’t do it…”

“Well, there are thousands of people?” Chu Ge said hurriedly: “That’s just a joke, they can still be separated from each other. The internet line is messing with me!”

“How do you know there is no such ability?”

It makes sense! Chu Ge shuddered.

“But this Eminence can’t see it. It turns out that we Chu Ge have cut sleeves, and we are still the one who is domineering…”

Chu Ge said weakly: “This is now. Popular memes, it’s not true, you believe me… Hey, you know it very well, can anyone use the word “women”?”

Qiu Wuji coldly snorted: “I read a lot of human words. Now, it’s nothing more than those powerful stories, and there are many of them.”

“Why does it sound like you like watching it?”

Qiu Wuji leisurely said: “I want to change the topic to It’s useless to me, no matter how much I see, I’m not as knowledgeable as Father God.”

Chu Ge can see it, Qiu Wuji doesn’t believe in gays, at most it’s the astringency reflected in these group names Love means to make her dissatisfied, so I just use the topic to play it, there are still many things that really cause annoyance…

The shame hidden in those eyes, I don’t know which cars she saw…

Chu Ge recalled that she had a very mixed taste. She posted in the group some very beautiful ones, some black cars, and some flying ones. They all dabble in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. God knows what kind of things she looks at… What kind of it is, this is the end of it!

I really thought that I didn’t give you the use of my computer before, because the work tools were inseparable?

I’m afraid you might accidentally see my T’s! There are countless seniors who have proven that hidden folders are not easy to use, and the best way is to not let them touch them! But I’m so stupid, really, didn’t expect a bunch of sand sculptures to sell me wu wu wu…

Looking at Qiu Wuji’s disgusting eyes up and down, Chu Ge finally held back I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I just lay down and didn’t struggle: “What’s the matter, what are you looking at, the first day you knew that we are a demon realm?”

Qiu Wuji: “?”

Yo he is brave again?

“You’ve also seen the dance in the nightclub, haven’t you? How rare.” Chu Ge said solemnly: “People always have needs, the nightclub is so crowded, it’s not good for us, what about us? Hide at home, look after yourself, health, environmental protection, green… oh not green! Who is in your way?”

Qiu Wuji twitched the corner of his mouth, and in his eyes was written: You continue, I see What else can you say.

“We don’t break the law either! Look!” Chu Ge took out his mobile phone and went to the group. Before closing Q, he remembered that someone sent a screenshot.

I just clicked into the group chat at the top, and there was a picture right in front of me: “The Supreme Court has stated that the transmission of obscene information between friends and family members does not constitute a crime.”

The following re-read: “So why don’t you drive, family?”

β€žNΓ !” Chu Ge looked at Qiu Wuji’s phone like a treasure: “Didn’t lie to you?”

Qiu Wuji glanced with a stern face, but instead of looking at the picture, he saw the group name “Flocking to the Streets to Drive Group”.

She couldn’t help saying: “You still have special coming out to drive group! How lewd are you?”

Chu Ge: “…”

Qiu Wuji sighed, “Don’t mix up with these groups, don’t you think it’s good to see the other ones, ‘Slaughtering Gods to Prove the Dao Group’ ‘Future Platinum Group’, this is all ambition!”

Chu Ge reluctantly opened the group “Slaying the Gods and Educates the Dao” and took a look, which was repeating: “The list of the annual meeting of the great gods in the middle of the year has come out, and there are 0 people in this group. Let’s reflect on yourselves…”

I clicked on the “Future Platinum” group and took a look, and it was also re-reading this message: “The list of the annual meeting of the great gods in the middle of the year has come out, and there are 0 people in this group. Let’s reflect on yourselves…”

Finally, click on “Flocking to the Streets to Drive Group”: “The list of the annual meeting of the great gods in the middle of the year is out. There are 18 people in this group. Let’s reflect on yourself, are you not tired of running so far…”

Qiu Wuji: “”

Chu Ge closed the group chat with a blank face, heartbroken: “Do you think I like to mess with this group!”

Qiu Wuji was so embarrassed that he was about to be tossed by these rubbish things, and he didn’t know how to scold him. He turned around and went out angrily: “I’m going to buy rice paper, and I’ll go to the suburbs to see if I can bring some flowers and plants back. Your words, what a mess!”

Chu Ge shouted from behind: “Don’t take the subway, you can’t sit now…”

Qiu Wuji shook his head without looking back. He waved his hand: “I’ve done my research. It’s okay to take the bus. Just get a mask. I’ll take care of any car… If Aiya really doesn’t work, I’ll just fly away!” closure.

That back, why does she feel more panicked? Which car did you see?

Chu Ge slumped his shoulders and sighed, clicked on “Flocking to the Streets to Drive Group” and said, “Thank you for your help…”

“Hey Chu Ge Dude, are you going to the annual meeting this time?”

Chu Ge said: “No, how could I qualify for the annual meeting if I haven’t made the reservation, I hope I will have my share at the end of the year.”

Many people have said: “You have a stable momentum, and there is no suspense at all. The suspense is a problem that can reach tens of thousands…”

Chu Ge is not like them If you are confident, take the opportunity to say: “The big guys, come and give some chapters.”

Great Gods are very casual about this: “No problem.”

Chu Ge took advantage of the situation A magnet link: “Small meaning, no respect…”

“Fuck you!” The group chat was instantly hot.

“Is there still a hurry up!”

“Has anyone checked the car?”

“Learn from Chu Ge, you all eat it. Are you a cook?”

So the big guy is the one who can drive in this group, not writing a book…

Chu Ge closed the group chat and aggressively killed himself” Internal Strife”: “Did you guys have a great time driving today?”

“Hey Big Chu is here, that female manager is so cute, I think she is really cosplay play Qiu Wuji’s tone And the reaction hahaha!”

Chu Ge was stunned, from this perspective, it’s quite interesting… He thought for a long time before saying, “How about her cosplay play?”

“It’s not too similar, after all, Sect Master’s domineering can’t be seen, it’s always impossible to pretend to be us, right? But it’s better, the other is the inner taste, it feels like Qiu Wuji ran out, it’s so fun !”

Chu Ge aggressive lost all thought to ask for trouble, and began to be dazed.

Qiu Wuji doesn’t look too much like Qiu Wuji…

Someone asked: “Where is she? Pull it out and talk a few more words. What’s the point of being banned by Qiu Wuji? , I’d be happy to wear high heels and trample me to death!”

The crowd was surging: “You’re thinking about ass, and you want to step on me!”

“How do I know she’s there! Where?” Chu Ge fearfully said: “It’s not living with me.”

“che, you also want to live with a female fan? Shall we go get you a big guy?”

Chu Ge: “…”

The management of Chu Ge’s private chats has tasted now, and he made a naive smile: “Since there is a female management, everyone will be in the future. Do you need to pay attention to driving…”

The group sighed: “Ai, so it’s not good to have a female manager…”

“No!” Chu Ge suddenly Said: “You guys continue to drive! Dad think of a way!”

The group of friends was shocked: “Big Chu, you are so brave!”

Chu Ge gritted his teeth: “Drive until she is used to it. I’m numb, I’m used to it, I’ll add more!”

Since I can’t wash it clean, why should I wash it! It might be a good thing to change the way of thinking!

On the bus, Qiu Wuji stared at Chu Ge’s words with his mobile phone gnashing teeth, and fiercely wanted to kick him out, but found that he couldn’t kick him, even speech ban. .

Damn it, he is the Group Owner and has more authority than me… Qiu Wuji realized this and was so angry that he almost broke the seat armrest.

Why do you have higher authority than me wherever you are, Father God is amazing!

(end of this chapter)

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