What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 64


Chapter 64 Cowherd and Weaving Maid

By the river, the night is deep.

A slight drizzle started at night, lightly brushed on the face, very cool and comfortable in this late summer.

The bicycle was slowly riding along Jiangbin Road, and there was a faint voice. It was Chu Ge who was telling the story of Qiu Wuji at the request of Qiu Wuji.

Girls in this world, these stories must be known, right?

“The story of Qixi Festival? It’s like this…In ancient times there was a honest cowherd…”

Qiu Wuji thought it would be a beautiful story, the beginning of the story Make her feel a little bit closer to herself and Chu Ge.

A fairy, a mortal.

As a result, the longing in my heart is not right: “Hey, this Cowherd steals other people’s clothes? You call this honest?”

“Well… the story is just It’s like this.”

“Did you make it up?”

“I’ve written so many books and I haven’t written this kind of protagonist, this is really not made by me…different In the age of 1990, people’s three views were different, as for your world, people respect women relatively, because it was written based on my three views, if it is really based on ancient times, it is not so good…”

Qiu Wuji thought for a while with a dark face: “It seems to be the same, Cowherd steals people’s clothes, you steal people’s stockings.”

Chu Ge: “?”

I seem to think that my analogy is not quite right. Chu Ge really respects himself, but fortunately he is not like a cowherd… Qiu Wuji hummed: “Anyway, if it were me, I would slap the cowherd’s head… …”

“Your head is smashed, right?” Chu Ge was heartbroken: “I wrote about a female Sword Immortal, how did it change…”

“You don’t Let me use the sword.” Qiu Wuji said: “I don’t see anyone in this world holding a sword, so I changed the attack mode, I’ll think about it later, and create a Divine Ability that is convenient to use here.”

“…Aren’t you listening to the story yet?”

Qiu Wuji felt that the cause of the love was too much for her to substitute, so she didn’t have to listen to the story.

Chu Ge said: “Although the opening is full of slots, the follow-up is still very touching, otherwise it would not have been passed down as a traditional festival.”

He paused and continued to tell the story. After finishing, he added: “No matter how many slots there are at the beginning, Cowherd and Weaving Maid are set up as loving couples. Every year when they meet on Qixi Festival, magpies spontaneously build bridges, which is people’s wish for lovers to be reunited in the end. People look forward to love for a long time, so on this day, a loving man and a woman meet…”

Originally, he was secretly implying that he and Qiu Wuji at the moment belonged to a loving man and woman, but Qiu Wuji didn’t pick up on it. Instead, after being silent for a while, he slowly said: “Above the heavens and under the earth, separated in two worlds, will it be difficult to meet in the end?”

“Squeak!” Chu Ge squeezed it He braked, almost didn’t fall, and said angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

The inertia of the brakes caused Qiu Wuji to slam into his back by surprise, and subconsciously stretched out his arms to wrap his arms around his waist. Chu Ge felt the soft stick on his back, but he had no intention of experiencing it at all, and still said angrily: “Don’t pull this flag!”

For some reason, he usually beats him, but he When he got angry, Qiu Wuji was a little scared. She curled one’s lip, let go of his waist and sat up straight, but finally did not dare to continue the topic, she said a little weakly: “That’s it, we can meet again, why are you in a hurry?”

“Is it a good thing to meet once a year?” Chu Ge said: “The reason why the story has been passed down through the ages is not because it is beautiful, but because it is lacking! The story can be lacking, but the reality is not!”

“Alright alright, what’s the hurry…” Qiu Wuji said softly: “You are not a Cowherd, you are our Heavenly Emperor. The only one who can separate Cowherd and Weaving Maid is yourself.”


Chu Ge was stunned and stopped talking.

The reason why I was pricked by Qiu Wuji’s unintentional remarks was precisely because there was a vague worry in my heart, a typical “urgent”.

To this day, no one has figured out why Qiu Wuji can be worn.

What if I can’t come out one day?

Therefore, a flag is really likely to come true, poking at the most feared and avoided point in Chu Ge’s heart.

But Qiu Wuji’s words are not wrong…

You are the Father God, not the Cowherd.

The world is in your hands, whether you can meet or not is up to you, not to show mercy to others, nor to magpies.

And Qiu Wuji’s words are Interesting…she is tacitly assuming that we are Cowherd and Weaving Maid?

Chu Ge looked up at the sky, let the light rain fall on his face, let out a long sigh, and suddenly said with a smile: “You said, they only see each other once a year, what should they do at this time?”

Qiu Wuji spat: “Ride your bike!”

Chu Ge suddenly wiped his face with a change of expression, losing the handlebars.

Qiu Wuji said ill-humoredly: “What the hell is going on?”

Chu Ge grieved: “They did that in the sky, so what is this rain!”


Qiu Wuji was stunned.

Chu Ge pedaled the bike quickly and ran away: “Let’s go, have a late-night snack, it’s considered a place to shelter from the rain!”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

There is a block next to it, which belongs to the old city. The street lights are dim, and the houses are in the style of 20 or 30 years ago. There is a storefront on the corner of the street, which looks like a small restaurant. The way he came out of the box to check out.

Chu Ge stopped the car and pulled Qiu Wuji inside.

Qiu Wuji feels that this guy is pulling her hand on purpose, because it is unnecessary to enter the door, and it will not be washed away…

Just as she wants to withdraw her hand, He glanced at the checkout group inadvertently, his heart skipped a beat, and he forgot to draw his hand.

She recognized one of the youngsters, the ability user who wrote on his face in the morning.

“Fuck, I just remembered today’s Qixi Festival!” Someone saw Chu Ge Qiu Wuji coming in hand in hand, and said to his companions in a heartache: “Others are just a couple holding hands, so why am I just a group of boy’s love with you guys? Are you bullshitting?”

Everyone laughed and glanced at Chu Ge and the two of them. The young man saw Qiu Wuji and his eyes went straight.

Isn’t this the beauty I met in the morning? Such a coincidence?

wu wu wu turned out to have a man…

But I saw a fatty said with a smile: “That’s what, we’re pretty good, at least we have friends together. The author of the book that A Jun and I read recently was called Tragedy, and the Chinese Valentine’s Day is even more hahaha. When I think about it, it exudes the fragrance of a single dog. The more I think about it, the more comfortable it becomes.”

Other Q: “The author is single, what does it have to do with you, what are you cool about?”

“Who told him to be short and out of context, he deserves it.” Fatty turned to the young man and said, “Eh By the way, Ajun, let me tell you, today I accidentally found out that Big Chu should be our Nanjiang person…”

Chu Ge: “?”

The young man looked away from Qiu Wuji He retracted his body, and strangely said: “Don’t tell me you really hit him along the internet line?”

fatty akimbo: “Of course, you can’t beat him to death, so I obediently and honestly finished writing the plot this afternoon. Isn’t it? It’s too bad…”

Young man: “Good fight, what Chu Tiange has been writing these two days, labor and management should see Qiu Wuji!”

Qiu Wuji : “…”

Chu Ge: “???”

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