What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Chu Ge’s first battle

“Section Chief Lin is joking.” Wang Zhenkun’s expression was a little stiff, but he was still barely there. Laughing: “The guest brought it by himself, what does it have to do with me…”

A man who looked like an assistant stopped the policeman who was about to enter the back room: “Hey, this is our confidential room. , do you have a search warrant? I’m going to file a complaint against you!”

Lin Wuyang’s cell phone also rang, as if someone was about to interfere.

Wang Zhenkun let out a sigh of relief when he heard the bell ringing and started sneering. Lin Wuyang didn’t answer the phone and suddenly asked, “You are a good assistant, you are very capable and loyal, you are very kind to him. Trust me?”

A strange power flooded Soul Sea, Wang Zhenkun, who thought he was relaxed, was caught off guard and said loudly, “He has the ability to fart, if he hadn’t stared at his wife, Let him get out of the way! At night, I had agreed to let my wife come and drink together, but it’s not that you stinky cop has nothing to do!”

The air was silent.

Wang Zhenkun’s face gradually turned into a pig’s liver, the assistant stared at him blankly, his eyes became extremely cold, and the other subordinates around him were subconsciously retreating.

Chu Ge, who was hidden by Qiu Wuji to watch the fun, almost rolled around without laughing. Lin Wuyang’s ability would be fun if he used it well.

The assistant loudly said: “Not only do you sell illegal drugs here, but also gather people to set up gambling!”

There is no suspense anymore.

Lin Wuyang long sighed: “Others’ Qixi Festival, our Qixi Festival.”

The assistant led the way and took Lin Wuyang to the casino. Qiu Wuji sound transmission Chu Ge: “There is a secret door in the casino below, and someone took the information… oh, and ran away with a whole box of what they said was illegal drugs.”

“The whole box… “Chu Ge’s expression was also a little grim.

This is no joke!

Lin Wuyang led people to rush down. Although the efficiency was very high, if there was a secret door to escape, it would obviously be too late to catch up without blocking it in advance. What if this includes drugs and other important material evidence?

But getting involved in these things…

Seeing him hesitant, Qiu Wuji asked, “What is an illegal drug?”

Chu Ge whispered: “Harmful Human things, similar to the addictive medicine pill that I wrote about the demonic sect that controls and enslaves others… The country has paid a lot of blood for soldiers to ban these.”

Qiu Wuji knew him from the tone of his voice. Thinking of something, slightly nodded: “No wonder your classmate’s tone is so stern and cold… Then let’s help him.”

Seeing how she should be, Chu Ge’s little retreat suddenly It’s gone, lost said with a smile: “Sect Leader Qiu is really the light of the right path.”

Qiu Wuji smiled slightly: “You wrote it.”

She reached out and pressed Chu Ge’s shoulders, the two “sou” disappeared.

A door was suddenly opened in the alley behind the nightclub, and several big men fled in panic with boxes and bags.

As long as these things are not seized by the police, things can still be turned around. Even if you are caught selling drugs, how much is not a concept at all.

In fact, in theory, these things are the easiest to burn, but who would be willing?

That’s all money!

At the top of the wall in the distance, Zhang Qiren took a few people to hide in the shadows, coldly watching the movement in the alley. Seeing someone coming out, Zhang Qiren patted a skinny monkey man beside him: “It’s time for you to commit crimes…”

That man was the one who tried to assassinate him before, hearing this just wryly smiled: “It’s Second Young I’m willing to do this even if the Master doesn’t tell me.”

Zhang Qiren sneered: “Really? Why haven’t I seen you do it for so many years? It’s quick and ruthless to assassinate me.”

The man was silent, and he was about to go out to work, but suddenly “Yi” made a sound and stopped.

Zhang Qiren also said “Yi”, looking at the silhouette who suddenly appeared in the alley, his expression twitched: “Why did he come, did I have such a degree of fate with him? When we lived together Why can’t I tell… ah, what a pity he’s a man.”

Left and right: “…”

He is not only a man, but also a girlfriend, that terrifying Girlfriend can still carry a skinny monkey with one hand, Second Young Master, you should wake up, or do you wear women’s clothes?

Why not, what about the woman?

Chu Ge didn’t let Qiu Wuji play, but kept secret. Both of them felt that it would be better for Qiu Wuji not to show too much ability in front of outsiders. If he must show it, of course, Chu Ge will come. After all, Qiu Wuji doesn’t even have an identity. If you just stop the opponent for a while, now Chu Ge, who has practiced the movement method and Golden Bell Cover, should not be a problem to block the alley for two minutes.

The big man in the alley over there also saw someone blocking the alley. He was anxious and angry: “fuck off!”

He said and rammed directly into Chu Ge.

Chu Ge’s body glowed with a faint golden light, and when he hit him, he remained motionless, but the big man who hit him seemed to hit a wall, he snorted and stepped back several steps before standing. stable.

“Hey, it’s getting more stable now, is head durian really useful?” Chu Ge flashed back in his mind to continue his head durian thoughts, and saw two big men rushing towards him, with grim expressions: “It turned out to be a mess, courting death!”

A gangster with a ferocious look and a fist with a big vinegar bowl. Chu Ge never thought that he would face such a scene in his life, but at this moment, he didn’t even feel nervous at all.

The footsteps are completely instinctively staggered. It is clearly in the narrow alley, fight at close quarters, but it seems to be like walking in a leisurely courtyard. He didn’t even touch his body, instead he used the wrong force and stumbled forward.

Zhang Qiren’s group in the distance widened their eyes in astonishment.

Second Shao, this co-living roommate is so fucking handsome! The legendary Surging Waves Subtle Steps?

the next moment The handsome Chu Ge prototype is revealed.

He has never practiced attacking skills at all. Anyway, the opponent’s weak spot was exposed, so he also punched the big guy on the left with a punch. Just as he felt the comfort of the punch to the flesh, his rib hurt.

But it was another big man who pulled out a dagger at some point, and stabbed it under his ribs while he was staggering, but he didn’t notice it at all.


Golden light appeared, and the dagger penetrated half an inch into the flesh, but failed to penetrate.

The big man was so surprised that his eyes were about to fall, what’s going on?

Chu Ge roared in pain, and smashed his fist into the man’s face again. The fist with golden light smashed his face into shape, and slammed a mouthful of blood. by the wall.

“Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss drawn from them.

Chu Ge: “…”

“Where is the stunned green…” The other party was obviously also aroused by the bloody scene: “Do justice. Hero, be your mother!”

The dagger came straight at him.

“Fuck…” Chu Ge wanted to step back.

The next moment saw a flash, Qiu Wuji had stopped in front of him, and his white jade-like fingers lightly pinched the dagger.

The big man: “?”

With a slender hand, all the daggers were handed over to Qiu Wuji. Crushed into a mass of scrap metal.

The expression that has been smiling all these days is extremely cold at this moment: “You dare to hurt him?”

“peng!” Several muffled sounds, All the big men were run over by an invisible giant force, fell back more than ten meters, and fell directly back to the door from which they came out.

The police are also breaking out at this time.

Qiu Wuji has disappeared with Chu Ge.

A thin monkey man flew down from the wall in the distance, jiΓ© jiΓ© grinned: “Young Master Zhang asked me to say hello to Young Master Wang!”

Lin Wuyang looked down Bai picked up the credit, looked up at the night where the thin monkey disappeared, and frowned: “Zhang Xiaoren has changed his temper? Does he violate their taboos by doing this?”

Harmful , I’m late today, there’s no excuse, I’ll be on time tomorrow.

(end of this chapter)

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