What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Repaying Himself

Zhong Yi did not call the police, because I told the police about this, you Don’t even know how to explain it better.

But Chu Ge can.

He picked up the phone and dialed Lin Wuyang: “Wuyang, there is an ability user case here, is it appropriate for you to report the case?”

Lin Wuyang attaches great importance: ” What’s the situation?”

“Blackroom…Actually, you know it, but I don’t trust it?”

Lin Wuyang was silent for a moment: “en.”

Damn you know so much.

“The last time you cracked the Wang Family nightclub case, it was Blackroom who called the police. Now their people have been retaliated against. They are in the hospital, do you want to take a note?”

Lin Wuyang’s voice became a bit louder: “They were also retaliated?”


“This morning, Zhang Xiaoren…oh, it’s Zhang Qiren My big brother – he doesn’t care about the underground business now, he is in charge of a real estate company with a serious face. This real estate company was reported last night for tax evasion and false issuance of special VAT invoices, and the evidence has been sent in full Tax inspection, the amount is large enough to be considered an economic crime, this morning, the inspection and economic investigation have jointly handled the case and entered his company.”

Chu Ge remembered the last time Zhang Qiren used the skinny monkey man to come forward. , gave him the big brother. In Wang Family’s eyes, Zhang Xiaoren was the one who started him.

So Zhang Xiaoren was also retaliated, and everything was right.

Lin Wuyang added another sentence: “The other party’s method of stealing into Zhang Xiaoren’s financial office seems to be writing on his face.”

“So basically it can be determined that the Wang Family did it. ?”

Lin Wuyang said: “Wait for me, I’ll go to the hospital.”

After a while, Lin Wuyang came in with a few subordinates and took notes for Wan Zijun and Pan Da . Lin Wuyang nods at Zhong Yi>, showing friendliness, and then pulls Chu Ge to the door: “Let’s follow.”

Chu Ge walked outside the hospital building, and the two walked slowly by the roadside .

“It doesn’t matter who is behind this matter from our point of view. Just like last time, I don’t care whether it was reported by Zhang Xiaoren or someone else.” Lin Wuyang calmly To Chu Ge: “They report each other, what they do is to expose illegal and criminal behavior, and we will only support this.”

Chu Ge said: “But Ah Jun and Pan Da were beaten and stabbed. If you take a knife, it will kill people – the cause is also retaliation for exposing the law, and the police will not care?”

“Of course this should be dealt with.” Lin Wuyang said: “In fact, it is with your side. I already know who the other party is.”


“A wanted criminal named Rong Fu.”

“Murong Fu?”

“Family name Rong, given name Fu.” Lin Wuyang said with a smile: “The ability is really similar to Murong Fu, that is, he uses his own way to give him backβ€”β€” It can copy the ability of the other party, and has a fixed high Level 1. As of the time we know, he can only have the ability of one person at the same time, not both. Whether there is a breakthrough now, it is unknown.”

Chu Ge raised his brows: “So he can first judge the ability of the other party?”

secretly said in one’s heart really has this level, maybe he can find a way to design it in the future to let him judge Let me know what my abilities are.

In the end, Lin Wuyang shook his head: “It should be impossible. He can only know the status of his abilities after copying, so under normal circumstances, he will investigate first and confirm the ability of the other party before starting.”

” How did you become a wanted criminal?”

“What would you do if you had his ability?”

Chu Ge thought about it: “Mostly, you will find ability users everywhere. Let’s take a test, this ability is too interactive to be able to enjoy yourself.”

“Yes…but when you find out that everyone has been abused by you, will you? Some of them are floating, or some psychological distortions? For example… This one who was abused by you and can’t move, is a good-looking girl with messy hair and unyielding eyes.”

Chu Ge: ” …Section Chief Lin quit the literary world back then, and this Chu firmly opposed it.”

“Does it make you feel when you say that?” Lin Wuyang said, “I just said your little white essay. I can also write…”

“Ok, okay, Section Chief Lin being a police officer is indeed a loss to the literary world.” Chu Ge sighed: “I understand, in short, this person killed or abused a lot of ability user , so he became a wanted criminal? Are Ajun and Pan Da dead or did he show mercy?”

“en. “Lin Wuyang said: “I don’t know if it was show mercy, maybe he was invited. People limit the conditions and don’t want to make a big fuss… In fact, his stab at Wan Zijun is already a manifestation of brutality. As a rule, a lesson and warning only need a beating and it’s over, isn’t it?”

Chu Ge Nominate.

It’s this blade that has changed its nature. If it’s just a beating, everyone will consider beating up for revenge, and they won’t think of calling the police. But when the knife was used, Chu Ge’s first reaction was to ask the police to lock him in.

Wan Zijun lives alone in the suburbs and has no one to take care of him. If he hadn’t been farming physique all the year round, this blade son might have caused him to bleed to death on the ground, and he was powerless to save himself.

Not to mention Blackroom’s friendship, these two people are Chu Ge’s readers, in the day after day “Qiuqiu ~My Qiuqiu” sand sculpture in the group chat, Wan Zijun and Pan Da are the most active ones dial. Someone hacked this book outside, and Wan Zijun and Pan Da were on the front line when they went out to fight people. Pan Da is still an operation, and he is arguing with Dianniang about his avatar.

In Chu Ge’s eyes, the two of them are even closer than Zhong Yi, who helped with the identity. Neither Wan Zijun nor Pan Da himself could have imagined that the third child had such a special affection for them.

Lin Wuyang is saying to Chu Ge: “Don’t worry, we will take care of this matter. I will report to the report office when I turn around and arrange to arrest this Rong Fu.”

Chu Ge I was stunned for a while, but I suddenly understood why the power of Lin Wuyang City Bureau was so weak. The governor is in the same city.

He hesitated for a while, then asked, “I want to help a little bit, do you accept cooperation from enthusiastic citizens?”

Lin Wuyang glared at him for a while, and finally sighed: “You Join Blackroom, right?”

“Well, it’s not long after joining the team, and I’m a masked person.”

“If it’s this organization, I won’t say much, after all, the capital President Gu and I have recommended this small organization… I wasn’t sure before, so I waited and watched without contact. This event is the first time for everyone to cooperate and contact each other. Let’s get to know each other from now on.”

“President Gu…what agency?”

“Ability Information Collection and Editing Agency.” Lin Wuyang said with a smile: “The last time I came to Nanjiang, I was just to collect and edit some information. Just for our reference.”

“Can I have a look?”

“No, internal publications, but you can look at this page.” Lin Wuyang took out a This booklet, turned to one page.

Ability User Directory (Internal Trial):

Name: Rong Fu.

Identity: Serial murderer on the run (high risk).

Ability: Return to the body – copy ability, mandatory slightly higher Level 1.

Degree of development: at any time can hold the duplicate of one ability, the degree of evolution is unknown.

Nature: Multifunctional.

Potential: A-.

“What do you say about this potential?” Chu Ge strangely said: “Such a fucking awesome ability, everyone is Level 1 higher, only A? Also -? How do I feel like SSS.”


Lin Wuyang shook the head: “This evaluation was made by the expert group above, first of all, it only represents subjective judgment, it may be wrong, and it will be corrected; secondly, this potential does not represent current ability, it is development The meaning of prospect. His potential is about to be fully discovered. In the future, at most, he will copy several abilities at the same time. After all, he has his own limitations. For now, he is also suitable for sneak attack. What will he do with a few people, and what will he do with a group of us shooting…”


“What’s more, this thing is considered in many aspects, not an evaluation of the battle. strength, so isn’t there a column of ‘nature’ on it? My ability is not suitable for combat, but my potential is B, it is said that it belongs to spiritual ability and has a promising future.” Lin Wuyang patted Chu Ge’s shoulder: “You This body may be impervious to sword and spear? It’s really strange, how could a book writer have this ability, prepared in advance for the family’s tigress?”

Chu Ge: “Is your development potential? Power Word?”

Lin Wuyang looked him up and down: “I don’t know when you will be evaluated, I personally think you have a B?”

(End of this chapter)


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