What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Who looks like a bibliophile

“Big Sister Ruoyan, why can’t you evaluate this person?” Yue Ying asked beside her in confusion.

“The potential of others is based on the ability itself. For example, is he full feedback damage, or can it be developed to double the feedback? Is the feedback at the same position, or can it be developed? Feedback to the selection site? Can you ignore the opponent’s defense? Wait, etc.”

Yue Ying looked thoughtful nodded.

Gu Ruoyan continued: “On the basis of this, his power potential is very high, and the rating S is not too much, it is really developed, and few people are willing to fight with him. “

Yue Ying said: “Then what other things does he have that affect the evaluation?”

“Two aspects.” Gu Ruoyan said: “The first is feedback For example, if the other party bites him with a dog, is he backlashing the dog, or the dog owner? Someone poisons him, is he the backlash germ or the poisoner? Or, these can all exercise pointers ?”

Yue Ying: “emmmm…”

“Secondly, his own physique or life force.” Gu Ruoyan said: “If he is punched, he will If he is dead, the opponent is backlashed by a punch but it is not a big problem, then he is a useless ability. But if he is stabbed in the stomach and still lives dragon and animated tiger, the opponent reports this blade but is dead, then… “

Yue Ying understood: “He is a weak scholar, and this ability is of no use to him.”

Gu Ruoyan hesitated: “I know a lot of strange things.” It can cause him to be dragged down by side effects, for example, he may cause physique to become weaker and weaker, of course, it may not, I don’t know how he is…”

Yue Ying said bitterly: “Then Isn’t it good? If he is too strong, it will be inconvenient for me to seek revenge in the future. It would be better if he gets weaker and weaker and just die.”

Gu Ruoyan laughed and shook his head, and said: “I need to give feedback to the expert group for everyone to comment on this. How is your induction training?”

Yue Ying saluted: “I’m fine, everyone treats me very well, thank you Big Sister Ruoyan.”

Gu Ruoyan sighed: “In the future…you have to work hard. We are not looking for a wife like this department…”

… …

The fat woman has been asked to leave Zhang Qiren’s house. His father, Zhang Xinglong, a well-known entrepreneur in Nanjiang City, is sitting in his house, and the father and son are making tea relative to each other.

“Your tactics are too violent.” Zhang Xinglong sipped his tea lightly and said slowly, “You didn’t want to lie to me at all? Are you confident that even if I know about it, it won’t do anything to you?”


Zhang Qiren sat up straight, his face still red and swollen from being slapped by the fat woman just now, looking has several points of funny, but very serious: “It was because I couldn’t think at all at that time. Too much, Lin Wuyang was staring at me, and even more terrifying state departments were involved. No matter how I thought about it, I felt that I was on a dead end at that time. I just wanted to save myself, no matter how drastic the means.”

Zhang Xinglong smiled: “Why didn’t you think about this when you planned to kill? You think it was us who caused all this, why didn’t you think that it was you who actually caused it. On the contrary, if it wasn’t for the fact that I managed to suppress it afterwards , you will be more troublesome.”

Zhang Qiren was silent.

“Of course, you can also think that you were eager to take the top position at that time, or you can say that this is our way of doing things, and people who laugh at it do the same thing. You can’t accuse you of being wrong… It’s okay to make excuses for yourself. .” Zhang Xinglong drank his tea and said slowly: “I didn’t intend to criticize you for this, indeed, this is how we do things.”

Zhang Qiren looked up at him.

“I am amazed at your recent operation, really.” Zhang Xinglong laughed: “Although it is still too hasty, you see, your Aunt has no evidence to think it is you at all, and he still found the doorβ€” Some things don’t need proof at all. For me, your actions are written clearly on your face, every delicate hair was completely shown.”

Zhang Qiren sighed: “My authority It’s hard to do it without fireworks.”

Zhang Xinglong shook the head: “You have a lot of ideas… but you lack experience and temper. Maybe Did you hold back too much? It’s now showing off one’s ability, hurting others and hurting yourself.”

Zhang Qiren was very surprised, he thought that the father came to ask for guilt. Just the tragedy of Zhang Xiaoren is a great loss to the family.

As a result, the words of father are actually teachings?

Zhang Xinglong didn’t say any more, instead he changed the topic: “Be careful with your contact with Blackroom…Zhong Yi is not simple.”

Zhang Qiren heart shivered with cold .

“You thought you hired Blackroom, used them to deal with the Wang Family, and secretly leaked information to the Wang Family, and forced them to form a group with you through the Wang Family’s revenge pressure on them. It’s a good idea. Zhang Xinglong smiled: “However, what if Zhong Yi himself wanted this? Not only to attack the Wang Family, but also to get close to you to obtain the illegal evidence of our family?”

“Fuck.” Zhang Qiren jumped out Such a sentence.

“Of course, I’m not sure if that’s the case. Zhong Yi’s origin is a bit weird, just keep an eye on it.”

Zhang Qiren still has several points of admiration in his heart, I seemed to have looked down on the world before and was too radical.

Look at the father’s face, the father’s appearance is also very old, the face is wrinkled, the temples are white, but the eyes that are as sharp as a falcon have not changed for so many years.

He always felt that father was a very ruthless person, not to mention his illegitimate child. He hadn’t looked after him a few times in more than 20 years. Even Zhang Xiaoren didn’t seem to care much. .

Zhang Qiren didn’t even know what the father had been pursuing in his life.

“As for the Wang Family, you have to continue to cooperate with Zhong Yi to engage them, that’s ok.” Zhang Xinglong finally drank the tea and put it on the table, staring at Zhang Qiren, Becoming a little sharp: “Have you ever thought about one thing…”

Zhang Qiren shivered: “What?”

“If Spiritual Qi is revived, it is only for people. Does it affect? What about item?”

Zhang Qiren squeezed the teacup tightly.

so that’s how it is.

Many disputes are not related to industrial competition or emotional disputes.

Some people are after something else.

The phone rang suddenly, interrupting Zhang Qiren’s thoughts. He picked it up casually: “Which one?”

“President Zhang? I’m Zhong Yi, Wang Family, let’s talk about it?”

Zhang Qiren glanced at the father , smiled slightly: “Okay.”

At this moment, a single thought appeared in his heart very strangely:

Compared with the days when he was writing books, he doesn’t seem to be living like a bibliophile?


The real bibliophile, however, carried a small basket and bought vegetables in the market.

After visiting Wan Zijun and Pan Da from the hospital, Chu Ge was sent back to write by Qiu Wuji. As an assistant, he can do his own leisure work such as grocery shopping.

“This pig’s liver is not very good, Boss is cheaper.”

“This is already very cheap, beauty.”

Including Chu No one, including Ge himself, would ever have imagined that Qiu Wuji would slash a few cents with people in the vegetable market.

Qiu Wuji didn’t haggle the price when he bought vegetables before, and the stall owner offered as much as he wanted. How could the dignified immortal dao Sect Master do such a thing?

What’s more, she has more money now, she doesn’t know why she suddenly cut the price for a few cents…

It’s like… slowly remembering that she was born For the past of human beings, entangle the merchant and give one more candy.

So did that.

When he said the bargaining remarks, Qiu Wuji’s face was a little hot, but he still bit the bullet and said: “Let’s get rid of the fraction.”

The stall owner looked at it with some amusing. This beauty, she clearly doesn’t know how to haggle, how could it be possible to only cut off a fraction of the price? This is only thrown out after the haggling.

Seeing Qiu Wuji’s blushing face, the stall owner smiled and shook his head: “Okay, okay, it’s really rare for such a beautiful girl to come out to buy vegetables these days. Your husband is blessed.”

Qiu Wuji watched the stall owner weigh the scales. He didn’t bother to argue that his husband was not a husband. Instead, he felt a sense of accomplishment that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

I actually succeeded in bargaining!

Does this look more like that bibliophile?

In the rental house, Chu Ge was reviewing the opening draft of Qiu Wuji yesterday. He pondered and edited and polished a few small places. He tried to release the first chapter related to the work: “【Epilogue】 Qiu Wuji’s autobiography ” ,Chapter One.

The comment area exploded instantly.

(end of this chapter)

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