What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Testimonials

It will be launched at 12:00 tonight (0:00 on the 1st), it may be delayed for a few days. minutes.

The update schedule on the shelves is to send two chapters directly at 0:00, and then another chapter at 12:00 noon and 6:00 in the evening, a total of four chapters and 10,000 words a day.

Try to keep three chapters like this for the next few days… let’s see if I can keep it for a few days, scratching my head.

Sure enough, Chu Ge’s outbreak is just a beautiful fantasy of an old wilt man.


This is my first single female essay, but it doesn’t really count. I made my debut a long time ago with a single female lead. However, the book is very poisonous from the current point of view, and there is no shortage of poisonous spots such as dead female supporting points. It is impossible to read it now.

So this book is indeed the first single heroine attempt, and I am very nervous.

A lot of people think the opening chapter is like an autobiography, but it really isn’t.

Because of this opening, it has been four years since Zhang Qiren was reported to go home. It was written at the end of 2017.

At that time, other websites asked to write a “realist short story”. Yes, this opening was originally intended as a short opening, and it was written in a realistic text, and the materials were collected around the world. But then because the website changed its mind, this opening was shelved.

Two months ago, I flipped through the drafts of my early years, and suddenly felt that this was a good start. Instead of writing about realism, it seems interesting to rewrite a long webnovel.

Since it is a writer’s professional background, at that time, he conceived a story about a female lead running out of the book, and Qiu Wuji appeared on this stage – she was not included in the original realist opening.

Later, I learned that this idea was actually written by other writers long ago. Xia Hua wrote it, but I didn’t read it…damn.

I would like to express my special thanks to Sister Hua for her “My Wife Is From A Thousand Years Ago”. The style of this book made me realize that webnovel can write like this.

There is no need for a twisted plot, just a sweet daily life, a touch of warmth, watching the love and growth of two people all the way, and closing the page with a smile.

I thought it was very suitable for the setting and tone of this book, so I learned to write it like this.

This is the first time I wrote this, I was afraid that it would not be well written and that it would not be long, so I added supernatural elements as a adjustment, which is also a main line of excavation.

In the end it became this story.

Maybe some people like it and some don’t, just try your best.

I hope to write this story well, I hope you like it.

Finally, ask for a genuine subscription, thank you.

I wish everyone a happy New Year~


Thanks to the following big guys for their chapter pushes, unified thanks (in no particular order):

1. “Unscientific Royal Beasts” by the clear spring

2. Yan ZK’s “Museum of Town Demons”

3. Beichuan Southern Sea “I really didn’t think about it” Be a trainer”

4. “I will bury the gods” by Jianjian

5. “From the Red Moon” by old ghost

6 .”The Nomenclature of the Night” by Elbow

7. “My Healing Game” by Air Conditioning

8. “Rebirth: Homecoming” by Cang Shanyue

9. Morningstar’s “This Game Is Too Real Too” – Here’s the most real 996.

10. Qi Peijia’s “Star Realm Apostle” – in the era of interstellar immigration, Zhou Jing accidentally awakened the power of Star Realm shuttle, and created [Star Realm Apostle] as a carrier to carry his own soul and cast Go to different planes and walk in the worlds with different identities. The established life trajectory has ushered in a turning point, and each incarnation created is like a new life.

11. “New Book” in July, emmmmm, this liar told me that the book was almost finished in the first half of the year.

12.Seabed’s “The Immortal in the Pot” – just finished, highly recommended.

13. Don’t talk about Eggy’s “Dragon”…

14. The King of All Phases “Impudent!” This poor monk wants to cross you” – an invincible novel, killing the Holy Mother decisively, looking refreshing! The writing and plot are excellent, and the book shortage is not to be missed.

15. It’s better to herd cattle to “Help Your Wife in the Great Wilderness” – born to be stable and playful, and the star map in his chest lights up, so he has to be sanctified by Confucianism and Taoism.

16. Robot Wall-E’s “Night Walker” – The previous “Doctor Dawn” is very good-looking, and it is one of the first batch of selected Internet literature classics of the National Library of China. This time, it is a book about cyberpunk + extraordinary occupation + daily life. It tastes good, the characters are well-shaped, black humor, the story is interesting, and friends who like it can go and support it~

17. The final eternity ” Beginning with a Warp” – In the end, the eternal universe is broken, the sun disappears, the earth is at stake, and the remaining human beings are madly fighting for a small number of survival places.

18. Tutu “I’m Killing Ghost God in Troubled Times” – this is a transmigrator and a group of people, wearing armor, a horse rifle in the left hand, a saber in the right hand, and using a motorized zipper to hunt giant giants The ghost story.

19. Lone Star’s Dream “Xuanxiao Immortal Monarch” – Once, there was a teenager who carried half of the Left Immortal Technique, stepped on yin and yang, and mastered thunder. Later, there was someone who preached immortality, number: Xuanxiao Immortal Monarch

20. Pei Tugou’s “The First Cause of All Realms” – holding a cauldron of gluttony, the law student Yang prison came through, and was in the border area. Zhen opened his eyes and looked at the world, the gods and demons who passed away are about to return, such as the scorpion, Kuixing, blue bird, Taibai, Pingtian, Xumi, and Buddha. Silence, confusion, depression, until, let out a roar, wanting to be the first cause of the Three Thousand Worlds

21. My name is Cloud Parting Palm “The Martial Life of the Heavens” – Wu! What is Wu? Body? guard home, defend the country? Invincible? Or continue to exceed the limit?

22. Too late to grieve “Days of Leisurely Farming in the Great Desolate” – wearing the Great Desolate, without any legs, In addition to planting fields and raising flowers and plants, what else can we do?

It is said that Great Desolate World, even if it is a pig, can become a fairy and become an ancestor after a long time. In the face of this wild land that is dangerous lurks on every side, Wu Chu had no choice but to grow up and grow some land, do some brewing, raise some Spirit Pets, and silently wait for the day when he becomes an immortal and immortal.

When you’re bored, do some inventions and write some Great Desolate stories.

All the big guys, I have wine, do you have a story?

23. Player Terminator, the fourth natural disaster was destroyed by natural disaster, an unprecedented player removal plan. Please watch “10,000 Ways to Clear Players”, author “Cotton Guard”.

24. Xishan Shiraishi “Trafford Buyers Club” – Luo Qiu accidentally became the boss of a ‘club’. But this club is weird. Not only does it have a doll maid who has worked for three hundred years, but it also sells all kinds of weird stuff. Luo Qiu gradually discovered that in the society he lives in, there are countless guys who are driven by desire, and these guys will come to him and use everything they have, lifespan, treasure, and even soul, to come Make deals and buy what you want. And every successful transaction brings Luo Qiu time to survive. “The sacrificial offering was successful, and the lifespan obtained this time is ninety-nine years.”…In this way, Luo Qiu started his career as a ‘club’ boss that he didn’t know the end of.

25. The farmer produced “Bring the system to Great Tang” in one pot. In the first year of Great Tang, this was a period that should have led China to start rushing towards Peak, but the end was the Anshi Rebellion.

Emperor Li Longji, the protagonist of Great Tang’s fourth Black Tortoise Gate change, during the Kaiyuan year, he led Great Tang to resist all foreign countries such as Tubo, Turkic and Khitan.

But in the end, Great Tang collapsed because of him. Was it because of Concubine Wu Hui or Concubine Yang? No, having a woman’s life and death is what matters.

Li Yi, who knew the history, came to the second year of Kaiyuan. He wanted to see a prosperous Great Tang, so the change started from a village by the Ba River.

26. Han Yousi’s “A Hogwarts Rune Professor” – Three years after graduating from Hogwarts, Felix entered this wizarding school again, but this time, he As a professor! What kind of sparks will the combination of Muggle wisdom and magic collide? PS1. Teaching Ancient Runes; PS2. Timeline, Three Little Ones, Second Grade

27. I’m just a pigeon “From Azkaban to Hogwarts” – it’s the year of owls, You are so far behind in this course that we can only adopt some special teaching methods. Well, let’s take a test before class.

28. “My name is Yang Jian, I’m already dead when you see this sentence…”

A strange parchment scroll, a peeping into the dark Eyes, this is the story of a person who survived.

Buddha’s “mysterious recovery”!

29. Ye Jiangchuan has an ever-changing tavern. Treasures, bloodline, Divine Ability, fortuitous encounter… are at your fingertips in front of him.

Jiang Brother Shan “Supreme Unity”!

30. What you see can know everything that has happened, what you hear can see through the world’s treacherous hearts, and what you feel can know the secrets of others hidden in the depths of memory.

The more you know, the less happy you are. Looking up at the starry sky, Huang Ji feels the malice from the entire universe and the desperation of mankind.

Just a small farmer in the earth’s countryside, he has to sigh: “I know too much.”

Whether it is technology or myth, or a hidden bug in the universe… All cannot escape the perception of information.

In the face of the unsolved dilemma that human beings have been raised by higher civilizations without knowing it, Huang Ji can only compare with aliens, who knows more!

Demonic Cangyue “The Omniscient One”!

31. He Ketao’s “Ordinary Life of Ordinary Humans” – this is a poisonous book, you can’t read it at night, you can’t read it at work, you can’t read it when you eat, you can’t read it when you walk, you can only secretly read it by yourself Look. Let’s find the moving in the ordinary together.

32. In the 1930s, several like-minded youngsters came together and worked hard to change the world.

Then, two hundred years later, in a landfill, the first ancestor of Cyber Martial Arts, which had re-opened Heaven and Earth as a self-contained system, lost all memory. Wake up with the name of the enemy.

“Perhaps it was because I lost that the world became like this…”

“Then this time, I will never lose again!”

This is a wuxia story.

This is the story of a man who changed the world once again!

“The Legend of Cyber Heroes”!

33.Young Master Jiang Abao “The Actor He Doesn’t Want to Be Court Eunuch” – Daming Chang Gong crossed Hengdian to perform in a group, and became an actor in a rage to save his life!

34. Fengyi Tianya’s new book “Police Lu Ling” – the story of how a top student in psychology rose from the grassroots level, a brain-burning logic essay. The author has completed the 3 million old work “Detective Chief”, and he is a criminal policeman himself.

35. Finally – harem style “I Preach in the Six Dynasties”:

This is a wonderful time and space; the six countries in the four masterpieces stand side by side,

The wise men came up with great plans, and the heroes swallowed the world;

Zhuge Liang called the wind and summon the rain, and Guan Yunchang cut off the river with a horizontal knife;

That year, Lv Bu After the death, the widow, Diao Chan, still has the charm; Lin younger sister has not yet arrived at the Grand View Garden, she is a little girl carved in pink and jade; the clothes pole of the Golden Lotus has not hit the head of the Ximen officials.

In 2008, the protagonist was still performing in the downtown area with a big boulder on his chest…

36. Listening to the “Artist’s Manual” 5555 I must be obsessed with Ari’s body, and even forgot about it~

(end of chapter)

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