What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 97


Chapter 97 Sweet Tea (please subscribe for monthly ticket)

Chu Ge writing amount over there, Started to get a little restless.

Why did Qiu Wuji take so long to buy a vegetable? It’s almost noon.

After barely finishing the new chapter release, Chu Ge couldn’t sit still anymore, got up and walked around in the living room, wondering if he should give her a call.

As soon as I turned to the door, the door opened with a ka-cha. Qiu Wuji looked at the headless Chu Ge in astonishment, and immediately thought of why, his eyes quickly turned into crescents: “I’m back.”

Chu Ge sighed, and then his eyes continued: “Why are you wearing OL clothes again.”

I haven’t seen this intellectual temperament for a long time, it’s really beautiful.

His gaze subconsciously looked down to see if it was black silk high heels.

It really is!

Qiu Wuji is expressionless: “Have you seen enough?”

“You…” Chu Ge smiled: “It’s been a long time since I wore this.”

“I’m your assistant now, so I look like this.”

Chu Ge was happy: “Yes, yes!”

Qiu Wuji took off her high heels and entered the door , his little feet in black silk stepped on the ground: “Where are my slippers?”

Chu Ge bent over to pick up the slippers, and brought them over: “disciple changed the shoes for the Master…”


Heisi’s little feet kicked over: “get lost!”

Chu Ge rolled over, smiled and reached out to take the things in her hand: “Look what I bought today Vegetables… eh? Zisha pot? It’s so big…”

Qiu Wuji grabbed the Zisha pot and ran to the kitchen holding the pot deng deng deng: “This is a good thing! I’ll make tea Let me show you.”

Chu Ge walked in with another big bag of tea leaves, and looked at the Qiu Wuji washing pot: “How much is this set?”

“It’s not expensive. , more than 4,000.”

Chu Ge: “???”

This woman is starting to lose her family?

But I heard Qiu Wuji say: “This pot is the best Spiritual Qi among all pots. I don’t think the seller knows that this thing has Spiritual Qi, just think it’s a good Zisha to keep your body healthy. , otherwise it is likely to be sold like this.”

Spiritual Qi!

Chu Ge became more cautious, no wonder Qiu Wuji was willing to pay for it, this thing is not measured by price at all. In other words, it is unknown how much this Spiritual Qi can play a role in power training, but for cultivation people, they are willing to buy it even if it is more than ten times more expensive.

Is there such a thing in the world?

Qiu Wuji added: “That young heir is very funny, I made friends with her, ha, my WeChat friends finally have the first person besides you!”

Chu Ge hair stands on end alert: “young heir! What young heir! How old!”

Qiu Wuji was startled, turned his head to look at him strangely, and saw Chu Ge looked nervous, couldn’t help but pu chi smiled: “Woman.”

Chu Ge relaxed and laughed: “Ah, make some friends, it should be, good thing, good thing… …”

“Virtue.” Qiu Wuji rolled her eyes, washed the pot and continued to fill with water: “I also found out after a while, I don’t have any friends… You are the one on QQ. I have no personal friends.”

Chu Ge hurriedly said, “Readers are also your friends.”

“Although it’s okay, it’s not very specific. The same.” Qiu Wuji said with a smile: “Moe Moe is a nice person, I am very happy to have made my first friend.”

“What is Moe Moe, Zhou Yu’s horse?”

“…It’s the young heir of Mountain Stream Teahouse! It’s called Zhu Moe Moe.”

Chu Ge held the tea bag and wondered why the people you meet have such cute names?

He still has a little pantothenic acid, and always feels like he is not the only one, so he said sourly: “Don’t listen to people’s cute names, and then give you a discount, you will think they are good people…this thing they If you don’t know Spiritual Qi, the cost may be tens of not arriving, and you will be happy if you sell it for a few thousand.”

“But if there is Spiritual Qi, we actually earn it, right?” Qiu Wuji smiled and began to boil water: “Everyone thinks they have made money, so they are friends.”

Chu Ge: “…”

What kind of magical friend theory is this?

“The bag of tea in your hand is from Moe Moe, it is said to be work tea, more than 210 jin. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but it’s better than your 10 dollar bag, anyway, we drink it It’s spiritual water, not tea.” Qiu Wuji’s eyes shone brightly: “Chu Ge, before your cultivation lacked auxiliary things, I thought this world didn’t have them, but now I know that there are, I will pay more attention to this aspect in the future. , try to make your cultivation more convenient.”

Looking at her bright eyes, Chu Ge felt a little throbbing in his heart, and said softly: “Don’t worry so much, I feel good when I practice… “…”

“Bah.” Qiu Wuji hummed, “I have practiced Qiu Wuji’s recipe for two months, but it’s still such a stinky virtue, it’s embarrassing, how can I see heroes in the world!”

Chu Ge: “Huh?”

Bai moved?

Qiu Wuji snatched the tea bag from Chu Ge’s hand: “Go write your words, it’s none of your business to make tea and cook.”

Chu Ge I found that there was a basket of vegetables in the kitchen at some point.

He thinks that Qiu Wuji has become more and more weird since he started writing his autobiography, but after thinking about it, it seems that there is no problem. He will also serve as a secretary to pour tea for the Boss, which is good…

Forget it, let’s go to writing, what are you thinking about? A woman’s heart can’t understand.

Qiu Wuji watched Chu Ge scratch his head and leave with a smile in his eyes.

Chu Ge still doesn’t understand how amazing his own cultivation is.

In a situation where Spiritual Qi is so thin and without any auxiliary cultivation, this guy relies on daily meditation and writing while distracted cultivation, and he actually achieved Qi Refinement fifth layer within two months. . After defeating Rong Fu, his Golden Bell Cover is close to the Small Accomplishment, and there is still a minor bottleneck stuck, so a breakthrough will do.

In that world, this speed may not be amazing, and it’s just average.

But under the cultivation conditions of Chu Ge, Qiu Wuji dares to say that anyone is impossible faster than Chu Ge, including himself.

The world creating god is the world creating god, and he fits the world’s cultivation technique too well.

Qiu Wuji is looking forward to how much more surprises Chu Ge can bring to him when he has something to assist cultivation?

Will there be a day when he can really go in casually?


Chu Ge wrote back with peace of mind. In fact, there is not much content in this paragraph. It is a small dungeon plot that Chu Tiange encountered. Of course, it will be related to Yan Qianlie in the future. Some of the initiatives over there were accidentally destroyed, but at this time it was just a process of wrangling with a group of minor characters, and there was not much to think about.

It is more and more accustomed to the distraction and dual-purpose cultivation, and I always feel that I am looking at the door of this copy, and Chu Tiange is talking to others.

I can almost see the faces of these people…

He wrote tap-tap, and the aroma of tea was unconsciously around him.

Chu Ge withdrew from the feeling of overlooking and tilted his head to look at the beauty beside him.

She is looking at the document with some curiosity, it seems that after starting to write the book, she has a new perception and understanding of Master Chu Ge’s words.

So she was looking at the document and Chu Ge was looking at her.

This kind of “female secretary” with an OL short skirt and black silk, the feeling of putting tea by her side… It’s really wonderful.

As for whether there is Spiritual Qi in tea, although it is very important, it is not worth mentioning in comparison.

“You, here, look, what?” Qiu Wuji gritted his teeth while looking at the document: “I’m here for you to drink tea, not for you to see me, and then I’ll take the tea out of it. You fell on your head!”

Chu Ge hurriedly lowered his head to drink tea.

The tea is not hot, Qiu Wuji specially treated it, it is the best temperature to stimulate Spiritual Qi.

One sip, the faint fragrance penetrates directly into the lungs, as if there is a sweetness, scattered into the bones and into the heart.

β€œHow is it?” Qiu Wuji asked expectantly.

Chu Ge answered honestly: “Sweet.”

“?” Qiu Wuji strangely said: “No, tea is not sweet…Is it the so-called Huigan? So Is it obvious?”

“No…” Chu Ge answered honestly: “Just because, that’s the tea you made.”

“dong!” Chu Ge grew a bump on the head, hold the head and squat.

Qiu Wuji clenched his fists and left the room angrily to cook.

Really, how can there be such a boring world creating god, culture you! My mind just wants to be sweet!

Next time sprinkle salt in, see if you are sweet!


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