What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Believe in Science

Most of the city centers have a small street or a small district. The street is very old, the houses are very old, and the surrounding high-rise buildings out of place.

Generally, such places are scenic areas or local indigenous settlements, neither poor nor rich, with bizarre and motley that do not belong to a modern city but have a rhythm of life that does not belong to a modern city.

This city also has such a place, an old neighborhood in a prime location, no matter how the world outside changes, it is always old and quiet.

An electric car stopped at the entrance of the alley, and a little girl got off the car and went straight to the place selling burritos.

“Brother Zhang will be out of school every year?”

At the fortune-telling booth at the entrance of the alley, the radio is broadcasting some news and news of the day, and the fortune-teller with sharp mouth and cheeks is sitting there with a face full of faces. He greeted the youngster next to the electric car with a smile.

The youngster’s name is Zhang Jiachang. He is the boss of the milk tea shop in this alley. Although he is not very old, because he has been relatively mature since he was a child, even if he is three or five years older, he will be called Brother Zhang.

β€œDidn’t see your girlfriend in the past few days?”

Zhang Jiachang is obviously familiar with this fortune teller, but he speaks like an old friend, and he picks it up easily from the stall After taking a sign, the top was blank. Zhang Jiachang reluctantly looked at the head.

“Yellow.” The man known as Haozi pointed to a sign behind him: “I’m a stinky fortune teller, what do you say? Brother Zhang, stop smoking. , you draw one every day is a free sign, is it interesting.”

Zhang Jiachang helplessly laughed but didn’t say anything. Where to go, who can still seek a life in this place in this era, who is not guarding an ancestral business? As for fortune-telling, of course he knew that his fate could not be calculated, and no one dared to.

“Ai, I heard that there has been a murder case in our city recently?” Haozi, the fortune-teller, looked up at Zhang Jiachang: “It is said that young girls are specially chosen to attack.”


“This is not quite clear, I will go back first, there is no one in the store.” Zhang Jiachang waved his hand with a smile, and then suddenly changed the subject: “It’s okay, don’t cause me any trouble.”

Haozi smiled nodded, and said nothing, just sitting at the fortune-telling booth that continued to support his “one hundred and twenty years of history”.

In fact, although Zhang Jiachang said he didn’t know, how could he have no news in such a place where people are coming, people are going. Recently, the city has not been peaceful, and there have been several cases in a row, and the modus operandi is cruel and strange.

These things can’t be spread, because it is likely to cause panic, but there is no airtight wall in the world, more or less news will come out.

However, curiosity turns into curiosity. After all, this kind of thing is left to professional people to solve. There is no need for him, a milk tea seller, to know anything.

Not long after Zhang Jiachang brought Nian Nian back, when Haozi poured out a glass of water from a thermos and was about to make some coffee, a girl with a bag sat on him with a smile on her face. on the opposite bench.

“Fortune-teller, are you insane?”

Haozi raised his head, glanced at the girl and smiled, “Respectful, sincere in spirit. Is the girl a fortune teller?”

“How is that calculated?” The girl looked at Haozi curiously: “Do you want to bring a sign?”

“I don’t want money for signing a sign, you can see your mood when you sign off. .” Haozi handed over the lottery tube: “Three yuan and five yuan are not too little, and three thousand five thousand yuan is not too much.”

The girl took the lottery tube with pursed lips, and then began to sway. Judging from her method, it should be the kind of child who believes in this at home. She has often followed her family to the temple since she was a child. She is very skilled.

“Hey, girl.” Haozi suddenly reached out and held the lottery holder: “I have a new way to play, do you want to try it?”

“What kind of play?”


“Draw the blind lottery, you can draw whatever you want, and I’ll give you the solution. If you find the solution, you will turn around and repay the wish. Blindly draw five dollars.”

The girl also felt that Interesting, after all, I have only heard of the blind draw box before, but I have never heard of the blind draw. She happily gave Haozi five dollars, and then drew one to sign out.

“Hey! I can’t watch it.”

Haozi held down the girl’s sign again, stopping her from turning her wrist. He took the signature from her, and after seeing the signature, he looked at the girl’s face, and Haozi frowned.

“Come on, girl. Give me your birthday.”

“June 6, 1998, 11:45 pm, from City G.”

Haozi frowned even tighter, pressed a finger firmly on the upside-down sign, and pursed his lips: “Sincere is good, right.”

“en. The girl was also full of curiosity: “Is there any problem?”

“I told you to do it.” Haozi tapped the table lightly with his fingers: “Follow this road and go inside, look Go to a small Taoist temple or a milk tea shop and walk in. Then before seven o’clock tomorrow, no matter what happens, don’t come out.”

“Why! I’m on an appointment.” The girl was obviously at a loss : “I’ve made an appointment to meet tonight.”

Haozi didn’t speak, just smiled, stretched out his hand and pocketed the five dollars on the table, and let the girl go like a mosquito repellent.

And after seeing the girl leave with a bewildered face, he opened the lottery, and there were two lines written on it: Thinking and turning over without a plan, and dying to the Quanguan.

Combined with the girl’s eight characters, it is a posture of “thinking hard without a cure, the general situation is about to go away”, but her life number is eighty-seven, and she should not die at this time.

This shows that someone has used the technique of defy the heavens and change the fate on her. This person is an expert and extremely vicious.

However, the method of breaking the law is like a pediatrician. As long as the girl listens to the letter, she will be enlightened, then today is the time to break the law. If she doesn’t listen, it will only end up with a new grave added to the loess.

The girl hesitated for a long time, since she was a child, she believed this, so when that stinky fortune-teller said this, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit more in her heart. Seeing that it was still early, she simply followed the path pointed by the fortune teller.

It’s quiet on the way. After all, it’s not the peak season for tourism, and this place is not a spot for Internet celebrities to check in, so there are not many pedestrians.

After walking for less than ten minutes, she really saw a small Taoist temple. There was a milk tea shop next to the Taoist temple. The door of the Taoist temple was hidden, so she pushed the door and entered. Into the small courtyard.

There is nothing special in the small courtyard, except that there is a small bamboo forest next to it, and there is a well in the bamboo forest. It looks like the scene of the bell at midnight, which makes people feel uneasy.

Going further inside, there is a “great hall”, which is only about a hundred square meters. There are Three Purities carvings facing the door, and there are fresh tributes on it. And there are three futons under the offering table.

But apart from these things, there is nothing like a Taoist temple here, because there are TVs, computers, and even a washing machine in the corner, which is clearly someone’s home.

Just when she wanted to leave here, a seven- or eight-year-old girl walked in with a schoolbag. She entered the “great hall” and just glanced at the stranger who suddenly broke in. , and then climbed up on the offering table on his own, touched two apples from the plate of fruits, rubbed them on the clothes, one took a bite and the other handed them to the strange girl.

“Little Sister…this is a tribute, isn’t it?”

The little girl didn’t speak, just pointed at the pillars on both sides of the great hall while eating the apple. A small note with eight characters on it: If you have a heart and mind, you will eat the tribute yourself.

Seeing this, the girl realized that this Xiaoguan is really a righteous god, not the kind dedicated to Evil God. She took out three incense sticks from the incense bag beside the table and respectfully. Lighted up, knelt on the futon to incense Divine Idol.

After the incense, she turned around to leave, but the moment she just went out, her feet slid for no reason, and then she fell to the ground, with her head on the ground. He hit the door frame, and he fainted in the dark.

At this moment, the lottery in Haozi’s hand suddenly burned, the original lottery disappeared completely, and replaced it with: When nature meets noble people, silver walls and iron walls are easy to live in.

The next draw also became the winning draw in that inexplicable spontaneous combustion.

But the girl who fell didn’t think so. She felt like she was being pulled up when she lay on the ground, but she was dazed and dazed. She couldn’t even speak. The person who came helped her up and put her on the reclining chair in the great hall.

“Did she fall by herself?”

Zhang Jiachang, who came over after hearing the sound, looked curiously at the little girl next to him who was still eating apples: “Forget it, let me She should lie down for a while.”

At this moment, Zhang Jiachang’s phone rang, and he picked it up and saw that it was Haozi’s phone.

“I’m busy, I don’t have time to play cards. I just fell and I have to send her to the hospital.”

“Brother Zhang…Brother, that girl is fine, You listen to me…”

Haozi explained the general process to this person, and he understood the cause and effect of the matter, and then scolded him on the phone: “You are really a spoiled product. , you don’t want to be responsible for the cause and effect, just push it on me?”

“Brother Zhang! You are your own son, and the cause and effect can’t be your turn. Besides, if I really want to punish you, you I’ve been smashed to ashes long ago. As the saying goes, it doesn’t itch when there are too many lice, and when the time comes Don’t I have to trouble you, I’m your biggest customer, okay, so we can’t be tolerant and tolerant in the past?”

“If there are medical expenses, you will pay.”


“Yes… I’ve done good deeds and accumulated virtue.” Haozi sighed: “Stop talking, it’s business.”

At this moment, Haozi’s respectful man squatted on the injured man Next to the girl, he took a towel and compressed it on her forehead, and then took a pinch of mint from the pot next to him, twisted the juice in his hand, and fed it to the girl’s mouth.

“Nian Nian, you look at her, I’m busy, if she doesn’t wake up after half an hour, you call me.”

The little girl next to it After nodding, he dragged the small table and stool over, and wrote his homework in this great hall.

Zhang Jiachang got up and walked out the other door. He came to the milk tea shop in front and started to get busy.

“Haha, I knew you were there.”

Just as he handed the milk tea he just made to the delivery little brother, someone came in at the door: “A cup of herbal tea. .”

“Are you off work or off work?” Zhang Jiachang raised his eyes and glanced at the person who came.

“I’m not serving you anymore! I’m going to start my own business from tomorrow. Huh?” The person who came suddenly raised his nose and leaned in to smell it: “Zhang Jiachang! Come? Talk!”

“Do you have a dog’s nose! Can this smell too?”

(End of this chapter)

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