What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 100


Chapter 100 The Wonderful Story of the World

Pan Xing’s tea is made from these plants on the balcony. It’s hard to drink, but it’s surprisingly delicious, the bitterness and sweetness complement each other, and it stretches from the mouth to the throat in one sip.

In this regard, Gusnong, tea master, plant researcher, and naturalized person Wugenshui made an important speech. He said: The taste of this tea will return to the Natural State, if you can add salt and ginger Add some more spice and it’s even more delicious.

β€œDo you also study plants?” Magician Pan Xing was also very interested in Dasinong Wugenshui’s speech: β€œI have a natural affinity with plants because of my race.”

The always silent rootless water finally got a chance to use it, and he soon started chatting with the stranger about the farming and greenery, from Yin-Yang Harmony to Five Elements ethics, from simple Planting flowers and trees chatted all the way to the way of nature.

The key is that the stranger actually understood.

Then the two started a heated discussion, and there was a lot of love for each other.

And Xiao Zhang is sitting on the swing, the night is very good, the starry sky has not been disturbed by the lights in the city, the moon is dark and the starlight is bright, it is the spring and blossom. good times.

The pony next to him was lying on someone’s hammock, swaying leisurely, raising the cup from time to time to take a sip of tea, and then suddenly looked towards Brother Zhang: “Boss, you said If it was the same as when I was a child, it would be great if I didn’t have the ability to work hard.”

“en.” Brother Zhang laughed, then raised his head and looked at the starry sky again: “But this is not bad, at least I You also know what you should and can do.”

“Have you ever thought about winning the lottery?” Xiaoma asked, “Or did you never think about how to live your life?”


Brother Zhang hesitated for a moment, then replied: “I thought about it, of course I thought about it, I fantasized about having a lot of money, and I fantasized about having a group of wives and concubines, but it doesn’t seem to make me feel very satisfied. “

“Then how do you feel satisfied?”


The pony gasped, “Don’t do that.” .”

“Just kidding.” Brother Zhang hehe laughed: “I still have a lot to do.”

The pony stared at Brother Zhang After a long time, he let out a long breath, took out a hand and put it behind his head, staring at a meteor streaking across the night sky, and after a long time he opened the mouth and said: “Then do you have any? What about the girl you liked?”

“It’s…well.” Brother Zhang was silent for a long time, then suddenly laughed: “You don’t know, I’ve also chased stars, I’m special I like the one who made movies.”

“Who? Meng Jie? Isn’t it?”

“No.” Brother Zhang turned his head and took out his phone in a daze. , unlock the screen and show Pony the screensaver.

“Isn’t this… the supporting actress who plays the maid? You have such a special taste.” Xiaoma thought for a long time without remembering the girl’s name: “She seems to have never been popular, and she I don’t have any resources. How do you like this?”

“I just prefer to see her.”

“I understand.” The pony turned over and jumped off the hammock: “I’m going to tie her up and let the lord play it!”

After he finished speaking, he jumped downstairs, but he was halfway through the jump, but was transferred by Brother Zhang again. Up, it’s like playing a game with a frame stuck.

“Don’t fool around!” Brother Zhang’s tone became severe: “This is just my little hobby.”

“Your hobby is the life of the courtier, okay? In this way, I won’t tie him up, I’ll call the eldest sister and ask how much the little star wants, isn’t it just money! As long as she can open her mouth, the eldest sister will take care of it. “

“I told you to stop making trouble.” Brother Zhang’s frowned, murderous aura came up in a flash.

The pony was like being electrocuted at that time, let alone glib tongue, he just didn’t dare to let out a fart.

After a while, Brother Zhang’s mood calmed down, and he said softly, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay…it’s me courting death myself.” The pony patted He was gasping for breath in his chest: “The suffocation is directly full.”

Brother Zhang just laughed, sat back on the small swing again, looked at the lights in the distance and said, “I only need to eat eggs, no I need to know the chicken that lays the eggs. What I like is only the character she plays, not the person she is.”

The pony nodded in a hurry, and then suddenly added: “You can pursue what you want. Life, if you don’t like the life on the secret technique side, you enter the world of the ordinary person.”

“I tried it, but… I’m really weird, in that world I don’t fit in either.” Brother Zhang laughed, and then quickly extinguished his smile: “No one would like someone like me.”

“How could it be possible, my god… the best in the world? Should a confident person say something like this?” The pony patted his chest and said, “Boss, you are believing or not me.”

Little Zhang brother nodded.

“Okay, just believe me and it’s over. You listen to my advice, you boldly touch the world you want, love, hate and hatred, just and honorable, it doesn’t matter if you don’t need strength! Several brothers are not dead!” Xiaoma said earnestly: “Even if you don’t want to trouble the several brothers, you go to Qing Lingzi and let him do the dirty work. It’s our buddy’s business to fight him. I don’t believe it. Qing Lingzi has the guts to say nothing in front of the Holy Master, and turn against him!”

Brother Zhang sneered: “I don’t like to trouble people.”

” But I like to be troubled by you.” The pony patted his chest and clapped loudly: “I’m the worst at shooting flattery in my life, but I’ll leave it here today, you can go out in peace, Enter the Human World. If something really happens, the brothers don’t figure out the plot of the crooked War God, even if the brothers have been on the road all these years.”

Speaking of this, The pony suddenly choked, he looked towards Brother Zhang, and suddenly found that the ceiling of this world is like a child who has been isolated in a self-enclosed little black room all the year round, cautiously towards this world, cautiously towards himself, towards everyone both cautiously.

If this is the price of invincibility, it’s really better not to. You must know that even if he does not have these powers, only a family inherits the title of the Holy Master of inheritance, which is the existence of the same level as Monster King and Ghost King, one of the three masters of Heaven, Earth and Human.

If you don’t believe me, let him call Qing Lingzi now, saying that he wants to see him tomorrow, and see if Qing Lingzi is kneeling outside the room where he sleeps early tomorrow morning, this is the Holy Master.

But now, the pony is actually a little distressed when he sees the dignified Holy Master touching the world in such a cautiously manner.

Although everyone knows that Brother Zhang’s best posture is an emotionless law enforcement machine, but that is too cruel for him…

So Xiaoma did A very dangerous decision was made.

“Boss, I’m going out for a walk.”

“en.” After going up the high building, he scurried dozens of times like this, he came to the top of the mountain, and then ignited a special spice made of ambergris from his pocket.

At the same time, Qing Lingzi, who was having a late-night snack at the Taipei Night Market, suddenly stood up, and after a few frowned, he came to a secluded place, from his pocket. Spilled a handful of cypress essence.

Then the space around him and the pony both went dark at the same time.

“The horse steps on the flower.”

“Yo.” The pony turned around and looked around: “Qing Lingzi, your old ass is still shameless.”

“You want to die?”

“Stop talking shit to me, you can’t wait to hide in your mother’s group and speak harsh words to me.” Poisonous mouth, never merciless when he speaks: “I’m looking for you this time, just to talk to you about the Holy Master.”

Hearing these two words, Qing Lingzi did not dare to neglect: “How? ?”

“You give me your contact information.” The pony said straight to the point: “Don’t worry, I will never use this sublime method to find you. I’ll tell you. Sigh, if the Holy Master needs you, you have to take action unconditionally.”

“That’s it?” Qing Lingzi also relaxed: “I know, I just said that if there is nothing else.”

“You know who the Holy Master is, don’t fucking admit the wrong person, you old ass.”

Qing Lingzi gnashing teeth said: “I was the same sect as you back then. Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Did you think you were Lao Tzu’s Eldest Senior Brother when you were a fucking betrayal of the sect? Fuck your grandma, Lao Tzu really wants to rip you off Come down and dry it to make a trolley case, I don’t even have a pulley, I use your numb face to scratch on the ground every day.”

“Hang up.”

Qing Lingzi took the initiative to cut off the contact, and Xiaoma also had a mobile phone number in his hand. He kept his promise and went directly back to Brother Xiao Zhang and handed the number to Brother Zhang.

“Qing Lingzi’s contact information.” Pony chuckled: “I used the incense duan that I used between the same sects to call him to respond, and he agreed. But the Holy Master is still the Holy Master, and Qing Lingzi can handle it clearly.”

Little Brother Zhang was laughed, just glanced at the contact information, and with a flick of his hand, the note spontaneously ignited: “Remember it. .”

Seeing Brother Zhang’s method, Xiaoma also put his heart back to his stomach, because he didn’t say a word just now, that is, don’t let Haozi and the others see it, although the rules are rules, But if you let them see it, it’s not easy to explain after all.

Friendship is friendship, steel knife is steel knife, one yard is one yard.

Brother Zhang took out his mobile phone and dialed after burning the note, but Qing Lingzi hesitated for two seconds and picked it up after seeing the number.

“Look for Qing Lingzi.” Brother Zhang said.

“I am.”

“Oh…how come I became a woman.” Brother Zhang laughed: “It’s okay.”

“Holy Master?”

“en. ”

Qing Lingzi suddenly felt a sore nose: “Qing Lingzi, please greet the Holy Master…”

“Come back and sit down when you have time.”


At this time, Qing Lingzi heard the pony howling from the side: “What? Qingling The son has become a bitch? Hold the grass, hurry up, add him VX, let him take a picture of the fruit, I want to see it!”

“Holy Lord, if there is nothing wrong, I will first… Retired.” Qing Lingzi heard the pony’s scream, and his scalp was numb: “It’s annoying to wait and see, please contact the Holy Master later.”

“en. ”

(end of this chapter)

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