What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 101


Chapter 101 Visiting the Lord

When I knew that Qing Lingzi was contacted by the Lord, the happiest thing was not Qing Lingzi is Sai Dongfeng.

“Look at me, look at me.”

From the moment he knew that Brother Zhang would contact Qing Lingzi later, he took a shower, changed clothes and went back The barber shop outside had a beautiful haircut. Although the girls didn’t seem to have any less energy, they were really refreshing.

“Okay, it’s not a video, it’s just a phone call.”

Qing Lingzi sat in front of the mirror and tried to speak red again and again: “How about this color? Would it make her lips look a little bit more protruding?”

“Qing Lingzi, Qing Lingzi, some people were still stubborn at the time and said some disrespectful and dirty words, why are they so serious now? “

“What are you talking about, let’s take a look.” Qing Lingzi brows frowned: “You are such a jerk.”

Sai Dongfeng swayed. He came behind Qing Lingzi and put his chin on his shoulder: “How about the voice of the Holy Master? Is it gentle? Is it domineering?”

“Please don’t talk nonsense!” Qing Lingzi blew up on the spot, and her long hair had no wind and said, “If I let the Holy Master see it later, what kind of formality will it be! Although I’m out of power now, I can’t let the Holy Master look down on me.”

In fact, how do you describe it? Whether it’s the Twelve Spirits or the Corpse Resolving Immortals, there’s not much difference in their attitudes towards the Holy Master. Although they both fought to death, when they faced the Holy Master, they were like the results of Japan’s war. The daimyo of the period had the same attitude when they saw Heavenly Sovereign.

It doesn’t matter whether this holy supervisor works or not, it represents the orthodox inheritance and spiritual beacon. Without this beacon, they are equivalent to losing inheritance.

Qing Lingzi vicious and merciless do many evils, but there is one thing he has never done, that is, he will never sully the way of his heart. Although sometimes he will complain a few words when he gets angry, and even feel that the Holy Master is partial to the Twelve Spirits, but he has never doubted the necessity of the existence of the Holy Master’s position.

Because it represents inheritance, as long as the Lord is still there, no matter if it is the corpse or the Twelve Spirits, there is a root to follow. When going down inheritance, it can be justifiable, and once there is no such thing Lord, they are the solitary soul, the unbound ghost.

So even Qing Lingzi, when he received a call from Brother Zhang, his excitement and excitement came from the heart, and his respect for the Holy Master has never changed over the years.

“You murdered me, then I’ll sue the Holy Master, saying that you slandered him.”

The tone barely fell, and the two of them heard it There was a noise outside, and Qing Lingzi, an old fox, immediately entered a state of combat readiness.

But when he went out, he found that the blood gluttonous and his puppet were already crawling on the ground, shiver coldly. In their front hall, a very ordinary looking youngster was sitting there with Qing Lingzi’s half-read book in his hand.

When Qing Lingzi saw this person, his brain was buzzing and he woke up. Isn’t he the one who ignored himself in the mall!

It turns out that he is the Holy Lord!

Qing Lingzi didn’t care about her makeup at the moment, she tugged Sai Dongfeng’s sleeve, and the two of them stepped forward to straighten their clothes, and then gave a prostrate oneself in admiration gift.

“Qing Lingzi.”

“Sai Dongfeng.”

“Meet the Holy Master.”

Brother Zhang slowly He raised his head and glanced at them, then said with a smile: “Don’t be so polite, get up quickly.”

Sai Dongfeng glanced at Qing Lingzi and found that he didn’t get up, and he didn’t dare to When they got up, the two of them just lay there, not moving for a long time.

“Qing Lingzi has betrayed the Lord, and now he has become a vicious sinner, and I hope the Lord will punish him.”

“The same is true of Dongfeng…”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Actually, I never care about the affairs between you. I came here to see if the leader of the corpse disintegration is all right.”

“many Thanks Holy Lord, everything is fine.”

“Dongfeng is the same…”

Brother Zhang nodded: “I know about you, you kill a lot of people.”

“Holy Master Mingcha, the people I kill are all people who deserve to die. Only the master of this body makes Qing Lingzi feel regretful, and I will try to make amends to her in this life.”

Brother Zhang extended the hand and nodded on Qing Lingzi’s head, saw the dense air mass above his head, nodded and then withdrew his hand: “She didn’t blame you.”

Qing Lingzi let out a sigh of relief: “Although Qing Lingzi is in despair now, he also knows the law of all things, the cause and effect of reincarnation, and will definitely not kill innocent people indiscriminately.”

“en. Brother Zhang complied: “But try not to be too extreme. I also told Thunder Dragon and the others.”

Brother Zhang is now admonishing Qing Lingzi as the Holy Master , not as a Guardian, because as a Guardian, he doesn’t need to care about the methods of Qing Lingzi’s three melons.

“The battle between you has been going on for many years, and I still don’t care. But if you need to provide shelter, I will also agree.”

“Qing Lingzi is eager to I am grateful, but still many thanks Holy Master’s good intentions, Qing Lingzi has been unwilling to admit defeat since he was a child, and now he is even more unwilling to swallow this breath. I also hope that the Holy Master will give Qing Lingzi a chance, I am not trying to prove that I am great, but It belongs to me, I must take it back.”

Little Brother Zhang nodded, got up and glanced at Xue Taotie, nodded his head: “Next time, don’t eat people.”

Blood gluttonous usually refuses to accept anyone except Qing Lingzi, but today he shivered like a puppy with a cold from the very beginning. He didn’t even dare to say a word. His strength was gone, and he collapsed to the ground, tears streaming down his face.

After finishing speaking, Brother Zhang took out a bag from somewhere and put it on the table, said with a smile: “Okay, this is a new understanding, the way forward. I hope you can do it yourself.”

Seeing that Brother Zhang was about to leave, Qing Lingzi hurriedly kowtowed: “I respectfully send the Holy Master, if the Holy Master needs, Qing Lingzi will go through water and tread on fire. .”

“You’re welcome.”

Brother Zhang finished speaking, and when he stepped out, he was disappeared.

After confirming that the Holy Master left, Sai Dongfeng dared to stand up. He let out a long sigh: “The Holy Master is so young, and very handsome…”

At this time, Qing Lingzi He also got up, he let out a long breath, and kicked Xue Taotie to the ground with one foot: “Ferocious, you are fierce.”

Xue Taotie was silent, as if he had suffered a lot of grievances .

Afterwards, Qing Lingzi sat there looking towards Sai Dongfeng: “Normally you can say something? Why don’t you dare to fart in front of the Holy Master?”

“I didn’t expect the Holy Master to come over by myself. I’m a little…a little flattered.”

Sai Dongfeng also felt that his performance just now was so useless, so useless, he held back his compliments. I want to say, “Me too” popped up in the last half day. Isn’t it shameful to throw it at my grandma’s house.

Qing Lingzi sat there and drank water after taunting for a while, slapped her thigh: “Oops!”

“How do you say?”

“Forgot to make tea for the Holy Master!” Qing Lingzi patted his thigh remorsefully: “Isn’t this ignorant of etiquette!”

“Come on.” Sai Dongfeng sneered: “Look at it You live in such a bad environment, you are too embarrassed to say etiquette, and when you develop in the future, let’s talk about entertaining the Holy Master.”

This also makes sense, Qing Lingzi watched as he rented the house. This shabby place is quite uncomfortable. In this era, the first time I met the Holy Master was in such a place, and his old face really had no place to put it.

“You said…the Twelve Spirits wouldn’t follow the path of the Lord to find us, right?”

“No, if the Lord was partial, you and I would have long ago Being stuffed into the belly of a copper ox was tortured by the twelve spirits.”

“Oh? He told Sai Dongfeng about the Lord’s story. Although Qing Lingzi only had 40 to 50 percent of his skill left, it was definitely not something that an ordinary person could win.

But at that time, he remembered that he was pressed there by the Holy Master looking back. If the cultivation base of the Holy Master of this generation has reached this level, it is basically certain that if he favors the Twelve Spirits, he will is unavoidable.

Only this one, Qing Lingzi now really feels that the Holy Lord is the Holy Lord after all, worthy of that holy word…

“So strong?”

“Are you blind?” Qing Lingzi pointed at the door: “You didn’t see the trampling the void just now?”

Sai Dongfeng snorted, covered his forehead and said, “It’s true now that I think about it. Yes!”

But after he finished speaking, he suddenly regained his confidence, stood up and pointed at Qing Lingzi and said, “What am I saying, you old ass was rude to the Holy Master before, if it wasn’t grandfather stopped you, you still don’t know how big a leak you’re going to poke, you still don’t thank me?”

Qing Lingzi now knows that he is afraid, and he did say a lot of disrespect when he was angry. Disrespectful, if this is true…

In the end, I didn’t dare to think about it, I really didn’t dare to think about it. Because he doesn’t know if the Holy Master has a good temper or not, and being disrespectful is a big sin.

At that time, when he faced Qin King Zhao Zheng, he had a reckless expression on his face, but now that he thought of saying bad things about the Holy Master, he couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat.

“My mouth!” Qing Lingzi slapped himself a few times: “It’s really not changing.”

After everyone calmed down for a while, Qing Lingzi slapped himself a few times. Lingzi put his hands on his knees and let out a long breath and said, “Fortunately, fortunately, I didn’t contaminate innocent lives in my hands, or else I would have broken the precepts of indiscriminate killing and would have been punished.”

“That little boy The child didn’t die because of you?”

“Oh, that’s what the bloody gluttons did.”

“You old ass, it’s really an old ass calling you true Ah, you are really selling a fool. How can you be so stubborn? You were not like this before.”

Qing Lingzi got up and kicked a few bloody gluttonous feet: ” Do you still dare to eat people? Ask you!”

Xue Taotie shook his head hastily, apparently panicked by fright.

Qing Lingzi turned his head at this time and said, “Actually, to tell the truth, that child is indeed something I should have done wrong, but that person has inherited the cause of his father and brother’s sins, so there must be a consequence of death on the spot. , it’s not me, there are others. Anyway, the child will not live to adulthood, and the family has committed too many crimes.”

“Anyway, just be careful, the crime of indiscriminate killing is very serious, and the Holy Master does not blame you. It’s because he knows the cause and effect.” Sai Dongfeng sighed: “But what should we do?”

“Hahahaha, you forgot how I came out first among the heroes of all countries. ?” Qing Lingzi patted his chest: “Now that I know that I haven’t been abandoned by the Holy Master, it’s just a start from scratch.”

“Yo yo yo, a few days ago I was like a Dead dog, get drunk all day long. Now you think you can do it again.”

Qing Lingzi took out a pistol from his bosom: “In the new era, we also have new things. By the way, Holy Lord What is this bag of stuff?”

(End of this chapter)

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