What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 102


Chapter 102 I like this world

When Qing Lingzi and Sai Dongfeng saw the five roast chickens in the bag on the table , expression on the spot subway old man looking at mobile phone.jpg.

“Hey, it’s still hot.”

Sai Dongfeng tore off a chicken leg and took a bite, immediately patted the table and said, “Mmmmmmm! It’s delicious! ”

Qing Lingzi also went up and tore off a chicken leg and took a bite.

He handed the rest of the chicken to Xue Taotie, and then he and Sai Dongfeng ate the chicken legs expressionlessly.

“It’s delicious.” Qing Lingzi swallowed a chicken leg: “But what does the Holy Master want?”

“Are you playing tricks? Just eat what is given to you, why are there so many, not to mention the chicken given by the Holy Master, even if the Holy Master brought a bag of Baba, I also think it is a favor.” Sai Dongfeng said and left the rest on the table. The four chickens held in his arms: “If you don’t eat it, I will let you slowly plot against it.”

“I don’t mean it like that. According to the truth, what the Lord gives It’s all meaningful after all, but this…”

“Let you not be hungry, eat as big as the sky.”

“Well…” Qing Lingzi couldn’t understand , but after all, it can be understood as this: “Then do as the Lord wants, eat.”

On the other side, Brother Zhang seems to have never left, Sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Maybe it was because he didn’t have enough chat, Wugenshui invited the elf magician to his home, and chatted carefully in the villa in the middle of the mountain in the wealthy area.

Snong and Elf are like a match made in heaven.

And Xiao Zhang looked at the content on the TV, but there was no expression on his face, but the pony after taking a bath wore a pair of big pants and swayed leisurely.

“Boss, let’s have a good chat about you entering the society with a normal attitude.”

“I tried, I’m not still in Zhu Zhenzhen’s company Are you going to work?”

“Come on, that place is not a serious place, and you are just a cook in it. What’s the point?”

Brother Zhang paused for a moment, He raised his head and looked at the clock silently: “But my personality is like this, and I don’t like talking.”

“You don’t like talking, don’t you like talking? I always see you People hide in the corner and sing rap.”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and thought he was farting.

“What’s the reason for your inability to speak? You dare not! You are cautiously! You are afraid that you will tear people to pieces!” The pony tapped the coffee table with his finger: “The problem is Here, even if you can control your ability, you still instinctively worry about whether other people will be hurt because of your ability. This is actually putting the cart before the horse.”


“The more careful you control, the more you will always remember that you are a huge monster. You might as well treat yourself as an ordinary person, and you can do whatever you want. The Lord and the Guardian It’s just the nature of your work, but human beings are your basic attribute, and you take part in human activities with the justice of the Lord and the equality of the Guardian, which is inherently wrong.”

The pony turned on the phone and flipped through the pages. Take a few pictures: “Look at me, a master of philosophy.”


Brother Zhang quickly waved his hand: “No, no.”

“The proposition of opposition and unity has been discussed by mankind for thousands of years, but until today there is no specific answer. Whether we can separate our identity and deal with this world with different faces, there is not a very suitable answer so far, but we can get the corresponding reference information from the most simple evaluation criteria.”

“en? What?”

The pony sat up straight and said seriously: “It’s a requirement for the catering industry, on the premise of ensuring the hygiene of the food. A thousand yuan meal has There is a standard of 1000 yuan to judge, a hundred yuan has a standard of 100 yuan, and ten yuan has a standard of ten yuan.”

β€œWhen you replace this content on your body, I guarantee you On the premise that you are in a good mood. The Guardian has the criteria of the Guardian, the Lord has the criteria of the Lord, and Zhang Jiachang has the criteria of Zhang Jiachang.”

“The Guardian needs Heaven and Earth, and treats all things as cud. , Guardian only needs protection, no emotion. The Holy Master needs not to suffer from widowhood but injustice. You would rather do nothing than take sides. But when you are a human being, you can let yourself like it.”

Xiao Zhangge frowned: “But the Guardian is me, the Lord is me, I am still me.”

“Cut apart, cut everything apart. It’s like driving a car The same, you set the gear. You can do whatever gear you are in. For example, when you are an ordinary person, When you see two people fighting downstairs, you can go to mediation to persuade the fight, or even fight people for it. But when you’re the Guardian, you can take them all for air. “The pony’s fingers drew three lines on the table: “You draw a clear line between your indices of each level. Don’t let your Guardian status over-squeeze your enjoyment of being a human being. Keep the lines clear. “

“Huh? “

“Have you seen Superman, when Superman is wearing tight clothes, he is Superman.” But with glasses on, he’s a tabloid reporter. When he was a superman, he wouldn’t take photos of people’s privacy, and when he was a tabloid reporter, he wouldn’t save others. This is the separation of identities. “

Pony began to carefully analyze the identity of a superhero for Brother Zhang: “The tight clothes and glasses here have become a barrier to his different identities, in other words Words are the anchor of his identity. So it can be seen that you can also use some kind of anchor to separate the functions of different identities? “

“I don’t know. “

“Let’s discuss it together.” The pony took out a note from the side: “We first determine where the limits of human beings and the limits of the Lord are, and then we classify them layer by layer, so that we only need to anchor our identity, and then use some kind of psychological Hint to tell yourself that you can only use another layer of identity after you remove the anchor of one identity and add another anchor. “

What Xiaoma said was very serious, and Brother Zhang listened very seriously, because this was what he needed and he didn’t understand very well.

“If the Holy Lord The identity is a lion, and the guardian identity is a Tyrannosaurus rex or even a blue whale. You are in contact with a group of ordinary persons with the body of a blue whale. How can you not be cautiously, because they are gone when you turn over. The pony drew a circle on the table: “And boss, you have to understand one thing. To others, your identity may be the only one, that is Guardian. But for you, the identity of the person, the identity of the Lord, and the identity of the Guardian are equal and equal, and it will be painful for you to lose any part. “

After finishing speaking, the pony pondered for a while: “In other words, the identity you were born as a human being is far more important to you than the other two identities, but the other two identities squeeze precisely the The most important part of you. Everyone loves you very much, but they may really have no way of doing it. “

What Xiaoma said is right. Although everyone cares about Brother Zhang, they really can’t do anything about it. They only say “you go to the society”, “you go to work”, “you go Fall in love” and “enjoy life”. But he didn’t tell Brother Zhang how to get in touch with the society, how to work, how to fall in love, and how to enjoy life, which would make him more and more awkward and uncomfortable. , more and more pain.

The joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected, and no one of them may be able to understand the pain and struggle in Brother Zhang’s heart, strength returns to strength, pain returns to pain, this is not conflict .

“You love this world. When Xiaoma said this, his eyes were a little red: “I also hope that you can be loved by this world.” You or the meaning is not to die, you can be beautiful, you can be alive. “

Brother Zhang was just laughed, but he didn’t speak.

It was just that in the early morning of the second day, Xiaoma took Brother Zhang to go shopping, and bought some Three things are coming back.

The first is a pair of flat glasses, which are stupid, big and black, and look uncharacteristic. The second is a ring, made of alloy, which is very cool, handsome and very handsome. The appearance of a cow batch. The third piece is a pack of a special brand of chewing gum. This taste is very special and very representative.

Next, Xiaoma began to instill in Brother Zhang about identity anchoring. The concept of .

Three items represent the transformation of three identities. When wearing glasses, he is an ordinary person, honest and timid not good at words, but good-natured and easy to get along with. He is the most common and ordinary person. He is a youngster in his twenties.

And when he wears the ring, he is the leader of the aliens from inheritance to the present, and represents the existence of the highest level of human battle strength. Majesty, righteousness, perseverance.

Only when he eats that piece of chewing gum, he will become that ceiling-level Guardian, keeping the terrifying forces trying to infiltrate this world out of the safe range Barriers, nothing can stop and nothing can interfere, it is an almighty god, an invincible wall.

These three identities are independent of each other and will not interfere with each other, and then only need to give these three A psychological switch is set on a thing, and only when this thing is used can the corresponding power be used.

“That is, only when I take out this ring, is it the Holy Lord? “

“Yes… not right, you are always the Lord.” For us, don’t we dare to curse at you without taking out the ring? The pony explained with a smile: “This anchor is for yourself, Boss, you are the template of Shuangwen’s big male protagonist, but it is so distressing that it is unnecessary.” So, starting from today, you have to gradually adapt and get used to the new life. Don’t you say that your biggest dream is to be loved by the world? You are happy, isn’t it the embodiment of love? ”

(end of this chapter)

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