What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 103


Chapter 103 Slow and steady

New hairstyles, new outfits, new people.

Brother Zhang stared at the mirror for a long time, looking at the unfamiliar self in the mirror, he suddenly felt a little funny, but when he got up, he still picked up the pair of glasses on the table.

With the glasses on, he’s a complete mortal, and he’s tainted with Seven Emotions and Six Desires that shouldn’t have been there, although he still knows how to get that filth.

But that’s okay, there’s still a lot of time, take your time.

Walking out the door, I happened to see Wugenshui squatting in the yard with the otherworldly elf man to study the medicinal value of a plant. He stood on the balcony on the second floor and took the initiative to say hello: “Morning.”

Wugenshui almost stumbled upon hearing this greeting, he turned his head tremblingly, looked towards Brother Zhang, and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than death: “Morning …”

Little Brother Zhang, nodded, walked downstairs, and the pony, who was wiping weapons on the table, saw him come down, and immediately wiped all the weapons and blades before standing up and saying, “Boss, Where are you going to play today?”

“I’ll go shopping by myself first.”

Brother Zhang adjusted his glasses: “Is that right?”

“Yes, yes… that’s the state, you can start, find the feeling you want.”

“Okay…” Brother Zhang glanced at the breakfast that had been prepared a long time ago: “Should I have breakfast?”

Pony patted his head and then remembered that Brother Zhang actually has no human appetite at all, because he has no hunger, so food is just a change for him necessities rather than necessities.

“Eat, you must eat, three meals a day. If you don’t eat, you will feel hungry. You have to get back the hunger you felt back then.”

Xiao Zhang Brother came to the chair and sat down, and then began to carefully recall how he should have spent the morning when he was an ordinary teenager.

At that time, he was in his first year of junior high school. The teenager who didn’t get enough sleep was in a hurry every morning. The oil, salt, sauce and vinegar at home made the morning time like a battlefield.

Because the mother passed away very early, the father is not an expert in cooking. Most of the time, it is a bowl of egg fried rice or a bowl of egg noodles. Although the life at home is not difficult, but in the morning time Really nervous.

I don’t know how long it has been since Brother Zhang didn’t eat that kind of fried rice with a burnt taste.

“Can you cook?” Brother Zhang asked Pony.

“How can I do that…I always eat instant noodles or self-heating rice when I’m alone.”

“Can you help me to fry a bowl of egg fried rice? ?” Brother Zhang smiled awkwardly: “My fried rice is a little too delicate.”

“Okay, I’ll go right now.”

Although Xiaoma doesn’t know Xiao Zhang What is the brother’s intention, but the Lord’s words are orders, and he has no right to refuse.

Soon, there was a banging noise in the kitchen, followed by the familiar burnt smell, the smell of egg protein spoiling when overheated.

After a while, Xiaoma put a very strange bowl of egg fried rice on the table, and he said a little sorry: “I have done as much as possible, or not…we Let’s go out to eat.”

Brother Zhang just smiled and looked at the head, took this bowl of egg fried rice, which didn’t look delicious, and began to eat.

Does it taste good? That was really bad, but it was exactly the smell he was most familiar with, with a sense of clumsiness and memories of the past.

The biggest function of food is naturally to keep people alive, but few people know that its second biggest function is to carry memory.

No matter how long it takes, sometimes suddenly eating familiar flavors can bring people back to that time in the past.

Sometimes an elderly man who has been away from home for fifty years may even burst into tears over a piece of scallion pancake. This is the power of food.

Brother Zhang was eating this unpalatable bowl of egg fried rice, but in front of him there was a silhouette of the father who was foul-mouthed and busy in front of him, while he was sitting on the doorstep gobbling it down. With this unpalatable bowl of egg fried rice.

He didn’t know why he was able to eat such an unpalatable food at that time. Looking back carefully, among the many reasons, there was only one reason that was the most intuitive – hunger.

The memory of hunger was gradually pulled back. The feeling of stomach rumbling with hunger and stomach rolling swept Xiao Zhang’s body in an instant, and his stomach made a gu gu sound.

He was stunned when he was holding the bowl, just because he had never felt this way for many, many years, and the slight discomfort made him so happy that his hands began to tremble. .

He lowered his head and took a big mouthful of food. Although the food was really hard to eat, the feeling of fullness after the food entered his stomach made him feel emotional fluctuations for the first time in ten years.

The pony is a little scared next to him, because he also took a bite of this meal just now. It was really something that the pig shook his head when he saw it, but Brother Zhang…

“Boss, no, let’s not eat it, you don’t have to take care of my face.”

Brother Zhang just hooked the head and continued to devour it until he ate a big bowl of rice.

What comes next is the sense of fulfillment after the instinctive physiology is satisfied. In the eyes of most people, this feeling is not worth mentioning, but it is just eating something that is not delicious. But in Brother Zhang, he could not wait to break the momentary satisfaction into forty parts, and repeat the feeling twice a day.

After carefully experiencing the long-lost satisfaction, Brother Zhang sat in a chair in silence for a long time, and finally was a little anxious in the pony, for fear that he would give the plane Guardian a bowl of rice. Eat to death.

About ten minutes later, Brother Zhang started breathing again. He turned his head to frowned and said to the pony: “I’ve almost forgotten the most basic human feeling.”

“It’s okay. , let’s find it slowly…”

After breakfast, the two of them set off for a walk, one after the other walking in the spacious streets of the wealthy area, the pony has been observing the small Brother Zhang’s demeanor, but found that although he was wearing glasses, he didn’t have any special expression.

However, there was one action that suddenly caught the pony’s attention, that is, when passing through a low bush, Brother Zhang subconsciously extended the hand to drag a leaf down.

Don’t look at this action unremarkable, but this means that Brother Zhang is now in a relaxed state, so relaxed that the body is not completely controlled by the brain, and part of it is still following the subconscious mind. Impossible This kind of reaction occurs, because it is in a state of high tension all the time, and the body naturally impossible to have this kind of cheap behavior.

And similar behaviors include walking and walking well and suddenly shooting a basketball, walking and walking well and suddenly saying a word, walking and walking well and suddenly showing Great Star Absorption Art’s hand. Posture, a common disorder in men, is mostly found in young men.

In other words, the unhappiness of the middle age person is likely to be partly due to their unwillingness to let their instincts dominate their bodies, completely restraining their subconscious expectations, and eventually leading them to appear with Xiao Zhang. Almost the same situation, that is, forget how to be happy.

β€œShould I be tired from walking?”

Brother Zhang suddenly looked back at the pony: β€œI have walked more than 14,000 steps, a normal person should You will be tired, right?”

The pony waved his hand quickly: “no no no, you don’t have to deliberately calculate this thing, you just need to choose the most comfortable posture to live your life.”


“Well… well.”

How should I put it, Xiaoma thinks this is a rehabilitation training. From his cognitive level, what Xiao Zhang needs is an all-round training. Rehabilitation, from physical to mental needs rehabilitation, gradually allows him to adapt to living as a person in this world.

And what is this about? Natural, natural, or fucking natural, you don’t need to ask yourself to be like an ordinary person, anyway, no one cares why another person walks 20 kilometers without breathing, and no one will go deep into why one does not eat Breakfast is not hungry yet.

The only person who really cares about this kind of subtle difference is the person involved, and the more the person concerned about this, the easier it is to go from one pit to another.

“Boss, don’t worry, let’s take your time.”

“Well, I see.”

After a while, Xiao Zhang Brother started to appear in front of others with a brand new look as much as possible. Although it didn’t take long, he had already started to ask “Can it be cheaper?” after buying things, and he also started to suddenly lift the phone after fiddling with it at night. At the beginning, he said, “I spent a lot of money during this time”, and I will justify myself a few words when I have a dispute with someone outside.

These are all things that he could have done in the past, and even if there is a dispute with someone, he will be in a particularly good mood after returning.

“What’s going on ahead?”

Brother Zhang and Xiao Ma went out for a walk as usual this day, but when they passed a restaurant, they found a lot of people gathered around to watch the fun .

Pony is a gossip man. He immediately came up to try to make a mess, but when he saw it, he found out that it was a restaurant opening. Then they opened an event to challenge their gold medal chef and won. of people get a 100-inch super TV and a month of all-you-can-eat at the restaurant.

The chef looked very young, about the same age as Brother Zhang, and he was somewhat arrogant when he sat there.

“Boss, try?”

“Try what?” Brother Zhang looked down at the challenge content on the sign: “Challenge this?”

“Yeah, it will set their spirits down.”

In fact, this kind of opening challenge is just for popularity. That’s why we choose such a young chef. Those long-established chefs will not come, because winning is not worth boasting, and losing is shameful. And the chefs who are about the same age may not necessarily have such good skills as him.

So… just watch this kind of event lively, and then everyone and the others’ bosses will send some red envelopes for the opening.

There are challengers, but there are some good audiences who are confident in their cooking skills and invited by the restaurant.

Two knives, Yehu Chan, a chef who wants to challenge a professional, is of course impossible, so Brother Zhang and the others have watched several rounds of chef challenges, and deboning the fish in the first round is a stumbling block. Big voter.

“Here and here.” The pony finally couldn’t help it at this time. After he saw another challenger being asked to step down: “We are going to sign up!”

(This chapter end)

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