What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 104


Chapter 104 is just a cook

Brother Zhang was pulled, but he didn’t hold back, and then he was offered by the pony in front of everyone’s eyes on stage.

His dress is not very distinctive, with a smile on his face, no matter how he looks like a professional cook, and although the restaurant is not very optimistic about him at first glance, he is also attentive to passersby. entertained.

β€œWhat’s your last name, sir?”


The host at the scene showed the enthusiasm of Hong Kong TV shopping and said to the next person in a very exaggerated tone : “Now Zhang Sheng, who is also young, wants to challenge Peter, can he succeed? Let’s wait and see!”

After finishing speaking, the beautiful hostess brought a fish, and the request was to meet at 3 Remove the fish bones within minutes without damaging the structure of the fish.

This is an entry level exam, and although this is a sea fish with few thorns, it can’t be done without some skill.

Brother Zhang saw the fish in front of him, looked up at the pony under the stands, the pony had already started to be a crazy cheerleader there: “Boss, come on! I love you, love you, love you !”

Faced with such enthusiasm, Brother Zhang turned back to the young chef Peter who was sitting there, laughed, and then took out a pair of chopsticks from the side.

And when he saw him take out his chopsticks, Peter, who was still a little careless, suddenly sat up straight, because he had also seen a person who used chopsticks to debone a fish, and that person was him. The master, the super chef of the first prize of the international culinary tournament.

Brother Zhang looked at the fish that were still jumping on the board in front of him.

The first hit breaks the keel, making the fish lose its vitality instantly, the second hit breaks the tailbone, and the third hit hits the fish’s head, causing the gills to open slightly.

After three strokes, he shoved the chopsticks out of the fish’s mouth, ka ka, and then all the contents of the fish’s stomach came out. He partially put the chopsticks in, twisting, turning and prying for about a minute. Finally, he squeezed slightly with both hands at the same time, and the chopsticks penetrated deep into the fish’s mouth, slowly pulling a complete fish spine. It came out, and finally there were two rows of big spines on the fish.

For a total of two minutes and 47 seconds, he placed a complete yellow croaker on the plate, and next to it was a fish shape reassembled with fish bones.

The moment he opened his hand, the applause suddenly resounded throughout the audience. Among them, the atmosphere group contestant Xiaoma shouted so hoarsely that he almost shouted out his lungs.

And Brother Zhang’s hands are really beautiful, even Peter, whose name is very foreign, stood up and put on an apron.

The host was still shouting ten thousand zhang passionately about Mai, and the onlookers were also excited, and they were all guessing which building Xiao Zhang came to smash the scene.

Don’t talk about them, even the restaurant people think that this youngster is 80% here to smash the market, but since everyone opens the door to do business, they have to continue.

So this is the official start of the game.

Since it is a chef competition, it is of course a competition of cooking skills, so the dishes are announced on the spot, the first one is no suspense, dry fried beef.

The name of this dish has a kindness as soon as it comes out. After all, this is a magical dish called Sanxiong on the street together with soy sauce and rice rolls. It is the simplest and most common, but this is simple and common. But it can immediately reflect the work of the chef.

The materials used on both sides are similar, but Brother Zhang is more traditional in comparison, while Peter’s side is a little more innovative. But once this thing is fried, it will be smoky and smoldering, and the techniques and rhythm proficiency of both sides are similar, and even the tempering is almost synchronized.

Although it’s just cooking, no matter what the word “competitive” is added to it, it’s very exciting, and the pots and pans don’t allow the engine to roar at this moment.

Brother Zhang and the other chef can be said to be excellent, and even the meals are served almost at the same time.

Two servings of dry fried beef are placed on top. Brother Zhang’s is full of ruddy, with crystal clear and near-transparent in the oily coke aroma, while Peter’s is also powder-dried soy sauce with uniform color. , seems to be full of appetite.

There seems to be only one difference in the production process, that is, Brother Zhang’s beef is out of oil, while Peter’s beef is directly roasted and then placed in the pan.

In terms of appearance, the two sides are almost on the same level. Peter also took a deep look at the stranger who appeared suddenly. He didn’t seem to remember when such a chef of his own grade came out of Hong Kong. come.

At this moment, the host appeared again. He excitedly and exaggeratedly introduced the two pho in front of him, and then sent the waiter next to him to divide the pho into small portions and distribute them to the audience to taste.

The pony also grabbed two copies. Although there is only one chopstick on one side, it can be said that this chopstick is quite satisfying.

He ate the one made by Peter first. It was fragrant, springy, and moderately salty. The beef was tender and had a roasted meat aroma, and the bean sprouts inside were also crispy. Succulent and juicy, one bite can be said to be unforgettable.

It’s not an exaggeration at all, just this craft, even if he quits it someday, he can have a good time when he returns to his hometown and sets up a stall on the side of the road to sell only this kind of thing, even if it is a small one. Brother Zhang’s opponent, but it’s really delicious.

And then he also took a bite of Brother Zhang’s. The first bite was not as amazing as Peter’s, just like what he usually eats in Chang’an Lane, but after a few chews, he felt it. Inside is different.

Old neighborhood flavor.

Yes, it’s the old taste, the taste I ate when I was a child, and the mouth-watering smell that wafted out of the hor fun shop when I came home from school at that time. to have a taste.

They are used to calling this flavor Old Neighborhood Flavor. The soy sauce is heavy on the palate and sweet in the aftertaste. The first bite is not surprising, but after the first bite, I still want to have the second bite.

The people next to you probably feel the same way. There is no separation between the province and Hong Kong, and the tastes on both sides are probably similar. The older you are, the more so, so many youngsters will vote For Peter, and those who are a little older will choose Brother Zhang without hesitation.

As for why? Because the taste can carry memories, many people think of their childhood years because of this mouthful of pho. How many people can make this kind of taste now?

This vote is enough for feelings, and the taste is also very good.

Soon, the voting was over, and the host started to sing the votes as if they had beaten chicken blood. Brother Zhang didn’t panic, just walked over to Peter’s plate and picked up chopsticks to eat. Leftover pho.

“It’s delicious.” Brother Zhang gave him a thumbs up: “It’s really delicious.”

After saying thank you, Peter walked over to Brother Zhang’s plate. Went to take a bite, after eating he smacking it, then took another bite, and then efficiently ate the remaining half of the plate.

He wiped his mouth with a tissue, turned his head back and asked, “Did you add soy sauce twice? Why?”

“Because…the first time didn’t work. Add enough.” Brother Zhang is also very calm: “It will be very light.”

At this time, Peter suddenly thought of a detail, that is, when Brother Zhang was heating the pot, he added two at first. A tablespoon of soy sauce, and then he boiled the soy sauce, and then he used the boiled soy sauce as the ingredient…

Now Peter immediately understood the key to the outstanding taste of his pho, which was Because the soy sauce he uses is thicker, it looks the same amount but tastes heavier than his own soy sauce, and he must have added sugar when boiling the soy sauce!

It’s a really old-fashioned way of not adding sugar to the pho but to the soy sauce.

Soon, the score of the first dry fried beef river came out, and Brother Zhang won the game with a slight advantage of three votes.

Peter looked at him, then nodded, and extended the hand toward him: “I learned a trick, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Brother Zhang also Smiling and shaking hands with him.

The first course was Xiao Zhang’s victory, and this game also ushered in a climax. Because of the publicity of the neighbors, more people came to the scene, and there were even some big players from the surrounding restaurants. The chef also came along to join in the fun.

After a short rest, the dishes for the second competition came up – roast chicken.

When I heard this, the pony downstairs laughed out loud.

If you don’t ask about the fame of Brother Zhang’s roast chicken in Chang’an Lane, it’s really amazing, and the pony can be considered to have traveled far and wide, but who’s roast chicken is better than Brother Zhang’s? Yummy, that’s absolutely impossible.

Who certified this? This was personally certified by the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox King of Qingqiuyuan. That year, Grandfather Pi brought back a roast chicken for Chinese New Year. After Heavenly-Fox King finished eating, he stopped at Brother Zhang and ate it for two and a half months after the first month. I ate more than 300 chickens and spent a total of 30,000 yuan, which is still recorded in Grandfather Pi’s account.

One can imagine how much the fox king likes to eat Xiao Zhang’s roast chicken, and he is the fox king, and it is impossible to say that he eats less.

And when Brother Zhang heard this, he was also a little surprised. He looked back at Peter and said, “Roast chicken?”

“Why? No?”


Peter laughed: “Let’s get started.”

Little Zhang, Peak, handles 170 chickens a day, he Even without any ability, as long as you give him a kitchen knife, he can dismember the chicken to pieces without touching a chicken bone.

In ancient times there was Paodingjie ox, but now there is brother Zhang to deconstruct chickens.

While Peter was handling the roasted chicken according to the normal procedure, he saw Brother Zhang’s handling of the chicken, how skillful he was, which shocked Peter at the time.

He wants to stop now, but admitting defeat is much more ugly than losing, so he had to put aside his distractions and seriously smear the chicken in his hand with his own special honey sauce.

Brother Zhang is slow to deal with the hairs that are not completely cleaned on the chicken. The progress is obviously slower than that of Peter, but he is not panic at all, because the chicken is fresh enough, he can make a dish. Raw roasts that can’t be cooked with frozen chicken.

This dish is a hidden menu in Brother Zhang’s late-night cafeteria.

(End of this chapter)

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