What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 105


Chapter 105 is the most Acacia I can’t keep

It’s just a skin-water bath, and it’s roasted on the stove . As long as there is no problem with the spice ratio, the taste is not bad.

But this time obviously presents a problem for both parties, that is, how to make a roast chicken in 20 minutes, which is very difficult.

Even if you take the usual route, you can’t get a roast chicken at all, and even if you get it, you can’t call it a roast chicken.

This is actually quite embarrassing, but Brother Zhang has a unique trick of cheating. This is a recipe developed for the fox who is anxious to eat chicken.

It was originally just a simplified version of roast chicken, but didn’t expect inexplicably became the classic reserved secret menu of the milk tea shop in Chang’an Lane.

It’s quick, tasty, and easy to make.

Just put a layer of honey plum powder and soy sauce water on the outside of the processed chicken, then add a light oil, then hang the chicken on the oil pan and pour it down, a spoonful of it. Put a spoonful of chicken skin from the belly of the chicken, wait until the skin changes color, then put it on the stove, ignite the charcoal fire and add fragrant wood and dried fruit to smoke.

This operation is guaranteed to be served in 20 minutes, and the flavor is special. Strictly speaking is a lot of roast chicken, but the taste is really good. The chicken skin is burnt and crispy outside. It is to eat the bits and pieces of chewing bits, fragrant, salty, sweet and sour, which not only relieves cravings but also fills the stomach.

When Peter, who was still following the steps next to him, saw that Brother Zhang had already started to smoke the chicken with a strong fire, he didn’t understand, this roast chicken… can it also be called roast chicken? This is how to make crispy chicken and smoked chicken, right?

But now is not the time to pay attention to others, because there are less than five minutes left, and I may not be able to complete the production in five minutes.

But Peter is also a young leader in the world of chefs. Seeing that he can’t finish it, he simply took the chicken to Brother Zhang, and with a squeak, he slipped the chicken into the restaurant.

In Brother Zhang’s hot oil.

Brother Zhang looked up at him, and probably understood his intentions, but he didn’t stop him.

As the chicken was fried at high heat, Peter began to play tricks. He put all the ready-made seasonings into the pot, started to fry, and then began to thicken it.

When it was almost cooked, he took the chicken out of the hot oil and ran it through the hot batter, hung it on the hook, quickly drained the excess water with kitchen paper, and used the chicken and The residual temperature of the oil tightens the juice for the second time, and the color is so bright that at first glance it looks no different from the real roast chicken.

Then he started to slice the roasted chicken, like BJ roasted duck, and finally, when there was less than a minute left, he placed the chicken on the stove with an iron plate, and started the roasting process. Steel pattern.

In less than a minute, he and Brother Zhang almost ate at the same time. The two looked at each other, saw the “roasted chicken” they had made, and looked at each other’s products. Xuan laughed.

Neither of the two people’s chicken is roast chicken, but it’s not more authentic than who’s roast chicken, anyway, everyone is not authentic, it’s all strange methods, then everyone fight It tastes good.

Compared to the roast chicken for two people, Peter’s roast chicken is more of a sizzling flavor, because the cooking time is short, so the juice is preserved. On the other hand, Brother Zhang’s roast chicken has a stable cooking time and a little less juice, but it is full of burnt aroma, chewy and tasty.

Comparing the two sides, Peter’s chicken tastes brighter and fresher, with a very simple taste. Brother Zhang’s chicken has an artificially carved flavor, with all kinds of spices blending thoroughly with the dual flavors of crispy chicken and smoked chicken.

For these two flavors, it is difficult for most ordinary people to evaluate which one is better, because they are obviously not the same thing, and neither is roast chicken, so it is very difficult to evaluate.

Is it delicious? In fact, they are all delicious. At this time, it doesn’t matter whether they are roasting chicken or not. They can imitate the appearance and taste of roasted chicken to this extent.

After the ordinary person tried one round, in fact, everyone still didn’t get a specific result, and they had such a wonderful game just now, in fact, it was difficult for everyone to vote with their feet.

At this time, the chefs of the individual restaurants next to them began to perform. They put on the most professional posture and began to take turns to try the food. There is no shortage of well-known chefs here.

After they finished eating, they started to meet and discuss. If it is called roast chicken, the two of them are not qualified, but purely in terms of taste, these two youngsters have some skills.

In the end, after some comments, they believed that Brother Zhang’s dishes were more delicious, with obvious shortcomings but more obvious advantages. Not everyone likes to eat tender and raw food, which is dry and not burnt. The fragrant chicken is obviously a different approach, and it can be said that it fully meets the evaluation standards of new dishes and extended dishes.

So in terms of creativity, Brother Zhang is better. Although Peter’s side is also very interesting, compared with his opponents, he is a little less skillful.

Specifically speaking, the difference lies in the experience and control of the heat.

Three games and two wins, and the third game that was originally there was invisible. Brother Zhang won two games, and took advantage of the trend to win the game and won the reward he deserved.

At this time, a man rushed out from behind the restaurant. He rushed to Brother Zhang and said, “Hello sir, our Boss wants to see you.”

At this moment The pony, who had already carried the 100-inch TV on his shoulders, stepped forward and said, “What? Can’t afford to lose?”

“No no no, our boss is just pure love, seeing this This gentleman has superb cooking skills, and Boss is very interested in chatting with him.”

And Peter next to him lost two games in a row, but he didn’t seem to have any special reaction, just sitting there holding a small The roast chicken made by Brother Zhang slowly tasted.

The first bite of his roast chicken, the first thing you can feel is that the meat is distinct, that is, it is relatively old. But as he chewed it, he realized that there was actually a flavor in the chicken. Although it was old, it was full of flavor, and when chewed carefully, it would not turn into slag, but slipped down his throat.

I picked up another piece and chewed it again. This time, I could clearly feel the layering after a more detailed tasting. There is a clear boundary layer between the skin and the meat. After mixing the two, chew it. There is a very special satisfaction in getting up, which will make people want to have a beer.

Yes! Peter suddenly remembered that this was the fireworks that Master had told him. He said that the truly memorable delicacies were never found in temples, but in the marketplace, with no difficulty. The ability of the most ordinary things to do well is enough to illustrate the skill of the chef.

“Wait a minute, the third dish is not finished yet.” Peter stood up at this time and said to Brother Zhang with a smile: “The third dish, I would like to see your technique.”

Brother Zhang is un’ed and returned to the stage again. Although he has already won, he doesn’t need to compete any more, but Brother Zhang still wants to steal another teacher. After all, Peter’s craftsmanship has also given him a lot of inspiration.

Seeing that even though Peter lost, he still took the initiative to challenge, and the spectators around became interested again. After all, who could refuse a street chef competition? It doesn’t mean that it’s bad at first glance, there are still some things, and this time the third game can’t decide whether to win or lose, but it should be the youngster’s anger. Isn’t this more exciting than watching football?

The host was also quite confused. He discussed it with the staff present, and after the two sides were docked, he returned to the stage nodded, and continued to be excited.

This time Peter and Brother Zhang put on their aprons again, and they looked at each other, Peter stepped forward and said in Mandarin with a heavy accent: “For the third game, we draw lots. “

Brother Zhang nodded, and then said with a smile: “I just ate a piece of your chicken, I learned it, I want to take it back and sell it for money.”

Peter was stunned I was stunned: “Selling money?”

“Well, I open a restaurant myself.” Brother Zhang said, “Your method is delicious and should be very profitable.”

Peter smiled helplessly, walked back to his place, and then waited for the staff to bring all kinds of delicious ingredients one after another.

Anyone who has watched Chef King’s Hegemony knows that it is the turn of the lottery to decide, that is to consider a chef’s resilience, what is drawn is what, there is no room for cheating, and two people’s dishes They are all different. In such an environment, innovation is basically equal to the dead end, because once someone makes a very representative dish, all the novelties here will be written off.

This restaurant is actually quite organized. Although I have already lost two games, the third game can still supply all the trump card treasures.

Because of the excellent performance of the first two sets, this third game has a particularly high degree of attention, because the pre-preparation takes about an hour, and there are soup stock, shark fin, nine-headed abalone, Da Huang fish, tiger spot , Dongxingban and other high-end ingredients, so when Brother Zhang and the others were at the High Level in Taiwan, chefs from the surrounding areas came, and even Peter’s master, Zhuang Wenqing, the chairman of the Hong Kong and Macau Chefs Federation, came to the scene.

“Master…I’ve embarrassed you.”

Peter felt a little sorry after seeing Master, and Zhuang Wenqing listened to Peter’s report carefully, and then nodded: “You are arrogant. It’s over.”


After finishing speaking, Zhuang Wenqing came to Brother Zhang and looked at him with a full of smiles: “Youngster, do you have a teacher? “

Brother Zhang shook his head hurriedly: “I learned how to cook by watching recipes and your TV show.”

Zhuang Wenqing almost spit out a mouthful of old blood: “You teach yourself ”

β€œen.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: β€œIt’s very interesting.”

Peter and Zhuang Wenqing didn’t speak for a long time, because if the youngster in front of him didn’t lie, Then he is a self-taught player who is a half-way monk, and a self-taught player can directly defeat his final disciple. This is either because Peter is too good, or this youngster innate talent is too high.

Zhuang Wenqing glanced sideways at his discipline, while Peter lowered his head in shame.

“Don’t embarrass me again.” Zhuang Wenqing said sharply: “It’s not good!”

(End of this chapter)

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