What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Fake Roast Chicken and Real Kung Fu

โ€œYou corpse decipherers and their twelve zodiac signs are they? What’s the matter? And I think Brother Zhang treats you very well, so won’t it hurt the feelings of the zodiac?”

“It’s the twelve spirits, and anything is just the zodiac. And we It’s the twelve spirits, and they are the corpse-resolving immortals.” Haozi leaned on the counter, and sat next to Zhang Yao, who came to rest: “Actually, there is nothing that hurts or hurts feelings, this is the Holy Master. He doesn’t need to decide or not. Partiality, you may not know what role he has.”

“So I’m not asking you, after all, most of those corpses are annoying, right? You are the police Uncle, brother Zhang. Won’t you help me?”

Haozi hehe smiled, turned his head and glanced at Thunder Dragon: “You answer, I can watch TV.”

Thunder who was cleaning cups in the counter Dragon raised his eyelids and glanced at Zhang Yao, and said with disdain: “Look at your pattern. Do you know the reason why both the Twelve Spirits and the Corpse Immortals have to give a big gift when they see the boss?”

“I don’t know.”

“en. Let me tell you that, the Twelve Spirits and the Zombie Immortal are deadly enemies, because the Twelve Spirits and the Zombie Xian belong to each other. Different branches of the same Sect are competing for orthodoxy. And the Holy Master is the master of all the worlds of art, law, Taoism and square. This master is not the master of the master, but the master of the affairs. What is the master of the master? It’s inheritance, it’s continuation. For example, 2,000 years ago, the corpse and the immortals won, and then the twelve spirits were chased and killed, and there was no way to retreat. He knelt down and said: Holy Lord, I lost.”

“And then what?” Zhang Yao asked curiously.

“Then? Then the Holy Master opened the door and said to the 30,000 soldiers who were chasing after him and Warlock, the sergeant of Qinglingzi Gate: “Go back, the overall situation has been settled.” Thunder Dragon described with gestures. : “Then none of these tens of thousands of people have the courage to take a step forward. Qin Shihuang just came over and said to the Holy Master: Please protect me, the people of Qin, for all generations.”

“And after that? After that, the Twelve Spirits will be all right?”

“Of course there is something, but according to the rules, the loser is not allowed to step out of the mountain gate for two Jiazi, so you can rest assured.” Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “Two Jiazi has an inheritance, you know this. So even if the Twelve Spirits and Qing Lingzi fought fiercely, it would be a mess. The Holy Master cannot be partial to any side, and only impartiality can protect inheritance. Otherwise How do you think five thousand years of civilization came down through inheritance? Do you think the light of inheritance is only magic, spell? At this time Haozi said with a smile: “Inheritance is more important than life in our opinion. Without inheritance, we can’t be reincarnated. That’s why Da Huang is an exiled god, being bullied by this and that all day long. Just a moment.”

At this time, Da Huang, who was eating canned cat food, raised his head: “Say it again, and then I’ll cry for you.”

“But… Are there all bad guys? Where does inheritance come from?”

“Huang Die’er is a corpse fairy, you two went out shopping yesterday.” Thunder Dragon knocked on the table: “Hua Laozi Wan Er, what did you buy? She wouldn’t tell me.”

“It’s nothing.” Zhang Yao scratched her head: “So she’s a corpse fairy…”

“Yeah, Xiaoma is also a former corpse immortal, Shan Dawang is also a corpse immortal, and Wugenshui is also a corpse immortal. Sister Gou once…” His eyes were already gloomy looking towards him, and he immediately said without a word: “Haozi, me, and Hu Niu are the only ones in the twelve spirits. The identity transformation is not a major event. Qing Lingzi is only talking about this stage. It’s a crime, if Haozi catches him, the boss will not stop him, but if one day the corpse will come to the Holy Master to admit defeat, feel at ease i nheritance. The twelve spirits can no longer be pursued. “

“The law…isn’t that flouting the law?” โ€

โ€œItโ€™s not that the law is disdainful, but the main reason is that when the law has no way to restrain it, we have our own restraint system inside. Of course, Qing Lingzi would still be shot if caught. “Haozi coldly snorted said: “But what about shooting, have you seen the Terminator? As long as inheritance is still there, we are Undying and Inextinguishable and they are also Undying and Inextinguishable. So if I catch Qing Lingzi, I will ban him from the Six Senses and imprison him in Leifeng Pagoda. “

“Huh? Zhang Yao was stunned: “Leifeng Pagoda? โ€

โ€œNot necessarily, it could be Dabaoen Temple, Great Wild Goose Pagoda, either. “Thunder Dragon nodded and said: “This is called banning. “

“It feels very contradictory…”

“What should we do, we passed it down from generation to generation.” At that time, Qing Lingzi and the others were trapped by burning books and pitting scholars. Don’t you see, if they were buried alive for two thousand years, they would come back? “Thunder Dragon helplessly laughed: “By the way, you are so eager to inquire about the boss, if you are interested in him, you can say it directly. Although you are not worthy of him, you can’t give up hope. “

“I’m too lazy to talk to you. โ€

Zhang Yao turned around and picked up the remote control and began to search for the program boringly.

Suddenly, everyone in the room looked towards the TV, because the top It happened to be a Hong Kong program that was interviewing Brother Zhang.

โ€œWhatโ€™s the situation? “Thunder Dragon stood up and watched the TV curiously: “Boss, what are you doing?” “

“Shh…don’t be noisy.” “Zhang Yao frowned to stop Thunder Dragon: “He seems to be participating in some competition. “

“He?” Participate in the competition? “

Zhang Yao turned up the volume to the maximum, and the voice of Brother Zhang being interviewed came from the TV. Only the reporter asked Brother Zhang and said, “Are you confident in the next cooking competition?” Opposite is Zhuang Wenqing’s final disciple. “

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “I already won. โ€

While speaking, he pointed to the stage, and when the camera turned, he saw the pony holding the reward under his head, and a 100-inch TV behind him was waving to the camera. .

Thunder Dragon scolded: “Unfortunate. “

And then the camera turned back to Brother Zhang, and the reporter asked again: “Then why do you still agree to the request of others to continue the game when you have already won?” “

Brother Zhang spoke straighter than his Ding Ding, and said, “Because you can steal a teacher. โ€

โ€œStealing teachers? “

“en.” Brother Zhang seriously nodded and said: “I have a restaurant, I can learn from his dishes and sell them back.” โ€

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the milk tea shop laughed and turned over. Zhang Yao laughed and thumped the table, and even Da Huang rolled around on the table with laughter.

This sentence directly blocked those reporters from Hong Kong who were talking sloppily, and it was hard to ask any more questions.

Everyone said it clearly, just for the sake of What else can I say about stealing a teacher? And what he said is reasonable and reasonable. Isnโ€™t it a beautiful thing to steal a dish from a famous chef and sell it?

Next, Brother Zhangโ€™s preparations The work has been completed, and all the valuable materials are displayed one after another in front of the TV.

Zhang Yao pointed to the TV and said, “This hotel has a layout and will be able to market it. sharp. “

“Well…” Thunder Dragon touched the chin and pondered for a long time: “I can have this idea. When the boss comes back, we will also hold a God of Cooking competition here. “

“Stop arguing, let’s start!” “

Zhang Yao shouted excitedly, and the room fell silent instantly. Everyone watched Brother Zhang put his hand into the box and slowly figured out a dish name.

โ€œYingchun Arhat Zhaiโ€

Brother Zhang picked out the name of the dish, and his expression was clouded in a circle at that time, then he put the paper in the palm of his hand, took out his mobile phone with his right hand and started to check the recipe.

At this time, the yellow croaker in soup that the other chef had drawn had already started to be made, but Brother Zhang was still checking the recipe.

The annoying reporter came up at this time. Now, he almost shot a close-up of Brother Zhang with a face, and then asked in a cheap tone: “Why haven’t you started? Do you think it’s too easy and not a challenge? “

Brother Zhang shouted the head and said blankly: “I don’t know, I’m looking up the recipe.” After he finished speaking, he really turned the screen of his mobile phone to the reporter to see, and it was really the recipe of Yingchun Arhat Zhai. “

This action not only made the reporter feel that he couldn’t keep asking, but even Thunder Dragon and the others felt speechless.

“Hey hey hey, this is too sincere.” Well… it’s a shame to do that. “Zhang Yao shouted in the room: “Where’s the face? Is he shameless? “

“Brother Zhang is not used to those stinky problems. Haozi ate it while holding a handful of sunflower seeds: “It’s not one or two times for him to crawl. โ€

Brother Zhang put his mobile phone next to him, watching the video in the recipe while ka ka ka cutting vegetables. Although he was just cramming, his proficiency far surpasses the imagination. I didn’t even use my eyes to look at the dishes, I cut them up when I picked them up, but I was still able to cut the dishes beautifully.

And at this time, the camera turned again, and Brother Zhang’s opponent had already started. I poured soup for the yellow croaker, it looks really magnificent, the host also praised Peter without hesitation, and said that he is the hope of young chefs in the province, Hong Kong and Macau, and also said that he is the most powerful young chef with life force. .

Peter was still concentrating on preparing the dishes, but after being caught by such a rainbow fart, his face was a little bit unbearable, and he pointed at Brother Zhang and said to the reporter: “Go shoot him, he will win. I have two sets. “

The reporter was at a loss for words at the time, looked back at Brother Zhang, and then continued to focus the camera firmly on Peter.

“Hahahahaha… I’m dying of laughter.” โ€

The milk tea shop is full of happy laughter and cheerful voices at the moment. After all, they know what it means to be a wicked person. This is not bad… The famous big-mouth host is now in a state of explosion by a chef. Countless people’s immediate focus is no longer on what dish to cook, but on the person who temporarily reads the recipe. What’s new after Fantastic Chef.

“I’m going to the scene! “Thunder Dragon finished, took off his apron and rushed out the door.

“I went too.” “Sister Gou followed closely from behind.

At this time, Zhang Yao looked towards Haozi blankly, Haozi ka ka ate a melon seed: “Don’t look at me, I can’t fly. โ€

(end of this chapter)

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