What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 107


Chapter 107 Isn’t it, boss.

Brother Zhang may be going to lose this game, especially after he saw Thunder Dragon and Sister Gou below, he immediately knew that he was being live.

To be honest, Brother Zhang is a little nervous. It’s not that he was nervous because he was being broadcast live, but because what he was doing here was too far from his previous style, and he didn’t know how to explain it.

It was just the way Thunder Dragon and Sister Gou were shouting for him under the stage, which made him really lose face and admit defeat.

The yellow croaker in the soup on Peter’s side is about to take shape, but the ingredients on Brother Zhang’s side are still cooking. Suddenly thought of something, suddenly grabbed a handful of golden hay from somewhere and put it in the pot.

This movement is very subtle and quick, most people don’t notice it, and those who notice it just think he has made something strange.

But the pony recognized it immediately. Isn’t this what he did for the snow lotus he brought from the Kunlun Mountains.

This thing is not rubbish bought on the market, but the spiritual grass that absorbs Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

It melted away when it entered the water, and there was no change at all, but at this moment, the plain plain soup suddenly burst out with an unimaginable aroma, even in the Peter, who was concentrating on cooking yellow croaker in soup, was attracted by this strange fragrance.

Many of the people in the room are experts who have been immersed in the art of cooking for several decades, but they have never smelled such an aroma in a dish.

How to describe it, it seems to be a very special floral fragrance, but this floral fragrance does not conflict with the taste of other ingredients, and it also greatly stimulates all the advantages of those ordinary ingredients. A bowl of ordinary soup became the most elusive focus of the scene.

As the cooking time is longer, the whole audience can smell the strange fragrance, and it has a tendency to become stronger and stronger.

In the big casserole of Xiao Zhang, a pot of ingredients like stewing seems to have a soul at this moment. The tofu gradually becomes crystal clear, and all kinds of mushrooms also have the taste of mushrooms. To the extreme, the seafood mushrooms became like matsutake mushrooms, the king oyster mushrooms became like porcini mushrooms, and the fresh mushrooms actually revealed the taste of black truffles.

The fresh and sweet smell gradually replaced the original floral fragrance and permeated the whole street.

But at this moment, the host announced that the time was up, but Brother Zhang’s meal didn’t seem to take shape, and he added a small cabbage core to it slowly…

During the competition, no matter how amazing the process is, as long as it is not completed at the end, it means that the competition has failed. After being declared defeated, Brother Zhang still completed all the steps he should have, and then he laughed towards Peter, Covered the casserole, jumped off the stage, and left the scene in the eyes of everyone.

Of course, the TV he won before belongs to him, and the pony elated carried the TV and swaggered away.

Some people in the audience just said a pity and said nothing after he left, but some people kept their eyes on the casserole that was still cooking. After all, just now The scent can’t fool anyone.

At this time, Peter actually didn’t care whether his fish was successful or not. He came to the position of Brother Zhang and sat down and gently opened the lid of the casserole.

At the moment when the steam is vacated, the smell is so strong that people can’t restrain the saliva from coming out.

Peter took a deep breath, and he instantly felt as if he had entered a dreamlike state, where he could see the snow-capped peaks and the misty woods, and the compound scent was just as good. It was like his own psychedelics, so he couldn’t even control his own thoughts.

He picked up a spoon, scooped a spoonful of soup lightly and put it to his mouth to cool it, then took a sip.

It was this mouthful, he felt his taste buds exploded directly, the taste that had been nurtured by the delicacies of the mountains and the sea all the year round to an almost harsh taste awakened in this brief moment, and all the limbs and bones seemed to flow through a clear spring. , Even the nasal cavity can feel the deliciousness of the soup in front of him when he breathes.

It was an indescribable beauty, and it even made Peter stunned on the spot, because he couldn’t find an accurate adjective to describe the soup in front of him.

He has also seen China’s Little Master. After being a chef, he knew that the dishes that glowed there and the feeling that people could fly in the sky after drinking a sip was definitely fake, but at this time At this moment, the pot of vegetarian soup in front of his eyes is glowing, and his senses have been rushed to beyond the topmost clouds, as if floating above the clouds in the mountains in the southwest border, erratic and swirling.

Seeing that the disciple’s expression was not quite right, Zhuang Wenqing also stepped forward, took the spoon from the almost sluggish disciple, and took a bite without the slightest hesitation.

Then he and Peter met on the same cloud in the southwest frontier mountains, and the two even said to each other “you’re here too”.

But Jiang is still old and spicy. He came back a little earlier than Peter, and he drank two more sips immediately after returning to his soul.

Although what he saw were the most common ingredients in the market, the entrance was the taste of the world’s highest.

After three mouthfuls, Zhuang Wenqing let out a sigh of relief. He put down his spoon in horror and no longer dared to touch the pot of soup, not because he found anything abnormal, but because he was afraid that the pot of soup would be ruined. His sense of taste, if he drinks it again, he may not even be able to cook.

Peter’s cultivation is a little shallower, he just came back leisurely, raised his head and glanced at the strange master, and whispered: “Master… I lost.”

Zhuang Wenqing sighed and looked the head: “This is not something for people to eat, this is the taste of Divine Immortal. Don’t drink this soup, it will ruin your experience of the taste.”

“en. ”

After a pot of soup, their master and disciple never drank it again, but when they distributed it to others, it attracted a lot of sighs. Many people have already met in the clouds, a few Ten people danced on a cloud together, and the scene was gorgeous.

After drinking the soup, no one said anything about the yellow croaker in the soup. Everyone knew that this was the youngster’s show mercy, because at this moment, the yellow croaker in the soup could no longer be eaten.

Fishy but not fresh, unqualified!

Peter sat staring at the casserole with a piece of tofu left in front of him. Looking around, he did not follow the advice of his master, picked up the crystal clear and near-transparent tofu and ate it. .

A piece of tofu full of essence was destroying his taste buds from the beginning, but he didn’t notice it, and even chewed it carefully, and after chewing, he even ate it. With three flavors, from the sweetness in the mouth to the mellowness and finally the fragrance, the layered texture of a piece of tofu surprised him.

At this time, the master was calling him not far away, and Peter got up quickly and went over to see that it was the master who was commenting on his yellow croaker.

Peter picked up his chopsticks and took a bite as usual, but as his favorite, he could only eat bitter, salty and fishy when he entered the mouth.

He immediately spit out the fish in his mouth, ran to the side and retched.

Seeing his state, Zhuang Wenqing sighed helplessly, and then said to Peter, “You should go back to rest and adjust during this time. Your current state is not suitable for being a chef.”



“Try to find a way to find the youngster just now, he will get all the money for his technique.” Zhuang Wenqing said seriously: “If this technique is lost, then What a pity.”

“Got it.”

What they didn’t know was that in the restaurant behind, the boss of this restaurant watched their game all the way. Although the publicity effect of the scene was directly full, he was really disappointed with Peter’s performance.

As a famous chef hired by him with a high salary, he didn’t win a single dish today. If he didn’t find someone to do him, then it means that Peter’s skills are not as good as the legend.

And this restaurant will become a restaurant that will impact the status of Hong Kong’s top ten famous buildings in the future. How can such a thing be allowed?

So he said to the people under his opponent: “Go and talk to Aggie, look for the person just now, and bring him to me no matter what you do, if he doesn’t come, he will be brought to me. Cut off your fingers.”

Hong Kong is a shabby place, and the atmosphere of the rivers and lakes is still very strong, especially in places like the Yan’s Wing Building, which were basically dominated by the bosses of the young and dangerous back then. controlled. Although they are now more civilized than before, after all, dogs can’t stop eating shit. Because in their cognition, if such a talent cannot be used by them, it must not be used by others.

At this moment, Brother Zhang is already sitting in the car without root water, and Thunder Dragon next to him is vividly describing how funny Brother Zhang was on TV just now.

Brother Zhang was actually very happy too. He sat there and laughed. Thinking back on everything just now, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Let’s put the TV in the store, I’ve wanted a big TV for a long time.” Thunder Dragon said happily, “And what else?”

Drive ahead Rootless Water said with a smile: “The Holy Master looked really majestic and expert on TV just now.”

“Yes, yes, we saw it in the store. When you were with you, Zhang Yao looked stupid.” Thunder Dragon laughed and said with a smile: “I guess she’s messing around with Haozi now, because Sister Gou and I didn’t bring her.”

Sister Gou looked back at Brother Zhang with a cool look: “Lord, this is actually quite good. You can often participate in such activities.”

“en!” Xiao Zhang Brother readily agreed, then turned on his phone and took a look, and found that Zhang Yao had sent himself a dozen messages, each of which was heavier than the other.

Brother Zhang smiled and took a small video for him, taking everyone around him.

Thunder Dragon next to him saw this, but shook his head and said, “Boss, you are pure and irritating.”

At this time, Wugenshui suddenly said : “speaking of which the restaurant seems to be the head of which club, it shouldn’t be trouble us?”


Thunder Dragon and Little Ma asked back at the same time, and then Thunder Dragon patted the cushion and shouted: “Who else in the world dares to come to trouble the boss? You ask Qing Lingzi if he dares?”

None Genshui is just a laugh of Hehe. Of course, Qing Lingzi doesn’t dare. Zombie Xianxian and Twelve Spirits are co-owners. Let’s not say that Qing Lingzi is not stupid. Even if he is a fool, he knows that the Lord is not him. What can be provoked, rebellion at worst is a crisis in the rivers and lakes, and those who oppose the Holy Master will have to be expelled. Without the protection of the Holy Master, his Qing Lingzi would become a great plague god, and everyone would kill him if he could, but if he couldn’t kill him, he would be afraid to avoid it.

So Wugenshui didn’t answer, but said laughed: “You two happened to be here too, don’t rush back today, we’ll have a barbecue in the yard later.”

Thunder Dragon readily agreed. Although Sister Gou was cold, her gluttony made her unable to say anything to refuse.

But at this moment, Zhang Yao was really pissed off. She returned to her base from the milk tea shop angrily.

After the past, I found that only Zhu Zhenzhen was sitting there watching TV and eating snacks. Zhang Yao didn’t care about that much, and went up to complain to Zhu Zhenzhen about Brother Zhang’s straight male behavior.

Zhu Zhenzhen…It sounds very uncomfortable, although I don’t know why, it’s mainly because Zhang Yao’s tone feels like she’s already had a serious talk with Brother Zhang.

“Isn’t he always like this?”

Zhu Zhenzhen’s words made Zhang Yao even more angry. She sat there and started to fiddle with her flight system. After a long time, he opened his mouth and said, “Why is he so stupid, can’t he really specialize for someone?”

“Why?” The ingredients are in it: “He is different from the stinky men you usually see. If he will treat you as a licking dog like those rubbish, will he still be him?”

This is emotional Zhang Yao was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Zhu Zhenzhen carefully: “Zhenzhen, do you… like him?”


Zhang Yao suddenly Smile and bend over.

“What are you laughing at?”

“In those days, some people set their own mate selection criteria, let me repeat them: over 1.85 meters tall, young and handsome, graduate degree or above, family Assets cannot be less than 1 billion, and personal assets cannot be less than 80 million. Is that so? But Brother Zhang doesn’t seem to meet your standards, right? One meter eighty-five may be a little bit worse, young and handsome, but no education , let alone one billion family property and 80 million personal assets.”

“I’m too lazy to care about you.” Zhu Zhenzhen got up: “I’m going back.”

Zhang Yao laughed, but After Zhu Zhenzhen left, she sat there but was not happy at all, even annoyed… This kind of annoyance made her not interested in work at all, and she sat there playing with a welding torch for a long time without any progress.

Until this place’s No. 2 Seeded Contestant Grandfather Pi got up from the rest cabin yawning and found Zhang Yao who was in a daze: “Order takeout, order takeout, do you want to eat? The old man is asleep. How long?”

“No appetite. You slept for twenty hours.” Zhang Yao was depressed.

“It’s too hard to go back from Qingqiu… I’m tired of old man.” Grandfather Pi rubbed his eyes and came to her, looked up and down: “Why are you so trapped by love? What does he look like?”

“Can you tell a fox with you?”

“Hey!” Grandfather Pi rolled up his sleeves: “old man is a fox! You know I don’t know what a vixen is!”

(End of this chapter)

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