What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 108


Chapter 108 Brother, how about playing Devil May Cry?

After washing up, Grandfather Pi pulled a blackboard and started teaching Zhang Yao in the form of a fox spirit.

“As a woman, you have to be good at using your body. Your body is a woman’s greatest asset. It is very valuable, especially in front of those stinky hairs. Act like a spoiled child, and someone will give you a red envelope.” Grandfather Pi said.

Zhang Yao opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Grandfather Pi: “A man just eats this way, you have to keep him from eating, but you have to give some benefits. If you don’t give the benefits, people will be too lazy to pay attention to you, if you want to give the benefits, what are you planning?”

One person and one fox, they were here for an afternoon of extracurricular teaching, anyway, it was a Dare to teach a dare to learn. Otaku Goddess and engineering Goddess get together to study men, the scene is funny and ridiculous.

But at night, Zhang Yao seemed to have forgotten about all these things, and she forgot about trying to play hard-to-play, making voice calls, and so on.

Now Zhang Yao has transformed into an owl mode, but in front of her is a very beautiful pistol.

This pistol is made of high temperature die-cast titanium alloy, and Zhang Yao is engraving a very complicated Formation on the pistol by hand.

This Formation was cheated by Thunder Dragon with a hot pot meal. Anyway, Thunder Dragon is a deceitful and generous person. Zhang Yao has deceived a lot of good things from him during this period of time.

She also planned to use laser engraving to complete it before, but after several attempts, the precision of the laser was far below the requirements, and the complexity of the Formation was almost terrifying. Thunder Dragon That is what you want with a slap of your hands, and people can directly think about the formation. But Zhang Yao can’t. She doesn’t have the technology, so the best way is to use laser to engrave the rough Formation, and the rest of the details are completely reproduced by hand.

There are nineteen formation eyes on the Formation. These formation eyes need to be triggered by an energy medium. Zhang Yao used the secret technique in the Santa Claus technique. A replaceable battery is used to function the upper formation eye by means of infinite power transmission.

Theoretically, one side of the battery can supply the top of the Formation for 0.4 seconds. According to the bullet residence time, the time of a bullet in the chamber is about two thousandths of a second, plus The wear and tear of the battery can fire about 100 bullets, and the two sides are 200 rounds.

It is also very easy to replace the battery, so as long as the Formation can be successfully engraved, this gun is the first weapon born in Zhang Yao’s hands that can kill people with special functions.

The high-voltage arc cutter kept flickering, Zhang Yao even breathing cautiously, for fear that there was a little bit of a mistake, he compared the details of the Formation from three different directions and zoomed in, and forced to stop The mechanism can ensure that the entire work plan will not be completely scrapped due to a sneeze or other reasons.

After the owl mode was activated, Zhang Yao sat alone in this empty place for a whole night, just like being a model for others.

If she has such a patient and gentle attitude towards people, it is estimated that her child will be in the first grade next year.

But the problem is that she really cares about these things. From physics across the secret technique, she is now a remarkable figure in both fields.

When the sky was getting brighter, Zhang Yao finally put out a long breath. She took the pistol out of the explosion-proof box and looked at it carefully for a while. She felt that this thing was really beautiful, light, durable and durable. It’s good-looking, but it’s a pity that it can’t be painted because of the Formation. Otherwise, if you spray a cherry powder, it will definitely be elated.

Removing the magazine, she took out a crystal clear and near-transparent bullet from the drawer next to it. It is shorter than the metal one, but because it is a psionic creation, it fits perfectly with the Formation on the pistol.

Zhang Yao pressed a non-icing bullet into the magazine, then loaded the pistol, and aimed a shot at the pressure plate at the far end of the warehouse.

The moment the trigger was pulled, the bullet was flushed out of the barrel by the gunpowder, and the electric light on the gun body rolled, and the bullet went straight to the front board with the electric light, there is no suspense. A hole about the size of a washbasin was punched in that board.

After several tests, Zhang Yao found that the bullets strengthened by Formation could directly penetrate a homogeneous steel plate with a thickness of about ten centimeters, and could also carry out a dissolving attack while forming penetrating wounds. The damage, that is to say, the big hole was completely dissolved by the thunder and lightning brought by the Formation.

But if the Formation is not activated, the formidable power of the ice bullet is really touching. The four-millimeter steel plate is a small pit, and the one-millimeter steel plate is barely broken.

Now the remaining projects are in vivo experiments.

Zhang Yao, carrying a gun, called the whole world early in the morning to find someone to be shot at, but no one was found, and a scolding was indispensable. In the end, she made an amazing move and called Xiao Xiao. Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang, he is having breakfast at the moment. After receiving the call from Zhang Yao, he was a little inexplicable, but he went anyway, with a bowl of rice rolls in his hand and a hat on his head. Exclusive cap for tourists.

Seeing him suddenly appearing in front of him, Zhang Yao is a little surprised, after all, his appearance is always so unexpected.

“Just stand there in a moment and I’ll shoot you. Help me test the formidable power.”

After Zhang Yao finished speaking, she suddenly raised her head and looked at Xiao Zhang Brother said: “If I kill you, I will pay for your life.”

Brother Zhang walked up to take two bites of rice rolls, picked up the gun and glanced at it: “It’s not that you don’t have a gun. Is it legal? Where did you buy it?”

“Do I still need to buy this thing?” Zhang Yao pointed in the distance: “Just stand there.”


Brother Zhang stood in the shooting range with the food box, Zhang Yao raised the gun and aimed at him, but she didn’t shoot, and finally she put down her hand: “I do I won’t be able to…”

“Then I’ll go back first. Today I’m going to Lantau Island to see the Giant Buddha, and I’ll be getting on the bus soon.”

Brother Zhang walked forward for two minutes. But Zhang Yao waved his hands again and again: “Stand there, stand there.”

After she finished speaking, she quickly went back and raised her hand to shoot at Brother Zhang.

The bullet dragged its long tail like a comet and galloped towards Brother Zhang, but when it came to him, it was completely extinguished and hovered ten centimeters away from him.

Brother Zhang raised his eyes to look at Zhang Yao, and Zhang Yao also raised his eyes to look at Brother Zhang. The scene was very embarrassing for a while.

Afterwards, Zhang Yao shot Brother Zhang several times in a row, but every time it was like this, the bullets stopped in a row in front of him.

“Go and see the Buddha…”

Zhang Yao is a little desperate: “How can I measure it like this?”

Brother Zhang With a bang, he turned around and left, but just when Zhang Yao was about to jump, he came back, picked up the pistol and aimed a shot at his hand, this time the bullet didn’t hover, but seemed to pass through a It penetrated his palm like a piece of paper, but before Zhang Yao could react, Brother Zhang’s hand was restored to its original state.

“Well, the formidable power is okay.” After he finished speaking, he slowly took a few steps back and disappeared in front of Zhang Yao again.

And Zhang Yao was really stunned when she saw the scene just now. Could someone really shoot at her? And does he feel no pain? Hey…

But there is one thing that makes her feel relieved, because he said that formidable power is good, you must know that the dead straight man will never open his mouth to comfort people Yes, he said yes it must be.

Zhang Yao put the first weapon in her life into the storage box next to her, sat there and yawned several times before realizing that she had not slept all night. Then she thought that she had met Brother Zhang with such an unkempt face, and she suddenly felt reluctant to lean back on the chair.


But obviously Brother Zhang didn’t care about her attitude. After returning, they are now on their way to the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

Thunder Dragon and Sister Gou have already gone back, and they also took away the big TV. Although Sister Gou has been worried that this may be considered smuggling, but… it seems that no one has come back to check such a TV alone. TV set.

“She’s developing weapons?”

The pony asked curiously: “What kind of weapons she can develop as a woman, don’t ask me, I’m also a weapon master anyway.”

Brother Zhang turned his head to look at the pony: “Don’t look down on women.”

“It’s not that I look down on them, it’s that they really don’t fit in with this weapon thing, I don’t believe it. You will meet her when I go back.”

Brother Zhang didn’t refute, but in fact he probably understood in his heart that if Zhang Yao was given a little more time, Xiaoma’s little things might not be available. Well, because it’s this age, the pony is still playing Unlimited Swordsmanship, which is actually a bit out of step with the times. If he goes down for a while, his advantage will be gone at all.

“After you go back this time, you should go to Zhang Yao’s place to study.” Brother Zhang offered valuable advice to Xiaoma.

But this opinion obviously made Xiaoma’s self-esteem suffer a setback. Although he didn’t want to fight with Xiao Zhang, he really didn’t want to go to Zhang Yao’s to learn techniques from a girl.

“Boss, what do you think Qing Lingzi’s old butt is doing now?”

“I don’t know.” Brother Zhang called the head, then straightened up and looked back: “Someone seems to have been staring at me since morning.”

“Who is it?” The pony also looked back, but found nothing unusual on the bus.

Brother Zhang laughed and said, “The man with the long hair at the back.”

The pony nodded, but then stood up and walked to the man with the long hair , said to the little elder sister next to him, “Miss, you go and sit in front, I have something to do here.” Brother Zhang was beside him, and Xiao Ma turned his palms at the moment, but a dagger was on the waist of the long-haired man: “Ai, I ask you, what do you mean by staring at my boss? I can’t tell you. He will surely die.”

Said, the pony covered the man’s mouth, flipped the tiger’s mouth down, and the dagger pierced into the man’s thigh: “I’m not kidding you, you guys The lives of these ordinary persons are worse than dogs in my eyes.”

(End of this chapter)

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