What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 11

Chapter 11 knowing well there are tigers in the mountain

After Xiao Zhang hung up the phone, he fiddled with the X letter and found a friend with a pink anime avatar , just typed a line after clicking in: Contact Haozi, urgent.

After doing these things, Brother Zhang covered the blanket and hurry up to sleep, after all, he had to get up after seven o’clock to send each year to school.

Just five minutes after his message was sent, he was anxiously looking for Haozi. Suddenly, he felt a gust of wind blowing behind him, followed by a scent. He lifted his nose and squeezed his hand. He opened his eyes and smiled.

“The savior is here!”

Haozi tone barely fell, and saw a person jumping down from the street lamp next to him with a swish sound, just behind Haozi.

Haozi just turned around to say hello, but a slap pushed him aside.

“Big sister!”

Although he was treated rudely, Haozi’s excitement is still exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech: “Why are you here?”

The woman behind him is about twenty-seven, wearing black sunglasses at night, and wearing a suit and shirt all over, looking like the lead singer of that band.

But the elder sister ignored Haozi, just squinted and glanced at him up and down, then arched her back, and disappeared in front of Haozi with a single jump.

This time Haozi didn’t look as anxious as before, because this elder sister is here, and things will definitely be resolved.

It’s just that he was very curious about how this big Buddha could be moved? But after thinking about it, I think it is feasible. It is estimated that Brother Zhang greeted her, otherwise even if the sky falls, this elder sister will be easily dispatched.

The black clothed elder sister stepped on the tail of Grandfather Pi, who was running wildly in the woods, within a few jumps. Grandfather Pi was suddenly blocked and was originally annoyed, but when she looked back, she was immediately Transformed into a human figure, threw himself up and hugged the elder sister’s neck: “I’m so stupid… I’ll screw this up.”

“Jiachang let me come, I know you all It must have been messed up again.” The elder sister patted Grandfather Pi’s head and said: “Is there any relevant information for me to understand?”

“Not a lot… I just went to eat a The thing, the person who came back was disappeared in the room, the ordinary person on the 19th floor must have escaped, and I also set up a Fox Fairy Formation at the door.” Grandfather Pi danced and gestured: “But the Formation has not been broken, people It’s gone.”

“Where’s the window?”

Grandfather Pi was stunned for a moment, then scratched his head: “Forgot…”

The elder sister tapped Grandfather Pi’s head, then sniffed on her body, then stepped down, bowed her body, and then a gust of wind came, and after the wind stopped, the elder sister was no longer in shape.

“Oh…is this a reliable Great Demon monster?” Grandfather Pi looked at the stars involuntarily and said, “Oh…”

Grandfather Pi was sighing with emotion At that time, Haozi also arrived, gasping for breath with his arms on his hips and leaning against the tree, looking tired: “Where’s the big sister?”

“Let’s go.” Grandfather Pi straightened up and snorted twice. Voice: “With the elder sister of the old man, everything is fine.”

“No problem, ass, the elder sister is a hostage buster, you forgot!”

Grandfather Pi complexion changed: “That’s right, right! Catch up with her quickly.”

It’s easy to say, but it’s so difficult to do. How can the speed of the eldest sister be able to keep up with a shrewd person like Grandfather Pi? Within a few jumps, she had already stood on the spire of the city’s tallest TV tower, from which she could overlook the entire city.

She closed her eyes to take a deep breath, and suddenly the air of the whole city rushed to her direction from all directions. There was no wind from southeast, northwest, and now there was only a tornado.

In this complex atmosphere, she keenly captured several scents, which gradually formed clear images in her mind, including Zhang Jiachang lying on the bed, and squatting just after getting up. Nian Nian, who stole from the corner, Haozi riding a fox, and… eh? During the eldest sister’s scent tracking technique, a four-legged human suddenly appeared and ran frantically.

This state is very strange, obviously not like what a normal human should have, and the smell on the person is exactly the same as the smell provided by Grandfather Pi, so it is almost certain that it is the target.

Locking on the target, the eldest sister took off her sunglasses, revealing yellow-green fluorescent eyes shining in the dark, then she jumped in the direction where the smell came from, and the distance of thousands of meters was reached in a blink of an eye. Obviously the speed of the person is not slow, so the eldest sister jumped again.

She tracked down the source of the smell and made her way until she found her running target in a farmland on the edge of the city.

After she locked on the target like a falcon in mid-air, her figure suddenly fell, and a Nike swooped down, straightly stepping on the specialized Xu Wei under her feet.

The huge impact caused the surrounding crops to collapse, but Xu Wei was struggling at the feet of the eldest sister as if nothing happened.

Facial lines gradually appeared on the face of the eldest sister, the canine teeth became very long, and the body began to show specialized performance, and finally a colorful tiger appeared.

Xu Wei is now completely devoid of human consciousness, but the thing that controls her seems to be very afraid of this giant beast, and after trying her best to break free, she starts running without a word.

But his speed is not worth mentioning in front of this big white-fronted worm, the eldest sister just jumped lightly and slapped Xu Wei’s body to the sky, and then even more She jumped up and slapped again before she fell.

Xu Wei landed heavily, with a black breath coming out of her mouth, but the eldest sister obviously didn’t want to let her go, she jumped on a melon seed and held her head, and she was about to bite her neck when she opened her mouth.

“Big sister! Keep people behind!”

Finally at this critical point, Haozi and the others arrived, and Grandfather Pi stepped on the clouds, so they could barely keep up with the big sister If it was a little later, the evil spirits would be gone, and Xu Wei was afraid that he would have to be separated.

The colorful tiger looked back at Haozi and the others, and took a few steps back slowly, but this also made Xu Wei feel that the danger in Xu Wei’s body was relieved, and she quickly got up and continued to run forward. It seems to be exactly what the eldest sister meant. Before she could run and accelerate to the limit, the brain rot had appeared behind her again, and it was a claw to go up.

“Sister, don’t play…”

Haozi exclaimed: “If you play again, you will die…”

At this time, Grandfather Pi Already Human Transformation, rushed to Xu Wei, pressed a finger on her forehead, foxfire covered Xu Wei’s whole body, she whimpered and rolled on the ground, and soon black liquid spurted out of her limbs.

The moment the liquid came into contact with the fox fire, a real spy screamed, and then disappeared in the green flames.

Xu Wei also stabilized after she was not controlled by the evil, but although the impact she received before was partially resisted by the evil, as an ordinary person, the remaining part was enough for her, so She just opened her eyes slightly and took a look before passing out.

“Big sister’s shot is too heavy.”

Haozi came to the brain rot and patted its back, but was threw away ten meters away by the brain rot’s tail.

“Sister… I’ve broken a rib…”

Looking at Haozi lying on the ground and screaming, his brain rot gradually changed into a human form, he stepped forward and just lowered his head and glanced. , and then coldly said: “I can’t die, I’m leaving.”


Before Haozi could stop her, the eldest sister had turned into a gust of wind, and this At that time, Grandfather Pi also carried Xu Wei and came to him: “Big sister almost beat her to death…”

“She almost beat me to death…” Haozi touched his chest and broke it gently, Just listening to a click, the broken ribs closed again, and he also stood up: “My eldest sister is my eldest sister after all, not ordinary people can bear it, if there is someone you like in the future, I’m afraid she will not be beaten by her. Sit on your ass.”

Grandfather Pi winked wildly at him as Haozi spoke, but it seemed too late, and he was slapped to the ground just as he realized something was wrong.

He rolled his holding head on the ground, and the eerie eldest sister was standing there in the complexion ashen.

“ao…” Haozi felt that his cervical vertebra was about to be broken, and the pain was so painful that he was fighting against the carp: “dead, dead… really dead.”

“Taijia Just say it, the mission is completed.”

After speaking, the big sister disappeared again, and Haozi squatted and stood up again, as if nothing was wrong, but this time he didn’t dare to beep again, and helped Grandfather Pi Take the unconscious Xu Wei to the city together.

“You have to be more careful this time.”

On the way back, Haozi instructed: “If you do well this time, maybe I can recommend it to you. The beauty of a Bounty Hunter.”

“Hmmmm.” Grandfather Pi nodded again and again: “I’ll definitely follow closely this time.”

“Don’t put that um ahhhh , this is because my brother Zhang has a good temper, and changing someone really turns your head off.” Haozi complained: “And Brother Zhang called my eldest sister to come, in fact, it is just a warning to us, do you know it? “

“I know, you’re so fucking wordy.” Grandfather Pi didn’t dare to talk back to the eldest sister and didn’t dare to scold Haozi: “You don’t scold the old man like a grandson.”

“Okay, I didn’t say it. You go to explain to Brother Zhang tomorrow and go by yourself!”

Upon hearing this, Grandfather Pi suddenly softened, and she hummed after a long time. Then he said: “I don’t dare…you go.”

“Aren’t you very fierce when you scold me?” Haozi sneered: “Why? You’ll be soft at this time?”

“It’s not…that…I…this…you fucking say that old man ate you!”

Haozi curl one’s lip: “You bitch sees people low, bullies the soft and fears the hard But there is a set, no wonder Da Huang looks down on you.”

While they were talking, Haozi turned around and found that the fire of the Seven Souls on Xu Wei’s head had been extinguished. He frowned and muttered, “You’re not giving up, are you?”

“Why?” Grandfather Pi curiously looked towards Haozi: “What did you say?”

” Some people want to fight with the master!” Haozi frowned, hands form a secret art: “Isn’t it a delusional art!”

(end of this chapter)

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