What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 110


Chapter 110 trivial ant

During the British administration period, there were a large number of gangs in Hong Kong, and some of them became better and better after years of operation Big, and before 1997, these gangs either hid in the dark or washed themselves, and turned into successful businessmen of aloof and remote.

Among them, Hualian is one of the more successful examples, and after several decades of hard work, Kui has become one of the famous restaurant giants in Hong Kong.

He came to Hualian headquarters today to attend the elders meeting, and just five minutes ago he received a call, saying that his most trusted younger brother, Aji, was hung up on the streets of the downtown area. Head separated.

After learning this news, Brother Kui was in shock the whole time. The old Jianghu instinct made him feel that this matter was not so simple, so he seemed very uneasy even during the meeting.

β€œEveryone Uncle is here. Last year, our Hualian’s performance has obviously dropped a lot. I wonder what uncles think?”

The one who spoke above was Hualian’s Crown Prince, the successor appointed by the previous boss, this youngster from the mainland has reversed the previous decline of Hualian in just a few years, and gradually made it the most competitive group in Hong Kong.

Although they are still a triad division of labor at the core, at least on the surface, they have entered the right track.

“Oh, yes. In addition to this incident, I also heard that over the past year, all Uncles have been involved in the underworld to varying degrees. Maybe I’m too young to speak. Let’s go.” The youngster on the stage looked around the elders with eyes like hawks and falcons: “I have mentioned to you more than once that everyone is already a clean businessman, and you can no longer fight and kill like before, but everyone Some of them seem to take my words as in one ear and out the other.”

As far as he could see, many people lowered their heads, while a few thorns raised their heads fearlessly. Look at him proudly.

“What I want to say is that this era is no longer your era, the underworld is no longer popular, it is outdated.” Youngster said with a headache: “Okay, let me announce it now. New plan. Starting this year, the business of film and television will be temporarily handed over to Uncle Six. Uncle Six, you have to manage both rent collection and film and television. It’s hard work for you.”

The big boss who used to be in charge of film and television at the bottom. The guy suddenly stood up and pointed to the youngster above and said, “Guo Weian, don’t be too arrogant, what do you really think you are? You are just Guo Xiong’s illegal child, do you really think you are in charge of the overall situation?”

And the youngster above didn’t seem to care what he said, and then looked towards Brother Kui: “Uncle Kui, you should put the food in your hand for a while. During this time, you give your things to Uncle Xiao. No Question?”

Brother Kui frowned, looked back at Ah Xiao, then raised his head to look at Guo Wei’an in the stands, but did not answer the question.

But Guo Wei’an didn’t seem to care, he continued to arrange work, and a total of five people were deprived of their power.

They were making trouble, and Guo Wei’an just smiled and raised his hand: “Don’t worry, Uncles, I see that you have worked hard these past few years. I will arrange for you to go to Hawaii for a vacation in a few days. Let’s take your grandson and enjoy it.”

Brother Kui sneered in his heart, he didn’t see the hard work of his own people, it was clearly because he felt that they used underworld tactics. This youngster is indeed a bit domineering, and he has to be beaten and beaten. After all, the entire Hualian itself is from a black background, but now all blacks are banned. Isn’t this forgetting one’s roots?

Youngster, it’s time to bang bang.

But at this moment, a loud noise suddenly sounded outside, and the security guard of the building did not know who was scolding.

Just when Guo Wei’an was about to open the door to take a look, the door was suddenly rushed open, and then a person walked in. He looked around, turned his head and asked Guo Wei’an, “Who is Brother Kui? “

Everyone present looked towards Brother Kui, who had a confused face, nodded: “many thanks.”

Then the gentle man looked at and adjusted Tie walked in front of Brother Kui, bent down and asked, “You are Brother Kui?”

“Who are you?”


Wugenshui suddenly grabbed Brother Kui by the collar and walked to the window, which burst open, and then he threw Brother Kui out with lightning speed.

This is the twenty-seventh floor…

After the rootless water dried, he turned around and said to the people present: “You continue.”

After he finished speaking The body gradually retreated, and then jumped from the broken window.

Only then did the people in the room react, including Guo Wei’an, everyone rushed to the window, but looking at it like this, they could only see Brother Kui lying on the ground. The man in the suit and tie is now disappeared.

Kui Ge died?

Just like that?

None of the people present made a sound, but their eyes kept looking at Guo Wei’an, or else to say that this Guo Wei’an was a capable person, he didn’t explain a word, just walked back to the stage : “Uncle Kui is gone now, who agrees with my arrangement and who opposes it?”

Who the hell dares to object to this…

Guo Wei’an walked out of the room with a satisfactory answer , and then a few younger brothers immediately came up, his face became very ugly at the moment, he turned his head and asked: “What’s the situation? Lang Kui just died like this?”

“I don’t know. …that person is very strange. More than a dozen security guards can’t get into him at all, so he rushed over like this, and I didn’t even have a chance to shoot.”

“The surveillance recorded that person. Do you have your face?”

“Write it down.”

Guo Weian nodded: “Come on, I’m going back to the mainland right now, there will be a big chaos here at night, wait for them to make trouble. I’ll come back and clean up the mess after I’m done.”


In fact, Guo Wei’an absolutely didn’t expect, because he himself planned to kill him in this Uncle Kui, because all the The bad ethos all started from that guy, I told him I don’t know how many times, I said it in a low voice, and I said it with grace, but he relied on his qualifications to be old, but he didn’t put himself as a family member. In the eyes, what you do is your own way.

And today he died just like that…and was thrown downstairs and fell to his death in full view.

Guo Wei’an is not clear about this matter. When the next few people think about it, there must be a big fight, and his top priority now is to return to the mainland as soon as possible, and then investigate. Find out which way Divine Immortal took out Lang Kui.

At this moment, Wugenshui has sent the photo of the corpse of Kui Ge to the pony, and the pony just glanced at it and said nothing, just stood there quietly. Behind Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang is lining up to buy postcards at the moment. The Lantau Giant Buddha is limited to postcards. This is probably the only thing that can make Brother Zhang have a strong mood swing. Although there are a lot of people in line, he has a little Not too troublesome.

When he was queuing, Shen Yun had already led his team to the side of Aji’s body in the downtown area. Judging from the witnesses and the surveillance photos, this man was walking well, and suddenly his head was fly.

This kind of thing has a very bad influence, and it is almost impossible to find the murderer. It is simply a plot in a ghost movie.

“Boss, just now, the nearby St. Mary’s Hospital received eight injured people. According to the police records, these people are all the younger brothers of the deceased.”

“en? What do you mean?” Shen Yun raised his head and asked, “You mean there may be witnesses.”

“Ah…it’s hard to explain, you can go and see for yourself.”

Shen Yun came to the tea restaurant, and the scene inside shocked him. There were human limbs, hands, feet, ears, fingers, etc. everywhere. This is a tea restaurant, it is clearly a Slaughterhouse.

“We’re going to be famous.” A police detective next to him saw this scene and said with a stunned expression: “I don’t know how the media will explain it.”

“Block the media. “Shen Yun took a deep breath: “How can this kind of thing be told to the media? Take me to the hospital.”

It is strange to say that according to the evidence collected at the scene, there is one person who does not belong to anyone present. However, this footprint is just a footprint, leaving no clues of the murder weapon, and no camera has captured the pictures of people entering and leaving here except the wounded and the dead here.

“There are no two fingerprints.” Shen Yun didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “It’s really difficult.”

Wait until they arrive In the hospital, after coming into contact with the injured, Shen Yun knew what happened.

This is fucking provoking a top-level alien! According to the description of these injured persons, the profile of the recovered suspect shows that this person is about 30 years old, in a suit and leather shoes, with a long face and glasses…

Shen Yun saw his subordinates handing him over to him. The profile I gave him, the more I looked at it, the more familiar it became… The last slap on the thigh, I scolded swear words for 3 minutes.

He took the portrait and went outside to smoke a cigarette, his mind was blank and his hands were shaking.

This matter is not something he can manage… He even said that simply no one can manage it. This gang of gangsters really deserves to be damned. It’s not good to provoke anyone, but to provoke those people.

Shen Yun walked back and forth outside the house with a sad face. He really didn’t know how to explain this matter, whether it was with his superiors, the media, or the public.

And even if you catch it, it’s useless, and there is no evidence left at the scene. Even the victims said that puff puff puff’s hand flew away.

In other words, people didn’t even use weapons, and they didn’t even have physical contact. The only person who had physical contact died when they walked into the street and watched by everyone.

It’s all about evidence when handling a case. How can this be considered evidence…

even more how, even if there is evidence? There’s simply no way… those people’s powers aren’t even like what humans can have!

“It’s over, it’s over.” Shen Yun sighed silently: “I can’t even write a report.”

(End of this chapter)

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