What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 111


Chapter 111 Xia Yiwu criminals are banned

“It must be supervised, supernatural crimes must be supervised, and their methods of committing crimes can be said to be completely detached from us. Within the scope of what we can understand now, if we don’t set up a whole new set of laws and institutions, we can’t trigger supernatural crimes at all, and they don’t even need motives, tools, or even to be present. With perfect alibi and means of evading sanctions, all the current laws in the world are a piece of waste paper for them.”

Ju Chen patted the table with the ministers who came to participate in the investigation at the meeting , Haozi next to him thinks Bureau Chen is super cool. He is a broken bureau chief, and it is hard to beat the table with the minister like this.

But didn’t expect the other party not only not to be angry, but stood up and patted Chen Ju on the shoulder and said, “How many years have you been, you still have such a bad temper.”

“You senior official Houlu is delicious and spicy, do you remember us? Do you look familiar with this number?”

Chen Ju dragged Haozi forward, pointed to the siren on his chest and said, “Look, Take a good look.”


“The second child’s siren!” Bureau Chen patted the table again and said, “When the second child left, you Said he would definitely find a way, how many years has it been? The second son’s son is standing here now, what’s the matter? Are you planning to let him go with him?”

“He is the second son’s son. ?”

The minister looked around Haozi up and down, his eyes were full of light, he kept nodding and said: “It looks like the second child.”

Chen The bureau pulled Haozi over: “Come on, show me a show.”

Haozi was stunned: “Huh?”

“Show it, come and come.” The minister He also looked at Haozi with great interest: “Look at who is the best between you and your father.”

Haozi stepped forward and scratched his head. The feeling was like being forced to perform in front of relatives during the New Year’s Eve when he was a child. The show makes no difference.

But the elder said he wanted to perform, so what else could he do, perform…

He took a few steps back and took out a few copper coins from his arms, intending to give them to those present. Uncle Uncle performs an insight into a thousand miles.

Then he squeezed the tactic with one hand, and then slammed it on the ground. The entire wall of the room was instantly covered with a layer of golden net.

Then Haozi threw the nine copper coins in his hand into the sky one by one. The coins began to fall after idling for dozens of times, but after landing, they did not stop, but began to fall. Run around and even roll against the walls against the rules of physics.

After stopping at the end, Haozi pointed at the coins and introduced: “The main star is greedy for wolves, and the orientation is fierce. The malevolent star… ouch, bad!”

Haozi saw After the orientation of a few copper coins was left, he rushed out without saying a word, without even saying hello.

Just as Bureau Chen and the minister looked at each other in blank dismay, Haozi probed in again and waved to the wall: “Take it!”

The copper coins returned automatically, and he He said to Bureau Chen: “Something happened!”

Bureau Chen didn’t care about the minister’s affairs, and shoved the report into his hand: “See for yourself, if he said something, something must have happened.”

Seeing the energetic and bustling of the two run away, the minister looked down at the report and chuckled, “It’s still the same as before.”

After he finished speaking, he walked back. He went to the desk: “Approval, of course I have to approve… ah…”

And Haozi drove the car with Bureau Chen all the way, and Bureau Chen asked curiously in the car: “What happened? What’s the matter?”

“It’s alright.” Haozi glanced back: “I think the atmosphere is almost over, he will have to think about it if you go on talking, and I have to continue the show. The point of the performance is to enhance the atmosphere. First, it will block the time for him to think, and secondly, I will not be embarrassed. Isn’t it the best of both worlds.”

“smelly brat.” Chen Ju filmed Haozi’s He shook his head and said, “A stomach full of ghosts.”

But after Haozi sent Ju Chen back, he opened his mailbox and found out that something really happened, and it appeared in his mailbox. A bunch of photos and videos of head-flying incidents in downtown Hong Kong.

Although the local police did block the flow of media channels, it was very difficult for non-governmental channels to block it, and through the video, it can be seen that the man’s head suddenly flew up without warning, It’s like being cut off with a knife.

Seeing this scene, Haozi leaned on the car and pondered for a long time, and then suddenly patted the steering wheel: “This is too arrogant.”

He returned to the milk tea shop, this At that time, Thunder Dragon didn’t know where to go. Most likely, he went to find his wife who was half a woman and half a man. There was only one Master Cai Young, who was idle until the birds hurt, watching TV dramas there.

“This 100-inch TV is really exciting.” Master Cai Young pointed to the TV and said to Haozi, “You can see Mao clearly.”

Haozi sat on the chair He pointed behind Master Cai Young: “Come a cup of coffee, I want that box.”

“Chenghui, eighteen yuan.” Master Cai Young picked up the coffee powder and started packing it into the coffee machine. In the middle of the game, he looked up and saw that Haozi’s expression was a bit wrong: “What? Did you encounter difficulties again?” Look.

“Oh…” Master Cai Young is an ordinary person after all, although he knows that there are some special things in this world, but when he suddenly saw this thing, he was still a little shocked: “How did you do it? The clothesline got caught on the truck and cut off the man’s head?”

“You think so dark, did you come from the DC universe?” Haozi pointed at the corpse on the video: “This is It was directly chopped off by something invisible.”

“Is that so…isn’t it dangerous for an ordinary person to walk on the street?”

Haozi shook the head , which means that what he knows is not quite clear, but what is certain is that the person who did this thing has a good cultivation base, and the identity of the deceased is not quite clear now, but from the perspective of dressing, it should be a long-standing celebrity old bastard.

Old gangsters and anomalous creatures or Inhumans, this kind of thing sounds like absurdism, because most Inhumans don’t have anything to do with these people at all, their Life is far more self-disciplined than most ordinary persons.

“It seems that a crime-fighting team against aliens will be established soon. I heard that there is a Ninth Layer case in Hong Kong, and the mainland has always relied on foreign aid. This matter is urgent now.”

At this time, Master Cai Young’s phone rang, he glanced at it, and then said with a smile: “Guo Sheng, why did you think of calling me today? No, it’s grounded, in Provincial capital. Huh? You’re coming over right now? What are you doing here? Oh… well, I’m working part-time now, so I can’t leave, why don’t you come over. Okay, I’ll send you an address when you get off the plane.”

Master Cai Young said with a smile after hanging up the phone: “A friend from Hong Kong came to play in the afternoon. He should know something about the Ninth Layer case.”

“I don’t know, Ninth Layer The case is very hidden.”

At around 3:00 pm, when Master Cai Young was making milk tea in the house, the door outside was opened, and a youngster with a good temperament walked in. After he came in, he looked up and down After taking a look at the environment here, he said to Master Cai Young at the counter: “Anyway, he is also a flying officer, how can he become a stocking man?”

“Do you like it or not.” Master Cai Young put a cup of stockings The milk tea was handed to him: “Why do you think of going back to the mainland.”

“Hey…don’t mention it, it’s hard to say.”

It was none other than Guo Wei’an. He was still in Hong Kong in the morning and returned to the mainland in the afternoon.

This thing, it’s all about making a book without a coincidence. It just so happens that Master Cai Young and him were playing games in the same guild, and the two are of similar age and have always had a good relationship.

Guo Wei’an came back in a hurry this time, and his business center has been in Hong Kong for the past few years, and he doesn’t have any good friends in the mainland, only Master Cai Young, a friend who has no interest in him, can be dealt with. So naturally, I came to find him.

Guo Wei’an was drinking milk tea, leaning his back on the counter with his hands outstretched, and carefully looking at the milk tea shop in front of him: “Are you underpowered to make a living in this kind of place? It’s not exciting at all.”

“I like it, this place is very quiet, and I can still listen to songs. Would you like one?”

Guo Wei’an waved his hand, then turned his face mysteriously to Master Cai Young Said: “Guess what happened to me today?”

“What?” Master Cai Young was a little careless: “Which star did I meet again?”

“Hi , brother me, it’s different now. I’m a big boss in Hong Kong, and all the stars are sticking to me. I’m not uncommon. If you are interested, you can go to Hong Kong next time. Pick, just pick from a popular movie, as long as it’s not too outrageous, my buddies will do it for you.”

“Isn’t it.” Master Cai Young put a omelette and sausage on a plate Hand it to him: “You were bragging 10 years ago.”

“Really, brother, this can’t lie to you. Bragging was real bragging ten years ago, but it’s really different now. You will know this when the time comes.” Guo Wei’an suddenly turned pale: “What I want to tell you is really wicked.”

“You say it.”


After speaking, Guo Wei’an began to say: “I was in a meeting in the morning, and suddenly someone walked in outside, picked up a shareholder of my company, and threw it downstairs, the twenty-seventh floor. Then That guy jumped off himself, I was fucking stupid.”

“And then?”

“Then? I took a look and found a corpse, and that person could not be found. I asked the assistant to adjust the surveillance. Guess what, but his frontal face that was photographed by surveillance seemed to have a mosaic, and there was a cloud of fog floating there. As long as he leaves the range of the camera, it will return to normal.”

Master Cai Young was also fascinated, but at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded behind Guo Wei’an: “You remember that person What does he look like?”

Guo Weian turned around and found that he was wearing a uniform, he hurriedly accompanied him with a smile: “Hello, Sir.”

“Why is Haozi here again.”

“Well, the Hong Kong case has been summarized, and the Ninth Layer case has asked me to assist in the investigation.” Haozi chuckled: “You can never guess who the head of the Ninth Layer case is.”


β€œWho is it?”

(End of this chapter)

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