What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 112


Chapter 112 What to do without supervision

“Gold frame, three to seven open, about one meter eight or so, the person is quite handsome Yes, it looks familiar, a bit like a star, but I can’t remember it all of a sudden.”

Guo Wei’an described the person he saw in the morning, while Haozi quickly drew the side with a pen beside him. Write.

“Is that so?”

“The nose is a little bit taller…then the eyes are bigger and the eyebrows are a little thinner.”

Haozi According to Guo Wei’an’s After describing the painting, he glanced at him again, Guo Wei’an hurriedly nodded: “Yes, yes, it’s him! Quite evil.” The person on the paper can no longer be described as familiar, this is simply an acquaintance.

While speaking, Thunder Dragon came back from outside with his half-male half-girl wife. The way the two of them were talking and laughing looked disgusting.

“Ah? Isn’t this Ah Shui?” Huang Die’er saw the painting in Haozi’s hand and said, “What? What did Ah Shui do?”

Haozi didn’t speak, but he At this moment, the phone rang at an untimely time, and when I picked it up, it happened to be a call from the Ninth Layer case in Hong Kong. The caller laughed and said, “Brother Haozi, it’s me…Shen Yun.”

Haozi un’ed: “What’s wrong?”

“The profile of the criminal suspect on my side has been drawn, can you add your VX, and I’ll send it to you In the past. See if you can search the database over there, the people I found here seem to be… outrageous.”


hang up After the call, Haozi immediately received a friend request from Shen Yun, and then he sent a sketch drawing. Haozi was dumbfounded at first sight, because the person on the drawing could not be said to have nothing to do with the person he drew. , can only be said to be exactly the same.

“This is also Ah Shui.” Huang Die’er looked at Haozi curiously and then at Thunder Dragon: “What’s wrong with Ah Shui?”

Haozi shook the head, picked up the phone and walked out of the door, he made a direct call to Wugenshui.

“You did the two murders in Hong Kong?” Haozi’s tone on the phone became very solemn: “Why? Give me a reason.”

Wugenshui is With a good temper, he said with a smile: “I did it, the reason… In fact, there is no special reason, I just did what he said, I will do whatever he asks me to do. You can ask anything. He, I’ve just been summoned by the Hong Kong police, and I’ll be here soon, so I won’t tell you.”

Haozi’s scalp tightened when he heard the name of the pony inside.

How could he not know what kind of person Xiaoma is, and Xiaoma and Wugenshui are wearing a pair of trousers. Wugenshui can speak to himself in such a tough tone now, then it represents him What he does is not only as simple as relying on him, but he may not even rely on a pony.

Then if the pony is not enough to support him to speak in such a hard tone, who is this person, it is obvious.

But even so he called the pony.

“You said this, I advise you to leave it alone.” The pony’s voice on the phone was as lazily as ever.

“You are doing nonsense there, let me leave it alone?”

“Oh? things.” The pony laughed: “Anyway, you are a good guy, and we are all bad guys.”

“Horse treading flowers! What do you mean by mystifying? Why do you think I am? I am worried You are making too much noise outside, which will affect our future development.”

“Yes, yes, whatever you say is what you say.”

“Okay, neither do I. You need to give me a reason for arguing with you. At least until now, I’m still the leader of the twelve spirits.”

The pony coldly snorted on the phone: “Okay, you can use an official to coerce me, Then I can’t do anything about it. Someone wants to be the Holy Lord, what do you think?”


“I said someone wanted to be the Holy Lord, the two who died. It’s just to make the Holy Master.” After the pony finished speaking, he sneered: “Okay, do what you want to do with the rest, you can arrest me, whatever you want.”

The pony The words made Haozi sit down on the steps. He took out a cigarette he hadn’t smoked for a long time, lit it, and took a deep breath, his eyes clouded.

After a long time, he took out the phone again and called the Hong Kong side: “sorry, I asked for instructions, and they said that this place is busy with work and can’t leave.”


Shen Yun snorted on the phone, and then said in a low voice with a pleading tone: “Don’t be like this, Brother Haozi…”

“It really doesn’t work, I’m sorry. Don’t say it. Now, I have a mission here.”

Haozi hung up the phone after he finished speaking. Although the justice in his heart was suffering at the moment, there is a good thing about this person, Xiaoma, although he has a bad mouth. , has a bad temper and a temper like a donkey, but never lies.

He said that this matter was implicated with Brother Xiao Zhang, that is, he was implicated with Brother Xiao Zhang.

Haozi knows Xiao Zhang very well. He is impossible and will take the initiative to conflict with people. In this case, there are still people who want to mess with him, which shows that those people are indiscriminate.

And if this is the case, Brother Zhang may not care, and even those people are not close to Brother Zhang. But this is an absolute offense to the Holy Lord, and the offense to the Holy Lord is a humiliation to the belief in the Twelve Spirits, which is unbearable.

Haozi feels that even if he is there, he will probably take action. Maybe the impossible will be as radical as them, but there are many punishment methods. It’s called stabbing.

However, from this point of view, Haozi suddenly felt a little ridiculous. Twelve spirits, corpses and immortals, to put it bluntly, are a group of monsters who regard human life as a must. They, including themselves, must be regulated, or sooner or later they will have an irreversible impact on society.

Only how to supervise will not cause problems, I am afraid that this matter should be discussed carefully.

Of course Haozi won’t try to control Brother Zhang’s behavior, because he is more restrained than the ordinary person, should he supervise him? That Haozi might be caught by Qing Lingzi and hung on a bamboo pole to dry in the sun, and when Qing Lingzi caught him, he would not even have Twelve Spirits to help him.

It’s certainly not possible to do something backward, and now the twelve spirits have not been assembled, so Haozi thinks that this matter has to be considered in the long run.

And now Haozi thinks that the person who can talk about it is Zhang Yao…

“Then let your Lord speak.”

“No way. Yes. If the Holy Master asks the Twelve Spirits to restrain themselves, it means to indulge the corpse and the immortals, and to ask the corpse to restrain themselves is to indulge the twelve spirits.”

Zhang Yao turned her head and looked towards Haozi, puzzled: “Both sides ask for it together.”

“No.” Haozi shook his head: “I won’t forgive Qing Lingzi! I have to bring him to justice.”

“You people are really troublesome.” Zhang Yao said and took out a bracelet and put it on her hand: “Do you know how to use spell?”

“A little bit, why? Is it?”

Zhang Yao pointed at himself: “Attack me.”

Haozi: “???”

“Attack me.”

Haozi: “???”

“Attack me.”


Haozi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “Are you all right.”

“If I ask you to attack me, attack me.”

Finally She had no choice but to attack Zhang Yao with the simplest palm lightning, but at the moment when the tiny lightning was about to focus on Zhang Yao, a circle of shielding force field appeared around her body. It directly offsets the palm mine’s formidable power.

“Further harder.”

Haozi saw that she had made something strange. This time he didn’t keep his hand, but the thunder of his palm was not enough. It was still blocked by Zhang Yao.

“Hahaha…It’s done.” Zhang Yao untied the bracelet: “Self-sensing shields the energy shock.”

Haozi was stunned: “What are you… doing? ?”

“Combining technology and secret technique.” Zhang Yao pulled out the drawer, and there were more than 100 demon-repelling guns neatly arranged in it: “I carved the first one by hand, and then used There are so many copies of Seiko module printing, do you want to try it?”

Haozi took out a handful out of curiosity, then installed the battery under the guidance of Zhang Yao, and then fired a non-ice bullet. Going out, the formidable power mixed with thunder and lightning directly dried out a big hole in the steel plate in the distance.

“Ah…” Haozi was shocked: “Did you go to the police station for the record?”

“Are you crazy?” Zhang Yao glared at Haozi: “Don’t give me I’m looking for trouble, this thing can be seen by others?”

“But its formidable power is so great…”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be responsible for the accident. .” Zhang Yao waved his hand and said, “Don’t stifle the enthusiasm of the inventor, when the time comes I will keep up with the report, don’t bother you.”

“Oh…that’s it.” Haozi Then I remembered that the guy in front of him originally had a weapon patent in the military. She should be more familiar with him than himself, so Haozi felt a little more at ease, and then picked up the bracelet: “What is this? “

“Defense, I want to try its defensive ability, as long as its energy is not overloaded, theoretically it can prevent Human Demons.”

“No.” Haozi shook the head: “This is going to be replaced by a Thunder Dragon, and a thunder in the palm of your hand will slash you with a shield.”

“This is still a beta version, and I will have an anti-Thunder Dragon device later. Zhang Yao patted the data board in front of him and said, “You all people must have a set of restraint equipment.”

“Okay, I think it’s okay.” Haozi disdainfully laughed: “It’s better to have a set of restraint equipment.” Put on Brother Zhang’s suit.”

Zhang Yao whistled and pulled up his wide jeans to reveal his thighs in black silk: “It.”

“hahahaha…” Haozi laughed It’s not good enough: “I wish you success.”

After getting down to business, Zhang Yao gave Haozi a pertinent suggestion. It is actually difficult to bind the twelve spirits by normal means, but since this is the case. It is better to enjoin them all, and completely position the twelve spirits as security personnel. With responsibility, even if there is any special attack, you can use law enforcement to write a report.

“And I believe that if each of the Twelve Spirits has a formal system, they will spontaneously restrain themselves.” Zhang Yao said with a smile: “You people are used to the wild, give them a copy Let’s do something serious.”

Haozi thought about it carefully and thought it was okay…

At this moment, Brother Zhang appeared in the police station and sat in Shen Yun’s seat. Inside the office.

“Drink tea…” Shen Yun put the hot tea in Brother Zhang’s hand: “What kind of cakes does Brother Zhang eat? There is a shop around us that has good cakes. I’ll go buy some for you?”

Brother Zhang raised his head and looked at him: “Are you asking me for something?”

“That’s it… Brother Zhang, look at the case in the afternoon…”


(End of this chapter)

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