What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 113


Chapter 113 High Energy Youth League

“I can understand the matter, but the impact is too great.”

Brother Zhang, who was invited to the police station for coffee, sat in Shen Yun’s office. Shen Yun’s attitude was still very good.

“Brother Zhang, we have known each other for a long time. I have always respected you, Brother Long and Brother Haozi, but now I am really responsible.” Shen Yun sat on that face All haggard, he said to Brother Zhang, “Now the superiors force me to take a solution, and I simply can’t do anything about it.”

Brother Zhang looked down at the phone, then suddenly raised his head and asked, “If an ordinary What will happen if person is caught and thrown into the sea by them?”

“Check it out.”

“Can you find it? I’m just curious. Ask.”

Shen Yun shook the head, laughing dumbly: “These people have done a lot of things, and they can’t do anything if they find out. They just need to spend money to find someone to go to jail. The Independent Commission Against Corruption. There are many people who are related to them, have you seen Infernal Affairs? That’s the situation.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “Then if I am thrown into the sea by them, you will find me. When there is a floating corpse left? Then what to do with it.”

Suddenly there was a strange silence in the room, Brother Zhang got up and patted Shen Yun’s shoulder, opened the door and walked out .

When he came to another room, he saw Wugenshui also sitting in it, and he opened the door by the way: “Let’s go.”

“Come on.” Wugenshui got up and glanced back at the Ninth Layer case member who was in charge of questioning him.

The people around saw this scene and immediately got up and wanted to stop it, but Shen Yun rushed out: “Let them go!”

Brother Zhang looked back at him, He slowly left the Ninth Layer office with his hands in his pockets and rootless water.

After seeing them leave, Shen Yun sat down on the sofa, covering his face with his hands, while his assistant next to him handed over a cup of tea and asked in a low voice, “Boss, just let them go. ? That Mei Junsheng is the only one who hasn’t been injured yet, and he has a great probability of committing crimes.”

“I can’t stop it.” Shen Yun bitterly laughed: “No one can stop it.”

Others may not know, but Shen Yun knows it, because he witnessed Brother Zhang reset a space, and then beat a three-kilometer-high monster like a son in that space.

This thing is no longer a force that this world can understand.

Yes, they did kill people, but the problem is that the gangsters always do some unfathomable mystery, no one knows why those gangsters go to trouble this uncle, but if you use Realistic laws to constrain them may really be a bit of a bully to honest people.

And they did just clean up the one headed by a fixed point, but this time the impact was a bit big, so big that the whole network was spreading this thing.

Shen Yun sat there in silence for a long time, then picked up the phone and dialed the number of the chief executive…

This matter has to be reported after all, and it is obvious that these days it is super clear. Capability crimes are on the rise.

The most important problem now is to limit the crimes of superpowers while limiting the crimes of superpowers targeted by the ordinary person, otherwise the one-way control will appear as it is now.

Just like what Brother Zhang asked, if he has no ability and is just an ordinary person but is taken away by those young and dangerous boys, even if he is not thrown into the sea, he will definitely be physically and psychologically It is inevitable to be tortured, so where is the justice of the law at this moment?

Don’t talk about late justice, late justice is the same as never.

Therefore, this matter must be taken seriously, and conflicts that may occur in the future need to be fundamentally resolved.

“Holy Lord.” On the way to pick up the car from the parking lot, Wugenshui suddenly smiled and said to Brother Zhang, “I suddenly had an inspiration and wanted to make a movie based on our theme.”


“I’ve already thought about the name.” Wugenshui chuckled: “It’s called the High Energy Youth League, just learn the foreign super power out of control, Use pseudo-documentary mode.”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang nodded with a smile.

Just as they were talking, a metal rod from the outside suddenly penetrated directly from the ceiling of the underground parking lot to the ground, and landed two or three meters in front of Brother Zhang.

Then there was a burst of gunfire from above, Brother Zhang and Wugenshui looked at each other, and they both nodded at the same time.

Then Brother Zhang stretched out his hand and waved, and a big hole opened in the ground, and the rootless water jumped up.

Brother Zhang also took a step forward and came to the room, only to see that the office of the Ninth Layer case was in a mess at the moment, several agents had been injured and fell to the ground, while others were being moved. Towards a seventeen or eighteen-year-old young man with golden hair in front of him kept firing.

But their bullets were useless. Just like the warrior reincarnation, the young man pulled out a piece of steel from a cracked wall and threw it in the direction of the front office.

This end of the steel bar is like a hot knife through butter, it rubs in the air until it makes a hu hu noise and even rubs it red and shiny in an instant, but when it passes in front of Xiao Zhang, it suddenly stops at half empty.

I saw Brother Zhang holding the middle section of the steel bar with one hand, standing there with no expression on his face, the only thing that changed was the ring on his finger, exuding a gleaming light, look. It’s pretty cool going up.

When the young man saw that his offensive was being pressed, he rushed towards Brother Zhang with a roar, and his mouth kept roaring furiously, like a fierce tiger. And as he rushed, there was even a gust of wind around him, blowing up the scattered paper and dust.

Seeing his great momentum, Brother Zhang just raised one hand and flicked his head with his fingers when the other party approached.

It was just that, watching the casually brain collapse when it popped out, it seemed that time stopped.

Then the white light on the screen flashed for a while, and the young man suddenly flew out in a circle like a cannonball. He was smashed, and then the wall of the pantry that was smashed rushed out, and finally nailed to the mountain wall behind to stop it.

And at this time, Shen Yun, who had already hung up the trophy, staggered over, covering the wound on his shoulder with one hand, and said with a wheeze: “As soon as you left, this person went mad…

He smashed the interrogation room and rushed out, my spell is useless to him.”

Brother Zhang looked down, pointed at his shoulder and said, “The steel bars are still inserted here.”

“I don’t have time to go to the hospital, I’ll go right now.”

Brother Zhang patted his shoulder, and the steel bar suddenly disappeared from his shoulder and was pinned to the side broken sofa.

“many thanks Brother Zhang…”

Shen Yun felt much more relieved without the steel bars in his shoulders. After saying thanks, he immediately turned around and started to rescue those who were more seriously injured. brother.

When the set was finished, the ambulance took away the person who should be taken away, and the police from other departments rushed to the scene, he did a simple bandage and returned to Brother Zhang.

“We were just asking, but the kid suddenly lost control. He first smashed through the wall, and then attacked indiscriminately.”

Little Brother Zhang, nodded, go. He entered the already dilapidated interrogation room and started Huimeng. Through Huimeng, he could see the reproduction of the complete scene at that time.

As Shen Yun said, the young man broke out suddenly, and he was being questioned there, but suddenly he kicked the table in front of him, and then The fist broke the wall and rushed out.

This is the classic power out of control, and this is one of the biggest drawbacks after Spiritual Qi’s recovery. The superpowers all over the world have officially begun to awaken.

A power user who suddenly gains power is prone to run out of control, and the power will appear as it is now when it is not restricted by the mind.

The supernatural phenomena that Shen Yun had been dealing with before were all aimed at Spirit Physique, and rarely faced superhuman beings directly, so if Brother Zhang didn’t come today, he would definitely die here.

“Go and get in touch, many things in the future will not be the same as before.”

Brother Zhang looked at the surrounding environment and reached out to hit With a snap of his fingers, everything has been restored to normal, and it is almost impossible to see that there has been a war here just now.

“You can get in touch with Haozi.”

“Understood brother…”

Shen Yun clutched his shoulders and sent Brother Zhang to the ground In the parking lot, before they got into the car, Brother Zhang glanced at Shen Yun and said, “Go back to Chang’an Lane to play when you have time.”

“Okay…if I haven’t built it yet after these months are over. The national flag, I will definitely go back.”

Little Brother Zhang, nodded, got on the car without root water and drove away.

Wait until Shen Yun returned to the Ninth Layer case, sat next to the assistant whose hand was also injured, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath, and said, “Did you see it just now? That’s when we can stop him. Can you survive?”

The assistant shuddered, because he was watching Brother Zhang the whole time just now, especially when he saw Brother Zhang use one finger to hit the guy who couldn’t even hurt a bullet. When the monster loses its battle strength, he finally understands what horror is. It can’t be considered human, right?

And at the moment, Brother Zhang is sitting in the car and asking Wugenshui: “The number of times this kind of out of control may be more and more.”

“Well, I actually used to I just calculated it, about a probability of 1 in 1 million. One million people will have a natural power user, and six million in Hong Kong may appear six to seven.”

“Then there may be one hundred and forty in India?”

“Well, even more.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “It’s not too much.”

Of course, the words are so, more is definitely not much, but these naturally awakened superpowers are different from cultivators. Most people can’t control themselves after they have just acquired the power, and usually the age of awakening It is in the range of ten to twenty years old, and the young mind is matched with powerful strength.

This bitter little brother Zhang has eaten it before, and a little carelessness may endanger public safety.

“Holy Lord, what are your thoughts?”

Brother Zhang glanced down at the ring on his hand, then took it off silently and put on his glasses: “I No idea.”

(End of this chapter)

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