What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 114


Chapter 114 Countermeasures

In fact, it is not only today that they encountered this super power out of control, but all over the world Similar situations continued to occur.

It feels like those superhero comics have come into reality. The worst Detroit has three at the same time, and these three people didn’t do good things. In the end, they were lured into the open space, and the A10 attack aircraft was dispatched. kill them.

Of course, they also appeared in China. Fortunately, the day before they appeared one after another, the newly established special security team of the national public security department officially opened.

Haozi served as the deputy team leader, and Chen Ju was well-deserved as the team leader.

On the first day that the special security group was established, Haozi arrived in Hong Kong to meet the Holy Lord.

“Brother Zhang, what I mean is that I want to convene all the existing twelve spirits and the corpses who are willing to rely on us, so that everyone has a new ownership, whether it is future management or coordination, it will be beneficial.”

“Also, after Spiritual Qi’s recovery, there have been super power riots in many places. Although the news can be suppressed now, the ordinary person will know sooner or later. When the time comes to cause panic, it is better to complete the psychological coexistence little by little now.”

Haozi not only said it, but also handed over the paper items.

The reason why he attaches so much importance to this matter is that this matter cannot be avoided by the Holy Master. If the Holy Master is not nodded, whether it is the organization of the corpse or the Twelve Spirits is a problem. Not allowed.

Because of this kind of organizational arrangement, it is equivalent to vote for another Lord. Although the Holy Lord is a symbol, there is no way to ignore it without this symbol. In theory, both the Twelve Spirits and the Corpse Immortals have their own freedom, but as long as the Holy Master is not nodded, they cannot legally pass.

So Haozi, no matter how he is justified, has to let Brother Zhang nod his head in order to be considered correct.

“We will reach a consensus with the propaganda outlet, gradually release the entry control on these contents, and then gradually announce the possible future situation, but there are still many problems here. For example, there is no real management method for people like us in the whole world, and the management bill may be determined in the future, which is the most troublesome.”

Brother Zhang picked up the document. After reading it carefully, he raised his head and said: “Is there something missing? Only those superhumans are considered here, and cultivator is not mentioned. I remember someone mentioned it before, with Spiritual Qi’s recovery , some organizations that once existed in the entire world will reappear one after another.”

“Yes, there will be various Sects and organizations. For example, the European Revival Society, the Guangzheng Society, the Witch Federation, the exorcist, etc., Of course, there are still many things we don’t know. Sects that only existed in legends and novels on our side are likely to reappear. We are from high martial arts to low martial arts, so it is very likely that in the future there will be many, many modern people who cannot The existence of understanding.”

Brother Zhang nodded, picked up the pen and signed the name on the document, then raised his head and asked Haozi: “Is there a lot of pressure?”

“Big , is it not too big? I had a fight with Xiaoma before, and sometimes I don’t know what to do. There is a contradiction between social morality and traditional morality. As the interim leader of the Twelve Spirits, I can’t Let the twelve spirits take and take away the ordinary person, and secondly, you can’t allow the ordinary person to invade the twelve spirits.” Haozi took back the document, sighed and said, β€œIt’s really not as good as setting up a fortune-telling stall at the entrance of the alley. It’s been a stable life.”

Brother Zhang put on his glasses again, said with a smile: “Actually, you don’t need to be so stressed, it will be easy to handle when the system is improved. “

“Shen Yun also called me and asked me to help. All I can say is that I’m running out of time, and now my top priority is to quickly sort out the boundaries of the laws. Regardless of the reason, the boundary between supernatural human and ordinary person is still a little too blurry, like Huang Die’er, if she senses that someone is doing something wrong with her, she will kill her with a knife. , how do you think this is calculated?”

Brother Zhang spread his hands: “It’s very difficult to do.”

This kind of thing is really difficult to do, or that sentence, The current laws are formed based on the concept that both parties are ordinary persons, and the later laws must present more perspectives such as the ordinary person And Superman, Superman, and Superman. It is even necessary to subdivide natural superhumans and cultivators, and even more detailed classifications are required within cultivators.

Of course, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, that is the idea of the corpse – either you will directly be the eagle dog of the Imperial Court, or you will be disposed of.

There is no middle line here. If the capable people refuse to serve the country, they need to be cleaned up, controlled and eliminated.

This seems to be effective and fast from now on, but in the long run, things will happen, because this is a typical one-size-fits-all tyranny, and superpowers should also enjoy social power.

I have seen so many similar movies, TV series, animations and novels, and the governments in them are all villains, setting the government and superpowers as opposites.

This is a major event, because once super terrorism occurs, then human beings will soon enter an era of national panic, which is much more terrifying than pressure cooker bombs.

Brother Zhang patted Haozi’s shoulders: “Come on, let’s do it, everyone has their own Tao in their hearts, and in the end it is you who prove the Tao.”

“Understood. “

After putting away this precious document, Haozi got up and said to Brother Zhang: “You continue to play in Hong Kong for a while, anyway, Wugenshui is still a bit of a social status. The home is there. Don’t worry, you Zhang Yao arranged it for you.”

“It’s not mine.”

“That’s almost what it means.” Haozi said with a smile: ” By the way, if you have time to talk about her, she is about to become a Frankenstein now.”

“It’s good.” Brother Zhang laughed: “Be careful on the road.”


At this moment, Qing Lingzi suddenly turned his head in the dark environment and shot down a zombie who was rushing towards him. After several rounds of transformation, the pistol can now Using a variety of attack modes, you can switch between different states according to the Formation on the bullet.

In addition, Qing Lingzi himself is a super Formation Master, and he can even shoot bullets into a fantasy effect now.

Have you seen the wind and fire cracking bomb? Use the Wind Attribute to speed up the rotation of the projectile, use the Fire Attribute to increase the temperature of the bullet point, use the Air Attribute to increase the bullet’s return effect, and split one bullet into nine.

Although eight of them are fake, the visual effect is scary.

In order to practice Spear Art, Qing Lingzi first found a few graves in the mountains, selected suitable corpses from them and refined them into zombies. Every day before dawn, he went to the mountains to hone his skills. .

How could he be able to split the soil and become a prince back then? This is one of the elements of his success. He is already an excellent person, but he never falls behind in learning. To keep up with the new era is to keep up with the new era.

He not only hone his skills every day, but also modifies his weapons according to the corresponding weaknesses. For example, if he finds that the firearms are weak in melee combat, he will reinforce the gun handle and muzzle, and install a short bayonet on the pistol. and collision angle.

For example, he found that the accuracy of the hit was not high, so he studied a set of techniques that can be shot within 100 meters-Formation guided bullet mode.

Referred to as Missile.

This mode first uses his superb array ability to engrave a Void Spirit spell on the person within sight, and then engrave the matching attraction Formation on the bullet. When the bullet pops out of the chamber, two Formations Attract each other, let alone no need to aim, even if you shoot backwards, lay down, shoot sideways, and dance while shooting, you will definitely hit the target.

And today, after his daily practice of playing zombies, he suddenly had a very strange idea, that is, since there are so many additional functions on the bullet, what about the bomb?

For example, a high-intensity spiritual power compression bomb, as long as the spiritual power is injected into it to compress it, trigger it when needed, and trigger the corresponding spell through the high-intensity spiritual power. Formation, is it possible to do instant casting or summon?

Theory works, practice begins.

Riding a bicycle from the mountain road back to the small town where he is now, he bought some vegetables and was about to go back to study the psionic bomb when he was suddenly surrounded by four or five young men when he passed through an alley. .

They drove Qing Lingzi to the depths of the alley. It is estimated that no one will come to this place for a long time, and these people brought a woman here, I am afraid there is no one. What a good plan.

“Miss, we’ve been observing you for a long time.” A teenager in the lead said with a laugh: “You came here smuggled, you better be obedient, or we’ll call the police.”

Qing Lingzi tilted his head and looked at him, the little leader reached out and grabbed Qing Lingzi’s hair, said with a malicious smile: “It looks like you have a lot of money, I advise you best Obediently take it out.”

Qing Lingzi let other people toss his head to and fro with an expressionless face, but at this moment, this leader-like person suddenly threw it from the other hand. A Fireball got up: “If you see it or not, I will burn you to ashes and no one will know.”

Qing Lingzi frowned: “Are you your own Fireball?”

“What? Don’t believe it yet?” He said, a flame suddenly burst out of his left hand, just like something coming out of an alcohol blowtorch, even with a hu hu voice: “Would you like to try it?”

Qing Lingzi nodded: “It seems that Spiritual Qi has recovered.”

After finishing speaking, he took out a pistol in a flash and shot the fire-playing boy with a single shot. the top of the head.

Other people wanted to run, but she was shot through by her. After she had done everything, she looked around to make sure that no one was there, and found a fertilizer from the broken box next to her. bag, and put the corpse of the boy who played with fire into it.

β€œhell is doorless yet you charged to it.” Qing Lingzi coldly snorted said.

(End of this chapter)

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